Amazing Transformation: Beat-up Wardrobe Becomes a Beautiful Storage Armoire!

Welcome to the 586th Metamorphosis Monday!

Recently, I was chatting via email with Phyllis who blogs at The Relevant Tea Leaf. She shared pictures of an amazing transformation she and her hubby, Jerry, completed. Phyllis and Jerry, were given this old cedar armoire that was in pretty rough shape.

Cedar Wardrobe Makeover

Phyllis had plans for how she wanted to use the armoire, but the original opening was too narrow for her needs. Jerry enjoys carpentry as a hobby so he got to work enlarging the opening. Once that was done, it was obvious the original doors were no longer going to work.

Phyllis said, “My hubby used the original rectangular cedar cabinet, but the original doors were too short when he enlarged the opening, so they couldn’t be salvaged.

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This was the book from which Phyllis and Jerry pulled their inspiration for this wardrobe makeover, Better Homes and Gardens Painted Home Furnishings.

Better Homes and Gardens, Painted Home Furnishings


Phyllis loved the look of this beautiful cabinet featured in the book. Once finished she hoped to use the cabinet to store photos and picture albums.

Phyllis said, “I wanted solid wood doors instead of glass because it’s a cabinet for photo albums that aren’t intended for display.  So nice to be able to store pics together in one place.”

Cabinet for Storage


Describing how Jerry transformed the wardrobe, Phyllis said, “He modified the ‘face’ of the cabinet by building a different base and top, opting for a flat top rather than a curved one as shown in the booklet.  Decorative hinges, trim, and ball feet were also added, as well as adjustable shelves in the cabinet’s interior.”

Before and After, Cedar Wardrobe Transformed


New doors were chosen and added to the cabinet.

Cabinet Transformed for Storage


Phyllis said, “I forgot to mention, but you probably noticed it, even though Jerry made the top of the armoire flat instead of curved, he incorporated the curved effect in the doors.”

Sooo pretty! I would never have known this was the original cabinet we saw in the first photos of this post! All that was left now was selecting a paint color and painting the cabinet. Phyllis chose a beautiful antique ivory color for her cabinet. Ready to see how it turned out?!

Armoire Wardrobe Before and After


Amazing! What a beautiful transformation! Would you have ever guessed this was the cabinet you saw at the start of this post?

Phyllis said, “The wedding dress on the dress form next to the armoire is my mother’s.  She was married in 1939.”

Beautiful Wardrobe Transformation


Phyllis gave us a little peek inside to see how she’s using this newly found storage. The armoire is working great as a storage space for all her photos albums and other media. So wonderful having her photo albums and media together in one place.

Cabinet Makeover for Storage, Photo Cabinet


Phyllis, thanks so much for sharing this beautiful Before and After! So amazing that the cabinet below went from looking like this…

Hermes Job Interview Tie with Good Luck Charms


…to this beautiful armoire in the guest room that now offers so much wonderful storage!

Be sure to check out Phyllis’s delightful blog, The Relevant Tea Leaf, for more beautiful transformations and decorating ideas.

Beautiful Wardrobe Transformation


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. What an incredible transformation! Love the little feet and the pretty doors.

  2. WOW!! What a transformation! Beautiful job!

  3. I love a good furniture transformation! This is beautiful Phyllis! Thank you Susan

  4. That is amazing!

  5. Franki Parde says

    Oh, my…almost like looking in a mirror…my hubs & I did the very same thing!! Wooden box turned Cinderella!! I’ll send Susan a photo. Great minds, Phyllis!!! franki

    • Franki, I just replied to your email, hope it gets through. I would love to share photos of your armoire for a Metamorphosis Monday! It’s beautiful!

  6. Fabulous transformation. She really has vision, and a wonderful, handy husband to help her. (I wish I had one of those!)

  7. Wow – amazing! Lovely job, Phyllis & husband! 🙂 I love all things Tea, so I’m excited to hop over to your blog as well!

    Thanks so much for sharing, Susan. Hope you’re all still safe and well! ❤️

  8. Wow. 😮

  9. Jean from Georgia says

    My mind was jumping from room to room in my home while I was reading this. I have photos stashed all over my house. I think I have found a way to change my grandmothers old chifforobe into something more useful. Beautiful transformation.

