Spring-Easter Table Setting + Sneak Preview of a New Addition to the Screened Porch

Welcome to the 707th Tablescape Thursday!

Yay! It’s porch time again! We’ve got 70+° weather on tap for the whole week so it’s practically a sin to spend it inside every day. I spent the last couple of days cleaning away the pollen from the porch. Still have more cleaning to do to ready the porch for spring and summer, but it’s getting there. How is the pollen in your area? It’s been pretty intense here but the regular rains we’ve been getting have really helped.

Springtime on the Porch, Spring Table Setting


Do you notice anything different about the porch?

Screened Porch Dining, Spring-Easter Tablescape


The screened doors were finally installed! I’ll share additional photos of both doors in place this coming Monday for Met Monday.

Screened Door with Moon, Stars Design


But you’re here today for a table setting so let’s get to it. With Easter just a few days away, I had bunnies on the brain this week.

Spring Tablescape, Tablescape Thursday


I just upgraded my ancient Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone for the S22 Ultra and decided to take it out for a spin, so there are a lot of photos in this post. Hope you enjoy this happy, spring table setting!

Dining Outdoors for Spring, Easter


I knew the S22 would have an incredible zoom and it is shockingly good, but the wide-angle capability is amazing, as well. I was surprised to find that I could get a full horizontal overhead view of the table while standing on a chair. I could not do that with the Note 8 unless it was at a slant.

Spring Tablescape with Bunny Napkin Folds and Bunny Cake


Bunny ears everywhere! Ha!

Celebrate Spring with Spring Table Setting


Happy Spring! Love this time of year!

Spring Table, Bunny Cake Centerpiece, Floral Dinnerware


This bunny-ears napkin fold is the easiest and fastest napkin fold ever! If you would like to make this fold for your spring or Easter table this year, you’ll find detailed steps in this post: Bunny Ears Napkin Fold.

Floral Dinnerware in a Spring Table



Easter Table Setting with Bunny Napkin Fold


The charger plates are by Kim Parker and the design is Emma’s Garland.

Spring Table Setting with Adorable Bunny Napkin Fold


For this bunny napkin fold, the bunny ears can be brought together with a bit of  colorful yarn, a pretty, beaded napkin ring or a floral one like I used below.

Spring Table Setting with Floral Chargers and Bunny Plates


I love the look of the floral napkin ring since it feels like Miss Bunny is wearing flowers in her hair.

Bunny Napkin Fold with Floral Napkin Ring


These adorable bunny plates were a find in Pier 1 several years back.

Bunny Plates for Easter or Spring


I forgot to get a close-up of the coordinating glasses that I used in this table, but here’s a photo from when I first purchased them a few years ago.

Adorable SpringtimeBunny Glasses on Sale


For the centerpiece, I wondered if Publix Bakery would have any cute bunny-themed cakes available. They did but before I share the one I chose, check out this amazing Chocolate Ganache cake they had in stock! Oh my gosh, it’s truly a work of art, isn’t it?! I couldn’t believe it was only around $20 for this gorgeous cake! I could dive into it head first! lol It would be quite the stunner to bring out for dessert at a dinner party!

Chocolate Ganache Cake


Okay, enough of my chocolate fantasies! What cake did I choose for this springtime table?

Spring Bunny Cake Centerpiece


I chose this adorable, whimsical cake with bunnies diving in headfirst, pretty much what I wanted to do with the chocolate cake. lol

Spring Bunny Cake


Sooo darn cute!  Love those little, fluffy, bunny tushes. I placed a bit of green “grass” around the base, along with a sprinkling of colorful mercury-glass eggs.

Bunny Cake


Happy Spring to you! If you’re not seeing warm weather yet in your area, hang in there-it won’t be long now!

Spring Table, Bunny Cake Centerpiece, Floral Dinnerware


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Screened Porch Dining, Spring-Easter Tablescape


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  1. Susan, the new screen doors are beautiful. I love everything about your Easter/spring bunny table. It is colorful and whimsical with the bunny napkin fold. The cake not only looks delicious, but it makes for an adorable centerpiece. Happy Easter Weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! Happy Spring and Happy Easter to you! Wish I could pass a slice of this cake right through the screen to you! 🙂

  2. Franki Parde says

    STUNNING!!!! You are handling “that phone” like a pro!!! Definitly hopping to making bunny ears napkins!!! LUV!! franki

    • Thanks so much, Franki! Still trying to figure a few things…workin’ on it. lol That bunny ear napkin fold is the best, only take like 30 seconds to make it. Happy Spring!

  3. Love the happy spring colors and bright fresh greens on the table. Cake is so cute. And with a tweak or so, that chocolate cake could turn into something spidery for Halloween.

    • Oooh, I totally see that…the icing down the sides looks like legs! If they limited it to 8 legs and added a face, it would work great for Halloween. lol Happy Spring, Mia!

  4. This should have been in yesterday’s post, but I couldn’t figure out how to add it, so I am adding it here. LOL. You mentioned that you couldn’t wear a solid yellow top but really liked the color. Having the same problem, I solved it by using a scarf with a lot of blue and a small amount of yellow in the print against my face. As a second option use a printed sweater or jacket over the yellow blouse, again having blue and yellow in the print. People are basically blue or yellow in skin tone, and obviously you (and I) have a lot of yellow in our skin, thus creating a problem with yellow against the face. On another note, your table setting is lovely, as always, and the bunny bottom is so cute. Have a nice day and a joyous Easter.

