All My Favorite Beauty Products, Including Some Inexpensive Drug Store Favorites

Welcome to the 526th Metamorphosis Monday!

When it comes to makeup, I’ve always just gone with just a few basics for daily wear. It’s not that I don’t love how a full face of makeup looks on others, because I really do. It’s just that I don’t have the patience to spend more than about 3 minutes on makeup each day. Also, as I’ve gotten older, I find that less is definitely better.

For this week’s Met Monday, I’m sharing what I use each day, especially a couple of recent finds that I’m super excited about. I don’t experiment around very much because: 1. I’ve done that in the past and was often disappointed and 2. Makeup can be expensive and I don’t like spending $$$ on a product only to find it doesn’t do what I had hoped. I’ve bet you’ve had similar experiences over the years and it often leads to a drawer full of never-used products.

I’m sure a lot of the products I’m sharing today you will be familiar with since they’ve been around for ages, but a few may be new to you. I’d love to hear about your favorites as well!

Clinique Cleanser & Exfoliating Scrub in One

I’m a big fan of Clinique products, they virtually never disappoint. This facial wash is perfect if you like to gently clean and exfoliate each morning before applying a moisturizer. It’s not overly harsh like some scrubs and doesn’t leave my already dry skin feeling super dried out, just clean and fresh. It’s available here: Clinique Cleanser & Exfoliating Scrub in One

Clinique Exfoliating Cleanser


Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer

If there’s one item I’m sharing today that has me the most excited, it’s this one below. I saw a YouTuber raving about this product a while back and decided to give it a try since it’s by Clinique. Clinique is one of the few cosmetic companies that almost always exceeds my expectations and they definitely did with this product. Here’s how they describe it:

This oil-free moisturizer instantly blurs imperfections while providing all-day hydration. Skin looks naturally perfected with a matte finish. Wear it alone, or under foundation. It’s so lightweight you can use it for touch-ups throughout the day. We call it your new favorite filter…the ideal way to give your skin the moisture it needs, and the forgiving ‘retouch’ that blurs the look of pores and fine dry lines.

This Pep-start hydroblur moisturizer has replaced my old favorite moisturizer that I’ve been using for many years. It moisturizes and though I don’t know really understand how it does it, it definitely helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines.

I’ve never really had a problem with large pores, but I’ve noticed over the years as we age, our pores seem to become a bit more noticeable, which I really don’t like. This fixes that. Don’t ask me how it works, I just know that it does, at least on my skin. I love this moisturizer!

It’s available here: Clinique Pep-Start Hydroblur Moisturizer

Clinique Pep Start Moisturizer


Clinique Sampler Set

This evening as I was working on this post, I discovered this little sampler kit. I purchased one so I’d have it for travel but it’s also a great way to try both these products without buying them in a larger container size. You’ll find this little sampler set here: Clinique Sampler Set.Pep-Start Moisturizer and Exfoliating Cleanser



I don’t wear foundation, gave it up many, many years ago (probably in my 30-40s) because I just didn’t like how it looked. It did nothing for my appearance and only emphasized fine lines. If you have a great foundation recommendation for older women, one that won’t sink into lines and highlight them, please leave it in the comments. I probably won’t wear it since I prefer how I look without it, but I know others would greatly appreciate some good recommendations.



You may laugh when you see this next recommendation because it’s a good old drug-store favorite, but don’t laugh just yet. That old drug store favorite just got a new twist, or at least I just discovered its new twist. lol

Many years ago I used to wear Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara. Over the years I’ve upgraded, alternating between Clinique Mascara, They’re Real Mascara and one my daughter-in-law loves and recommended called Mally Beauty Mascara.

Recently I was in the drugstore and decided to try my old favorite, Maybelline Great Lash. I was in for quite the surprise when I got home and opened it up: the applicator was completely different from what I remembered. I’m sure they make it with their typical applicator, but this is the applicator I found in their “Lots of Lashes” mascara and it’s awesome!

Not only does it not clump up when you apply the mascara, but it actually separates out all your lashes so beautifully! I couldn’t believe how easy and effortless it was to apply. In the past, I’ve often had to remove all my mascara and start over due to it clumping up and looking awful. That especially happens as mascara gets older.

I’ve used the Lots of Lashes several times now and each time it has gone on beautifully the first time. I also like that it’s inexpensive enough that I can change it out as often as needed since it’s not good for your eyes to wear old mascara.

