A Woodland-Themed Valentine’s Day Table—Not Your Usual Valentine’s Day Table

Welcome to the 595th Tablescape Thursday!

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to place this week’s tablescape here in my very red dining room. lol

Woodland Themed Valentine's Day Table Setting 03


This table is not your usual Valentine’s Day table.

Woodland Themed Valentine's Day Table Setting


But there are definitely some red hearts here and there.

Venetian Glass Mirror reflecting chandelier


The idea for this table popped into my head a few weeks ago when I came across these adorable deer plates I had purchased in Pier 1 several years ago. The shape of the deer’s antlers made me think of a heart and I wondered if I’d be able to use them in a Valentine’s Day table.

Woodland Deer Valentine's Day Table Setting


So here they are, in a woodland, nature-themed Valentine’s Day table setting. I paired them with a deep red dinner plate and my woodland-berry chargers purchased a few weeks before Christmas. I never realized how much use I would get out of the woodland berry chargers when I first brought them home.

Just for fun, I added some grapevine chargers under the berry charger plates. The grapevine chargers are so big, they often dwarf any dinner plate I try to use with them, so it’s fun when I can layer them under another charger. I love how they look with the branches in the woodland berry chargers. Maybe this is how they were meant to be used—underneath another charger.

Deer Plate in Valentine's Day Table


I didn’t take a photo of the chargers, but here’s one from a previous table setting a few weeks back. These chargers are still available and on sale here: Woodland Berry Charger.

Woodland Berry Charger in Tartan Table Setting


Twig flatware and deer napkin rings worked well in this woodland setting. I couldn’t resist hanging a little red, mercury glass heart from the antlers on each of the deer napkin rings. You may remember in a previous post I mentioned I had purchased several tartan tablecloths from Williams Sonoma back around Thanksgiving. I love this tartan design they’ve been carrying for the last few years.

Plaid Napkins, Velvet Edged Napkins


I also purchased the matching napkins, and for this table, I’ve layered them with linen/velvet-edged napkins found in Pier 1 several years ago. I love the contrast of the velvet against the more rustic details in this table. You’ll find the tartan napkins and tablecloths on sale here: Tartan Tablecloths & Napkins.

By the way, Pier 1 appears to be having some problems and they are closing (or have closed) several locations. I wouldn’t be surprised if the closest location to me has closed since it was a smaller store. I need to go by and check. I’ve bought so many wonderful things from that store over the years including the majority of the furniture on my screened porch, so it makes me sad they are closing locations. I hope they don’t go out of business for good.

Plaid Napkins, Velvet Edged Napkins


The antlers of our sweet deer are filled with birds. Love that so much! ♥

Deer Plate in Valentine's Day Table


I added a few mercury glass hearts to the antlers of the deer in our centerpiece. Maybe I should find some little birds to add to their antlers. That would be so cute paired with the salad plates!

Deer for Valentine's Day Table Setting Centerpiece


I also added a single, red heart to the greenery around their necks.


Usually, you see me using these guys at Christmastime, so it’s fun to bring them back out for Valentine’s Day. It’s still very much wintertime so they feel right at home in this table setting.


Here’s how they look minus the hearts decorating their antlers. Which way do you like best?


A few pictures with the chandelier turned off…


Candlelit Valentine's Day Table



Candlelit Centerpiece for Woodland Themed Valentine's Day Table Setting


Happy Valentine’s Day to you! I hope you have a wonderful one!

Woodland Themed Valentine's Day Table Setting 03


Looking forward to all the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. What a lovely table Susan! I love the deer plates with their antlers full of birds – and what a great idea to get some for the centerpiece deer too. I love them both ways by the way! 🙂 Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day, and thanks as always for the beautiful inspiration! ❤️

  2. So cute Susan! I love your deer proudly displaying hearts and greens! Such a fun twist on Valentines Day! Thanks for the party

  3. OMG…I ADORE the hearts from the antlers!! That is the dearest tablescape…I am definitely copying!! Menu?? franki

  4. This is a perfect !!! Seems like men squirm over too much formality anyway and I love that this table is more masculine, and oh so welcoming. Other colors of tablecloth would also work well. Thanks for sharing this! Julie W.

