A Visit to Radicofani & the Orcia Valley

Happy Friday! Do you have a fun weekend planned?

It’s late here, but before I turn in, I thought I’d share a few photos from today’s excursions into the Tuscan countryside. Doesn’t this photo scream Tuscany? Though it was pretty hazy out and not the greatest day for landscape photos, this one was pretty much a requirement when we happened upon it.

Do you think the folks who live here planted all those trees along the winding driveway just to humor us crazy American tourist? There’s even a look-out spot to pull over on the side of the road where you can capture the photo. This house and its winding, cypress-lined driveway has to be one of the most photographed houses around! Our bus load of folks and another two bus loads, all took turns capturing a photo of it or standing in front to have their photo taken.

Quintessential Tuscany, Radicofani, Italy


We were on our way to the picturesque village of Radicofani, a comune in the Province of Siena, located in the Val d’Orcia or Orcia Valley. It’s about 68 miles southeast of Florence and 37 miles southeast of Siena, per Wikipedia. 

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 02


What is it about clothes hanging out to dry that makes you feel so nostalgic?

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 08


We all found ourselves longing for a quieter, more peaceful time as we meandered our way through this beautiful, village. I’m not exactly sure when the village itself was established, but the main landmark, its Rocca (Castle) has been around at least since 978.


Photo from Wikipedia


Several homes were available for purchase and a resident told us that the young folks were all moving away. So, the village isn’t growing very much these days.

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 06


We all fell in love with this wonderful place and wished we could pool our funds to buy a place we could all share for visits back. I’m sure we’ll feel that way quite a few more times before this trip is over.

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 05


The flowers were so pretty and welcoming.

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 07


Everywhere we turned revealed another lovely view.

Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy 09


There were plenty of kitties to love on, so I got my kitty fix in.

Cat in Window, Radicofani, Orcia Valley, Italy


Happy Friday from Tuscany, dear Friends! Looking forward to sharing more of this wonderful place real soon!

Quintessential Tuscany, Radicofani, Italy


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  1. Sharon Smith says

    Ohh I’ve been to all these places. But the place I remember the most was a tour to a place called Orvieto. I remember it was on top of a mountain. So much history and definitely not connected to the real world. Wish you could go there.

    • Sharon, it looks like we go there on the 15th…I think that’s what the itinerary shows. It really does feel like another world.☺

      • So glad that you are going to Orvieto. My daughter did her semester abroad there for college and loved it so. She cried when she had to leave. We visited her there before she was done and it is lovely. We understood that it was where Slow Food got started. Some great shops, interesting underground caves and lovely striped Duomo.

      • Glad to hear that you are going to Orvieto. My daughter did her semester abroad there and loved it. She cried when she had to leave. We visited her there before she came home and it was lovely. We understood at the time that it was where the Slow Food movement got started. Lovely shops, we especially loved the carved olive wood pieces from a small crowded wood shop. The underground caves are so interesting and the Duomo is wonderful.

  2. Love the photos, that balcony is gorgeous with all the flowers. How many people are in your group? What are you eating? I know you said you are not that interested in food unless it is a party, but surely it feels like a party – right?? 🙂

    • Oh, we are definitely eating well! I’ve been trying to remember to take photos of the plate with my cell before digging in, so I’ll share some of those soon. Blogging is just slow because of working on a laptop with a smaller screen and I still can’t figure out how to get it to let me have two screens open and showing at once on the task bar…it overlaps them in a file right now…which major slows me down. I will share some food pictures soon! Tonight we had veal that was wrapped up in a round shape and stuffed with something, then all that was wrapped in a grape leaf and cooked. It was amazing! It was paired with some kind of vegetable that was breaded and cooked…maybe fried…not sure. Of course, there’s always a soup or salad or pasta before-hand and dessert afterwards…and lots of wine. Dessert tonight was some type of coconut thing…shaped like a cupcake but very moist all throughout…almost like a coconut pudding in a muffin shape. I wish they gave us a menu so I could write the names down. Maybe you’ll recognize it when I post the pics. We are eating at small farmhouses or individually owned places so the food is all home cooking, which is what I love. I think I’ve gained 5 lbs! I still haven’t tasted gelato, though. 🙂

  3. Jan Ferris says

    I am in love with the little medieval communities! Hubby and I went a couple of years ago for our 40th anniversary and stayed in a hilltop palazzo in Castro dei Volsci, Lazio. The residents were so friendly and accommodating, inviting us in to see their homes as we walked through the streets. Your pictures brought back so many happy memories! Hope you are able to thoroughly enjoy every good thing you see and do during your stay.

    • Thanks, Jan! The residents we met living in Radiocofani were delightful! So friendly and great sense of humor. They had us laughing and we loved our visit.

  4. Look forward to your pictures every day as it helps me relive our trip to Italy several years ago. Like Sharon we visited Orvieto and we loved it too. Eager to see if you visit many of the places we visited on our two + week visit. Italy has so many hidden treasures and the Tuscany countryside is gorgeous. Enjoy your trip.

  5. I have heard of towns dying due to the young generation moving away and older dying out. If no jobs around, they must go elsewhere to work.

  6. I enjoyed seeing the picture with the clothesline outside the widow. My laundry room wall has photos of clotheslines from countries we have visited. It’s fun to glance at the photos while doing laundry. They remind me of fun times. I think it’s time to add a new photo…

  7. Thanx so much for sharing your wonderful travels with us! I look forward to reading your blog every day for a nice escape.

