A Feather Christmas Tree in the Guest Room

I took a few pics this evening of the little tree I always place in the guest room at Christmastime. It’s a feather tree I found at Michael’s one year.

I love having the tree already lit for my guests (family) when they enter the room. It’s a little surprise that I hope feels warm and welcoming.

All the lights are off in this pic and only the tree is lit. It looks like it’s on fire, doesn’t it?

The ornaments look as if someone blew big bubbles and they landed on the tree.

The tree topper is just an ornament I found in the shape of a star…

As you’re rushing around preparing for Christmas and your family arriving, don’t forget to take some time for yourself.

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  1. The Little Red Shop says

    What a beautiful way to festively light up such a cozy room for Christmas!

    Have a blessed week!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) says

    Hi, Susan. I am up early this Sunday and saw your post. Love that little tree for its beautiful "whispiness" — like a pretty gossamer wing… Wow, aren't I poetic? 😉
    But do you now what I think you should do? Enjoy your tree as a GUEST and sleep in your 'guest room' to be different! How about it? If you do, let us know. I think you'd feel 'strange' doing that, but I DO think you'd enjoy it!

  3. On Crooked Creek says

    Lovely room and the tree with it's lights and ornaments makes it a magical place to stay! Thank you for sharing this room and the invitation to take some time to rest before the festivities begin this week.

    • Gordon Betsill says

      I’ve been searching various search engines to find out how this is/was made. I saw one other photo of a full size feather tree but cannot find info on how to do it. Wrapping a feather boa around a tree just doesn’t give this beautiful effect. If you can help, I would be forever grateful.

  4. The feather tree is just beautiful, but I'm loving the cute little bear at the foot of the bed. He looks so huggable!

  5. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Just beautiful, Susan! It's the perfect size for this room. This room is so warm and welcoming on its own, that the tree is just a bonus! I was in Michaels yesterday and started making a mental list of those things I want to come back and get on clearance.

  6. That is beyond gorgeous. I think I would spend one night in the guest room if I were you. Enjoy! Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  7. Girl with the Curlz says

    What a beautiful tree. How inviting for your holiday guests. Merry Christmas!

  8. Purnima@a creative project says

    very beautiful!!! It's so dreamy and magical!!!

  9. This room is always a favorite to see, especially with your tree in place! So very pretty!

    How many trees to you put up each year?


  10. Lavender Cottage says

    Your guests are so lucky to have such a cozy room to stay in.
    The white feather tree is beautiful.

  11. How pretty, If I was one of your guest staying in that room I would be very happy!!

  12. Oh what a wonderful room!! The feather tree is to die for!! So beautiful!!

  13. Gorgeous and funny how I remember, but this room you featured in the first post I ever read from you blog.

  14. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Thanks, Mary! I put up two full size trees (kitchen and family room) and 2 little ones. The two little ones are the feather tree and one in my half bath. Those are very easy…only take a few minutes.

    Lori, really? Well, I'm so glad you are here reading! 🙂 I recently changed this room a bit….took out the wall hat rack and took down some pics. I decided it was getting too busy. I do like it better with less "stuff" on the walls. 🙂

  15. Hi Susan! Oh, I love seeing your pretty guest room but the feather tree all lit up at Christmas time makes it so special! Loverly!!
    Hope you're about ready for Christmas!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  16. Frog Hollow Farm Girl says

    Sending a sweet hello from Frog Hollow Farm. What an elegant little tree – you've decorated it perfectly! Just lovely! Ciao, bella!

  17. Jenny Harris says

    What a pretty little room. Your feather tree is such a light, delicate touch to bring some holiday to this pretty guest room. 🙂 Merry Christmas.

  18. Goodness but your guest room is just BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't know how your guests can ever stand to leave. 🙂 Happy Christmas!

  19. FABBY'S LIVING says

    What an invitig room to start with…and the feather tree is unique, I've never seen one before, where did you find it? The way you fixed it it's so artistic, I love it.


  20. Denise@alloverroses says

    I LOVE your whole room! I would love to be your guest! 🙂 The tree is adorable! Merry Christmas!

