A Visit to Marie’s: A Halloween Table Setting and My First Bubble Tea

Welcome to the 576th Tablescape Thursday!

We’re off to Marie’s for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! Marie and I got together for lunch recently and the place we were lunching was right next door to Tiny Bubbles Teatime. We stopped in for a glass of bubble tea before heading next door for lunch.

It was the perfect day to dine outside, not too hot and just the nicest breeze, so we sat outside and enjoyed our tea while we awaited our lunch to be served.

I can’t remember the exact name of the bubble tea I chose but I remember it had “Roses” in the name and it tasted like roses. It was delicious! I’m not a gummy bear fan so next time I think I’ll ask them to go light on the bubbles which (to me) tasted a lot like gummy bears.

Have you ever had Bubble Tea? Did you like it?

Roses Bubble Tea


Speaking of Halloween, back at Marie’s, I got busy snapping photos of her outdoor and indoor decorations. Looking forward to sharing those with you real soon!

Marie had several Halloween-themed tables set including this whimsical table in her dining room.

Halloween Tablescape Ideas, 2019


Halloween Elegant Table Setting Ideas, 2019


I need to get all the details from Marie on where she found the items she used in today’s table. I’ll come back and add those to this post once I get that info for you.

Halloween Table Setting Ideas, 2019


The table/chairs set up in the background are there because Marie was hosting an event in her home that evening and that’s where guests will register/sign in as they come in the entrance. Marie frequently host charitable events throughout the year, so there’s always something exciting in the works when I visit.

Elegant Halloween Table Setting


Loved the centerpiece with black and orange baubles, feather trees and tall candleholders!

Halloween Table Setting Centerpiece Ideas



Halloween Tablescape, 2019


I especially love those spider wine glasses!

Halloween Table Setting Ideas


A cute setting with ghost appetizer plates!

Ghost Appetizer Plate, Halloween Table Setting


Happy Halloween to you!

Whimsical Halloween Table Setting


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Halloween Table Setting Ideas, 2019


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  1. I bet Marie got her glasses from TJ/Homegoods as I have them, too, and love pulling them out this time of year!

    • I also have those glasses, but I don’t remember where I got them. I do know that it wasn’t HomeGoods, since we don’t have one locally.

    • I bet you’re right, Linda. I know she shops there a good for her holiday goodies. I’m trying to stay away…too tempting. πŸ™‚

  2. Snowflake281 says

    Well done Halloween tablescape. You can really tell that Marie put a lot of thought into creating it. I wonder what was on the menu that evening? Nice job.

  3. Cyndi Raines says

    I’m not a Halloween fan as I prefer to decorate fall in pumpkins and a harvest type setting so Thanksgiving is more honored, but I have to admit, this is a great “fun” table for Halloween. Those chubby, ornament type ghosts holding the pumpkins are pretty cute. Marie always does a super job, her tables are outstanding. Thanks Susan, happy fall!

  4. Susan, I’ve never even heard of bubble tea, let alone tried it! Now you’ve got me wondering, lol.

    Marie always amazes me with her holiday decor. My goodness, she certainly has an eye for design and how to put together a look. She must spend hours shopping to get it all ‘just right.’

    I too noticed the happy chubby ghosts holding pumpkins. Very cute. And those crackled glass candle-holders are so pretty.

    I don’t mean to be pushy, but when was it Marie said she’d host all of us BNOTPers? πŸ˜€ Haha. Would love to visit and see her place in person. But so appreciative that she is willing to share her talents here. Thanks to both of you.

    • Don’t you think …someone…should remind Marie about her invitation? πŸ˜‰

    • I resisted having a bubble tea the last time we got together since I don’t like really sweet drinks. But when I found out I could have it pretty much unsweet with just the bubbles being the sweet part, I decided to try it. There were too many bubbles for me, though. You almost couldn’t avoid getting a bunch in your mouth with every sip, so next time I’ll have them do about half the amount they normally put in. They come in a bunch of different flavors!

  5. Ha – what fun!! I love it all, especially that beautiful flatware! Thanks for the introduction to Marie too – her home is lovely! Happy Thursday!

  6. As usual your friend Marie is so talented and has the most awesome details and accessories to decorate a home and thus a table.
    This Halloween table is adorable ! Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you dear friend for hosting too.
    Happy Fall to you.

  7. Ahh this was fun to see! Marie always does such a great job.

  8. Fun table setting for Halloween! I have had bubble tea several times…I really love it, and have to stop myself from getting it too frequently. I believe it originated in Taiwan. I love the texture/chewiness of the “bubbles”, but then I also love gummy bears!

  9. Fun table, yet perfect for adult entertaining as it isn’t overdone with the Halloween items. All the ghosts are friendly too!

