We’re In The Mountains Of Big Canoe For This Week’s Tablescape Thursday

Welcome to the 781st Tablescape Thursday! Over the last few days, I’ve been spending a little time in the north Georgia mountains. This was the charming Airbnb home I booked in the mountain community of Big Canoe. Big Canoe is around a 1-hour drive north of my home, so it’s the perfect location for a little getaway.

Big Canoe Home, Available to Rent


Just a couple of hours after I arrived, I received this message from the owner/host of the home where I was staying. Ha! Actually, I would have loved a bear sighting–preferably from INSIDE the cabin while looking out!

Bear Message


A good friend and neighbor of mine has a home in this wonderful mountain community. I let her know that I would be visiting for a few days, and we had lunch in their beautiful clubhouse yesterday. The clubhouse is situated above the golf course on one of Big Canoe’s many lakes, and this was our view. The weather was gorgeous during my stay, could not have asked for more perfect weather!

View from Veranda, Big Canoe, The Clubhouse at Lake Sconti


For lunch, we both chose “San Remo” from the menu and it was delicious!

The Clubhouse at Lake Sconti, Veranda View, Big Canoe Georgia


San Remo is described on the menu as, “Quinoa and brown rice blend with grilled asparagus, zucchini, red pepper, and onion. Topped with feta cheese and hummus, finished with pomegranate molasses and a side of pesto aioli. Served with your choice of chicken or salmon.” I went with salmon, and it was seared or grilled to perfection. I would love to learn to make this dish at home–it was fantastic!

San Remo, Lunch, Big Canoe Clubhouse


After dinner, we made the 15-20 minute drive back up, up, up the mountain to the cabin where I’ve been staying so we could enjoy this amazing view.

Stunning Long Range Views, Big Canoe Georgia


Pictures can not possibly do this incredible view justice. At times, you’re literally eye-level with the clouds! It’s heaven, that’s the only way to describe it! Big Canoe is registered with the Atlanta Audubon Society as an official Wildlife Sanctuary, so it’s not unusual to see deer, bears, wild turkeys, and just about every other animal you can imagine during a visit to this special place. I saw several deer during my visit. It’s a dream location for us bird lovers, too!

Big Canoe Georgia, Long Range Views


Just imagine how gorgeous this view will be in just a few weeks! All of north Georgia, including the Atlanta area where I live, experiences beautiful fall color, especially during the month of October. I will definitely have to plan a trip back to Big Canoe during the fall sometime. Update: I’ve had several questions about the Airbnb that I stayed at while in Big Canoe. You can see/read more about this home here: Cozy Mountain Cabin in Big Canoe.

Beautiful Long Range Views, Big Canoe


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  1. Oh, Susan! I couldn’t believe it when I opened my email with your post. My husband and I went to Big Canoe last August and enjoyed it so much! We live in lower Alabama and the difference in weather was a such welcomed respite for us. It is a beautiful area and I’d love to visit it again during the Fall to see the color change. I have a photo with much the same background as yours!. Just beautiful. Enjoy your trip!

    • Oh, I bet it was wonderful getting away from LA that time of the year…welcome relief, I’m sure! I would love to see it during the fall, too! It’s really beautiful any time of year, I just love visiting.

  2. Gibbs Gardens is right out Big Canoe’s back door just south. I hope when you visit there again you make a stop, take some photos and share. I’ve only been once in August to Gibbs. It was amazing. Carol

    • I’ve been there but not any many years. I bet it’s changed since I was there. I saw the sign for it when I left to return home so it is very close. If I go again, like in the spring, I will definitely take photos to share. Thanks for that suggestion!

  3. Dawne Marie Anderson says

    Wow! What a view! And your plate looked awesome. We need the recipe!
    Thanks for sharing. Never heard of big canoe. Looks lovely.

    • We do! It was sooo good! If I lived in Big Canoe, I would be a regular in the restaurant, I’m sure. Dawne, I wonder if any savvy BNOTP cooks can figure the recipe out for us. I love salmon, but that was the best-tasting salmon I’ve ever had! I loved how it was cooked with the slightly crunchy outer part.

  4. What a gorgeous place! That view alone is worth the trip, and you’re right – it’ll be stunning when the leaves start to turn. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip, and thanks for hosting the party!