  10. Brenda Lawrence says

    Wow, this turned out so beautiful!! I wouldn’t believe what it looked like before. I love too, that Phyllis has her mother’s wedding dress on display. I do wonder how she keeps the dust off it though. Such a beautiful wedding dress and looks so nice with the armoire. Hugs, Brenda

  11. Beautiful! Such creativity and talent!

  12. It’s amazing what some paint will do!

    Interesting that Phyllis has the wedding dress on display. I hung my wedding dress on a pretty hanger, and hung it from the top of our Victorian wardrobe in our bedroom. I know it’s exposed to the elements, but I figured no one else is that skinny, so the dress most likely won’t be worn again. My mother made it, and I so enjoy seeing it on display!

    And no, I’m not that skinny anymore. And after this quarantine, I desperately need to go on a diet!! Lol!

  13. I did enjoy Phyllis of The Relevant Tea Leaf. In fact in went to her blog and enjoyed her pictures from the past. She wrote about getting tea from Farmers Branch, Tx. I am only a stones throw from there. I enjoyed her blog and I hope she enjoys her chocolates and tea.

  14. Donna Nance says

    The cabinet is gorgeous and useful! Well done!

  15. Turned out beautifully! Eyeing those VHS tapes made me think of the ones I sent off to Legacy Box and do not have back. It is nice to have all the memories collected together. Especially when you go looking for one particular picture. Also, love the displaying of mom’s wedding dress…so much better than being hidden in a box.

  16. What a fabulous transformation!

  17. Wow that’s really a complete makeover of that cabinet! Great job!!

  18. Deb Herfindal says

    It is beautiful.

  19. Lovely! Provides lots of storage.

  20. Jerry is a real craftsman and did a beautiful job on that cabinet.

  21. Thanks so much for continuing to host during this health crisis, spreading beauty, laughter and information!! Stay Safe, Healthy and Happy!!

  22. Michele M. (Finch Rest) says

    WOW! They did a wonderful job on that – you’d never ever believe it is the same cabinet! Love it when that happens.

    Isn’t Phyllis a sweetheart? I have been following her blog for ages. ♥ her.

    I bet she has wonderful photos – she is a traveler. : – )

    Thanks for sharing, Susan. Hope you are enjoying – safely and in good health- your spring. Are you still in Dayton?

    • I am, still helping to homeschool my grandsons and watch them while my son/dil work during the day. Hope you guys are staying safe and enjoying the spring weather!

  23. I have an armoire just like this. Was it cedar? I also have a matching cedar chest. I received both as a graduation gift in 1961. Growing up in an old farmhouse that did not have closets in the bedrooms, an armoire was used to hang clothes in.

  24. What a transformation. Great job ! I am curious. Are the new doors cedar too? How did they use the old doors ?

    • The new doors are not cedar. My hubby disposed of the old ones since they couldn’t be used in the transformation. To answer the question about the wedding dress getting dusty, I made a loose-fitting, clear plastic shawl to go over the shoulders and bust that I removed for the picture. Since it sits in a spare bedroom that doesn’t get a lot of use, dust hasn’t been a big issue. Her wedding gown is actually in a lot better shape than mine.

  25. Rhonda Storey says

    I have an armoire very similar to this one that was my grandmother’s. It is cedar also, and I have painted it twice over the years I have had it. I painted it in a neutral color the last time, and put it in my guest room. My husband put shelves in mine also to use for storage. My home is only 2100 sq. ft., so I need lots of storage! I added some trim and decorative accents to mine, and decoupaged some fabric panels to the doors to jazz it up a little bit. If I can figure out how to send you a picture of mine, I will. Thanks for sharing her’s. It made me smile when I saw it.

  26. Cyndi Raines says

    What a great job, now a treasure closet of wonderful memories! Love her grandmother’s wedding dress on display. Visited her site when she had the lovely St. Patrick’s tablescape / family gathering and was thrilled to find out she is a Michigander and doesn’t live far from me. I love it when older items can get updated and repurposed, great job Phyllis. Thanks Susan for sharing.

  27. Cyndi Raines says

    Well done Phyllis! Now it is a treaure closet filled with great memories. Love to see old things repurposed and now useful. The wedding dress is lovely and makes a beautiful display. Also enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day table / family gathering and to find out you are a Michigander as I am and we live within an hour of each other. I will have to learn more about The Whitney! Thanks for sharing Susan!

  28. Thanks for hosting!

  29. Wow, can’t believe that armoire is the before cabinet!

    Thank you so much for hosting this weeks party!

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