You’ll find it available here in three shades: Mascara.

Best Mascara for no clumps



Dior Addict Lacquer Lipstick

Lipstick is one of those items that I’ve had a hard time finding one that works. The main issue I have is most lipsticks want to creep into the little fine lines that you get around the mouth as you grow older and I don’t have the desire or patience to use a lip liner. When I’ve purchased lipsticks in the past that claimed to not creep, they had a super flat, matte, dry finish that I did not like and really dried out my lips. Why couldn’t someone make a lipstick that’s moisturizing and doesn’t creep?!

Recently, I decided to try a luxury brand of lipstick that claimed to not feather (which I took to mean it wouldn’t creep into the lines) but was also not a matte finish. So far, I’ve been very happy with the results. I ordered this lipstick in a very subtle color the first time, a color called Tease Pink Nude. Since it has done so well, I think I’m going to go for a bolder color next time.

Tip: When I first apply this lipstick, it looks a bit too shiny and thick, but within a minute or two it settles down and I love it. And there’s no feathering or creeping into the lines! Love that!

You’ll find this lipstick available here: Dior Addict Lacquer Lipstick and here is where it’s also available in some “glittery” shades: Dior Addict Lacquer Lipstick

Dior Addict Lacquer Lipstick, Beautiful



Clinique Take the Day Off

At the end of the day, this is my favorite for removing all my makeup. It’s super gentle, yet effective. It leaves my feeling skin soft and moisturized, not dry. I really do love it. You’ll find it available here: Clinique Take the Day Off

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm


Maybelline Expert Eyes

Another drug store favorite that I’ve been using for years and still use almost daily is Maybelline’s Expert Eyes. It’s excellent for removing any traces of mascara or eye makeup left after washing my face at night. It’s gentle and you don’t feel you need to rub/pull on that delicate undereye area when using it. It just works!

They also make an “oil” version that’s great for removing waterproof makeup. You’ll find both the regular Expert Eyes that I use and the oil version for waterproof makeup here: Maybelline Expert Eyes.

Mascara Remover


Sugar Advanced Therapy

Just before I go to sleep, I love to use this silky smooth lip balm on my lips to keep them from drying out during the night. It goes on satiny smooth. I purchased it in a tiny travel size initially and it was a great way to try it out. You’ll find it in the travel size here: Sugar Advanced Therapy. 

Now that I know I love it, I’ve been thinking about trying it out in the pretty pink shade that you’ll find here: Pink Sugar Advanced Therapy.

Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy for Lips


Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Thanks so much to the BNOTP reader who recommended these vitamins after I caught Influenza A while traveling through Germany two Christmases ago. I’ve been taking these vitamins faithfully now for about a year and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my energy level. They aren’t super cheap but I definitely feel they are worth the price. I buy them here: Organic Whole Food Vitamins

Organic Vitamins


BioSil for Hair, Skin & Nails

I also take one of these each day and they really help my nails. I’ve noticed my hair grows a lot faster when I’m taking them and my eyelashes seem fuller. So I try to keep them on hand. I think it says to take two a day but I just take one. You’ll find them available here: BioSil for Hair, Skin & Nails

BioSil for Hair, Skin and Nails


I hope you find this post helpful. Please share your favorites below in the comments. I find personal recommendations to be the very best way to find those products that really work!

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  1. Thanks for the beauty suggestions Susan! And thanks for the Monday fun!

  2. I’ve used Bare Essentials (Bare Minerals) foundation for years, and I still love it, but I recently tried IT cosmetics – and really like it, too. Can’t remember the exact name but it’s a cc cream/foundation. I use it more in the winter when I need more moisturizing, and the Bare Minerals in the summer.

  3. Oy… Susan, I noticed the new linking system on Thursday…I’m not a fan. You can’t crop photo and it doesn’t save your email if you want to add another link as it previously did. Also, I had to upload my photo for one of my links. I hope InLinkz will improve this. It takes a lot longer to link too. That’s my 2 cents worth which I realize is about that valuable 🙂 Happy Monday!

  4. Thanks so much for hosting each week!!

  5. Great recommendations Susan! I really like Clinique moisturizers especially the Pep Start eye cream. I agree that vitamins are important for health and without proper nutrition, no matter how great or expensive the makeup, it won’t compensate for natural health.

