A New Addition To The Porch & Some Fun April Fool’s Day Lore

Welcome to the 792nd Metamorphosis Monday! Met Monday has fallen on April Fool’s Day! I’m not much of a prankster and not that keen on having jokes pulled on me, but I received a delightful email from Norma this morning with some fun facts about how April Fool’s Day sometimes plays out in France. Norma wrote:

Hello Susan,
I don’t know if you have April Fool’s day on April 1st in the U S. I suspect it is an English thing. You play a joke on someone, but can only do so until 12 noon. Some newspapers even run false, ridiculous stories that many people believe. But here in France we have the ‘Poisson d’avril’ The April fish, when you pin a paper fish on someone’s back without them knowing. This practice is not as popular as it once was, as years ago people even sent post cards to each other to celebrate the day. I have one beautiful one from the 1920s/30s. Thought you might like to see it.
Love, Norma

Thanks so much to Norma for sharing this vintage post card! So fun hearing how April Fool’s Day was once celebrated in the past in France. I wonder if anyone still does that today? It reminds me of that scene in the movie, Grumpy Old Men, where one of the characters, John, (played by Jack Lemmon) hides a few dead fish in the back of Max’s, (played by Walter Matthau) vehicle. I think I’d rather have a pretend fish pinned to my back than a few stinky, dead ones lurking in the back of my car. Hahaha!

April Fool's Fish Post Card


Updating this post to let you know the adorable bunny vase that I so often use in table settings and my spring decor is currently on sale here: Bunny Vase. Thanks to Peggy for letting me know! I just ordered a second one.

Bunny, Butterfly Vase


I have a fun update out here on the porch to share this week. In this photo from a previous 4th of July, notice the two lamps—the one on the side table and the one on the hutch.

Screened Porch Decorated for Memorial Day


I bought this rather large, green lamp quite a few year’s back in HomeGoods. It wasn’t expensive, which is good since it was destined to be living out of the porch. I loved the additional color it added to the porch, but was never too keen about its big, boxy, square shade. I’ve never been a fan of the drum-shaped or box-shaped shades.


Also, being a big, square box, the shade always felt a bit too large as you walked out the door from the living room onto the porch. Unfortunately, over the years the shade had become dingy and spotty looking, even though it’s nowhere near the screened windows on the porch. I think the humidity had gotten to it over the years, plus the shade was never a high quality shade from the start.


A few years ago, I bumped into the shade while vacuuming–did I mention the shade is big?!  Because it’s so top-heavy with its huge shade, the lamp fell off the table, cracking the lamp right where the ball part connects to the bamboo-styled base. I was able to glue it back together, although it left a noticeable gap where some of the lamp material (whatever that is) was missing after its fall. I like the lamp a lot, but after years on the porch, it needs a new shade and probably some filler/paint for the gap that was left after its fall.


Recently, I spotted an adorable lamp that I thought would be super cute out here on the porch. So, here’s what I ended up doing. I took the shell/shutter style lamp that was on the hutch, and I moved it to the table where the green lamp used to be. I tossed the green lamp’s “seen-better-days” dingy, spotty shade and the green lamp base is currently stored in the basement. I think I’ll try to find another shade for it since I do still like the lamp, and maybe I can even fill the damaged part (from its fall) with some type of filler and paint over it. That’s a project for another day. So, what lamp do I have on the hutch now?

Spring Hutch on Screened Porch


I couldn’t resist this adorable guy when I spotted him online recently.

Spring-Summer Porch


Since he’s a bit shorter, I think he’s probably a better size/fit for the hutch than the shell/shutter style lamp.


Let’s take a closer look!

Spring Porch Hutch with Bunny Lamp


You can see Mr. Bunny’s long ears from this angle. So cute!

Porch Hutch with Bunny Rabbit Lamp


The porch is pretty dirty and pollen-covered right now. I had planned to wait another week or two for pollen season to end before giving it a good wipe down, but I did take time to wipe down the hutch and a few of the other tables here on the porch yesterday. I’ll probably end up cleaning the rest of the porch this week since I’m impatient to get it ready for summer.