  10. Beautiful as always, Susan! Marie is so talented! And I just saw she has those funny skeleton wine glasses you showed us a few days ago, Susan!
    Love them! πŸ™‚

  11. I’ve never tasted bubble tea, but I read a blog called “Woks of Life” that has many Chinese recipes, and I remember reading about it there; the “bubbles” are supposed to be black tapioca pearls that are cooked, and I could not imagine what they would taste like – good to know they taste like gummy bears!!

    • Oh, I think I remember them saying that they were tapioca. I’d forgotten that. They really did have the texture of a gummy bear, only in ball form. I will def try one again, just get them to reduce how many balls they add.

  12. The show stopper is Marie’s dining table. I’ve always enjoyed seeing it, but for some reason todays photos make it spectacular. Gorgeous!

  13. AMAZING!! Does Marie do all the decorating herself? Where does she store her volumes of decorations?

    • She stores them mostly in her basement which is huge. Yes, she does the majority of it but has help with heavy items and setting up the trees, but she does most of the decorating.

  14. Thanks to both you and Marie for sharing a Halloween table with thrills but no chills. I can imagine having quite a fun evening with her! I especially liked the dapper fellow on the carriage.

  15. Susan, I’ve never even heard of bubble tea! I’m not a fan of sweet tea, so probably wouldn’t be my “cup of tea” as they say!
    Thanks for once again sharing Marie’s holiday tables. She always has fun ideas. I bet her grands want to have every meal with her!

    • I got mine basically unsweet with milk, so the only sweet part was the bubbles. I’m going to get them to cut those in half next time, there were a few too many in there for me. But it is delish! You need to try it once, Sarah…just so you can say you’ve had it. lol

  16. Bubble tea was originally referred to as Boba tea — an Asian delight get popular in the U.S. Those little balls are actually tapioca. I love it but occasionally I would suck too hard and one would come barreling up the straw and hit the back of my throat –a bit disconcerting

    • I remember that now, I think they did mention that they are tapioca. I love tapioca pudding but these were nothing like that…much like little gummy balls that softened in the tea and burst easily when bitting them. They were very chewy, though. Were they chewy like gummy bears when you had them?
      Ugh, I wouldn’t like it hitting me in the back of the throat. Some did have tendency to get stuck partway up the straw so I could see how that would happen if you sucked hard to get it up the straw.

  17. We always love visiting Marie’s! Such a beautiful home. The black feather trees are so different and fun. And the contrasting inlays and burled wood in the dining room table are incredible! WoW!!!

  18. Bubble Tea (or Boba out here) has been around the West Coast for a long time now. A decade maybe? My girlfriend has started seeing it in Iowa more recently. Out here, one can choose from a huge selection of different drinks options and different types of bubbles. I love it and as I’ve gotten older, prefer Milk Tea or Thai Tea with half the sugar and without the bubbles. My kids like the bubbles in some type of fruit slushie like mango strawberry. It’s fun to try something new.

    • You could do that in this Bubble Tea shoppe, also. There were so many choices, it was really overwhelming. When I saw Roses in the name of one of them, I went with that since it sounded so pretty…can’t remember the whole now, but it was a pretty name.
      Ohh, that sound good, putting in a slushie!

  19. It’s so exciting when you visit Marie and take us along. I wish I could see the wagon (?) with wheels better. Doesn’t she have a seasonal decorated tree in the kitchen too ? Did you get photos of the big porch this time ? Just call us Friends of Marie. Never heard of bubble tea.
    Marie, thanks for sharing !

    • I did take photos of the porch and will share those real soon. She has switched and now the tree she decorates seasonally and for holidays is in her living room. I also took photos of that to share, too. Just need to go through them all now.
      I know, I would never have known about Bubble Tea if Marie hadn’t taken me to the shop where they make it. It’s probably a good thing it’s not too close by, I would get hooked. lol
      Myrna, I took the photo that shows the wagon and I zoomed in and cropped it so you can see it better. I’ll attach it to this comment below.

  20. I’m a tea lover but I have never heard of ‘bubble tea’ so have just learned something new. Re Marie’s table; so much fun and creatively done! Thank you for sharing on both accounts. -Brenda-
    P.S.: Here in Canada we celebrate our Thanksgiving on the 14th (then Halloween follows on the 31st).

  21. What a great way to decorate the table for Halloween.

  22. Oh my. Marie’s table is just stunning and I love everything about it – it just puts you right into the spirit of Halloween. I love the wagon too! Please thank her for sharing, and thanks to you Susan for hosting.

  23. I LOVE every time you take us to Marie’s!! She is amazingly talented and has boundless energy!!!! Thanks for this beautiful post!!! I haven’t been blogging a lot, but hope to get back soon. XO and happy Fall.

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