  6. If you have a CVS store near by you can sign up for their card and’ll get (sometimes) a 40% off one product and you could use it on those vitamins. I have used mine on the ARED2 vitamins. If you would happen to have a coupon for your vitamins you can also use it with the 40% off.


  8. Off to Sephora today. The mascara sounds good. I’ve been a Lancome mascara girl and need to switch to something that doesn’t go grrrr….when I toss it. Never keep mine for more than a month. Not familiar with the other products and will stay faithful to Environs through the dermatologist. Definatly try Dior lipstick. A really good lipstick is much harder to find than one would expect.
    Did you notice something different today? THE SUN IS SHINING. Karpe Diem.

  9. Oh, forgot to say, the sun is bringing me to Pike’s. I don’t know what they have with blooms on them. I just know I need them.

  10. Susan, thanks so much for all of the beauty tips. I was tickled to see the Maybelline Expert Eyes on your list. After using many expensive ones, I found Expert Eyes in Wal-Mart. I have been using it for years also.

  11. jinny spencer says

    I have to strongly recommend RIMMEL London Provocalips lipstick! It advertises as a 16 hour lipstick. A friend suggested it and I don’t buy anything else! It truly stays on all day! It doesn’t creep or fade. Available at Target and other chains, under $10. Sent it to my adult daughters who only wear lip coloring occasionally and they love it.

  12. Thanks for the products tips and comments. Always great to hear about new products and the success everyone has with them. I use It Cosmetics, I have found their different foundations have coverage for redness, etc without feeling heavy and it doesn’t show your fine lines and it doesn’t crease either. I have had very good success with all her products and like them a lot. She has a full line of skin care and makeup also. Thanks for sharing. Peggy

  13. Ah, yes, new and improved. *sigh* What used to be all on one page is now on two.

    • I didn’t know what you meant at first but figured out you meant the links were on two pages. I went into InLinkz and found an edit where I could select how many links appear on each page and I checked the highest, which is 200. So hopefully they are all on the same page now.

  14. Love these conversations! I’ve also used Clinique for years but I’m noticing when I use their Beyond Perfecting foundation that after a short time it’s clumping in my wrinkles! Looks like someone poured a white light into my wrinkles! I do appreciate the mascara update, this looks like one I could use..
    Love the responses!

  15. This is a great post! Love reading everyone’s recommendations.

  16. Great post Susan. I’m on a ski trip so I only have my iPad so I can’t link up. Only works with the desktop. Also, I can’t even see or view anyone who has linked up FYI.

    • I can see how to link up on my Android phone. My iPad is dead, I never use it anymore. I just started charing it. Once it’s charged a little, I’ll check it on there.

  17. Susan, I tried via my iPhone and after a very laborious process I was able to add my links. Miss the old method

    • okay, my iPad finally got enough power that I was able to turn it on. I could see the linky party and all the links and how to link up with no problem in the chrome browser. Then I closed out and went in through Safari and I could see all the party links but there was a message that said, “your browser is blocking cookies, click to continue.” I clicked on the button to continue and then I could see how to link up. So I’m not sure why you can’t see the links or how to link up unless the browser you’re using is blocking cookies or somehow isn’t compatible. I’m able to see the party on my Android phone and on my iPad and how to link up on both, and that’s using both chrome and Safari browsers.

    • I can’t imagine trying to link via a phone, that would be a nightmare. You may want to consider taking a laptop with you when you travel, that’s what I do on every trip I take. I only use my phone for checking email, approving comments, etc…
      So, here’s what InLinkz said: Safari did an update a while back that prevents any cookies from any sites being stored on your iPad without your permission. So, when you brought up the BNOTP site, you must have missed the link/button that I saw when I brought it up on my iPad in safari that I had to click on. Once I clicked that link/button acknowledging that I was accepting the cookie, I could see all the links and hook up to the party. So the issue is a Safari issue, they are the problem.
      So next time you bring the blog up in Safari on your iPad to link to a party, look for that message saying you accept the cookie, then you’ll see all the links for the party and will see the button to link up yourself.
      Or, do what I do and use the Chrome browser on your iPad. I never use Safari, ever. I find Chrome so much better AND you can see the party links and how to link up right away without all that nonsense that Safari puts you through.

  18. Thanks for all the info! Have you tried the Thrive mascara? The ad/link is on the right side of your post.

    • No, is it a good one? Have you tried, Patty?

