Dining Poolside: A Nostalgic Tiki-Themed Table Inspired By Childhood Memories

Welcome to the 779th Tablescape Thursday! Summer is winding down but I’m not ready to say goodbye just yet. Are you starting to see some cooler weather in your area? Recently Elena set a delightful, seaside-themed table with fun Tiki accents.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware


I love the cute tiki candles Elena has tucked into her centerpiece. I also love how she tucked a fishing net in among the other pieces in her centerpiece. It’s those little touches that add so much fun and excitement to a table!

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 02


Oh, I think I see a pool in the background. What a wonderful spot to dine after a nice dip in the pool.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 05


Did you spot the shell napkin rings?

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 04


Elena made those and they really turned out so nice! You’ll find more information about how she made them in this post: Make Shell Napkin Rings For Your Summer, Beach-Themed Table Settings. The wooden napkin ring that served as the base is available here: Wood Napkin Rings.

Shell Napkin Rings, Handmade


Elena used two different napkin designs in this fun, pool-side table.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 09


Here’s how this print looks up close. I love the design! (Napkins are available here: Seahorse and Anchor Napkins.)

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 16


The salad plate…

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 10


The dinner plate…all the seahorse dinner plates in this table are from the brand, 222 Fifth Avenue.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 11


This is the other napkin Elena chose for her seaside, tiki table.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 06


The colors and pattern are so vibrant! (Napkins are available here: Coral and Seahorse Napkins.)

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 15


The salad plate ties in beautifully with its fun tiki design…love these plates for a summer party! Elena shared that she found much of her Tiki dinnerware and other items in Target years ago. This table has really inspired me to add a few “Tiki” pieces to my dinnerware collection. If you do a search for “tiki-themed dinnerware” so many fun things pop up for summer parties. I found a lot of really cute Tiki glassware here: Tiki Glassware.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 07


The dinner plate…again made by 222 Fifth Avenue. Similar square, rattan, charger plates are available in sets of 4 here: Square Charger Plates.

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 08


Elena found her faux bamboo flatware on eBay but shared that it’s also available here: Bamboo Flatware. I think her flatware looks a lot more realistic than the faux bamboo flatware that I have so I am planning on ordering a set. Actual bamboo flatware is crazy expensive so I really like the faux option.

Bamboo Flatware


Elena prefers to use LED pillar candles in her lanterns. Elena said, “On! I do not know if you’ve ever shared LED candles with your readers, but they are great! No melting wax to ruin your tablecloth and no danger of setting fire to something or charring one of your hurricane lamps! They even flicker like real candles!”  (Flickering LED pillar candles are available here: Pillar Candles.)

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 12


Elena and I were talking about childhood memories and she shared a nostalgic moment from her childhood. Elena said, “So in adding to our thoughts on memories, this is where my fondness for Tikis came from. I grew up in Westchester County and my father had a flower shop in Manhattan. We used to go to the city a lot and one of our favorite restaurants was Trader Vic’s in the basement of The Plaza Hotel. My mother always had a thing for sitting at the bar before dinner, I was just a kid so the bartender would always give me extra Menehune drink stirrers, little plastic mermaid drink hangers, and the fake flowers they put in those crazy tropical drinks. I would play with them the whole time we were there and got to take them home. Amazing how little things from childhood stay with you!”

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 03


Thanks so much to Elena for sharing this fun, poolside table. It makes me wish summer would never end! ~~~sigh~~~

Beach-themed Table Setting, Beach Dinnerware 05


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  1. Wonderful table….love the napkin rings !

  2. What a fun theme! Thanks for sharing Elena’s tiki table.

  3. Summer’s last hurrah, a wonderful poolside table! Thanks Susan, I’m ready for Fall!

  4. What a great table, and I love Elena’s childhood memories of Trader Vic’s! We had one in Portland too when I was a kid, and while I didn’t get to sit in the bar, I did love the way it felt to walk into the darkened foyer, hear the fountain, and see all the tropical decor. Love her shell napkin rings, and the fun square plates too. Thanks to both of you for sharing, and thanks for hosting too! Thursdays are my favorite days!

  5. Oh, this is such a fun and summery table that Elena has set. The plates are really cute and I love the napkin rings too! The tiki candles are so sweet. Thanks to you both for sharing and thank you, Susan, for hosting this always fun party!

  6. Cute summery table. I’m kind of in between still loving summer and wanting some cooler days, so I set a fallish table that has grocery and garden blooms that lend themselves to the transition. I like this time of year to savor both! (And, btw, I LOVE my washer). Have a good weekend.

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