10 July Favorites: One for My Daughter-in-Law, Then I Had to Have One, Too!

I have to kick off this month’s Monthly Favorite’s post with a surprise purchase I wasn’t expecting to make. Back in the spring of last year, I ordered this adorable bamboo bag below. Originally, I thought this bag design was inspired by the Cult Gaia bag that’s been so popular the last few years but then I learned these bamboo arc bags have been around for many, many years. I guess Cult Gaia just brought them back to life and popularity again after a long hiatus.

I loved carrying this bag last summer. It drew so many compliments every single time I wore it. One big advantage it has over the famous Cult Gaia bag is that it comes with a pretty insert that offers privacy for the items carried inside. The insert also keeps items like keys, pens, etc…from poking through the little spaces.

Bamboo Arc Bag with Insert


Recently, I discovered another version of this bag, again at a price drastically less than the popular Cult Gaia version. It also included the insert but there were two new changes that caught my eye:

1. They added beads to the bag to hide the mechanism that holds all the bamboo pieces together. I love that! The beads really add a lot to the look of the bag, too.

2. They’ve also offered the bag in a slightly larger size. In chatting with my daughter-in-law, Nancy, I discovered she had been thinking of buying one of the bamboo arc bags for a while. I went ahead and ordered the new style bag in both sizes so we could see them in person. Nancy loved the larger size and surprisingly, so did I! It holds so much more, yet it’s not at all too big.


I love the larger size much more than I thought I would, so I ended up ordering a large one for myself, as well. I ended up keeping the smaller size, too, since they are so reasonably priced. I love having both sizes although I may find myself just using the larger size the majority of the time since it holds everything I carry with room to spare.

Here’s a close up of the bag, love that bead detailing! I held up both my old bag (without the beads) and the new version in the same size and asked Charlie, my 4-year-old grandson, if he saw any difference. He immediately pointed out the beads. I was shocked that he noticed and so quickly!

Bamboo Arc Bag, Cult Gaia Inspired


If you’ve ever thought about buying one of the arc bamboo bags, I definitely recommend this one. I really like the privacy the insert offers. You’ll find this one with the pretty bead detailing in two sizes here: Arc Bamboo Bag. (Click the drop-down arrow to see both sizes available at that link.)

If you’re not sure which size you would like, I recommend ordering both and returning the one you don’t need since returns are free. If I had to choose only one, I would definitely go with the larger size because it holds a lot more and doesn’t feel too large at all. It makes a great statement/accent piece–just love it!

Bamboo Arc Bag, Cult Gaia Inspired


Update: A couple of people asked to see a size comparison between the Small and Large Arc bag. Here are mine (Small and Large) side by side with an object in front of them for size comparison.

I measured my two bags and here’s what they measure:

Small Arc Bag: 11-1/8″ wide, 3-1/4″ deep, 9-1/4″ tall
Large Arc Bag: 12-3/4″ wide, 4″ deep, 11-1/2 tall

Standard mouse in front…


Rotating pencil caddy in front…hope this helps with size comparison. You’ll find measurements for each bag and a photo of a woman holding what I think is the Large Arc bag here: Arc Bag.

If I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with the Large because it holds a lot. However, if you only carry a compact wallet, some lipstick, your phone and a few other small items, the small Arc bag should be fine. But if you like to carry a fair amount with you, I would go with the Large Arc bag.


The Shorty PJs I purchased last month have to make this favorites post since I’ve enjoyed wearing them every single night since they arrived. I ordered two pairs in this bird/laurel design.


Because I’ve enjoyed them so much, I recently ordered another pair in this lavender/floral pattern. They are so comfortable for sleeping; I’m never going back to gowns again! You’ll find these here: Shorty PJs.


Love the flatware organizer I purchased last month. It’s designed to fit any size drawer, so I no longer have that useless weird gap down the side of the drawer. Now I can fully use the entire width of the drawer! You’ll find this organizer here: Flatware Organizer.

Flatware Storage, Expandable for All Drawer Sizes


I upgraded my old, everyday flatware that was missing a few teaspoons and salad forks to this pretty service for 12. The price was way too good to pass up and I love that it includes 12 place settings! You’ll find this set in two styles–the style below and one with gold accents here: Mikasa Flatware for 12.


Mikasa Flatware, Service for 12, 18-10 Quality


Jill, a lovely BNOTP reader, recently left a comment sharing this very reasonably priced, 90-piece, stainless flatware set with a beautiful shell design. It includes an additional 12 teaspoons and 12 salad forks, so no washing forks and spoons when it’s time to serve dessert. You’ll find it available here: Shell Flatware.

