Birds and Butterflies–It Feels Like Spring!

Welcome to the 699th Tablescape Thursday!

This was the temperature out on the porch yesterday. In February! If the porch wasn’t so dusty and in need of a good cleaning after its long winter’s nap, I would have placed this table setting out there. Watch us have a giant snowstorm in March or April–Georgia weather can be so unpredictable. Today is supposed to be even warmer!


With how warm it’s been the last few weeks, my heart has turned to spring.

Bird Themed Table Setting with Herend Rothschild Bird Dinnerware


The birds are so busy right now. I love all the activity I’m seeing at my feeders. Every year I put this decorative birdhouse out on the table near the windows on the porch. It has really held up well these past 10+ years.

Spring 2022 Table Setting


I needed a little something around the base of the house and added this colorful egg wreath, so I guess Easter is sneaking into this table just a little bit.

Spring Table, Bright and Cheerful


I had a question recently about using tall decorative pieces in the center of a table. I know we’ve talked about this often over the years but it never hurts to address it again.

Birdhouse Centerpiece in Spring Table


It’s perfectly fine to use a tall floral arrangement or anything you wish in the center of your table. If you feel it may inhibit the view/conversation once everyone sits down to eat, then just move the tall part of your centerpiece to a nearby counter once you’re ready to sit down. Family and friends will love your big beautiful centerpiece and it will add some excitement to the evening, so don’t ever worry about the height. Just move it to a nearby sideboard or counter when it’s time to sit down for dinner.

Birdhouse Centerpiece with Egg Wreath


You may recognize Mrs. Birdie peeping out of her home. I purchased 6 little birdie ornaments many years ago from a gardening store and they have appeared over the years in tables as napkin holders or sometimes perched on the rim of a glass. I attached her to the opening of the house using museum wax and she held there beautifully! Museum Wax is awesome stuff!

Birdhouse Centerpiece


I took these photos late in the day and the sunlight coming in through the windows was lighting up small sections of the table and playing games with my camera.

Birdie Table Setting, Herend Rothschild Bird


I love this butterfly napkin fold, it fits perfectly with the salad plates I’m using in this table. You’ll find a tutorial for making it here: Butterfly Napkin Fold.

Birds and Butterflies Table, Butterfly Napkin Fold


Mrs. Birdies’ children are busy holding all the place cards for this table. 😉

Butterfly Napkin Fold


It’s been ages since I used these Herend salad plates in a tablescape.

Spring Table Setting with Rothschild Bird Dinnerware


The pattern is Rothschild Bird and the pattern was designed with 12 different scenes for each of the salad plates. So if you had a dinner party for 12, each guest could have a different scene depicted on their salad and dinner plate. I love, love, love this pattern but it’s quite pricey so I only have 8 salad plates in the Rothschild Bird–and those were a splurge! If I won the tablescaping lottery, I would buy a full 12 place settings of the Herend Rothschild Bird with the Green Border. It’s my favorite of all the Herend patterns. (Read more about this beautiful pattern in this previous post: Herend Rothschild Bird–My New Obsession.)

Rothschild Bird Salad Plate, Cabbage Dinner Plates


There’s a story that goes with this beautiful Rothschild Bird dinnerware. It is said that it was created for the Rothschild family of Europe in 1850 and is considered the finest example of hand painting on porcelain. The china is said to portray a 19th-century tale about Baroness Rothschild, who lost her pearl necklace in the garden of her Vienna residence. Several days later it was found by her gardener, who saw birds playing with it in a tree.

Herend Rothschild Bird Salad Dessert Plates


Is that not just the cutest story?

Rothschild Bird, Herend China


If you look closely, you’ll spy the delicate necklace caught up in the tree where the birds have taken it. I love that story! Such a beautiful pattern! (See more of this pattern and the various scenes on the salad plates here: Herend Rothschild Bird China.)

Herend, Rothschild Bird Dinnerware


The cabbage dinner plates are by Bardallo Pinheiro and were found in HomeGoods many, many years ago. The floral chargers are by Kim Parker and the pattern is Emma’s Garden. Those were a find in Marshalls around 10+ years ago.

Herend Rothschild Bird Salad Dessert Plates


I pulled out my birdie wine glasses for this spring table. I believe I found those in Old Time Pottery–so long ago, it’s hard to remember now. I hope Old Time Pottery is still open, I haven’t been there in several years. I need to go check and see what they have in for spring.

Bird Wine Glasses


Spring is coming, it will be here before we know it!

Spring 2022 Table Setting


Looking forward to all the beautiful table settings linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Every time I think I know every piece of flatware, every type of glass, every salad plate or charger you have, you always manage to surprise me! And I’m not talking about new purchases. I’m starting to think all those wonderful cabinets tucked into your garage are only the beginning and you have a couple of more sets secreted away somewhere. 😀

    I love, Love, LOVE the Spring theme. That birdhouse is adorable, as are the little chubby birds holding down the place cards, lol. Everything in this tablescape is so sweet. Today it is pouring rain and thundering (which I love) but this tablescape makes me look forward to Spring! Thanks, Susan.

    • lol I still have a few sets inside like my fine china that has always been stored away in my kitchen and inside two china cabinets. The Rothschild Bird is easy to store since I only have 8 salad plates.
      It’s almost here, Pam! I’m listening right now to the birds outside singing their little hearts out–they know spring is coming!