  8. Sherie Frank says

    I have always wanted to go to Italy but not on those trips that whisk you through a million cities, just seeing the tourist sights. Your trip sounds amazing. What travel agency or who planned your trip?

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    I think if i ever visit i may have to make it a yearly thing. I love the houses, villages,pots with flowers,it is just so wonderful.Thank you so much for the pics and have a great time.Have you been able to shop? Is the food just so wonderful?

  10. Linda Page says

    The flowers are beautiful. I love all of the potted plants. The houses are wonderful. I love the mixture of stone and brick and mortar. They certainly know how to dress up their homes with plants. Sounds like your trip is dreamy. Looking forward to more pictures. Have lots and lots of fun!! You can Slim Fast it when you get home!!!!!

  11. Eat, Drink, and be Merry–what more can be said? 😀

  12. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Wow. 😮

  13. Susan, It looks like you are having a wonderful time! I am so enjoying following along here and on Instagram! Can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  14. Susan: Loved all of your photos but especially the photo with the laundry hanging out of the window. This photo was just so honest to let you know that someone actually lives behind those walls and does laundry like the rest of us. Also, I just wish my potted patio plants here in hot Northern California looked as lush as the potted plants shown in your photos. Have a glorious time and thank you so much for sharing your photos.

  15. Susan: Your photos are terrific but my favorite was the laundry hanging out of the window. This photo was so honest and showed that real people live behind those stone walls. Also, I wish my potted patio plants here in hot Central California looked as lush and vibrant as the potted plants in your photos. Thank you so much for sharing your photos.

  16. Eat and enjoy, you are probably walking a million miles a day. Your photos bring back such wonderful memories of my trip to Italy last year. Enjoy every second.

  17. Buon giorno Susana! The photo of the tree lined drive looks exactly like the scene from “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Have you ever seen that movie?? Your photos today make me want to pull out the DVD and watch that film today. So glad you are having a wonderful adventure in Italia. Enjoy!!

  18. Waking up w/coffee and this romantic blog post. Thank you SO much. (I’m wondering if all of us pooled our money where we could send you for your next trip. lol ) Is this just a week’s tour?

    • So glad you are enjoying these posts, they are a blast for me to share! 🙂 No, this one is 17 days long. I think tomorrow is day 6. We are headed to Pienza tomorrow.

  19. Love the photos- keep them coming! That first home with the flowers growing everywhere is mine! (I wish) I’ve seen pictures of that winding road with the cypress and that lovely home a few times and it’s a favorite of mine! My daughter was in Siena when she visited Italy. If I remember right there’s a lot of buildings with a reddish brick.

    • 🙂 I know…I love that one, too! I wish it hadn’t been such a hazy, cloudy day when the distance/landscape pics were taken. I’m not sure October is such a great month to visit because it rained all day today. The weather is making picture taking a challenge. I think tomorrow will be better, hope so! I just added a few more on Instagram. We will be going to Siena on Monday!

  20. Loving your photos! Have a wonderful time!

  21. Beautiful Susan! I’ve pinned several photos for future paintings!

  22. We always love visiting Italy. So far your trip looks amazing. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself and your new adventures. What is not to love. Beautiful people, food, wine scenery and of course the little fuzzy four-legged friends. Looking forward to more of your pictures.

  23. Hi, Susan,
    It looks like you’re seeing some fantastic areas! Thank you for sharing, but remember, you’re on vacation, so take some time to ENJOY and don’t work too hard! Rosie

  24. I’m sure you are walking off all the wonderful food. Thanks for staying up late posting. Your pictures are great. Looking forward to more.
    How many people are on your tour?

  25. Penny in Rome (GA) says

    I have so enjoyed seeing the pictures of your beautiful trip! I’m in the process of mapping out my bucket-list trip to Italy right now. Did you go with a tour group or are you traveling independently? This is one of my (many) dilemmas! I know there are pros and cons to both. The major con of independent travel is the fact that I really don’t want to drive in Italy, but I’d love the freedom it offers! Decisions, decisions!

  26. Hi Susan !

    Thanks for sharing , I love seeing your trip pictures it may be the only way I will ever see Italy !! I bet it is amazing !!
    Be Safe
    p.s. when traveling in a group, do you get your own hotel room?

    • Yep. Single rooms are pretty small here, but since Grand Circle Travel doesn’t charge a “single supplement” like so many travel companies do, I can’t complain. It’s plenty big enough for me. It has a single bed that sleeps comfortably, a dresser and mirror, a reading chair, a wardrobe for storing clothing, a private bath and a balcony.

  27. So happy to hear you arrived safely and appear to be well on your way to a wonderful holiday! I logged on to Instagram and your photography is postcard perrrr…fect. Thanks so much for sharing, Susan. Stay safe and enjoy. Warm hugs -Brenda-
    P.S.: If visiting some vineyards, please tip a glass or two for me … 😉

  28. Oh you have to have gelato before you leave…thats one of the things my daughter looks forward to every time she goes to Italy. Do you get to visit Florence? We only went there for the day but its a beautiful city.

    • I did…two days ago. That’s where I finally got to eat gelato and it’s delicious! I got Black Cherry. A few nights later I had Pistachio. I almost bought it again in Siena today…barely resisted. 🙂

  29. I wonder why they are leaving? Then if no one is coming back the village will become a ghost town. That’s so sad when you think about it. Everyone wants to move to the big city. I’m ready to slow down and enjoy the breeze.

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