      • I haven’t tried it either. Hoping to find someone I know/trust that would advise what to do. It is expensive and has to be ordered. Lots of good Comments but you never know about those! Perhaps I’ll try the Maybelline you used – I’m “on the hunt” for a good mascara again!

        • My biggest issue was I’d buy a new one and it would be fine the first 2-3 times I used it, then it would start that glopping together thing where it was just awful to apply. So far, I haven’t had that issue with this applicator. I don’t wear mascara every day…only about 3-4 times a week. So hopefully this will hold up and do well for at least a month…I’d be happy with that since it’s so inexpensive compared to many I’ve tried.

          • Susan, I’ve had the exact same problem! So I will try out this mascara and see how it does. Thanks for all the helpful info!

        • I have been using the Thrive eyeliner for a few years now, wont use anything else ! It stays on forever and does not smudge like my other pencil liners did. Havent tried any of their other products yet, so cant comment on the mascara..

    • Kathy Shearer says

      I have tried the Thrive mascara. I love the way it looks, but removing it takes forever!! I use an eye makeup remover (Mary Kay brand), but I end up with specks of the mascara on my face that is very difficult and time consuming to get off.

      • Thank you, Kathy, for the mascara info. I heard that before and now you’ve verified it. Will try the Maybelline mascara Susan suggested.

  19. I love Makeup Forever foundation for my 70 year old skin. Easy to apply with a brush, and never settles into pores or lines. My favorite “skin care” items are prescription tretinoin, vitamin C Serum, and at least spf 45 sunscreen everyday. When Publix used to give their senior discount, I always had to ask for it because the checkers didn’t believe I was 60! I take no vitamins because I EAT whole food, plant based. Much better for my body than taking pills.

    • That’s awesome, Pam! I used to wear a moisturizer that had sunscreen in it, but I stopped because I realized I was rarely outside for any length of time each day. I also hated how it looked/felt on my face and worried about the effects of wearing sunscreen every single day. So now I only wear it when I’m actually going to be out in the sun for a while, especially if can’t wear a hat and sunglasses. I never wore sunscreen the entire time I was in Egypt and never got any sun on my face or arms, etc… My wide-brim hat kept the sun off my face and my long-sleeve linen shirts kept it off my arms. I eat pretty well, too…the vitamins are to fill in for anything my diet is missing.

  20. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I need help with my fingers…the skin around the top side of my nails are splitting. Do you have this issue in the winter? I did some quilting over the weekend (it absorbs any lotion, etc you put on). My index finger is extremely painful since last night. I put a cotton ball on it and then bandaged it up. Looks like I had major surgery done to it. I’ve tried Aquaphor, O’Keefe’s Skin Repair, Bag Balm, etc. I guess nothing will help. I quit foundation in my 50’s because it looks funny on me. I can see it in my pores and my face just screams -“look at the gunk in my pores”. I wore eye shadow and lipstick only after that until I had cataract surgery and I’m afraid of mascara or eye shadow although the doctor says it’s okay to wear. I used to wear a L’Oreal lipstick I loved-it lasted all day unless I ate something oily/greasy. You would put the color on and let it set (matte) and then put on a creamy coat that made the color shine. I haven’t been able to find it for years so they must have quit making it. I’ve never paid 37 or near that for lipstick-which they had those little samples like Avon used to give you. I’d kick myself if I didn’t like the way it felt, worked or the color wasn’t as depicted. If you have any suggestions for my fingertips I would appreciate it though. I’m going to soak them in coconut oil later and wrap that one up again. It kept hurting last night and I kept waking up from the pain. It hurts to type to so I’m getting off now. Thanks

    • That sounds painful, Sandra! The only thing that keeps the skin on my fingers from cracking/splitting during the winter is Cutemol. I used it several times a day all throughout winter. It’s amazing! My daughter-in-law and I both use it all winter. You can read the reviews on it here:
      Oh and regarding the lipstick, any makeup item, lipstick, perfume, etc… that you order from Nordstrom can be returned for a full refund. That’s where I usually order those designer/luxury cosmetics I purchase since I know that I can return them if they don’t live up to the reviews.

