An Early Autumn Table Setting

Welcome to the 575th Tablescape Thursday!

We’re still in 80s and 90s here and everything is still beautifully green. Georgia doesn’t say goodbye to summer easily or quickly, we like to savor those last warm moments of summer until autumn insists we let go.

Porch Dining for Fall-Autumn


When I bought Mr. Pheasant last week, I really had him in mind for a Thanksgiving table, but I decided to go ahead and use him right now so if you like him, he would still be available. I have no doubt as we get further into the autumn season, he will sell out since there were only 171 left in the entire country when I purchased mine. I bought him right off the floor since he was the last one they had left in the store.

Sunflower Centerpiece for Autumn Table


I filled him with the faux sunflowers you’ve seen me use in so many table settings before. Since he’s meant to hold a floral arrangement, he could be filled with water and fresh flowers for a special dinner or occasion.

White Pheasant Vase filled with Sunflowers for an Autumn Dinner on the Porch


I think he would be absolutely beautiful displayed atop a chest or table in an entryway or on a sideboard. You’ll find him available here: Pheasant. Update: Just noticed this guy is on sale now, 30% off!

Autumn Table Setting with Sunflowers


Here’s how he looks in the center of a table without flowers. He would be so cute with a ribbon or small wreath around his neck. I just love him!

Pheasant Centerpiece for Autumn Fall Table


I pulled out my red and white woodland salad plates for today’s table. These do not have a pattern name on the back, but they were purchased from Pottery Barn several years ago.

Sunflowers in White Pheasant Vase


Noritake sent me these beautiful dinner plates many years ago. They are great for autumn with their rich colors of browns and golds.

Sunflowers for an Autumn Fall Table


The pattern name is Xavier Gold and you’ll find it still available here: Xavier Gold. I also found them here: Xavier Gold and here: Xavier Gold.

Noritake Xavier Gold


Love this pattern and the contrasting little spots of raised gold around the rim of the plate.

Autumn Dinner with Noritake Xavier Gold Dinnerware


The bark-edged wood chargers are available here: Wood Chargers. Love using them for autumn and winter…really they work for all seasons!

Red and White China with Woodland Deer Design


I love the contrast of the rustic wood chargers against the elegant Xavier Gold pattern, especially the way the gold rim looks against the bark.

Noritake Xavier Dinner Plate with Deer Salad Plate for Fall


I use this red flatware in so many tables throughout the year. It’s especially nice for fall, Christmas, Valentines Day and patriotic tables like for the 4th of July. You’ll find it available here: Red Flatware.

Having trouble remembering where I found the napkins. I’m sure it was either HomeGoods, Marshalls or Pier 1 since that’s normally where I buy cloth napkins. The pine cone napkin rings are from Pier 1 several years ago.

Red Flatware for Autumn Fall Dining


Is it starting to feel a bit more like fall where you live?

Porch Dining for Fall-Autumn


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

Screened Porch Dining for Autumn


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  1. Susan, this is a beautiful table for early autumn. The pheasant is a gorgeous centerpiece and I am seriously considering him. I love that you combine the elegant with the rustic. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Thanks so much, Pam! I love that he’s all white because there’s so much you can do with him for decorating and table settings.
      Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  2. As soon as I saw your original post with Mr. Pheasant, and even before you said you’d bought him, I loved him and knew you wouldn’t be able to resist. πŸ˜€ He’s gorgeous.

    And no, it’s not like Fall where I live!! It’s still in the 80s and 90s like in Atlanta. But I have a feeling when the weather finally does turn, it is going to be quick and it’s going to be Cold! Time will tell.

    Can’t wait to see how you use Mr. Pheasant in other tablescapes this autumn. Can you imagine a realistically painted version of him, along the lines of a Fitz and Floyd piece? Beautiful! Thanks, Susan

    • lol You know me well! I know, that’s the way it always happens here. We’ll go from 90 degree to the 40s overnight.
      Oh, that would be beautiful, Fitz and Floyd doesn’t such beautiful pieces!
      Thanks, Pam! XXX

  3. What a lovely table setting! Susan, do you remember where you found the pine cone napkin rings?? Thank you!

    • Thanks, Liz! Oh, I forgot to mention where those were from, I found those in Pier 1 a few years back. I’m not sure if they will have them this fall, hopefully they will.

  4. Ranger Smith says

    Susan – Just the other day I was hoping that you would use your Noritake Xavier Gold sometime this Autumn and here it is! Such a rich, warm pattern and quite versatile. The napkins are perfect too. Wonderful table you’ve set (as always). Thank you!

  5. Mary from Virginia says

    Beautiful china and your new pheasant is doing a fine job of holding those sunflowers. I am looking forward to autumn/fall! Such rich colors and yummo meals for cool evenings. However, today feels like a beach day here in Virginia!

  6. Oh this is beautiful Susan! I love all your elements, and the color mix is gorgeous! (Especially the Noritake, if I had to play favorites!) You’ve really inspired me to try new colors and textures. Fabulous! – and say Hi to Mr Pheasant! πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks so much, Barbara! Mr. Pheasant says Hi back, at least I’m pretty sure that’s what he said in pheasant speak. πŸ˜‰
      Have a great weekend, Barbara!

  7. You lucky girl! That pheasant is a fabulous find. It will work through the year. I can just see him atop a beach towel wearing sunglasses in the summer. πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Susan

    Just curious…what is the white piece at the bottom of the pheasant’s legs? Looks like the top to something. Appears to have a leaf on it? Can’t tell.

    Hot and dry here in Athens.

  9. Victoria Morgan says

    I had this pheasant in my William Sonoma Cart. When I saw your post, I went immediately to get him and he was still available. Thanks so much. By the by, where did you get your lovely white duck that you’ve shown on tablescapes in your dining room at Christmas if I remember correctly? I’m starting a White Birds collection and he’s definitely the duck I want! A white Turkey is next….

  10. So glad to see RED on your September table! Because for me, September says “Apples” and “Back to School”…there’s plenty of time for all those gorgeous warm tones in October and November…

  11. How lovely. I like the Woodland plates and that Pheasant is gorgeous.

  12. Leslie Chappell says

    As usual, a beautiful table setting! And the Noritake Xavier Gold is GORGEOUS!! Now I am on the hunt for some pieces to put with my white, gold trimmed china! LOVE IT! In home decor, red doesn’t seem to be as in fashion right this minute (give us a few years and it’ll be back! πŸ™‚ making it hard to find something red that I like right now – TY for the lead! Also I’d like to send you an email asking if you are interested in something – the topic is too long to mention here in depth, aside from: my Sorority (not college, we’re grown women) has an annual event with a table setting ‘display and judged competition’ every October. I wondered if you were interested in pictures to perhaps post in your blog. I’ve noticed that followers send you pictures occasionally and I thought you’d be interested in seeing them! Thanks and “come on Fall”!!!

    • I have to confess, I never pay any attention to what’s in fashion, just go with what I love. I eventually end up back in style again since it all cylces around. πŸ™‚
      Sure, I would love to see them! Those would be a lot of fun to share for a future Tablescape Thursday. Thanks for offering to share those, Leslie! You can reach me at [email protected] .

  13. The pheasant is such an excellent addition to your collection–second only to Mr. Rabbit πŸ˜‰

  14. Alicia Brown says

    I love Mr. Pheasant!

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