  5. My husband would love that tablescape for Valentine. He’s not that crazy about the fru-fru stuff.

    • Thanks, Nancy! This time of year I just feel more like a cozy woodsy table. Come spring I’ll be ready for something different. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and hubby!

  6. I like the hearts on the deer antlers! And birds would be cute, too, for a different time of year. Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

  7. Selma Kessler says

    Two words: LOVE. IT!

    Ok, more than two words–that is the best Valentine’s Day table EVER! It’s creative and warm and fun all at the same time. I happen to be a fan of the hearts on the antlers! I would snap up some of those chargers if only they had any at our local WS. They really are superb! (It was a total long shot that I was able to get 6 of the tartan plaid chargers! I only stopped in because of the “Susan Factor”!) And it is SO sad about Pier One closing so many stores. All four of the Omaha stores are closing. I’ve heard the competition from sites like Wayfair took a toll on them. That is a shame, because Pier One has fun stuff. I hope they gut it out. As always, thanks for so many uplifting ideas, Susan!

    • Thanks so much, Selma! lol about the “Susan Factor.” I’m glad it factored in, in a good way that day! 😉
      I know, I drove by the Pier 1 near my home late tonight and sadly, it’s one of the ones that will closing. I’m so sad to see them close so many of their stores. That doesn’t bode well for the future, I’m afraid. I read online that you can go to their website and search for locations to see which are staying open. They’ve supposedly already removed the ones that will be closing. So I’ll do that this evening to see which ones will be remaining open.

    • I just checked and the other two that aren’t too far away should be remaining open. I’ll just have to drive 6-7 miles instead about 1-2 miles. The distance isn’t that big a problem, it’s the traffic. I’ll have to go during off-peak times. Thankful some are staying open in my area. We actually appear to have quite a few staying open in the metro Atlanta area.

  8. My favorite detail is all the heart ornaments hanging on the antlers–so clever! And the berry chargers are so beautiful; I hope to see them again next Christmas.

    • Thanks, Mia! I think I love it that way best, too.
      Definitely, I’m sure those will be back out again come Christmastime. I can’t believe how fast Christmas comes around…where are the days going?!

  9. Lovely! Based on the occasion, I like the hearts hanging from their antlers. It gives a more festive, Valentine’s feel and brings it all together.

    Susan, all the years I’ve been visiting your blog I still can’t remember those deep red dinner plates. They look very pretty, what I can see of them. The goblets and napkin rings co-ordinate so nicely. And the little heart in the hurricane lamp is a nice touch.

    I like seeing the window aspect of your dining room. We don’t see it too often and it looks nice in pictures.

    Btw, that front lawn / landscaping on that beautiful home yesterday was so unusual and interesting. It put me in mind of English manor homes with their ornate front gardens. I was so happy you shared another house. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

    • Thanks, Pam! I think I’ve used those plates for TT once before, but I’m not sure. I think I purchased those from Dollar Tree, but I’m not sure if that’s correct. They are hallmarked Royal Norfolk on the back.
      I don’t show that end of the room that often because it usually freaks out my camera if I point it toward the open windows. You can see it much better in this older post: https://betweennapsontheporch.net/dining-room-addition-french-pleat-check-draperies/

      Here’s one more post showing some other angles/views. https://betweennapsontheporch.net/a-thanksgiving-table-setting-one-week-late-welcome-to-the-171th-tablescape-thursday/

      I know, I love how it looked! Such a beautiful entrance!
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your hubby, Pam!

      • Yeah, I figured it was probably the lighting that kept you from snapping that side of the room very often. It’s too bad, because it is a pretty aspect, and in some photos we even see the seldom seen hutch! Lol.

        I enjoyed seeing those old posts again, which naturally led me to others. 😀 I think the dining room looked fine with just the plantation shutters, but .. I do agree that there is something so warm and cozy about having soft fabrics at the windows. I have a mix at my house .. some with just shutters, some with both. I do love those plantation shutters. Being classic, they are always in style and they seem to look good with everything.

