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Barbara Ohrbach books are always a joy to read, including the one I’m sharing today. I purchased this book and another of Barbara’s books about Italy, a few months before leaving to visit the area. If all goes as planned, I should be walking the streets of Tuscany as you read this. Keep me in your thoughts, dear Friend, as I will you! 🙂

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In the BNOTP Library: Dreaming of Tuscany: Where to Find the Best There Is Perfect Hilltowns; Splendid Palazzos; Rustic Farmhouses; Glorious Gardens; Authentic Cuisine; Great Wines, Intriguing Shops
Author: Barbara Milo Ohrbach

Dreaming of Tuscany by Barbara Milo Ohrbach


3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • I’ve always loved Barbara Ohrback’s books and never hesitate to order one because they never disappoint. Barbara always puts so much thought and work into her books and it shows from the moment you open them. Dreaming of Tuscany is for anyone interested in the decor, food, customs and beauty of the Tuscany area. Inside you’ll find beautiful homes and interiors, gorgeous gardens, lots of information and photos about the lifestyle of those who live in Tuscany and plenty of information about the food in that area, as well as recipes to try.
  • This is not just a “picture” book, there’s tons of information about the Tuscany area, places to go when visiting, even addresses and phone numbers. This is a great resource for anyone wanting to travel to this area of Italy. I’ll be going as part of a tour where most of our meals are provided, but I’ll have some meals I’ll be purchasing on my own. I hope to eat where the locals eat because that’s where you normally find the best food for the best price. So I’m taking note of some of the restaurants recommended in the chapter titled, “Taste of Tuscany.”
  • One section details the various antique fairs in the area and which weekends they are open while another section shares places to find hand-woven linens. This book really gives you a feel for the Tuscany area and what to expect when visiting there. If you can’t go in person, this would be a lovely way to travel there virtually.


You can read more about this book and preview it at Amazon, where I normally buy my books here: Dreaming of Tuscany

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  1. My husband and I returned Mon. night from a Grand Circle Tour of Rome, Tuscany, Bolzano, Venice, and Innsbruck. Your wonderful posts and pics make me “homesick” for that lovely country!

  2. This book sounds worth perusing next bookstore visit. Hope your travels surpass expectations.

  3. Susan,
    How pleased I am that you can enjoy all those beautiful places. I have always enjoyed seeing pictures of the beautiful flower boxes on the European homes and I hang my clothes outside everyweek as long as the weather allows. My husband doesn’t like his overalls dried in the dryer.

  4. My Father’s family comes from this area,I’m half Italian. Your photos bring to mind My Grandparents, the smells of sauce cooking , the laughter and love with each visit and their patios that were filled with plants She cooked with,vintage tablecloths.Oh the memories go on and on.Blessings Denise

  5. Susan, I was told after I got back from Italy I should try every flavor of gelato. You’ll have plenty of opportunities so just enjoy.

    • lol Well, I had my first one today, and of course I forgot and ate it before I snapped a photo to share on the blog. It was Black Cherry and wonderful! I had read that gelato isn’t very cold or hard…but this was. It was good and cold and not mushy at all.

  6. Oh, some Black Cherry gelato sounds so good right now. Can you ship some to me? Pretty please??? What fun if you can find the restaurants mentioned in the book. Maybe you will be able to dine in one. Be sure to take a picture before you scarf it down though!! lol

  7. Dear Susan, this book sounds perfect and I cannot wait to go back to Italy, it’s been a long time! Here’s to a fabulous trip!!

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    Artist Lee Bowers

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