Attractive Storage Cabinets for Home, Garage or Basement

Welcome to the 440th Metamorphosis Monday!

Around a year ago I shared a post about five projects I had thought about doing in my home some day, but for various reasons figured I never would. (Read that post here: 5 Projects I Want To Do In My Home, But Probably Never Will.)

I guess I should never say never because I did add a small refrigerator to the upstairs part of my home and now it looks like I may follow through on a second project by adding some additional storage space to my garage.

In my previous post, I shared this photo. I really liked the tall cabinets with doors, that’s what I had in mind for the garage. Unfortunately, when I went to look at this cabinetry below in person, the sample cabinets on display at the big box store were literally broken and falling apart.  That worried me so I decided to just wait in the hopes that I would eventually come across better cabinetry.

Cabinets for Garage Storage


When I set this table for last week’s Tablescape Thursday, I could only find five sunflower plates. (See more of that table here: 4th of July Table Setting.)

For some time now, I’ve been hoping to better organize my dish collection so everything I need would be together in one place in stead of spread out in various cabinets, closets and china cabinets.

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine Sign for Porch


My flatware storage is organized, but it’s difficult to reach because it’s on the very top shelf of a closet I turned into a small dish pantry many years ago. (See that DIY post here: Dish Pantry.)

I store napkin rings in a drawer now so those bins contain flatware as my collection has continued to grow over the last 4-5 years. It’s primarily my holiday dishware that I would like to store all together.

I’d also like to store my tablecloths and placemats in some place other than my upstairs linen closet where they tend to be out of sight and out of mind. Plus, they are taking up space I could use for other linen storage.


In my research a few nights ago, I came across these cabinets online. The reviews for them are pretty good and the ones that aren’t so good seem to be mostly about the product arriving damaged or a screw hole being off.

After much indecision, I took the plunge and ordered two. I really like how they are up off the floor. I think that will be helpful since they will be in the garage. I’m a little concerned they won’t hold as much weight as I need for heavy dishes, probably won’t know for sure until they arrive. I did read where one person said it’s possible to reinforce the shelves from underneath. I may try to do that at some point.

One thing I do like about these shelves is the back is supposed to be particle board and not cardboard like so many cabinets have these days. These cabinets are available here: Storage Cabinet with Doors.


I also ordered one of these cabinets. I thought the drawers would come in handy for storing away tablecloths, placemats and napkins, although as many napkins as I have, I may need two units like this. This cabinet with the drawers is available here: Cabinet With Two Drawers.

Storage Cabinet with Drawers for Garage, Home, Basement or Office


Currently, I’m storing my napkins in the chest that was in my son’s old bedroom before I turned it into my home office. (See that transition here: Bedroom Becomes Home Office.)

The chest is visible in the top two photos of the collage below. I’ve been using the bookcase for some dishes that I rarely use and the TV unit has come in handy for storing away some of my chargers.

My son and dil are thinking of using this furniture some day soon for their sons, so that’s another good reason to find alternative storage.

Child's Bedroom Renovation to a Home Office


But in the end, I just mainly think it would be wonderful to have storage close at hand for my holiday dishware, a place where it can all be together instead of spread out in various cabinets and closets. Would definitely make planning a table setting a lot easier.

The wall I would like to use these on in my garage will hold five cabinets. I’m going to start with three: 2 regular cabinets, as seen on the left below, and one cabinet with drawers, as seen on the right below. I’ll see how much they hold and how well that works, then I can decide if I want to add two more and which style.

Cabinet Storage for Home, Garage, Office, Basement


I was disappointed to read that you’re not supposed to put anything across the top of the cabinets. I was hoping to store my really tall candlesticks on the top of the units. They aren’t very heavy. I read a comment where someone mentioned a way to reinforce the shelves so they will hold even more weight. Maybe I can do that to the top, as well.

