A Plain Brick Home Gets The Most Beautiful Transformation! Love!!!

Welcome to the 499th Metamorphosis Monday!

Ever pass by a beautiful home, a home that’s solid and well-built but just feels like something is missing? Here in the south we have a lot of clay soil, so brick homes are everywhere. You’ll find entire neighborhoods filled with homes made of brick in many different shades and colors. Sometimes the brick will vary greatly in color and add so much interest and personality to the home. Other times, the brick will be one color and unfortunately, very one-dimensional.

When a young couple came across this lovely brick home in Charlotte, North Carolina, they knew they had discovered a jewel in the rough. It was solidly built and in a great neighborhood, but the exterior was very ho-hum. It was just waiting for someone to come along and transform its plain exterior into something truly special.

Architects Paul Bates and Jeremy Corkem of Bates Corkern Studio had a beautiful vision for this home, a vision that would completely transform the curb appeal of this 1920’s brick home.

Plain Brick Exterior Before Dramatic Transformation

This is the “Before.” Wait until you see the “After!” It’s nothing short of amazing!

Can you believe this is the same house! Wow! This makeover blew me away!

How did Bates Corkern Studio accomplish this amazing transformation? The biggest part of the transformation was accomplished by the application of a limewash to the brick. A limewash is paint diluted with water and mixed with sand. I love it! The home also got a new slate roof which works beautifully with the limewash.

Beautiful Exterior Makeover Transformation of Red Brick with Limewash Paint


I love, love, love this front door! Soo beautiful! This grand 9-foot limestone entryway lets tons of light into the home and foyer. The doors are 7-foot French doors topped off with a beautiful leaded-glass transom. Just look at that gorgeous lantern!

I’m obsessed with the beautiful Palladian-style shutters! I love the green color, too! The color is Artichoke by Pratt and Lambert. The lighter, cream color used for the trim is another Pratt and Lambert color called Lambswool. Such cute paint color names.

Doesn’t the entry feel old-world, like’s it been here forever? Love that!

Paint Shutter Green with Pratt & Lambert's Artichoke paint


To give the home more depth and character, Paul and Jermy added a beautiful bay window to the front of the home. Did you notice the change in the first exterior photo? The architects felt traditional window panes would look too heavy for the bay window, so they went with leaded-glass windows using a wavy restoration-style glass.

I love the copper roof with the darling finial topping it off. It’s those special details that truly give a home its personality.

Add a Bay Window to Update and Add Interest to A Home's Exterior


Remember the plain siding on this end of the home? Look at it now! Love the pretty, circular window added to this part of the home. It beautifully balances out all the other architectural features incorporated into this amazing transformation. The gardens look amazing, too! I love a potted-boxwood topiary! Boxwood shrubs are my favorite foundation plant.

Beautiful Boxwood Garden for a Garden and Home Makeover


The garage doors got an unexpected, whimsical treatment in the same beautiful Pratt and Lambert Atichoke and Lambswool paint.

Paint Garage Doors a Fun Festive Color and Design


Thanks so much to Karen who shared this beautiful transformation with me a while back. You can read more about how the Bates Corkern Studio worked their magic on this beautiful home in this article where these photos were found: A Charming Exterior Restoration.

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Beautiful Exterior Makeover Transformation of Red Brick with Limewash Paint

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  1. Wow Susan, that is some transformation! It looks fabulous, love the garage doors!

  2. Cyndi Raines says

    Totally awesome. Love the bay window and the special wavy glass, adds so much. Front doors and shutter are beautiful and yes, the overhead lantern is awesome! What a change. Who wouldn’t love to drive home to that!

  3. It’s all in the details. Love this transformation.

  4. It’s beautiful. You can tell in the before photograph that this house has really good bones.

  5. So pretty. Now a French chateau. From bland to beautiful. Love it.

  6. Jane Franks says

    I guess I’m a traditionalist! But I like the original version best!! Maybe it’s my New England roots and love of the old houses on Beacon Hill in Boston. One thing that bothered me most was the white “wash” on the bricks. There is a home near us where the bricks were painted solid white, and I like that better. But thank you for sharing! 🙂 Jane xo

  7. Thanks for hosting the link-up and sharing the house transformation. What a great idea for next week!

  8. This home looks like Lauren’s from Blesser House. Very pretty….What a great transformation. From dowdy to delightful!

  9. When I was looking at the Before picture I thought the brick mortar was cracking along the sides of the house. In the After picture it was clear that there is a bump out design along the sides! My goodness! This is a beautiful transformation!

    • I was wondering about that too–was wondering if it was some kind of staining on the brick…but it had a regular pattern. I think the bump out looks so much better now, you can really it a lot better.

  10. Mary from Virginia says

    Wow! That is a miracle! I would not have thought that was the same house!! Such talented architects and landscapers. I hope there are some inside pictures included in the link.

    500 Met Monday’s?! Congratulations!

  11. Amazing! The transformation really brought the entire house together with the rooflines. Love it!

  12. What a fantastic change, I love it. Like Jane I also like the original but I would have changed the look of the garage wing and made the front door wider. Maybe it is our New England roots here in Northeast Ohio that makes me love Greek Revival. The area was originally ‘The Connecticut Western Reserve.’ Unfortunately we are losing the New England look of our small towns to modernization.