Summer Porch Hutch with Bunny Rabbit Lamp


So, what do you think about this cute guy?  I sorta wish he was looking straight out, not sure why he’s looking up. Maybe he’s supposed to look like he’s pulling the lamp shade up over himself. Or, maybe he’s enjoying the view he sees through the upper windows on the porch. Ha! Maybe the lamp designers thought if he was looking straight ahead with his ears sticking up, he would be too tall. Ummm, why do you think he’s looking up?

Bunny Rabbit Lamp


One thing I really like about this lamp (compared to other bunny lamps I’ve seen online) is how he is “bunny rabbit” all the way down. So many of the other bunny lamps I have come across online have just a head sticking out the top and legs sticking out the bottom. It’s always really obvious as you look at those lamps where the bunny’s torso ends. It looks weird and ruins the whole enchantment of the design. I really like how there’s a full bunny rabbit behind the shade of this lamp. That means he looks great from any angle, sitting or standing.

Bunny Lamp, Close View


Here’s how the lamp looked lit on the porch yesterday. I meant to take a photo after dark, but forgot to do that.

Adorable Bunny Lamp for Porch


If you like this whimsical lamp, I found him here: Bunny Lamp. He is also available here: Bunny Lamp AND here: Bunny Lamp. You’ll find quite a few other styles of bunny lamps available here: Bunny Lamps.

Cute Bunny Lamp


Once I get the rest of the porch cleaned up, I’ll share how the shell/shutter lamp that was here on the hutch looks in its new home beside the wicker chair. I think it’s a better fit for that space, especially as you exit from the living room onto the porch. Pssst: Don’t forget to stay alert today so you don’t get fooled! Keep an eye out for anyone carrying around fish in any form! Ha!

Summer Porch Hutch with Bunny Rabbit Lamp


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  1. Morning Susan,
    Love your new bunny lamp and those wonderful house disohes, so pretty.
    and like the shutter lamp as well, So bet it looks great on your table. Thanks for sharing the story from your friend about April fool’s day. I usually prank my hubby with something. Haven’t had time to think about anything yet today.
    Once I called him at work and told him our shed just caved in, and he was like what?? and mind ablaze, and very Happy when I said April Fool’s Day. lol
    Have a great day hon. Always enjoy reading your blog, and that’s no fooling!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. I love that bunny lamp! I really think he is just preserving his modesty with the shade! Who knows maybe he just hopped out of the shower! lol

  3. I think Mr Bunny is sniffing the fresh Spring/Summer air!

  4. Your hutch is so darling Susan – Mr Bunny is a perfect addition! And how fun is the April Fools info from Norma?! Thanks so much for another fun Monday, and for hosting. Hope you have a lovely start to the month!

  5. Does your porch have windows or screens. I was wondering how do you deal with all the polen.

  6. Hi Susan! Love the lamp! Wanted to share with you the $50 bunny vase from Williams Sonoma is now on clearance for $35. Plus there was a code for extra 20% off clearance making the vase $28!!! Going to store now to pick up!

  7. Just tried EXTRA again, says code expired. I ordered this last night at around 11pm. I just checked the info about promo code in the email I got. It didn’t say it expired at midnight but apparently it did.

    • I just went ahead and ordered a second one. I’m sure I’ll use it and it will be good to have a spare in case I ever have a mishap with the other one. Thanks for letting me know, Peggy!

  8. Oh my gosh….just ordered that adorable Bunny Lamp!

  9. What a gorgeous post card; that needs framing and hanging in a prime spot! I don’t envy cleaning all that pollen of the porch. I think the bunny is popping out of his nest/hole and peering up at the world.

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!!Thanks so much for hosting this lovely party!! I really appreciate the time and effort that goes into it along with visiting all the links!! I hope you are having a great week!! And thanks for providing so much inspiration!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

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