Cabinet Load Weight, SystemBuild Kendall


Here’s an example photo of some of the configurations one can assemble in a garage. They make a lot of different units and there are so many great ways to use these! You’ll find these cabinets here: Storage Cabinets.


The regular cabinets will arrive this week and the one with the drawers will arrive on Friday. So you know what I’ll be doing this week: assembling cabinets and maybe moving dishes if all goes as planned. I’ll be sure to take pics of the process and will share the results, just hope they don’t arrive damaged and that I can put them together without any big glitches.

If they don’t work out for dish storage, at least they will work for other storage. They could even end up in my basement for general storage down there. Will keep you posted either way.

A friend reminded me today that Pottery Barn is giving a 15% discount on in-store purchases for active and retired military personnel and their families. It excludes some merchandise and I’m not exactly sure when that discount ends, but you can read more about it here: Discount for Military.

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Looking forward to all the great Before and Afters linked for this week’s Metamorphosis Monday!

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  1. Hmm….although I love your choice in cabinets, I am so leery of storing my dishes simply for their weight. I have the wholesale club wire shelving units, easy to assemble, and can hold 100# each shelf (when not using the casters, a little less if using). I am still leery of mine too, wondering if some day the entire units may tilt and crash to the ground. I try to distribute the weight (I use containers to garner sets on the shelves. Not ideally accessible, but better than stacking without shelves like I used to do).
    Thanks for the party. I hope your cabinets work out. Do keep us posted.

  2. Margaret Robinson says

    Hi — Both my Daughter/SIL and I have similar types of these storage shelves and cabinets in our respective garages. Mine hold plates, cups and saucers, et. al. and I’ve got lighter-weight things on the top shelf and on the top and it’s all good. Things are so much easier to find and you can group things together so much easier.

  3. I hope the cabinets work out (I like the feet!)–they look nice all lined up together. Additional support now for the shelves sounds wise, should you forget about the weight limit one day.

  4. I have several of the big box version of what you ordered. They are 48″ wide and 30″ wide (I think). They are in my garage. We did have more shelves cut to increase storage and we replaced the little brackets that came with them with heftier metal ones which are designed to hold lots more weight. I have tons of dishes including fine china and glassware stored in them and they have held up well. I do use the top of mine for extra storage with no problem. I’ve had these for a few years now. Mine also have the particle board back.

    • That is a great idea about having extra shelves cut, then I could store more dishes without putting so much weight on one shelf. Thanks for that great suggestion! I read in the Questions/Comment section where I purchased these that some received the units with metal supports and others seem to have received plastic. They may have switched over to metal at some point. Yolie, in case mine come with the plastic supports, where did you find the metal ones?
      That’s so good to know about using the top. My tall candlesticks aren’t very heavy so I’m really hoping to store those on top where I can actually see them. lol Right now they are in the bottom of a closet and I forget they are there.

      • You should be able to find a variety of shelf supports at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They have them in many shapes, sizes and material.

  5. I think you could have a board or 3/4 inch plywood cut to go across the top of the cabinets. That way it would be supported by the sides of the cabinets.
    Best of luck with this project. Look forward to your posts.

  6. Peggy Bostic says

    I just purchased a TV cabinet at Salvation Army for $20.00. I painted it gray/blue for my screened porch. The only thing is the hole in the back for cords. My handyman (hubby) is going to put a solid sheet of plywood on the entire back.
    I am using it to store extra drinks, waters and our travel coolers. It is perfect!

  7. In my next life I will come back organized and not just a happening.

  8. Nice cabinets!! I see that top shelf doesn’t sit on the sides, that’s why it will sag. Good idea to fix that!!

    Is your garage on the level of your first floor?? Will you be carrying all those goodies up and down stairs?? Same with the basement. Is there another room the first floor you can use??

