Dreaming Of A White Christmas

Do you sometimes wish you had 10 homes to decorate? lol Okay, not really, but every now and then I do see something that makes my heart skip a beat and has me dreaming and thinking, what if? I love color and I know I wouldn’t be happy if I wasn’t surrounded by it in my home, especially at Christmastime. But oh my goodness, this home is so soft and beautiful, it does have me dreaming of decorating all in white for Christmas.

Let’s go inside, the door is open so I don’t think they’ll mind if we have a look around. 🙂

Romantic Dinner Party In White and Cream


There’s just something about a soft white interior that feels so romantic. The only real color you’ll see throughout this home is the green of the trees and garland and the warm patina of the wood floors and furniture.

Decorate in All White For Christmas


Don’t toss out those old books with the ratty covers. You can remove the cover or leave it in place, and with just a little string create a pretty vignette.

Old Books Tied In Bundles


One thing about a white interior, you can change the look easily throughout the year by adding color via seasonal or holiday decorations. Imagine pops of red for Valentine’s Day, some pretty pastel decorations for spring and Easter and maybe beautiful aquas for summer. My favorite thing of all in this kitchen is the island. It makes the kitchen!

White Kitchen With Greenery For Christmas


Okay, next time I have a Christmas cookie party, I’m leaving a little flour or powdered sugar strewn along the counter for a bit of authenticity! That would probably last about 5 minutes before I’d have to clean it all up. 😉

Add Garland To Light Fixture


I attempted to translate the article where I found all this beautiful inspiration (link at the end of this post) and if Google Translate did its job, the touches of gold you see throughout the home was inspired by a Nordic style of decorating for Christmas.

Decorate in White


Here’s an interesting way to dress up a skinny candlestick.

Romantic Christmas Decor


The table is so beautiful…such a romantic setting!

All White & Cream Dinner Party


Here’s a simple idea for decorating the backs of chairs…attach a decorative ball of tulle. This should be easy to make by cutting pieces or strips of tulle, gathering them together and tying a ribbon around the center to create a fluff ball of tulle. This would be great for a bridal shower, wedding reception, little girl’s birthday party, Mother’s Day celebration or Valentine’s Day.

Decorate Back of Chair With Tulle


So pretty!

Neutral Cream and Gold Table Setting


See additional pictures of this beautiful home at El Mueble where these pictures were found.

Romantic Dinner Party In White and Cream


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  1. Doesn’t this look French? Not that I know. I love the white, and the green. I have the urge to wipe up that flour or sugar though. 🙂

  2. Love how the greenery pops against the white. Just gorgeous!

  3. I love the way your banner changes for the seasons Susan. I also love the floors in this house. I wish I had not had mine stained so dark now.

  4. One word comes to mind. Dreamy.

    There is nothing about this home I don’t love. It’s simple, elegant and romantic.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Now I’m going to dream :).

  5. I’m thinking….that tulle…may be… my new… BFF…franki

  6. Juanita in OH says

    Very beautiful and magical. I don’t know if I would be able to do this because I have a great LOVE of color also. Before I knew it there would definitely be touches of red and shine, lol. The stemware looks fabulous! TFS.

  7. It is very pretty! When I played with white quilts on the sofas this summer I noticed how colors were standing out against the white in such a pretty way. But I am like you, I need color around me.

  8. Oh my goodness this house is gorgeous! I love everything about it. Yes, it does look romantic………very romantic. I love the way the door opens into the court yard. I am like you Susan I would love to have different homes to decorate……….just think how they would all look so different and our dreams would be met! 🙂

  9. Gray Matthews says

    Very pretty, but after about one hour of living there l would have to bring in some kind of plaid…after that it would just “snowball” and you wouldn’t recognise the place.

  10. ♪♫ I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ♫♪
    ♫♪ with every Christmas card I write ♪♫
    ♪♫ ‘May your days be merry and bright ♫♪
    ♫♪ and may all your Christmases be white’ ♪♫
    Oh Susan,
    now I am dreaming of a white Christmas, too! Inside and out! 🙂
    Love, love, love that house! It includes my absolute favorite color combination ever! Soft white with touches of brown and green!
    Gosh, I hope those are the prevalent colors in Heaven, too! lol
    I also love the hardwood floorings, the built-ins surrounding the fireplace and the cute inner shutters! Have you noticed they added the same fabric to all the glass doors in the house, even to the kitchen cabinets? So pretty!
    Susan, is that mistletoe combined with baby’s breath we can see in those vases? So simple but oh sooo beautiful and romantic! Love it! ♥
    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Hugs to you~

    • Nancy of Lake Stevens says

      Cecilia, how did you get the musical notes to print? Love that.

      • Nancy, hold down the alt key and type 13, then release. That will create this: ♪. Then hold down the alt key and type 14, then release. That will create: ♫ . For fun, hold down the alt key and type various numbers and you’ll be amazed at all you can create. ♥♣♦♠

        • Nancy of Lake Stevens says

          Well, how much fun is that! I was so intrigued by the musical notes that I forgot to comment on the gorgeous white decor of the house featured. It is just lovely and I would feel right at home should I ever be so lucky to be invited ;). Sometimes a clean white wall is just the perfect wall color. And all of the amber touches make the rooms warm and inviting. Thanks for sharing.