        I read the post about taking down the jabots in your D.S. family room and how you came to decorate it. (That ‘decorator’ who came out for a consultation — I seriously wonder about her credentials, lol.) I could just imagine you seeing that room the first time you saw the house and knowing, this is it, this is home. It’s such a pretty room and you really don’t see that many like that. You definitely succeeded in capturing that ‘English Country house vibe’ That style and the Ralph Lauren Equestrian are both so gorgeous.

        ~ Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Very clever. I like the idea of bringing a winter feel to a Valentine’s Day table setting with a plaid and deer theme. I love red tartan and hate putting it away after Christmas.

  11. Beautiful table; beautiful room–so welcoming! Very much like the hearts on the deer’s antlers. Happy Valentine’s Day Eve to you. 🙂

  12. Love this table for Valentine’s and hanging hearts on the antlers is adorable. Even though I don’t blog I receive so much inspiration from Tablescape Thursday. Thank you Susan and all who link up each week. BTW, my Valentine’s table has a woodland theme with owls from my fall decor, hearts on the trees, and titled “Owl always love you”.

  13. Great table Susan! Love the nature theme and your being able to use your tableware for a second holiday. Our Pier 1 is closing in March and storewide sales have been going for months. Even though our store consistently scored #1 or #2 in this district, it is closing. Then the closest store will be in Cedar Rapids Iowa but at least there will be a store in the area, although inconvenient to get to for many people.

    • That is so weird that they would close a location that’s been doing so well. The one that’s just a couple of miles from my home is closing, but I have two more that are 6-7 miles away in opposite directions. It’s the traffic that will make it difficult to shop there, but I’m sure I’ll visit occasionally. I’m sorry your store is closing.

  14. FABIOLA ALBA says

    I love the plates with the deer and the others. Such gorgeous things you have, Perfect for a Winter red Valentine’s table, table topper and dining room wall, lol..
    Thank you for hosting for us too.
    Happy Valentine’s !

  15. Bobbi Duncan says

    Creative, lovely tablescape in a beautiful, perfect red dining room! I think any man would get a kick out of this unique Valentine’s Day setting. Hugs!

  16. Happiest of Valentine’s Days Dear Susan.
    Your table setting is marvelously imaginative and would surely appeal to the
    hearts of all. In fact for those of us in the north where it remains so winterish you have designed the perfect romantic scenario both embracing the season while celebrating the holiday.
    I too fear the closing of genuine retail stores. Browsing is so often a pleasure and nothing quite compares to seeing things for oneself…..but “Between Naps
    On The Porch” certainly helps ease the loss. Thank you and blessings.

    • Thanks so much, Rebecca! I know, it really makes me sad to see some of the stores that have closed over the past few years. I never thought Toys R Us would close, bought so many gifts for my son and his friends there when he was growing up.
      Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope you stay snuggly warm tomorrow on Valentine’s Day. Spring is coming soon! XXX

  17. I think it’s a wonderful table! I don’t know who decreed that deer and tartans could only be used at Christmas. They evidently didn’t talk to the deer that frequent my yard, lol! Since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February, a winter table is perfect. And I love the hearts in the antlers.
    BTW I think Pier 1 is only leaving 3 stores in Atlanta. Those closing are having in-store sales.

  18. That’s very handsome, and so weather/season appropriate. It is, after all, still winter. Happy Valentine’s Day, Susan.

  19. What a lovely tablescape. Those deer plates are adorable. I love the birds perched on their antlers.

  20. Wonderful! Such a fun table. I always look forward to Tablescape Thursdays.

    In less happy news, this is the second week that the link list won’t load. I can’t see any of the link ups for TT. It just tries and tries to load, to no avail. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Thanks so much, Tammy. Tammy double-check and make sure you are using the latest version of whatever browser you are using. If you find that you are using the current version of your browser, email me at [email protected] and I will forward your email to Aris at Inlinkz so he can troubleshoot it and figure out what’s going on. He’s very good at doing that.