    • So true! It definitely lived up to the listing I saw before I booked it. I would love to see it in the fall sometime, it must be stunning! To be honest, the Atlanta area is beautiful during autumn and if you drive just a little bit north, it’s absolutely gorgeous here. We really do get all the seasons and I love that about this area.

  5. What a beautiful mountain cabin! Would you please share the contact information for the rental?

  6. Donna zoltanski says

    Airbnb contact please? Looks amazing! Thank you!

  7. I am glad you were able to get away. You work so hard making your house beautiful. You deserved the break. And what a beautiful spot you chose. We are leaving today for two days at a beach in NJ. I am really looking forward to it.

  8. Thanks for the party Susan! Your trip to the mountains sounds wonderful, what beautiful views!

  9. What a great location! It is still so green there, hard to imagine how quickly it will soon turn. Lunch looked so yummy, I second that I hope you get/re-create the recipe. No thanks to bear encounters; while usually people-avoiders, still wild and still unpredictable. Bet the grandkids loved to hear about it though!

    • Yes, we have an early spring and summer lasts a nice long time here. We normally don’t start seeing colder temps until October and even Halloween can be warm some years.
      That’s what I’ve read–we have Black Bears here and they really don’t want to interact with people, but they will def break into your car if they smell food inside. I’ve read some pretty funny stories about the bears around here.

  10. Susan, thank you so much as always for the opportunity to discover so many new tablescapes and to share my own. I have enjoyed Tablescape Thursday for many years now!

  11. Incredible view! You make me want to visit Your meal looked delicious !

    • It’s definitely worth the trip, Sabrina! They have miles and miles of beautiful walking trails, paved and unpaved. So many activities from tennis to pickleball to taking a boat out on the lake…too many things to list. There’s even a wonderful rock slide for kids during the summer months.

  12. Franceil Parde says

    Those bear, bear watching, as foraging for winter hibernation…we’ve got one in the neighborhood so took bird feeders down. Your views are spectacular!! We’ve reserved long weekend Oct for stay on a Blue Ridge mountain top. franki

    • Yeah, you can’t put up feeders in Big Canoe except for 2-3 months during the dead of winter when the bears are hibernating. Oh, that sounds wonderful, Franki! Send me a picture or two if you think about it–would love to see the views!

  13. WOW! So pretty!

  14. So glad you were able to take a vacation after working so hard on the basement and buying appliances. Breathe deep and rest up before remodeling the bathrooms. Are you wearing all the cute clothes you shared with us ? We like that amazing dinner too. Tell them thousands of followers need the recipe !
    Enjoy your vacation.

    • lol I def needed one after the appliance saga this past year! 🙂 Thanks, Myrna! You know, I packed a bunch of shorts and other clothes but ended up wearing the same pants and top two days in a row while there. I always overpack! I took along the new toile pants but never actually wore them. I need to do that while it’s still warm here before fall arrives.

  15. What a nice getaway Susan! Glad you took time to recharge your batteries with this little trip. The views are AMAZING! The cabin looked so nice. I’m sure you can see all the wildlife there. I see all the same in my own backyard, including a bear walking out of our cornfield a few years back. Love watching the wild animals, they are so beautiful. Your meal looked so yummy! Nice you were able to get together with a friend to have lunch together, that is always fun. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks, Brenda! It is so much fun traveling around Big Canoe because you really do see a lot of wildlife. You have to drive slowly because you never know who/what will be crossing the road. I wanted to get photos of the deer I saw while there but they were always too fast for me. I may be returning for their Oktoberfest in a few weeks.

  16. Nicky Sensale says

    We have our Summer home in Big Canoe. It’s a beautiful place especially around Nov 1 when we have our fall foliage. This weekend we are having a wine festival! There are so many wineries nearby. You can rent a pontoon and have a cocktail cruise on the lake. We have a fabulous restaurant called HOME (be sure to books a table on Open Table!) So many trails. We have a Jeep Fest every year with a Jeep Club. I’m a Garden Designer here during summer months. It’s a wonderful place for a second home or vaca! We have several dog parks, bocce courts, tennis, Pickelball. Great towns nearby like Ellijay for apple picking. Come visit, warning: you may look at real estate listings!

  17. Susan, Thanks so much for sharing about Big Canoe. The view from the house and the restaurant are both amazing! Thanks also for doing Tablescape Thursday each week. I really appreciate a place to share my tablescapes, and a place to see so many wonderful tablescapes from others

  18. Looks absolutely amazing! What a view!

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