    • Love the idea of adding a scarf…great idea! I do the sweater thing a lot, I’m always adding those over shirts and that does work great! I guess I must be yellow toned since I’m super pale. My skin just won’t tan for anything.
      Thanks, Mary! Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

  5. Susan, this tablescape is so incredibly co-ordinated and everything blends together seamlessly. The way the napkin rings set above the egg is so cute, lol. And oh my goodness, the little bunny bums!! Haha. Yes, that cake looks yummy enough to burrow into. I love the pretty green cutlery and glasses. The salad plates look like they were made for the chargers. Everything seems to be related.

    Spring is my favorite season. Don’t you love the way the air feels? After being cooped up during the winter, it’s so nice to open the windows and have fresh air again! I love it too.

    When you asked if the porch looked different, I thought, No curtains! But maybe you took those down a while ago, lol. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to hearing more adventures of your screened doors. That David got right on the ball for you, didn’t he? Now I’m wondering what scheming you’ve been doing with your bathrooms. I wouldn’t be surprised if one Met Monday in the near future we see all new bathrooms for you!

    Lovely tablescape, Susan. I hope you enjoy this glorious weather while we have it! Happy Easter.

    • Thanks, Pam! Appreciate your sweet words so much! I was so surprised when I brought those bunny plates home and saw how nicely they worked with the chargers. Happy accident, for sure! I should probably add the curtains bag for a change of pace. They are a tad dingy from age, should probably buy new ones again, if Wally World still carries them for $5 a sheer.
      It will be a while on the bathroom, I need to do some research on exactly what I want and get a number of estimates. Each time I start a project and get estimates, I normally learn a ton in the process. This is such a bad time to being doing renovations due to the high cost of everything and the supply chain issues, so I may delay a year. Will just have to see how it goes.

  6. Helen Peterson says

    Delightful, one of your best. The joy of the new doors, new phone and warm days, oh my. Happy Blessed Easter.

  7. Cute table! Love the dishes and napkin fold! The cake is too cute! You reminded me that I believe I have some of those mercury glass eggs I had forgotten about for about 10 years! I need to find them. Happy Easter!

    • Penny, I was running around like a chicken trying to find all my Easter stuff yesterday. I had forgotten it was stored in my basement. It’s like finding a treasure chest when you pull out your decorations each season. I never remember what I have until I open the box, so I totally know what you mean. I need to get a bit organized with my seasonal decorations.
      Happy Easter and Happy Spring!

  8. Oh that’s lovely Susan! I don’t know that I could’ve resisted that chocolate cake! But the one you got is perfect for your darling table. LOVE the spring colors and bunny ears! Thanks for hosting, and Happy Easter!

    • Thanks so much, Barbara!
      It was hard! It was just so pretty and the price was a steal! I may have to pick one of those up the next time I drive up to see family in Ohio. I think they would love it!
      Happy Easter!

  9. Hi Susan!
    The pollen here in the SC upstate is really bad this year. Tomorrow is clean the porch day so the grandkids can use it on Easter.
    I made the bunny napkins – thank you so much for that wonderful idea.
    I’ve had that chocolate cake from Publix and it’s delicious!!
    Happy Easter!

    • I hope the cleaning goes well! I was dreading it but once I got started, it was so rewarding seeing it coming back to life.
      You’re so welcome…that’s such a fun napkin fold and just so cute! I hope your grandkids love it! 🙂
      Oh, good to know about that cake, I will def be getting one at some point. It’s so pretty!

  10. Lovely table setting. Those napkins are adorable. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  11. My granddaughters made the napkin rings last year. They had so much fun. They may want to do it again this year. The overhead rectangular picture of your table is amazing. I can’t wait to see your doors on Monday. I love them!

    • Awww, love that! They are fun to make!
      Thanks, Kay! I was so surprised when I saw the whole table in view! I think I’m going to really enjoy this new phone.
      Looking forward to sharing the doors!

  12. Oh, this table is just adorable! I love every element of it.
    It’s so cool that we can get such good photos with mobile phones. I cannot wait to see details of your beautiful storm doors—seeing the glimpse of the moon, I am SO excited to see them!
    Happy Easter, Susan!

    • Thanks so much, MerriJo! I know, I’m amazed by how far phone cameras have come! It almost makes me want to leave my heavier Nikon at one when I travel, especially now with the insane zoom lens this one has!
      Looking forward to sharing the doors, they really added so much whimsy to the porch!
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. Love your table!!! The cake is divine! Can’t wait to see and hear about the screen doors soon. Wish I had somewhere to use some like those. Have a blessed Easter!

    • Thanks so much, Sheri! Looking forward to sharing those on Monday! So glad the mouse hole doors are gone! lol
      Happy Easter to you and your family!

  14. I love that the new doors are up Susan, and from what I can see they look so beautiful! I also am loving this table setting, so cheery, so springy, so fun with the bunny ear napkins and plates. The cakes had me drooling, probably gain 20 lbs just looking at them. lol And then there is the top view table shot with your new phone….amazing! The photo is so sharp and crisp and I love that you were able to get the whole table view from the top without it being on an angle. I think you are going to love this new phone! lol I love the fun table setting and those cakes! lol Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! I am amazed at how great the photos taken with mobile phones are now! They just get better and better with each new edition!
      Thanks so much, can’t wait to share the doors! They are so whimsical, perfect for a summer porch. 🙂
      Happy Easter, Brenda!

  15. Susan,
    Happy Easter to you and yours!!
    Thanks so much for hosting this wonderful party each and every week!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it!! Thank You!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  16. Love your tablescape, the cake, your new screen door and your phone camera! Happy Easter, Susan!

  17. What a happy, hoppy tablescape! Love the door preview too…Happy Easter, Susan!

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