    • Tammy, I just thought of something. Are you using an ad blocker or pop-up blocker on your browser? That could be stopping InLinkz from loading for you. If you have an add-ons on your browser, trying disabling those to see if it works.

  21. Biodynamic Barb says

    Thank you for calling attention to Pier 1’s troubles! I’ve been buying as much as I can from them in an effort to help. The store by me isn’t slated to close but, if it was, they offer $49 free shipping on a regular basis.

    As your wonderful tablescape illustrates, they have such interesting things! I wish I’d snagged some of those napkins…

    I LOVE that your table isn’t all ooey-gooey. I suspect most men would greatly prefer something like this to all pink and roses. It has just the right amount of romance, especially for this very snowy day.

    I like the hearts everywhere except hanging from the antlers – I’m not crazy about the thread and would rather see tiny birds there to mirror the plates. What are the clear hearts around the candle?

    I’m jealous of your creativity!

    • Thanks so much, Barb! I know, so sad to see Pier 1 having to close some stores. I’m glad they aren’t all closing.
      Have a wonderful week ahead!

  22. Cyndi Raines says

    A very special table indeed! Perfect for our winter season that is still very much among us in the north and the deer are really strutting their stuff, love the hearts in their antlers, too fun. The twig and the berry chargers are so fitting along with the beautiful tablecloth and twig flatware. Well done Susan. My table also has a winter theme using the Winter Greeting plates from Lenox with the beautiful red Cardinals. My tablecloth is from Wal-Mart with the theme of the plates we all love, the deer and bunny from Better Homes and Gardens. I have added a few heart shaped bowls from TJ Maxx to finish the Valentine theme and our love for the birds, bunnies and deer. Happy Valentine’s dear lady! ♥️ p.s. I love my new blue butterfly earrings and when I wear them, I’ll think of you!

    • Thanks so much, Cyndi! I so love the Winter Greetings pattern, I need to get mine out and use it more during the winter months. So glad you mentioned it. Oh, I didn’t realize they made a tablecloth in that pattern…sounds wonderful! I’m so glad you love those earrings! That makes my day to hear that!

  23. This table is gorgeous! How creative to use a woodland setting for Valentine’s day – especially as I look out my front window and see all the snow still there. Love the deer on the plates and in the centerpiece. The deer are beautiful with or without the hearts, but the hearts add to the Valentine’s day theme. Just lovely!

  24. The birds in the antlers are so sweet! I like the hearts hanging in the antlers. Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

  25. Beautiful table for a winter’s eve and lovely for Valentine’s as well. I love a different take on a Valentine’s table, and this one checks the boxes for me. Just beautiful, Susan! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. So beautiful! I love everything you do, but am a plaid fiend. So I especially love this! Also, your very red dining room. Our current home has a large, open concept kitchen and dining area, but our last home had a red dining room with white wainscotting very much like yours. That room is one of the things I miss most about that home. Thank you for another creative, beautiful table!

  27. Thank you so much for hosting. This week I am excited to share my Laura Ingalls Wilder printable quotes, books to read, and Glantine’s Sips and Sweets party table inspo! Hope you have a great weekend!

  28. Gorgeous, Susan, just gorgeous! The guys would feel right at home at this dinner table, too.
    Our Pier 1 has bit the dust — I might have mentioned it in another post. We’ve all found the nicest things there over the years. Sad!
    I know you love owls so I’m curious — are you a Chi O? 😉
    Happy Valentine’s weekend, Susan!

    • lol No, never joined a sorority in college. My dad wouldn’t let me, unfortunately. But Chi O sounds like a great one with an Owl Mascot! Is it too late to become one? 😉

      • Ha! We could ask!!
        Full disclosure: I left Greek life after just one semester. Too many required activities, and not enough time to study and just do the things you want to do. Plus, I liked dorm life better. My picture is in one Chi Omega composite; I feel like a fraud!