  21. Splendid Sass says

    So beautiful, Susan. The entire roomis gorgeous and the feather tree just puts it way up there!

  22. I think your guests will feel like royals in that magical room. I am going to put it on my list of imaginary destinations! I do that with beautiful blogs…. Yours brings such pleasure!

  23. What a lovely place to spend a night or two…if invited to stay another day….just so welcoming. Such lovely photos.

  24. Flat Creek Farm says

    Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing the beauty. In my crazy little mind, I'm trying to devise a way to make my own feather tree with my own chickens' feathers. I am losing it.. lol! Merry Christmas to you and yours! -Tammy

  25. I've never actually seen a feather tree….it's so beautiful! What a lovely room for your guests!

  26. martinealison says

    Je suis certaine qu'il doit être très agréable de passer une soirée, puis une nuit dans cette charmante chambre si accueillante. L'atmosphère me convient, j'arrive…
    je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes…

  27. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    This is the perfect tree for the guest room. Love how it looks like a soft white cloud. Beautiful. I hope you have a very Blessed Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  28. Designs By Pinky says

    I rememebr this little feather tree and think it is so magical looking and LOVE the bubble ornaments! I love your guest room too! I ahve been sleeping in OUR guest room for the past 2 nights since Joe is so SICK, and I ahve a little tree in there too! Maybe I will post mine! I can't believe how beautifully your pictures came out with NO lights on!!!!! Amazing!!! XO, Pinky

  29. Susan, I love that tree. I wouldn't have given it a second glance at the store (my bad for being stuck in a decorating rut) but it looks fantastic in your guest room. If that were a guest room I was staying in I doubt I'd ever leave. Thanks so much for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  30. Vintagesouthernlife says

    Your room is beautiful! I'm sure your guests feel very pampered and welcome.

  31. Your guest room looks lovely, i want to snugle up in there! I love the tree, its so beautiful.

  32. we three dogs and me says


  33. Tis gorgeous!!!! Wish I could come spend the night in that room. I'd leave the Christmas tree lights on all night:) (PS: would you be willing to give me that blue-checked chair for Christmas? Love it!)

  34. Such a lovely whispy tree Susan. Your guests must feel very special when they visit. Hmmmm…bet they stay longer than they should!! 🙂
    Have a Very Merry Christmas!!


  35. Oh Susan, this room is a sheer delight! I just love visiting here..how lucky your folk are to put their heads down on those pillows..
    Blessings from South Africa.

  36. SavannahGranny says

    Susan, This is such a nice way to greet your house guests. I like the way the tree looks like a snow drift. You know I loooooove snow. Just to look at though.
    You guests are so lucky to be occupying this room. Have a blessed Christmas, Ginger

  37. One Cheap B*tch says

    So pretty! And what a quaint, cozy guest room!


  38. What a sweet room! I have just discovered your blog and I am loving it…and all the others that are linked!! I am a dish-a- holic and am thinking maybe I should create a page with pictures..if I just knew how…

    Mary Lou

  39. Exquisite, Susan!
    Merry Christmas ~
    Have a beautiful season ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  40. Well hello my sweet friend,its been far too long between visits!! Your home as always is warm and welcoming…and oh so pretty! Hope you are all well and that you have a lovely Christmas!!! x0 Chrissy

  41. Hi Susan ,

    I love this room. It is so comfy, cozy. The tree is such a nice addition. I laughed when you wrote that it looked like it as on fire. I would love to be a guest in your home. And I see the tray on the bed, so maybe there is breadfast in bed?
    Have a wonderful night.

  42. Hi Susan…
    How Sweet! Your guest room looks so comfy and the feather tree adds just the right Christmas touch!
    Merry Christmas Susan…

  43. Sherri.. aka.. Sharon, Sherbear, Cos, City Smirf & Banana says

    The room is beautiful..I'll be arriving on the 24th lol :)http://twotulipstalking.blogspot.com/

  44. Hi Susan, those photos of your lovely guestroom and feather tree, make me want to just knock on your door and stay with you! How cozy everything looks! Thanks for showing! Donna…the 3rd sister

  45. It's perfect there. Your photography skills are enviable. Merry Christmas.

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