  21. Hi Susan! I ordered the pep-start just now. Anything to help my pours is worth a try!

  22. I want to try the Clinique products you mention – the exfoliating cleanser and pep-start moisturizer. I like the Clinique lipsticks because they are so moisturizing. They don’t last all day and have to be reapplied but they don’t bleed. I like the Clinique mascara too even though it’s more expensive. I have dry eye at times so I stick to what has worked. For moisturizer, it’s better to get a lighter coverage as you age so they say. I like the Bobbi Brown line of foundation. The colors are very good. It’s fairly expensive though. I never had any luck with Clinique foundations. It seemed too thick and the colors were not good. This year is the first time my fingers have cracked. I tried Cutemol after you mentioned it and it didn’t help much. Could be I’m not applying it correctly and letting it soak in. I’ve used Savannah Bee Beeswax hand cream in the jar and ran out during the holidays. I tried other products and nothing helped as much. I ordered some more since I can’t find it nearby and it did make a difference. Their royal jelly body butter is great too. You can use that on your face. I want to try some of the products others have mentioned here. I’ve hear that brand of vitamins is good. Do you or others know of a good brand magnesium supplement?

    • They recommend (although I rarely do it) that you apply the Cutemol to slightly damp hands. Like right after you’ve been washing dishes or something like that. Also, it takes about 5-10 minutes to work and build that shield to protect your hands. You need to start putting it on as soon as the heat starts running a lot, before you get any cracks. Once you get cracks, they will just to heal, it won’t speed up the healing. Cutemol just helps prevent them. I apply it a couple times a day during the winter when the heat is running a lot. If I’m doing a lot of cleaning and have my hands in water a lot during the day, I use it more often. Since I started using it, I haven’t had any split fingers, which is a miracle for me.
      I may try the Clinique lipsticks again. It’s been a while since I tried those. I don’t like matte finishes and seems like all the ones that don’t run/feather are matte.

    • Break open a vitamin E capsule and apply the vit E directly to your cracked skin. Cover with Neosporin, then seal it off with a latex-free bandaid (just in case latex might irritate already broken skin). Leave on overnight. You might need to apply hourly at first during the day if skin is really dry. Keep slathering on vit e and neosporin. That’s what works for my very dry skin!

  23. I am 64 and quit using foundation several years ago. In its place I use Elta MD tinted sunscreen and love it. It is very light and evens out my complextion. I tried several sunscreens before using Elta MD and it is far better than the other brands I tried. Susan, I hope you try it. My dermatologist recommended it and it is sold in her office. I also saw it in a plastic surgeon’s office that I visited for a consultation and that office gave me a free sample to try. It is also available on Amazon.

  24. -Badger Balm is great for cracked fingers, hands, heels. You can get it at Cracker Barrel restaurants or online. My husband got cracks all over his feet walking on the beach and on our way home, stopped at Cracker Barrel. Out of desperation we bought some. It worked overnight!! I would not be without this. $5.99.
    – IT cc cream is my new favorite foundation! It goes on smooth and has great coverage without looking heavy. Really good stuff!
    – Defencils mascara is THE best mascara. I use it with the Cils primer and it cannot be beat!
    – I use good old PONDS cream/moisturizer for dry skin as an eye makeup remover. ( the one with a blue lid ) It is gentle and wipes off clean with a Kleenex. My grandmother used this and I think I use it because the smell reminds me of her. And it lasts a long time!

  25. Thank you so much for hosting the party. Have a wonderful week, Kippi

  26. I use Clinique Extra Mild Cleanser around the eyes, Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk for face, Moisture Surge Face Spray, Alpha Skin Care Enhanced Renewal Cream, Clinique 72-hour moisturizer and rich eye cream. I don’t use make up on my aging skin, but use Clinique Chubby Foundation Stick under eyes. Cannot use SPF on my face and I have tried many. I have tried the sample Clinique Pep Starts and love them! Also Clinique mascara and lip balm.

  27. Hi Susan… I had to link my post to see what everyone is talking about. Now I get it. Great product recommendations – I use Clinique Moisture Surge. I can almost hear my skin slurping it in. Thank you for hosting one of my favorite parties. Enjoy your week.

  28. Hmm. I don’t do anything. Sometimes I think about using a moisturizer or a cleanser, but I never actually do, lol. My theory about moisturizers is, if I start using one, then my skin will become accustomed to it and begin to ‘need’ it, and I don’t want that to happen. I did recently start using the Great Lash though and have liked it.