        • lol Well, at least you made that one picture!
          Full disclosure: I went to Mercer University in Macon, and I had no idea really what a sorority was. The only “club-like” think I had ever been in was Beta Club in Highschool.
          Anyway, I wasn’t sure which sorority to join but I kept hearing that Adi Pi was the best and hardest to get in, so I submitted my name for all five of sororities on campus to see which would offer me a spot…did they call that a bid? I can’t remember all the lingo now.
          Wouldn’t you know, they all excepted me except ADPi. That sorta put my nose out of joint so I ended up not joining any of them. It’s just as well that I didn’t because there’s no way I could have afforded some of the activities. I remember hearing it was very expensive to be in a soroity. I do wonder sometimes what I missed by not joining one.

          • Honestly, I think guys benefit from it more than girls. If/when they do business or some such after school, fraternity brothers seek each other out — a trust thing, probably. I’ve seen it in my family back east and with some of hubby’s colleagues over the years (Rick wasn’t in a fraternity — he worked his way through college, so no extra time.). I’ve met a few Chi O’s from other schools over the years and it goes something like, “Screech!! Hi Presh! (“precious”) Complete foolishness, really!

  29. karen lyons says

    love those deer plates I didn’t see them at my local Pier one this store is staying open YAY

  30. Tina Reynolds says

    This is a table that the gentlemen would also enjoy. So often Valentine’s Day decorations are too frilly and over-the-top for the men! The most wonderful thing is bringing together and using items from different places, times and purposes to create a new and interesting table. I also heartily approve of using red items and the deer from Christmas decorating and tables—uh-oh: this will give me an excuse to delay post-Christmas un-decorating/packing/storing! As for Pier One, the closest stores to me are 45, 55 and about 75 miles away! Naturally, the closest ones are closing. I will miss the bargain hunting trips to find items on sale after holidays.

    • lol I do wish Christmas holidays and all the decorations lasted a bit longer. We can stretch out the red and plaid at least through February, right? 🙂
      Fortunately, not all the Pier 1 stores are closing, so hpoefully some of those locations you normally visit will still remain open.

  31. Susan,
    Thanks so much for hosting!! I don’t link up to this party often but I did do a Valentine’s Tablescape so I thought why not!!! Those dishes and charger are lovely on your table and i adore the plaid tablecloth!!!

  32. This is so warm and cozy! The Duncan Phyfe chair are my dining room chairs. I’ve replaced the table as it has pedestals which are hard to sit under but they are perfect with this setting. Love the idea!

  33. When I saw this scape I tell you how much I love this. I like it’s a little different but it is prefect with the winter theme and a few hearts here and there. Just made me smile. I hope you find a few birds for the antlers……Hope you are enjoying valentine’s weekend.

    • Thanks so much, Emily! I will have to keep an eye out, I think that would be so cute, little birds perched on the antlers like they are on the plates. 🙂

      • Biodynamic Barb says

        Susan, do you have an A.C. Moore near you? I saw some tiny cardinals – exactly the right size – the last time I was there.

  34. Brenda Lawrence says

    The Pier 1 in my town is closing too, it shocked me when I saw the sign. I always thought they were such a popular store that did a good business. Your tablescape is stunning! I love the deer and really love the hearts hanging on their antlers. I think this table setting makes a great masculine setting but a great feminine setting as well. Not girly at all, but still feminine and the guys would love it too. Love those grapevine chargers, they go well with the berry chargers and I think you are right, they must have been meant to be with other charger. The tartan is the clincher, it looks great for Valentine’s! Hugs, Brenda

    • Ugg, I hate that any of the locations are closing! I meant to visit mine yesterday and never got around to it. I think I’ll stop by tomorrow just to see what’s left. Sadly it is closing, too.
      Thanks so much, Brenda! I think you’re right, the grapevine chargers fit so well with a regular charger.
      I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ♥

  35. Love, love, love this table setting! The deer make it perfect and I especially like the heart ornaments hanging from their antlers! I wonder if you remember where you got the deer? Also love the deer plates – so sweet. And the berry chargers. Unfortunately, there are none left around my area. Maybe next year! I don’t often comment but as usual, Susan, this is a beautifully presented table. Thank you for the inspiration!

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