3 Ways to Decorate a Hutch for Spring and Summer

From reports back home, I know my screened porch is covered in this stuff right now. Ugh.

Pollen on the Porch


I’m trying to imagine it looking more like this, though.


There’s a hutch on the porch that I always love decorating for spring and summer.

Evening on the Porch


This is the dishware I most often use on the porch: Ma Maison by Tabletops Unlimited, designed by Darrio Farrucci.


Someone recently asked about this dishware. I found it in HomeGoods many years ago and it was def love at first sight. Occasionally I come across a random piece on eBay. To this day, it’s still my favorite dishware for spring and summer.


My next favorite way to decorate the porch for summer is anything with a beach/ocean theme. I’m not a big fan of swimming in the ocean, but I love the idea of sipping fruity drinks while gazing out at the water or walking along the beach, especially on a beautiful moonlit night. Arggg, doesn’t that sound wonderful about right now?!


The dishware below is by Home Studio and was a find in Kohl’s back in 2008, right around the time the screened porch addition was being completed. It’s hallmarked on back: Shoreline by Home Studio.



The starfish and shell bubble glassware was paired with it, so I think it’s part of the same collection.


Here’s one more photo showing how I’ve used it on the porch hutch in the past. The oar hanging above the hutch was a find in Marshall’s one summer. I love their spring/summer decorations. Would love to go shopping in Marshall’s right now for a few spring goodies!

China Hutch, Beach Themed


Here’s one more idea for decorating a spring/summer hutch.


The plates are called Driftwood, designed by David Carter Brown. I love his whimsical designs so much!


Are you decorating your home for spring and summer? What kind of projects have you been working on this spring?

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  1. I always love all the different ways you decorate your porch. Sorry you will have to face the pollen issues on your porch when you go home again. We tackled our pack porches yesterday. My husband did power washing while I scrubbed furniture, watering cans, funnels and vacuumed chair cushions. I dont know why there was so much pollen on the cushions when we had covers on them. It is nice and clean now and ready for us to sit outside. Our porches aren’t screened in although we wish they were. I use the galvanized funnels and watering cans to hold small American flags and I have other Americana decorations on the porches. Now we need to tackle the front porch and do the same thing. Rainy today though so it will have to wait for better weather. The front porch has the fifties style white metal furniture and I use the galvanized funnels and watering cans with flags to decorate along with red flowers and Americana pillows and other red white and blue decorations. Every year I get my great granddaughters to wear red, white, and blue and take their pictures on the front porch. Then I print the pictures and use those in the house with my summer red, white, and blue. Between Easter and fall I decorate inside and out with red, white, and blue. Keep thinking of your porch all clean and pretty.

    • Thanks, Mary! Wow, that’s a lot of work but I know it feels so nice to get it done. I’m not looking forward to doing mine. I usually do it mid pollen season and at the end when it’s finished. It will be extra dirty when I return since it didn’t get the mid-pollen-season cleaning done.
      Love how you decorate in an Americana style! Sounds wonderful for summer!

  2. Franki Parde says

    That IS what’s keeping me “somewhat” sane these days! Don’t stand in one place too long…I’ll be ready…franki

  3. You have such a lovely porch Susan! Thanks for sharing your hutch decorating – you’ve done such cute things with it! 🙂 Hope you’re doing ok, and your home isn’t missing you too much!

    • Thanks, Barbara! Yup, all is well here. I hope you and your family are staying well, too. Things appear to be improving, saw some changes today when I was grocery shopping, a few signs that things are going back to normal. Just hope there isn’t a second wave.

  4. Biodynamic Barb says

    LOL! I think you mean there’s a hutch on the porch, not, “there’s a porch on the hutch…”

    I wish we had a screen porch. You’re so lucky.

  5. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    Just lovely for every season!

    Please tell.me WHERE I can purchased sand buckets?

    • I think I found those in Marshall’s…that was a few years back, though. When the stores reopen, maybe they will have some cute things like that back in stock. Hope so!

  6. Biodynamic Barb says

    I agree with you on the beach concept: sipping fruity cocktails, preferably delivered to your chaise lounge, is the best way to experience them. Walks in the sand are also good. But, swimming in the ocean? Not for me!

  7. I get such a different summer feeling from each style. Home Studio makes me think of early in the season with the soft colors. Driftwood’s primary colors seems like mid summer, maybe because of July 4th. And the orange in Ma Maison strikes me as late summer–the color feels hot, plus we are starting to think of fall.

  8. I love all your seaside treasures. I also love that hutch. Just the right size for decorating. I try to add red, white and blue to the yard décor from May through August. Right now I am dealing with seed pods from silver maples and seed pods from red oaks. The pods are hard to sweep and they are EVERYWHERE. lol (ps I missed the porch on the hutch…losing my touch)

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Our weather is still very much spring, up and down temps, so my decorating is still with that theme, but I am getting mentally ready to put out my red, white and blue for May / Memorial day through July 4th items. Then I’ll go with a beach theme through August. Sure hope we will be able to go to the beach and have our normal summer fun with outdoor concerts, fireworks and picnics. I’m ready! Lol

  10. Susie Van Horn says

    You have one of the most beautiful porches that I have ever seen in my life! If that was mine, I would live out there morning, noon, and night!
    Thank you for your lovely posts!

  11. Jane Kelly says

    That screened porch would be my dream come true – I’ve always wanted one & considering the current state of the economy & job situation never mind where it would go LOL – probably not going to happen. But hope to someday at least have a pergola over the deck!

  12. Elizabeth says


    I love your blog so much I am sharing your post’s on my Facebook Page with my Garden Club friends!
    One word to describe your porch “LOVELY” The beautiful green color you chose looks very pretty with the plates and accessories.

    I sure hope you will be entertaining on your porch soon. I can see myself there now having lunch. Take care Susan.

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! Appreciate that share so much! That sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait until we are able to gather with friends again! Hope it’s soon and not weeks or months away.

  13. Hi Susan,
    Happy Spring To You!
    Love your porch. It’s so charming and cozy.
    Love the way you decorate it each season. You are always very creative.
    We have a porch off our dining room. I love wicker furniture and wanted to use white wicker chairs and tables. We’re going for a Cape Cod look.
    Any suggestions where to buy that particular type of furniture?
    Thanks for your help

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