  29. Hi Susan, I am much the same way…I don’t mind buying expensive products, IF they work! But love less expensive ones for sure. I use IT foundation…it was such a change that my friends actually asked me why my skin looked so good. And I DO have wrinkles from the sun. I use a foundation brush and really blend well. My favorite inexpensive find is the $2 ELF eyebrow pencil, complete with a spoolie ‘brush’. I used a pencil that was $20, and I actually like the ELF better. I just started using Guerelain (sp?) finishing powder beads, and they really smooth the foundation out too, pricey but worth it for me. Thanks for your suggestions, and fun to read other’s!

  30. Burts BB Cream is my absolute favorite replacement for foundation. It is light weight and greaseless and just a very light coverage. And it is less than 10 bucks.

  31. Cheryl King says

    Hi Susan, I don’t share links, but I’m a loyal reader on the Monday and Thursday parties. From a spectator point of view, I’m having terrible problems with the new format even going to the blog posts when I click them. I’ve hardly been able to use this since the change. Some blogs seem to be more successful than others (the large ones) but still take many clicks before actually going to the link. Some of the smaller blogs never even open. Thanks!

    • Cheryl, what browser are you using? Check to make sure you have the latest version of the browser that you use. Let me know if that was the problem so I can let InLinkz know if that’s not it.

  32. Barbara Anne says

    I don’t link as I have no blog, but today cannot open any of the thumbnails as usual. We use Linux rather than Windows but in the past, there has been no problem.

    Hope this can be fixed as I do enjoy your blog and this blog party.

    Wishing you well!

    • Barbara, what browser are you using? Check to make sure you have the latest version of whatever browser you use. Let me know if that was the problem so I can let InLinkz know of that’s not the issue.

  33. Cyndi Raines says

    You are a girl after my own heart. I have been a Clinique user for over 30 years now (gosh, I guess I’m getting older, ha), and believe in their products. Also, I love their specials that they run which if you purchase a certain dollar amount of product you get a free cute cosmetic bag with great samples, LOVE that. (I should say at least we did, at our Macy’s store and Dillard’s type stores, both now gone from our area.) I am usually out of some product when those specials roll around and so I can get in on a great deal. I still wear their super balanced foundation and found it to be good, but have also tried the IT foundation and that was good also. In the past I have used their balanced soap and also the rinse off foaming cleanser, all have been gentle on my face. For years have used their face lotion and it’s great too. I like their lipsticks but do have to reapply, but haven’t met a lipstick that stayed on all day. I use their free mascara in the gift bag, but have used Maybelline since high school and it’s a great product and you can’t beat the cost, LOVE that too! Currently using Maybelline’s waterproof “Pumped Up Colossal” and like it. Thanks for all the good information Susan, will pin this for future. P.s. I purchased that wonderful hairbrush with the wooden handle that you recommended a few years ago and have really enjoyed it. But much to my embarrassment, I wasn’t sure how to clean it and soaked it in a beauty salon type disinfect solution (blue like you see in some salons). I only meant to leave it in their 5 minutes or so, but got busy, forgot about it and left it overnight or 2 (dah). Well, it split the lacquer finish so I picked it off, but the brush still works great. Do you remember the name as I would order another. I ordered through Amazon and so long ago it’s not showing up in recent products purchased. How do you clean yours? Thanks!

    • I wish they still made it but I don’t think they do. I was going to share it again in a previous post and it was showing that it was no longer available. I haven’t checked again in a while though. It’s called the Spornette Style Brush.
      Okay, I just checked and I can’t believe it, it’s actually back in stock again! Here’s the link:
      I don’t know why it took them so long to get it back in stock.

      Okay, so funny thing, after I use my brush for about a month, it’s always full of cottony looking fuzz. You know how this brush does such a THOROUGH job of brushing your hair, well I think what’s happening is when I sleep at night, fuzz from my flannel pillowcase and flannel pajamas must get into my hair and then when I brush my hair, the brush gets it all out. That’s the only way I can figure that so much fuzz ends up in the brush.

      The only way I’ve found to get out all the fuzz/dust that accumulates in the bristles is by using this weird looking device that looks a bit like a rake. You can see a bunch of them here: . I don’t see the exact one I purchased. The one I purchased on Amazon is a pale blue and has two rakes…one on each end. One has wider teeth than the other one and I use both ends to clean the fuzz out of my brush. But any of those on that page I linked to should do a pretty good job, I think. It’s the only way I’ve found to get the fuzz out of the brush since the bristles are so close together on the brush.