Shell Flatware, 90 Piece Set


Had to include my new showerhead in this month’s favorites post! I’ve so enjoyed it each time I’ve showered and it was super easy to install. If you buy this shower head, be sure to read the instructions carefully. They offer small details that make the installation fast and easy. I love it when the instructions are so well-written! You’ll find this showerhead here: Rainfall Showerhead.

Great Showerhead


I’ve also enjoyed the little shelf I purchased to hold all the stuff I use when I shower. So much better than sticking it in the corners of the tub or on top of the towel rack at the back of the shower, hoping it won’t fall off. The shelf doesn’t require any screws and has held beautifully! You’ll find this cute shelf here: Shower Organizer.

Best Shower Caddy Organizer


I just purchased a new pair of my favorite summer sandals that I so often rave about. I couldn’t resist this new color in pink, burgundy, and gray!


You’ll find this super comfortable sandal here: My Favorite Summer Sandal!

Had to include this miracle cleaner in this month’s favorites post. You may remember from a recent post, it saved a small, white chest in my bathroom from ruin after I accidentally got droplets of hair color on it!

Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


After I wrote that post HERE, a few days later I received this comment from J on that post:


Comments like that make my day! J, thanks so much for sharing your experience with this Super Cleaner. I hope they never stop making it because it’s truly the best cleaner I’ve ever used. I use it to clean so many things in both my home and out on the porch, even denim transfer off my car’s leather seats! You’ll find this cleaner available here: Super Cleaner.

Super Cleaner for Leather Seats Upholstery and Carpet, Works for Denim Transfer


Had to include the stars I added to my bedroom ceiling in this month’s Favorites Post. Love them so much! They make bedtime a completely magical experience!

Stars for Bedroom Ceiling


You’ll find all the links to the different types of domed stars (and the moon) I used to create this magical, starry effect listed at the end of this previous post: Add Stars to Your Bedroom Ceiling.

Decorating Bedroom with Stars and Moon


See you tomorrow for Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Biodynamic Barb says

    Susan, there are some really weird ads popping up on your post! Smack in the middle of your text, too! They were never there before. Did you change something?

    • WordPress, the blogging platform I use, had a big update last night. I wonder if it’s causing that. Ugh. Thanks for letting me know. If they sent out a bad update, I bet there will be another correction update coming out later today or tomorrow. I hate it when they do updates and they break something on the blog. 🙁

  2. I love reading all of your tips and your detailed reviews of the items. I am looking for a 5 quart pan to replace my revere ware which has served me well for many years. Any tips? Thanks!

    • Not off the top of head, but I’ll keep my eye out. I’ll ask my daughter in law if she has any suggestions since she loves to cook.

  3. I still have my rattan purse from the 70’s guess I’m giving away my age. I haven’t carried it since it’s come back in style, I’m so use to a shoulder strap bag now. That and I haven’t really gone anywhere since March‍♀️

  4. I think you have mentioned before a good leather cleaner, or maybe it was leather wipes that could be used on shoes. Can you refresh my memory? Thanks.

  5. So many great things! I really want to try that cleaner, and the bamboo bag looks wonderful. So smart to have the insert.

    Thanks for sharing your purchases – I always check your recommendations before I go shopping! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  6. Did you take a photo of both sizes of the bags side-by-side? It might help someone makes a decision.

  7. Gayle Kesinger says

    Based on your reviews, I have purchased the cleaner (wonderful product), the flatware drawer insert (love it, recently bought another similar one for my utensil drawer), a Lilly Pulitzer t-shirt (pricey but cute), the rattan purse from last year. I do like the larger size with the buttons. Also thinking about the shower stall organizer. Love your suggestions!

    • Thanks, Gayle! Glad those have worked out for you, too. I love the Lilly shirts, been living in those all summer. I wish summer would never end!

  8. Could you please give more info on the adjustable silverware tray. Thank yiu

  9. The link for the silverware organizer was for the silverware~ could you link it again?

  10. Molly Tilson says

    I have bought so many things because of your recommendations! You are my personal shopper! Last month I bought the bathroom shelf like you have. I love it! My other one was nasty and wasn’t roomy at all. Thank you! Thank you!

  11. Hello Susan!
    I always enjoy your fashion finds! I remember this style purse. I collect designer handbags like you, but always love a good vintage bag story. One vintage style purse I do collect are Plasticflex purses. They are very unusual. I love the feel and texture of them and have the purses in several colors. I thought you being a purse collector par excellence might enjoy. Thank you for your stellar Blog and Instagram posts! Always a delight and treat when you share your sparkle. Especially during COVID.
    Wishing you safe and healthy days ahead! Wishing all of us happy and healthy days!
    Best Regards and Sending a Virtual Hug,

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