    • It is so beautiful and romantic. It may just be baby’s breath…does baby’s breath have leaves, too…been a long time since I purchased any for an arrangement. Thanks for the song, Cecilia…that was lovely! ♪♫

  11. Oh my, at night when I sleep, I dream of a home just like this one…sigh 🙂 that island is amazing, and I love the ceilings and all of the mouldings. Everything about this is so beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Hi Susan! Oh, this is really pretty! But, I just couldn’t live with all white inside my home. I love color too much! But I can dream while looking at it.
    Hope you’re doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  13. Love this color of white, so creamy and warm, wish I knew what shade it is, looks god enough to eat!! thanks for lovely tour, Marie

  14. So beautiful! Always love a white room with gold accents. I have a white breakfast room( not walls) and a white guest bedroom and they always make me happy. So simple and relaxing.

  15. Susan, this is a truly beautiful house, so calming and romantic. Love the tulle and star accents. I particularly like the place cards, so different.
    Susan, as we near the end of the year, I would like to thank you for all the creative journeys you have taken us over the years. I often wonder if you sit there and think….”hmmm, now what on earth can I post for tomorrow?”
    Unless I am away on vacation and sometimes even then, I check your site each day relishing in some new thing you have created.
    Even my hubby knows who *Susan* is!! 🙂

  16. oh so warm and soft and lovely. I would love to have a room, or a wing, decorated like this. Can you imagine it in candlelight?

  17. Very pretty but white would not stay white for very long in my home 😉

  18. This is so beautiful! I so enjoyed this peaceful, beautifully decorated home, thanks so much for sharing it. Merry Christmas! xo Lidy

  19. I, too, “need” color but this home is stunning! I also love Melissa’s decor this year over at The Inspired Room. It fits her home so well.

  20. This is a beautiful home, I could handle it just the way it is, although, like you, I would add a “pop” of color for the different seasons or holidays. I am quite fortunate to have two homes, both small condominiums in the different States where my husband works. I love so many different looks and styles, one is a very modern high rise, and the other quite traditional. I don’t, however decorate both for Christmas, that would be too much!

  21. Wow do people really live in homes like this, stunning photos, did you take them?! I just love white at Christmas with dark green…… this year I have been forced to include some red by my family, I’ll be posting on my site soon but it won’t be as incredible as this, thank you so much for sharing x

  22. I, like you, Susan, love being surrounded by color, but in my fantasies (I have two dogs and a cat) I dream of an all white decor (beamed ceilings, dark wood floors, cream colored sofas, etc.). So romantic and peaceful, but it would be such a headache to keep up. Thanks, though, for the beautiful pics.

    Merry Christmas!

  23. Elizabeth Roderick says

    Like you, I love color but this white is classy, dreamy and comfortable all at the same time. I could live there. I really need those heavy pottery/crock salad and dinner plate in the tenth picture. I looked at the web site and it only told where to get the gold charger and utensils (Zara Home). Anyone know what they’re called? Between Naps is my favorite blog..keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Appreciate that! I just looked again and you’re right. They mention about the chargers and flatware but not the dishware. I wonder if they are from the same place and maybe they are just out of them or they are from a previous year.

  24. bobbi duncan says

    This home speaks of romance, but I know I’d tire of so little color. However, I agree that it’s the perfect backdrop for seasonal and holiday color schemes. Would be a lovely get-away place. I have many decorating ideas that I wish I could do, but I know I’d be the one cleaning all those houses which brings me back to reality pretty quick. LOL! I love that the island is different from the cabinets. Houses I lived in before had that look, but to change the island at the home we now own would cost us three wide cabinets and lots of drawers… space I wouldn’t want to lose. Your cozy yellow cottage with twinkly lights is soooo cute!

    • Yeah, that cleaning part would def bring me back to reality fast, too! Little yellow cottages with twinkle lights…what more do we need. 🙂

  25. I know there is a Christmas tree in the picture but this looks more like a wedding photo shoot to me.
    I love the white though. It looks elegant.

  26. Beautiful and magical. I have to do this!

  27. Susan,
    This is truly, romantic!!!
    Serene and tranquil with the pops of green!
    You made me chuckle with the lasting 5 minutes until you cleaned up the flour and sugar decor. When marketing and displaying merchandise, one January, I had placed faux snow on a tablescape. Seconds later, I heard the vacuum running in the Shop. I turned in time to see the owner sucking up the Snow from the tabletop. Ha! Ha! Ha!. . .all in a day’s work!!!
    Thanks for sharing this ethereal White Christmas decor!!!

  28. I also got caught up in playing with the keyboard! Love the ambiance in these pictures, very soothing.

  29. still making my way through your older posts, this is beautiful and closest to my own home and sensibilities…we have oak floors, I would trade for these in a new york minute!

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