    • Good point about that top shelf. Hopefully I can reinforce it or maybe just sit another shelf on top like Bobbie suggested. I could have one cut at Home Depot, I think. Luckily, my garage is on the same level, I walk out of the garage right into the breakfast room/kitchen, which is also connected to the screened porch. It should be really convenient for setting tables in the breakfast room and on the porch. That’s the reason I’ve never used the basement for storage, I wouldn’t want to carry anything up and down those steps.

  9. Susan, you didn’t say if they arrive put together or you have to assemble them. I have often said If I win the lottery, I will never touch another screwdriver. As far as extra shelves, sometimes the manufacturer provides them. On the top, Lowes sells laminated white boards and will cut them to size. If you had one long enough to go across two cabinets, it would give more support. I have used metal plates with holes in them to attach two bookcases together at the top.
    Anxious to see your cabinets and how you like the legs on them.
    Happy 4th of July to everyone.

    • Thanks, Myrna! I think Home Depot may have those laminated white boards, too. I’ll check in both Lowes and HomeDepot. Thanks! These do have to be assembled but you can also pay extra and have someone assemble them for you. I’d rather do it though and save a bit. The legs are adjustable, which is nice for uneven areas.
      Hope you have a great 4th!

  10. bobbi duncan says

    I’ve been using storage cabinets to hold a good deal of my china, candles, and related items, in our basement, for about 4 years now. I got the idea from my hubby who purchased several for his tools and such. Our previous home had a large butlers pantry which was wonderful as everything was on the main level, but most of what is now stored in the basement only gets used for special occasions so I’m okay with that. Hubby reinforced all the shelving and added plywood with wheels to the bottoms of the cabinets so we could move them around for easier cleaning of the basement. I love them and think you’ll be very happy with yours as you’ll be able to store more theme related items all together. May I suggest putting yours in your basement as garages tend to get a lot of dust blown in. Although I wash everything before use, it’s still nice to have cleaner looking items and cleaner cabinets to look at, not to mention the time saved for you as you won’t have to work as hard keeping your cabinets and contents looking tidy. I started out with mine in the garage, so I wouldn’t have to carry things up and down stairs, but everything got dirty really quick. Hugs!

    • Bobbi, will they get dirty even with doors on the cabinets? I was hoping that would keep them clean because I really don’t want to carry them up and down the steps if I can avoid it. That’s one reason I decided to go with these and not the open steel, wire type. I was hoping they would stay clean with doors.

  11. Just a thought. I have lots of those wire shelving units that Rita mentioned. Not sure if it is the same brand but I am assuming something similar, the ones that have the shelves that slide over the poles and the black 2 part fasteners hold the shelf in place. They are very strong and I wonder if you could place a set of those in one of your cabinets without the drawers and then you could use those shelves as extras in the second unit. You could put all of the heavy stacks of dishes on the wire unit and the lighter cups and smaller pieces in the other unit on the shelves that come with the unit. I know the shelve kits come in different sizes, some taller, some shorter, with different size and numbers of shelves. In Minnesota our Menards stores carry the individual components so that you can customize your storage. I think that you could also get a strong board and place it on top spanning your three units and that would beef up the stop for storage above. They are nice looking cabinets. I hope that they are as nice as they look.

  12. I just purchased a gorilla storage shelf. I am 76, and my granddaughters assembled it for me. I have a storage unit in the garage, and we put the gorilla shelf inside. The girls loaded all my dishes from a closet and a large TV entertainment center I was using for storage. What a job. I am so grateful to have help with the big project. Best of luck this weekend, I know you will love your new storage unit.

  13. Tack a lightweight or sheer curtain inside the doors to catch dust and small flying critters.

  14. Lovely cabinets but I would have them bolted to the wall so they don’t tip over! I did that in my basement with an antique cabinet I use for storage.
    I know what you mean about so many dishes and not knowing where to store them. I have a couch in my living room with a skirt and I store dishes under that couch plus under my beds…anywhere I have an empty space! Augh such a disaster!!

