Halloween: Imagine Being 8 Years Old Again & Trick-or-Treating Here!

Oh, to be a child again and get to visit Marie’s house at Halloween! Imagine being 8 years old and trick-or-treating here on Halloween night!

Halloween Exterior Decorating Ideas


If you made it past the fire-breathing dragons…


…with massive wings beating back and forth to scare you away…


…would you be brave enough to walk under this guy to collect a treat? 🙂


Marie’s home is set well back from the road, a busy road that sees a lot of traffic throughout the day. So it really helps to have large decorations that can be seen from a distance.


Once past the dragons, you’ll need to sneak by the ghosts on the right…


…and the witches on the left.


Marie always changes her decorations a little each year. This year she hung witches hats (or maybe those are wizard hats) from the porch. Notice the giant spider and the “candy” sign over the front steps. I love the giant spider! I think the candy sign lights up at night.


This year Marie decorated with trees on either side of her front door. Love the garland!


A little closer view of each tree…



Cute wreath for the front door!


Unfortunately, it always during the daylight hours when Marie and I get together, so I rarely get a chance to take photos of how everything looks lit up at night. One year we arrived back just as the blue hour approached and I snapped a few photos. These photos taken from a previous year will give you an idea of how everything looks lit up at night.

I think Marie said she is going to remove the spheres from the trees this year. In the past, the squirrels kept damaging the wires. They glow orange and purple for Halloween…

Lit Orbs in Trees for Halloween


…and Red/white at Christmastime.


Here are a few more photos from previous Halloweens showing how Marie’s home looks late at night. Just imagine seeing this as a child! It would be like a dream, wouldn’t it?


When Marie and I are out running around having lunch or shopping, people are always stopping us to chat and to tell Marie how much they enjoy passing by her home all throughout the year. I feel blessed to have a friend with such a fun-loving spirit! I wish there were more Maries in this world!

Happy Halloween to you!


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  1. I drove past Marie’s house one time in the daytime, I recognized it by the spheres in the trees! I enjoy seeing your photos of her decorations, outside and inside.

  2. Marie, your decorations amaze me every time, and those dragons are magnificent! A wreath, some garland on the dragons and that would get them through Christmas, 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. Her home is such a treat to see on line! I can’t imagine seeing it in person!
    I would love to know how long it takes to accomplish this merriment.

    • It’s a joy to see in person, definitely! 🙂
      It’s an ongoing, year around project for her since she decorates for a lot of different holidays. I don’t know the exact timeline but I know she starts on Halloween decorations as soon as the patriotic 4th of July decorations come down at the end of summer. Then Christmas goes up not long after the Halloween decor is removed in early November. She also decorates for Valentine’s Day and Easter. If you have time, click on the category at the top of the blog called “Holiday Home.”
      Then click on any holiday you’re interested in, like say, Valentine’s Day…then click on “Decor” and you’ll find some of my previous posts showing how Marie decorates for other holidays.

  4. WOW! What a great Halloween display. Marie sure does a good job decorating.

  5. Wow – how fun! It’s the perfect place to Trick or Treat! No wonder the neighbors love it so much! I’m excited to see it in other seasons too!

  6. I could get by the dragons and even the ghosts, but once I saw the witches, I’d be high-tailing it out of there. 😀

  7. I always love the girls in white, dancing around the pumpkins …
    So enchanting!!

  8. Susan, thanks for sharing more of Marie’s holiday decor. I always look forward to seeing what she does. I agree, it must be magic for children visiting this home, day or night. Please tell Marie how much we adults enjoy this too!

  9. Cyndi Raines says

    Wow, those dragons would be hard to get by! hehe What a tremendous amount of time and energy Marie pours into all her holiday decorating!
    What fun to drive by and see all those lights and fun characters in her yard for all the holidays! I’m sure all her efforts are very much appreciated by the kids and parents alike and will be great memory makers for them. Awesome!

  10. linda c Burwell says

    Just wonderful and how fun!

  11. Wonder where she got the round door wreath?

  12. Nancy Hauge says

    I am not much of a fan of Halloween because it is becoming so in your face, just like Christmas, with months of advertising, movies, products and hype ahead of the holiday…if I have to watch one more zombie or living dead I will throw up! BUT I have to admit this is beautifully and tastefully done! Not one zombie in sight!

  13. It is so fun to decorate like this. If you can’t, even more fun to enjoy when someone else does! I bet her kids and grandkids love being at grandma’s house during holidays. Love the door wreath; it’s very unique. All the ornaments on the trees and the dragons. It’s like a wonderland. Thank you Marie (and Susan)!

  14. This is a totally fun post, thanks so much for sharing!

  15. Wow! I love seeing Marie’s home. It really is a fantasy house. Thank you for always sharing her home in all it’s glory.

  16. Bobbi Duncan says

    Eight? Are you kidding? I’m ready to trick-or-trick at Marie’s at my age lol! Can you believe all the hours Marie puts into her lovely projects? The neighbors have to love her decorating skills. Hugs!

  17. Outstanding in every definition of the word and such fun! Thank you so much Marie for allowing Susan to share it.

  18. Dear Marie,
    Would you be willing to adopt some ‘older’ children ? Thank you so much for sharing your home with all of us.

  19. getting ready for Halloween-Does Marie remember where she got the huge spider on top of her porch? Thanks!

  20. I don’t know why I stopped getting notifications of your posts?? Debbie shared this post on FB so I came over and will sign up again for the notices. I LOVE Marie’s house and hope to see inside too!!

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