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Tina W Reynolds says

    I love the Herend! However, this gal cannot have everything that she sees and loves! I recently purchased 6 Portmeirion Botanic Garden plates at a discount store. I simply had Springtime on my mind as we were digging out of a big snowfall. Then I made the *mistake* of looking it up on Pinterest. Oh, my. Now I am interested. I often wonder what is in my DNA that makes me like every plate I see. I am enjoying your blog so much. Especially when you take us along on a shopping trip. My nearest Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, etc., are 7o miles away. Covid and winter have kept a damper on trips to that major shopping mecca. But I can dream when I read your blog!

    • Tina, I know what you mean, beautiful china is so hard to resist! I will try to do more shopping trips now that the weather is getting nicer. I had forgotten how much fun it is to shop in the stores until recently. I’m lucky to have so many stores close by, will miss that if/when I ever move.

  4. I truly adore those salad plates by Herend. I’m with you, if I ever won the lottery, I’d get a set of these, too! I’m in the Chicago area, and we’re expecting 4-6 inches of snow today. Boy, are we ever longing for warm weather! This springtime setting helps fight the winter doldrums. Beautiful table, Susan!

  5. I prefer to not jump ahead to the next season…except for this one! Spring never ever comes too early for me. First time I’ve seen the butterfly napkin fold and they were a perfect addition.

    • I’ve been trying to resist but we’ve had incredible weather the last two weeks. Spring is trying so hard to get here early this year. lol
      Thanks, Mia! I love that fold!

  6. Mary from Virginia says

    I love that bird house and those beautiful plates! What a happy table. Its warm here today and I would love to get in the yard but I need to grocery shop. ugh…

    • Thanks, Mary! I know, we have to take advantage of the unexpected warm days to get a few things done. I was cleaning out birdhouses recently so they would be ready for the new nests. I have one more I need to clean out and I’ll be done.

  7. Oh what a sweet refreshing whimsical gorgeous spring tablescape, Susan!
    It is a bit warmer lately but I still have snow here…..going to be a while for spring tablescapes here I am afraid.

    Must say I absolutely LOVE the Rothschild birdie plates – and that heart-warming story about them. Thx for sharing, and for hosting. Been a long while since I have joined in on the fun. Feels good to be connecting again.

    Stay well. Hugs.

  8. All your plates are beautiful Susan! I love the pearl necklace story, and your birdhouse is so springy. Oh to see 67 degrees on the thermostat … ! But you’re right, not too long now. Thanks as always for hosting this excellent party, and Happy Thursday!

  9. It’s unseasonably warm here too and I am ready to jump right into spring. It’s like you read my mind. I love your table and those bird plates plus the story are amazing. Enjoy the weather. XO- MaryJo

  10. I love this beautiful inviting table setting. Each piece adds another layer of color and texture to match the birdhouse centerpiece. And those butterfly fold napkins were the perfect touch. I know just last week I said I would wait until the first of March to decorate for spring, but this table has inspired me. It really is never too early to bring a little spring to our lives. Enjoy the warmer temps…tonight the weather takes a dip again.

  11. franki Parde says

    Sometimes you just startle me…just in the mail yesterday…my new packet of…”Museum Putty.” Yep. Used the last little bit of my old package to hold candles in place…franki

  12. I love your table and everything about it and the weather – just awesome!

  13. Your table setting is gorgeous Susan! I love the dishes, the napkins, the birdhouse centerpiece. Nothing that I don’t love about it! We had a warm day today too, but it was super windy and then the rain came, sounds like some wild weather in store for many of us. Hugs, Brenda

    • Thanks so much, Brenda! We did have a big ole thunderstorm. All the flowers and trees def got watered from the storm, so that part was good. Hope all is well at your home, too.

  14. Such a pretty table Susan! The Herend salad plates are darling – I can see why you fell in love with them. Love the bird wine glasses too. We still have snow here and expecting another cold snap next week. All I can say is hurry up spring! Happy Thursday!

  15. This Spring display is so cheery,colorful and lovely. The bird in the birdhouse is adorable. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Sweet sweet bird plates! And I love the necklace story! Great table.

  17. I absolutely love everything about this post today, Susan. What a great way to start my morning. Thank you.

  18. Mandy Williams says

    Beautiful table setting and I especially love the birdhouse!

  19. I love this tablescape Susan. The birdhouse is so cheerful.
    You do so many lovely settings. I’m curious how long you leave them up? Do you ever get inspired by some of the particularly good ones and call some of your girlfriends over for lunch? I’d be there in a heartbeat!

    • Thanks, Susan! I normally leave them up a couple of days, just depends on what kind of table it is. I have used some of them for dinner parties with friends…sometimes I’ll recreate one that I’ve done in the past when having friends over. Awww thanks! I wish so many of you lived closer–the dinner parties we would have!

  20. We had a 60-degree day last Saturday! Now we’re back to the mid 30s 🙁

  21. Susan, I love this table! I was so inspired by some of your previous tablescapes using “Emma’s Garland” that I cobbled together a set of 8 salad and dinner plates–one plate at a time on Ebay. I LOVE the Herend bird plates, they are on my bucket list for sure. Thank you for another wonderful Tablescape Thursday! XO

    • Elena, that is amazing that you found so many pieces! I think I have some salad plates but that’s it. Rothschild Bird is so beautiful, I wish I could afford to buy it but at over $300 for just a salad plate, I don’t see that happening. Plus, I would probably cry for hours if I ever broke a plate! lol

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