Monitor Shopping & an Interview with The Home Depot

I’m out running around today, shopping for two new monitors to replace the ones I currently have in my office.   I love having dual monitors, but I didn’t realize just how poor quality/resolution they were until I purchased an iPad recently.  My iPad puts them to shame.

Not only are they way too short/squatty, they are just too small in general.  They are 18″ monitors, which sounded pretty big when I bought them, but not so great for blogging.

This is my view when creating a post.  Stinks!

I find myself making like a vulture, stretching my neck out to try and read the tiny writing.   Attractive on the vulture, not so good for me.  lol


 Ctrl + helps a little, but I don’t want to keep the screen enlarged full time,  so it’s time to find some bigger monitors with great resolution.  Any suggestions? I may buy them from Newegg or one of the online discount sellers.  But first I have to figure out what monitors to go with.   Would love to hear your recommendations.

An Interview:  The Apron
Did you know The Home Depot has a blog?   I had no idea!   Recently I was contacted by Suzanne Oliver for an interview about screened in porches.


She wrote a great, detailed article all about turning those old neglected decks into screened-in porches. You can read the interview here:  The Benefits of Converting Your Deck Into a Screened in Porch.

Leave Suzanne a comment if you have a second.  I know she would love to hear from you! Okay, I’m off to rid myself of vulture neck…wish me luck!  Any suggestions on a great monitor?

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  1. How wonderful that they interviewed you!! Wow, I’m impressed. Now they just need to offer you a contract.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. I have an HP and my monitor is great. I don’t know if that helps.

    I just love your office it is so berautiful and the space is used so well. I love the chandelier. So beautiful and the curtains are great.


  3. Now I’ll never think of my neck and shoulder posture while at the computer without thinking of the vulture photo you’ve posted. Yep, that’s exactly what it feels like. Now I’m sitting up straighter… Thank You!

  4. Now I know I am not the only only squinting to see, thanks for that. I also have dual monitors and Love them, but also need bigger ones, so I wish you luck. Your office is very lovely and I want to do mine like that someday. I will check out the interview which is so cool that they called you.

  5. Bobbie Allgood says

    I look so forward to your blog. I am just getting familiar with home decorating blogs. Your site just gives me such inspiration. Thanks so much. Bobbie

  6. Well Susan, we all knew you were a decorating genius, so no surprise that the magazine picked up on your flair. Of all the many creative things you have shown to us, I still love your screened in porch the best. Err..don’t tell Mr. Max I said that!! πŸ™‚

  7. Susan, Stop in the Apple store just for fun – you do not have to buy. I know you have a pc, but they have huge monitors – you may want to convert. You know how much you like your iPad. Ask them what they would do – they love just talking about their product and after all they are all geniuses. I spent the $99 for their year long class. You can go as many times as you want for a year. I have come to understand my computer so much better than ever before. Everyone said I was foolish, but I have had more fun and have met some really great people, both “the geniuses, and those taking a class.

  8. Missy Kim says

    I also have dual monitors. One pivots, so I have set one up vertically, the other is horizontal. I love it, you can read a whole page on the horizontal without scrolling. My monitors are LG.

  9. LG has really good monitors and tvs. I’m off to Home Depot blog on your recommendation.

  10. Well first of all, congrats on the interview, you should be in a magazine girl!!! I love all your ideas and drool over that porch whenever “I’m in there” :o) In fact I’m trying to convince Mr. La Bella Vie to build one but we’re not even done with the kitchen yet!
    As for monitors, I just got the newest 27″ monitor from Apple at work and the resolution and clarity is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I love doing my patient exams just so I can use it again and love looking at it just for the sake of it because “eye balls” never looked so stunning ;O)
    So that’s my 2 cents worth…so a stop in the Apple store sounds like it might be in order just for fun!
    Have fun and can’t wait to hear what you decide on…

    • Those 27th HDMI monitors are amazing! Samsung makes one that’s even a TV…can switch it between the two. Thanks for the suggestion, Terry! Finish that kitchen so you can add a porch! πŸ™‚

  11. i have two monitors and love it! one is an acer and the other hp

    • Once you have two monitors, you wonder how you made do with one! Love, love, love double monitors. I think I’d give up my microwave before I’d give up the double monitors. lol

  12. I just love your office!

  13. Susan,

    Please be careful with the crows neck,
    my sister, Catherine spends alot of time doing Family History on her computer.
    Last year she had to have neck surgery do correct her crows neck.While it did hep some she still has problms.

