A Whimsical Halloween Table Set With My Absolute Favorite “Halloween” China

Welcome to the 785th Tablescape Thursday. It’s gettin’ chilly around here so I had to take advantage of the warmer weather today for at least one more table setting here on the porch.

Whimsical Halloween Table Setting


This table is similar to the one I set for Halloween last year except for a few changes in the tablecloth, glassware, centerpiece, and its location here on the porch.

Whimsical Halloween Tablescape


The arched-back, black-cat stemware is from Overstock a few years back.

Halloween Table Setting Ideas


The spider and bat tablecloth is an older purchase from 2019. Just checked and it’s still available here: Spider-Bat Lace Tablecloth.

Halloween Table Cloth, Bat and Spider Tablecloth


I like mixing buffalo check napkins with other napkin designs. Buffalo check kinda acts like a neutral–the way it works so well with other patterns. The orange and black check napkins are still available here: Buffalo Check Napkins.

Halloween Table Setting 2023


The black and white Halloween-themed napkins were a 2017 find here: Halloween Napkins. Not sure the napkins are still available but it looks like they still have the coordinating tablecloths.

Halloween Napkins


One of my favorite Halloween decorations is these ravens I came across in Hobby Lobby several years back. They are just the right amount of spooky without being too scary. I kinda have a pet crow right now. Ha! Every day a single crow visits me–he sits in a tree in my backyard, or, sometimes on my deck pegola and caws until I come outside and put out peanuts and mealworms for him. Once in a while, he brings a few friends, but usually, they fly away as soon as I come out–but not him. He has me trained well. Crows are such fascinating birds! I’ve read that they can remember a human’s face and recognize them up to three years later.

Halloween Table with Black Crows


It was love at first sight when I came across this raven dinnerware online last year.

Halloween Table, Whimsical Raven Dinnerware


It’s no longer in production but you can still find a fair amount of it available here: Raven/Crow Porcelain China.

Raven China for Halloween Table


I currently have 8 place settings–very tempted to add another 4 to my collection.

Raven Dinnerware, Halloween Dinnerware


A few weeks ago I moved all my Christmas and Halloween decorations from the eave storage space off of my upstairs family room down to the basement. In the process, I came across all these fun Fitz and Floyd serving pieces purchased around 35-40 years ago.

Fitz & Floyd Halloween Ceramics


I managed to include one of the pitchers in the centerpiece of this week’s table setting. It’s acting as a vase for the roses.

Halloween Napkins, Orange and Black Plaid Napkins


Beware of the black roses!

Fitz and Floyd Witch Pitcher


They are teeming with spiders! Eeek!

Black Roses with Spiders for Halloween Centerpiece


Yikes! A few of the spiders in the tablecloth have escaped and they’ve climbed their way right up to the top of the candles.

Halloween Table, Black Candle Holders


I snapped a few photos just as it was starting to get dark out.

Halloween Table Setting, Just Before Dark


Hope this table setting gave you a few ideas for your Halloween fun this year.

Halloween Table, Just Before Nightfall


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Whimsical Halloween Table Setting


Tablescape Thursday


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  1. Spooky Susan, all those spiders are giving me the creeps! Those black roses are perfect! Thanks for the tabletop fun~

  2. Jackie Allen says

    I love your table!!!!!

    Still working on my set up for the year!!!!!

    I am hopeful I will be able to share something soon!

    Happy Fall!

  3. I can understand while this is your favorite! I have been lusting after this over at Replacements for some time now. For now, I will have to admire yours! The china closet is overflowing!

  4. Sabrina Holmes says


  5. LOVE your Halloween tablescape, Susan!! Such fun! And I also love the Raven dinnerware, the tablecloth, the napkins……thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your holiday tables! I especially love the raven china on this one, and your great black roses. I’m going to look into some of those – they’re so elegant and spooky at the same time! Thanks as always for hosting the party Susan. I’m getting tons of ideas already!

  7. Love the raven plates and, well, everything else too! But those buffalo check napkins are really eye catching.

  8. I see some fabulous tables today, including yours! There’s a little witch in all of us. <|;^) Thanks, Susan.

  9. Fun table, Susan. My Halloween table is just a nod to Halloween with pumpkins and candy corn. I hosted friends, and it was a fun evening.
    Thanks for hosting!

  10. Oh my goodness Susan. I love those plates and I love your table. I have the raven plates too – a lucky find at HomeSense (your HomeGoods) last year and I styled a table with spiders, black flowers, and a raven as well. Too funny. I love the table cloth and the double napkins with the orange and black plaid peeking through. The orange really pops. The candle holders are such fun. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely rest of the week!

  11. As I’m looking at your great themed table, I’m wondering what Halloween-style dinner music you play?

  12. Oh, so cute!!

  13. Jill from Southern NH says

    Love, love this table setting! I’ve often admired your dual napkin trick – is there a specific way you arrange them in order to layer them before putting them through the napkin ring, like is one inside the other or at an angle, etc.?

    • Thanks, Jill! I used to just lay one on top of the other, squaring them up, but a few years back I started laying them at an angle to each other so that the napkin underneath would peek out a little better. It’s ideal if they are the same size, but I can make it work if the one on top is a bit smaller. What doesn’t work is when the one you want to use underneath is a few inches smaller. So yeah, I like to catty-corner them to each other, as opposed to squaring them up together. I just find that works better.

  14. Bonnie Short says

    Love, love, love it all! When you first posted a picture of the crows (ravens?), I had to have them. Now I’m lusting over that china! As always, your tables are fantastic! B.

    • Thanks so much, Bonnie! I went crazy over that china when I saw it last year. It’s just the right amount of spooky and I’ve discovered the dinner plates go with so many other Halloween salad plates. You can usually find full sets on eBay.

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