      • My brush has the fuzz on it as well and I don’t sleep in flannel pj’s and my brush is hard rubber. I just throw mine in water with either shampoo or another gentle cleaner and it all goes away.

        Where can one buy the IT foundation? I’ve used Lancôme but got tired of paying $45 for a bottle so I switched to a drugstore type that is oil free but I’d love to find one that is as light as Lancôme but not as expensive.

    • Okay, here’s the cleaner brush that I have: . Mine looks just like that one, only I think I bought it on Amazon.

  34. Cyndi Raines says

    Hey, fyi, I now can see my comments again right after I send it off. For probaly well over a year that feature went away and we couldn’t figure out why. It always said waiting moderation, but now I can and I like that. Thought you’d like to know since you are geting comments about the “linking up party” stuff.

    • Interesting. I just had an update on the “social sharing” plugin that’s down in that area near the comment box. I wonder if it was creating a problem before. These plugins all fight each other and none of them play well together. Everything will be fine and an update on a plugin (which are like apps in that they provide features for a blog) will come across. You do the update and it breaks something else that was working just fine. Arggg. I do moderate comments so when a comment is left, it won’t actually post to the blog until I see it and can approve it. I do that to prevent spam and troll comments. So you’re saying that when you write a comment now, you can see it there right away…even though I may not have read it yet and “approved” it to appear? Maybe it’s letting you see it, which is good, but is still not visible until I click to approve it. Glad it’s working as it should again.

    • Okay, finally found the cleaning tool on Amazon…this is the one that I ordered for cleaning my brush and it works great:

  35. Cyndi Raines says

    Awesome! Thanks Susan, we have an ULTA store, so I will get up there this week and will also order a new brush before they stop carrying them or they go out of stock again. I really love it. Thanks for always sharing such great products! You are our “go to” person for products and travel, etc. like having our own “Consumer Report” newsletter! ♥️

  36. Great suggestions! Ordered the sample set. My daughter said she uses the products and likes them, too. I’m not a fan of foundation, either. However, there are days when I use Elta tinted moisturizer. Very light, odorless, which is important to me, and SPF 40. I purchase at my dermatologist. Thanks for these ideas.

  37. Cyndi Raines says

    Haha, My first reply showed without the moderation comment, so maybe you approved it quickly. My other two replies, I could read as soon as I sent, but they are saying, “waiting moderation”. So I am just glad I can see that it went and view what I said, especially since that silly auto spell sometimes changes a word, and then I could correct it.

    • Me, too! I bet it was that other plugin that messed things up…maybe the recent update fixed it. If it ever happens again, hopefully, I can remember that it could be the Social Sharing plugins and I can let the owner of that plugin know.

  38. Bobbi Duncan says

    I use several of these products and love them. The great lash mascara has been my go to for as long as I can remember, and I now use the one you listed. I’ve been blessed to have good skin my whole life, so I’ve never had to wear foundation. I agree that less is more as we age. Thanks for all the great cosmetic tips.

  39. Thanks for the tips, particularly the Clinique moisturizer. I need a new one! For the past 15 years I’ve worn Lancôme Absolue Replenishing Cream Makeup (I’m a hard-to-match shade, Pearl 20). It’s costly, but the jar lasts 6 months, and I use it daily. My mascara, on the other hand is a frequent Target purchase which I’ve used since reading about it on a beauty blog. It’s Maybelline Lash Sensational. I’m also a Fresh Sugar fan. My favorite is Sugar Rose—a pretty pink with a lovely scent.

  40. I missed this post so sorry to add on after you have posted new threads. I used to use mineral powder makeup only for a lot of years but decided I needed a little extra because I was looking washed out. So I went to the MAC counter and found a foundation that matched my skin tone perfectly but didn’t want that masked, heavy look that foundation can give you when the bloom is off the Rose. The clerk showed me how to just put a dine or nickel sized dot on the back if my hand and using a brush, just sweep a tiny amount on the areas that could use a little coverage. Not all over my face and not using my fingers. Now I use MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation Broad Spectrum. Comes in a tube 1.3 fl. oz so perfect for travel. And when I started using it this way I got a lot of compliments. I also use their Lightful cleanser Marine Bright Formula. So far I really like all of Mac products and using a light hand and a brush for just a touch of foundation has been a revelation.

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