Take a Tour of Beautiful Mimosa Hall

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Back in May of 2010, I was out for a walk in Roswell with a friend and we passed by historic Mimosa Hall. I’ve never really been able to get a good look at Mimosa Hall because the front yard is so wooded. Even in winter it’s impossible to really get a good view of the home.



Since it was still pretty early in the spring, I could see a bit more of it that day.



The same friend emailed recently to let me know that this beautiful historical home is now on the market. This photo below is from the listing.



Mimosa Hall located in Roswell, Georgia was built in 1840.  During the 1920’s it was the home to the famed architect, Neel Reid. During that time he created a double parlor inside and designed the home’s long fieldstone driveway and courtyard.



The entrance hall is spectacular!



The floor in the entrance is black and white marble. You’ll notice some gorgeous chandeliers and beautiful lanterns throughout the home.



I guess this is the living room, but it’s so big, it looks like it could have been a ball room back in the day.



This is my favorite room in the home–the library!



Love the floor in the kitchen. I wonder when the cabinets with the shutter doors were installed.



The dining room…look at that chandelier and those gorgeous doors!



I think this may be the upstairs hall. Of course the cute dollhouse definitely caught my eye.



This home has 10 fireplaces! The bedrooms are really large.



I bet this is another bedroom.



There’s a pool out back for cooling off during those hot Georgia summers.



Mimosa Hall is surrounded by beautiful woodland. The listing said there’s another 21 acres of adjoining woods available for sale. I had no idea there was so much undeveloped land in this area.



You’ll find additional photos of the home, including those of a 19th century grist mill that was turned into a barn for entertaining, at the listing here: Mimosa Hall

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  1. Mary Lee Semeit says

    Was looking at an old post of where you store your china. Wondering if you know when I can purchase some china plate savers. I brought some a few years ago – cotton quilted that are wonderful but I don’t remember when I purchased them. The ones I see in stores don’t quite fit the bill. Any ideas on where I could purchase these? Thanks so much and I love your blog!

  2. It is definitely lovely!

  3. bobbi duncan says

    I’m so excited about this post! When I lived in Marietta, I walked Roswell quite often and always wondered what that estate looked like, so thanks ever so much for sharing it. The rooms are huge! So many lovely things caught my eye, and I could just envision a warm evening spent with friends in that tree-shaded backyard. Hugs!

  4. Beautiful home Susan! Glad you featured it on your blog. I clicked the link for more pictures, and the surrounding property is very pretty and quiet looking. I nearly dropped my phone when I saw the estimated monthly mortgage payment, YIKES!

  5. Georgia seems to have just the most beautiful homes!!! franki

  6. I have lived in the area twice and had not heard of this house. I plan to move back to the area, however, this is way over my budget. I really enjoyed seeing it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful home , I just love a nice entrance gate.

  8. This is a beautiful home. Don’t you have friends that would like to buy it so you could see it for real…..all rooms on all floors??? Wouldn’t that be cool. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I enjoyed the tour. Love the round wood table in the entry. I have not seen a door and a half door together like the door at the entrance. It is so very kind of you to not only share a source with us you even look up the source and post the link* One of my brothers lives in Griffin Georgia, another brother in Safety Harbor Florida, and a sister in Michigan. Both of my parents are from Virginia. One grandmum from England and one from Ireland. I have always loved the charm of the south. Lovely post.

  10. Oh, wouldn’t I love to own this home! It is only a pipe dream, but you know I can imagine living there!

  11. Such a fabulous home! Even the stone walkway to the house is impressive. When were you at the Atlanta Botanical Garden? My husband and I were just there on Sunday to see the Chihuly exhibit and to sample the Chocolate Festival offerings (we also tried out the new menu at the remodeled Linton’s restaurant). We had a great time, and I now have a relatively healthy recipe for Buckeyes (a type of chocolate candy) as well as two new sea glass necklaces from the gift shop (the Chihuly pieces were way out of our price range, unfortunately!).

    • I was there on Tuesday. We ate in the same restaurant, I didn’t realize it had been remodeled. I was tempted by Julia Reed’s new book in the gift shop. Love her books! Would have been fun if we had been there on the same day!

  12. Ha! I was so surprised to see Mimosa Hall on your blog! This home belongs to my cousin! I spent many, many happy hours there as a child. I’m so sad to see it leave the family, but the maintenance and repairs to a home of this size and age are overwhelming to her. The kitchen has looked exactly like that for as long as I can remember and I have many memories of enjoying meals that my aunt prepared in those red chairs in the dining room. I thought they were the most beautiful color ever when I was a kid. We used to play with that dollhouse – I was so jealous that I didn’t have one too! That’s a painting of my cousin, Sally, who now owns the house, across from the doll house. The grounds surrounding the house are amazing – so much to explore! My own daughter and some of her cousins even found a vine covered crashed small plane on the property eons ago. Mimosa Hall was used as a hospital during the Civil War. Years ago, tours of the home were offered during the summer where local young ladies were dressed in period gowns. I don’t think all of the wide angle shots of the rooms do the house justice – it’s such a beautiful place!

    • Suzy, I can imagine how much fun that must have been exploring all the surrounding wood…and what a surprise it would have been to come upon an old crashed air plane! Wow! Would be interesting to know the story of how it came to be there, wouldn’t it?
      I bet you enjoyed swimming in that pool during the summer! That would have been so much fun to have seen it during a tour sometime!

  13. I love the house and grounds but I must admit if I were looking for a house in that price range the kitchen would need to be fabulous. This one was very disappointing.

  14. Thanks for sharing this tour! I’ve always loved the old homes in Roswell (my hometown) – so much so that we got married in one! I too was always curious what Mimosa looked like inside since it’s one of the few private homes these days.

  15. What a beautiful home, I hope it will find a new owner who will love it as much as the current owner and her family have loved it.

  16. Absolutely beautiful! The black and white marble floors remind me of the Duke Mansion in Charlotte, NC. You can also “tour” the Duke Mansion (as in Duke Power Company) and look into it’s lovely rooms through their website. I attended a Christmas party there for a company that did some of the renovations and also a business meeting there in my working days. I love these old homes….such character. I grew up in an old home in Charlotte, but really didn’t appreciate the charm as a teenager when all my friends had new homes in developments! It is beautiful to me now with the high ceilings, pine floors, wide moldings, picture molding about 18 inches down from the ceiling, varied roof lines and columns on the front porch, bay windows on the side and front and fireplaces in every room except the kitchen, hall and bath. The rooms were large, but the overall square footage was very small but held a lot of wonderful family memories. We sold it and the two acres for apartments, but they left the home place for a recreation building and built the little apartments around it with the same roof lines. A great vision for two women architects! We were thrilled. Have a great weekend and thank you for sharing.

    • Oh, I’ll have to check out the Duke Mansion…sounds beautiful! I know what you mean, Linda. I grew up in a neighborhood full of old homes and often played in them with friends, totally took them for granted. Wasn’t until I was probably in my late 20’s that I began to realize how wonderful all those old homes had been.
      Yes! I love all the features you mentioned! Wish homes were still being built like that today.

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