  14. APPLE, APPLE, APPLE. Did I mention APPLE. Cannot go wrong. Spend the extra money. Apple is worth every penny.

  15. Congratulation on the interview. Straining your neck is not a good thing. By all means, if you can afford it, buy larger monitors with HD. I have two 27″ HP monitors. I love being able to multitask and love from one screen to another. You will enjoy breathtaking views with these LED monitors. Sharp, dazzling images in full HD views at 1920 x 1080 resolution in an ultra-thin profile. more room on your desk area.
    Mine are ultra-slim (1: deep), enery star qualified. It has a tilt adjustment, reduces glare in brighty lit rooms. The list goes on. Feel free to shop around and find what pleases you.
    Data sheet:

    • Linda, that’s the kind I looked at and actually bought this weekend…then had to take them back. πŸ™ The store where I bought them thought they would work with my computer since it’s just a couple of years old. But the monitor I bought were HDMI and they required a different graphics card (2 since I have 2 monitors) and I would have had to upgrade the motor/power source in my system to support the new graphics cards. It didn’t make sense to put that much money into a two year old system, so I took them back. I may go back and get them and just upgrade everything, although Vision Computer recommended a new system first. But my existing computer has a fast processor…super fast and plenty of space…so I don’t really need a new system. I’ll look more into it this week. Those HDMI monitors were gorgeous in the store…but the writing was still tiny on my blog, so didn’t help with that very much. Still had to Cntl + to fix that.

      • Susan, can you just purchase another video card that supports it? Not sure what your computer has…power supply, motor, etc. As far as the writing being tiny, what font size are you using and screen resolution…..

        • I don’t remember the font size for my blog. I kept having the designer who moved my blog increase the font and it was to the point she said I shouldn’t go any bigger. I’d really love to have a monitor that makes reading the “compose” page of a blog easier. I’ve read online they are considering coming up with a universal resolution that will work to fill the screen on all size monitors. Wish they would do that. You’ll notice some websites already do that…are optimized to fill the screen on the large monitors. I may end up upgrading my current system, but just have to check further into to see if it’s worth it.

  16. It’s about time Home Depot noticed you. I am waiting for you line of outdoor furniture.
    Blessings, Ginger

  17. LG is the way to go! Mine is a large 23″, clear a bell and has a 3 year warranty. I purchased at Best Buy. If something happens to it, they replace it right then and there. I also increase the size of the page so it covers the whole screen. I noticed that your monitors are raised. If they are higher than you eyesight so that you must tilt you neck up to see, you will have neck problems! I know from experience!

  18. Anna Belle says

    Your porch is a puzzle on Jigidi today.

  19. I have been visiting your blog for a few years now and always love to see your transformations! My son is a computer geeky guys who does it for a living for a restaurant and of course has the very best of everything at his house and usually fixes me up when he comes to visit a couple times a year. Alls I know is that my screen is BIG and computer is super fast… You can NEVER have a big enough screen, I am waiting for the day when it is just a flat screen on the wall! I think you need to go to 2 flat screens on the wall…..don’t you? hehehehehe

  20. I think we all need a resident IT guy! I love writing blog posts using just my iPad or even iPhone! The lazy woman’s approach to blogging!
    We had dinner at Haven last month, but didn’t have much chance to talk. Maybe next year! I’m subscribing now, so I can stay in touch!,
    Best to you!,

  21. Hi,
    I was wondering if you ever updated your monitors, and what did you end up buying? A blog post about that would be wonderful!!! Love your site,

    • Nikki, I haven’t…it’s a huge story…bought some that I was told would work with my system, then found out they wouldn’t and returned them. I need another video card/bigger motor to run them, they were so sophisticated. So I’m trying to decide if I’m going to wait and upgrade the computer or buy different monitors. I just haven’t had time to research to see what other monitors are out there. Samsung and ViewSonic were the brands that folks seem to recommend. They looked beautiful in person…way nicer than my current ones. I’ll let you know what I ultimately get.

  22. Sniff sniff no news yet?

    • Sadly, no. I think I’ll wait until after Christmas to start thinking about it again…just so much going on right now. I may end up buying a whole system at once instead of trying to upgrade the monitors. Sorry, no news to report.

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