  15. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  16. Roxane Schauder says

    Hi, Susan. I had a bank of cabinets installed in our garage several years ago, specifically to hold seasonal decor (including seasonal and holiday). I thought all of the cabinets would be mine, but hubby stole one (LOL). Items don’t get very dusty (items stored on the bottom shelf get dustiest I find). Anything that would be hard to clean I wrap and put in a plastic storage container. I love my cabinets and consider them to be one of the best purchases for the house I ever made (also makes for quick transit). I also bought some plastic 4-drawer units to go under our workbench area to store smaller seasonal items (each season has its own drawer – or two!). My Christmas dishes are stored upstairs in the pantry on solid wood shelves and I am totally going to use your idea of the shoe boxes for napkin rings and place settings; what a great idea! That’s why I love your blog. Happy 4th to you and yours!

    • Thanks, Roxane! I can live with a little dust, so that doesn’t sound too bad. 🙂 I found the clear shoe boxes in Home Depot for $1 each several years ago. I think they still carry them.

  17. I think every lady needs a dish room the size of a small studio, lol. One can dream! Those cabinets are great too. Thank you so much for hosting, Susan. Have a blessed holiday.

  18. I like the cabinets you have ordered. I’m looking forward to hearing how you like them. I desperately need more china/crystal/flatware storage. I’m like you and have it stored all over the house. I hope these work.
    I have storage shelves for all my potting and garden supplies in the garage. I ran out of room too quickly. They don’t have doors, so the ones you have chosen look ideal for dishes, etc.
    You always share such great ideas! Thank you.

  19. Dawne Marie says

    The cabinets are attractive. I think you will like them in the garage. I have two sideboards filled with China, glasses, napkin rings, etc. I hate to admit how many dish sets I have. I can’t seem to part with any! I recently bought an origami shelving unit for my kitchen appliances. To keep in the spare room. A minimalist I’ll never be! Happy Fourth Susan!

  20. Sheila Cartelli says

    Hi Susan,
    Don’t know if anyone mentioned this idea, but I had a friend who had a series of rods placed in a lower cabinet to hang her table cloths… She could pull one out to get the cloth she wanted. It was perfect, they were easy to see, easy to get out without having to move all the others and best of all they stayed pristine with no wrinkles. I wonder if you could add that idea to your new cabinets???
    All the best,

  21. Patricia says

    Hi Susan, I have similar cabinets in my garage. Having lived in California we just instinctively chose to bolt the cabinets to the wall. I store my larger serving pieces and way too many excess bakeware items and holiday cookware. After 15 years of use I have never noticed any dust inside the cabinets. The outside doors and the door bevels do require periodic dusting. For the past 6 years my husband has been storing our outdoor speakers and outdoor cushions on top of them of them with no issues. I love how they make my garage look fresh an tidy. We also use garage car floor mats under our cars so that the concrete doesn’t get stained from car leaks. They are so much easier to clean and replace if needed.

  22. Good looking storage cabinets! With the exception of securing them to the wall for extra stability I am not even going suggest a solution to customize their shelves to meet your needs, as I have confidence in you Susan that you will figure out a way. Go for it girl … . -Brenda-

  23. The cabinets you chose look great. I wish my hubby would share his garage space for my overflow but we moved form a four garage house to a two garage house and are lucky if we can get one of the cars into the garage. Hmmm…think we need to get rid of some stuff?
    Thank you for the party.

  24. sherry thompson says

    Hi Susan,
    The cabinets look great. Extra storage for all of us tablescapers is a must.
    When I retired from teaching I used my large horizontal file cabinet for my extra dishes and table decorations. I have it in the garage and wouldn’t take anything for the extra space.


  25. Mary Anne Looby says

    Perfect topic for me today. I have often wondered where you store everything. I don’t have any where near the amount that you have, butI have been struggling with it. I have decided to use a very large antique cupboard that I brought from a prievious home. It is very large, and I think it will work. Plus, it has three drawers for placemats, napkins etc.

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