A Winter Holiday Birthday Celebration in Purple and Gold

Welcome to the 745th Tablescape Thursday! Happy New Year to you! Thanks for all your well-wishes on my previous post. I’m not quite 100% yet, but getting there! I have one last holiday table to share with you. Though this table definitely works for Christmas, I think it would be wonderful to enjoy anytime during the winter months.

Warren has always wanted to set a purple table during the holiday season. Warren said, “For years I have wanted to do a purple Christmas tablescape but did not have the appropriate tableware to do so. Then last year, I found a bunch of highly discounted stuff that allowed me to create this tablescape.”


Warren has a great knack for finding the best deals! The purple, globe candle holders seen below in the centerpiece were a find from Macy’s Backstage. I don’t think my Macy’s has a “Backstage” area–I need to check and see.


Warren and his wife, Kathie, love to entertain and host dinner parties throughout the year. Warren created this table setting in honor of “Kathie’s daughter’s and son-in-law’s back-to-back December birthdays.” Notice the adorable reindeer tablecloth!


Warren said, “The melamine plates, the purple napkins (aka kitchen towels), tablecloth, and purple poinsettia wreath were purchased for about $20.”





I love the whimsical design of the plates!


Beautiful goblets!


Thanks so much to Warren for sharing this wonderful December family birthday celebration table setting! I wonder if Warren and Kathie would consider adopting me into their family. 😉 Ha!


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  1. Thanks so much Susan and Happy 2023! Warren’s table in purple and gold is just stunning! Love the plates!

  2. Beautiful! I’m very impressed. The purple and gold look lovely together. I love the unique dinner plates, and that tablecloth! Those purple goblets are gorgeous. But so are the candleholders in the centerpiece. And to think, they got such great deals on many of those items. I need to go shopping with Warren and Kathie! Happy New Year to you two great bargain hunters and pretty tablescape creators. 😀 Thank you for sharing.

  3. franki Parde says

    Well, I JUST LOVE IT…EVERY SINGLE PIECE!! You, sir, are a “super shopper!!!” franki

  4. Deborah Jones says

    I really need to know where Warren got the purple plates. I have two and have looked on line and everywhere with no luck!
    Thank you,
    DeBorah Jones

    • warren giering says

      Hi Deborah, I purchased the plates after Christmas at the Christmas Tree Shop. There are no identifying marks are the backs of the plates. I have not seen them on Ebay or Google — strange!

  5. Who made the dinner plates and what is the pattern name? Absolutely stunning!

  6. Jackie Allen says

    Warren pulled it off – I love the Purple tablescape – makes me want to do purple for Valentines or maybe even a Mardi Gras tablescape, hmmm. I love the dishes so pretty – I thought they were china! Thank you for sharing Kathie and Warren!

  7. Martha Karen Lovell says

    Pretty pieces. Colors to me are things for which I am looking – only more Mardi Gras theme! You gave me so many great ideas! I’m going to add something special for this year. I love the gold chargers and the glasswear. I wonder if I might be able to find similar plates with a Mardi Gras theme – have thought about those with a crown in the middle but I do so love the colors in your plates!

  8. I have an inherited set of purple goblets and have used them just for fun. I have only given small thought to setting a table around them but I’m excited about it now. I’ll have to start looking for accessories, I do have a set of white dishes with gold trim that would look beautiful with them.
    I am happy you are feeling better and made the trip to and from your son’s home safely.

  9. pat forster says

    I have been with you for years…..but I have lost touch with the links! Please help!! Cannot open anything….just look at pictures!

    • Pat, do you mean the links where others are joining the Tablescape Thursday party? They should open once you click on them. I haven’t had anyone else mention a problem with the opening of the links…so not sure what would cause that.

  10. Susan,
    OMG!! LOVE this gorgeous purple Christmas tablescape!! Simply stunning!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting each week!! I do not always link up but do enjoy the party!! Happy New year!!

  11. Wow that purple is gorgeous! It’s so fun to find what you’ve been looking for, and Warren has definitely made it beautiful. I bet the birthday couple were thrilled! Thanks for sharing their wonderful table. So glad you’re feeling better too, and thanks for the wonderful party!

  12. Selma Kessler says

    Oh my gosh! Brilliant, beautiful and creative! Well done Warren and Kathy! And thanks Susan for sharing!

  13. Snowflake281 says

    I always love Warren’s tablescapes and am so glad to see that he & his wife put them to good use by entertaining those they love. I can’t get enough of tablescape Thursday! I wish that perhaps you could switch it up every once in awhile & post photos of how your subscribers decorate their fireplace mantels throughout the year. Maybe even on metamorphosis Mondays it could be mantel-Monday! Even though I don’t have a fireplace with a mantel, I have a credenza that I enjoy decorating with different themes.

  14. Tina W Reynolds says

    This is spectacular! I know someone for whom purple is a very favorite color. This young man attended and lettered in 3 sports where the school colors are purple and gold! I know that this table would be sure to please anyone involved with a school that uses those colors. Most of those things would be great for Mardi Gras, too. It is all the more fun for me because of the extreme bargain shopping involved! I love a bargain and who doesn’t? I made a 70 mile pilgrimage to a big Macy’s store on New Year’s Day. I had my Christmas money in hand, and I was ready to spend! Alas, the entire store was one of the worst messes I have ever seen. So much so that you had to walk on merchandise, climbing on it to get to other items. It was so awful that I stopped to fold and sort an entire display of men’s sweaters ( an expensive brand) which were on the floor. I once worked in retail and the term for getting your store back into shape after Christmas is called “recovery”. There are many methods for getting this job done and we learned and practiced them all. We had to have it ship-shape by end of day on the 27th of December. New sale merchandise for New Year’s sales were placed in prime areas and signed. We had to work hard, get sweaty and make it happen, no matter how tired we got. I encountered at this Macy’s a store with only one employee each at about half of the cash wraps. They were completely nonchalant. No customer got any help. I spoke with other shoppers to ask if things were often this bad. Locals reported a lack of pride in one’s work and some local customers were, as one man told me, “pigs”! People were frustrated and did not know what to do. I did know. I left empty-handed. Isn’t it too bad that the apathy of today’s “workers” is ruining a once noble store? A big frustration to me was entering the china and crystal department, which used to be legendary. I can’t even tell you. This all is so sad. I am happy for Warren and Kathie that their bargain hunt was super successful. Serendipity!

  15. Love it, what a deal Wareen scored!

  16. Cowgirl Diva says

    I always tell my husband that “Shopping is a SKILL and I’m good at it”…!!
    Warren is also a skilled shopper…..!!

    I love the purple/gold Holiday Table..!
    Thank you for those ideas…!!

  17. Cowgirl Diva says

    I always tell my husband that SHOPPING is a SKILL and I’m good at it….!!
    Warren is also a very skilled shopper..!!
    Thank you for all those ideas using Purple and Gold on the Holiday Table..!!

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