  13. Beautiful and gutsy transformation! Yes, do it for the 500th (wow, wOw and WOW) and feature the top 5! Thanks, as always, for being such a great host!

  14. When I saw the first picture I thought, it looks perfectly fine – why would they need to do anything to it. Then when I scrolled to the ‘after’ picture, I thought – Wow!! I love everything they did, the slate roof (with the slight curvature) the white-washed paint, front door, bay window, copper roof, circular window, walkway, etc. Even the chimney looks great, lol. They transformed it to a French Chateau! 😀 Truly stunning.

    I can’t help but wonder how much these changes cost. I think some people would be reluctant to make such changes because they are ‘exterior’ changes and might feel they wouldn’t enjoy or benefit much from them, but these are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks to you and Karen for sharing. 🙂

  15. Oh my, what a gorgeous transformation, it is amazing! Not that I would have minded the old brick version either.
    Thank you for hosting dear Susan. Going back to read more about the house.

  16. It is their home. But in my mind—-they turned a darling 1920’s house into a McMansion. I hate painted brick.

  17. I don’t usually care for white-washed brick at all, but this is lovely! The green is gorgeous, as are all the new architectural details. And those garage doors, ohh lala! Thank you so much for sharing!

  18. The transformation is beautiful and my thoughts exactly, Old World. That looks like one nice home. Thanks for sharing Susan. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  19. What a gorgeous transformation! Congrats on the upcoming 500th Met Monday!!!

  20. Elizabeth Roderick says

    I really like the white washed bricks. When they paint them solid, it looks like they may be covering repairs. The front door is beautiful, love the green and cream and I really like how the walk way has been redone. Lovely!

  21. I do love the limewashed look.

  22. What a stunning makeover!! Thanks for hosting each week!

  23. A beautiful transformation on an already gorgeous home. Thank you for hosting, Susan.

  24. I luv the limestone wash on the bricks and having lived 5 yrs in Macon GA have seen this application before.
    I grew up in a red brick ranch and would probably do the same if I owned a red brick today.

    Thanks for sharing this home!!


  25. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with every square inch of this transformation. Thank you soooooooooo much for sharing this with us. Many great take away ideas to be had here.

  26. José Luiz Gonzalez de Montenegro Magalhães says

    Superbe transformation ! Merci de partager cette merveille !

  27. WOWZER!!!!!

  28. Donna zoltanski says

    Gorgeous home. I would live to take a walk inside!

  29. Yowza! What a transformation! I thought I had gotten a quick trip to the
    European countryside. Absolutely beautiful. I wish I could figure out a place to use that Artichoke paint color on the front of my house……LOVE it!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  30. That’s a fantastic transformation. There’s some serious money put into this. The slate roof makes it so stately. Love the green doors. Five stars!!

  31. Wow ! What’s not to love about a big southern home ? It had ‘good bones’ to start with but the transformation is really awesome. Do the shutters at the front door close ? Think they would let us look inside ? Thanks for sharing Susan.

  32. Nanakeroyd says

    Did they makeover the inside to match? Feels a bit French country. I really like it! Would love to update our exterior but with our ages seems a little pointless. I will let the next owner think about it. What a great job.

  33. Thanks for sharing Susan, what a stunning transformation! I love every detail, especially those handsome artichoke-colored shutters! Looking forward to celebrating 500 Met Mondays with you next week. ♥

  34. I used the same Pratt and Lambert Artichoke paint on the shutters on my house a few years back. Got so many compliments on the look and still do. It has held up well and I still love it. Love your blog and appreciate all the info that you supply. Thanks

  35. Amazing upgrade! This is perfectly timed Susan as have been procrastinating (for a few years now) to do something with the brick on my home and this is certainly a motivation. Unfortunately though, as I do live in a colder climate am leery of painting or white-washing it so am opting for stucco instead as told it can go over brick and will also act as additional insulation. To the home owners, Bates Corken Studio plus Karen thank you so much for sharing as beautiful job IMO. -Brenda-

  36. Very pretty transformation. The P&L Artichoke is the color of my kitchen. 🙂

  37. thanks for another met Monday. I love, Love, LOVE that transformation. the roof is to die for and all the colors are beautiful. thanks for sharing. you’re always a wealth of information. I love it! xo- maryjo

  38. Wow, absolutely fabulous! Love the new entrance, the new windows, and those striped garage doors are such a fun, unexpected detail! Thanks for sharing!

  39. Peggy W Nodine says

    Love, Love this house transformation. I think the bump outs Katherine was speaking of in her comment, that she thought might be cracks in the mortar, are actually Quoins, they are used as a decorative brick layers touch on corners of houses. If you look closely they are on all the corners of the house before the transformation. They go in and then out all in sequence down the whole ends of the house. We used these on our brick home and they are a beautiful accent. When the house was limewashed, it made them more visible. I think if you look up on the internet the word brick Quoins, they will show pictures of them on different houses.
    Thanks Susan for showing us this beautiful house and how they made it so beautiful. Peggy

  40. Wow! I lived in Charlotte for many, many years (I’ll always consider it “home” though I wasn’t born or brought up there), and I remember this house! What a beautiful transformation. Thanks for sharing it.

  41. Elizabeth Ann says

    Susan, Absolutely stunning transformation! The limestone wash, the new paint colors, gorgeous leaded glass windows, I love all of it!

  42. This makeover is amazing! The house looks like it could be in a small, French village now.

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