A Christmas Porch

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I had so much fun this weekend decorating the front porch for Christmas.

Decorate Exterior Windows with Wreaths for Christmas


It was just starting to get dark outside as I finished, so I hurriedly grabbed my camera from inside and snapped a few pics before all the light was gone.

Decorate Outside Windows with Wreaths for Christmas


As I snapped, it got darker and darker and that magic time, The Blue Hour, began to appear. Just look at that beautiful, blue sky!

Wreaths on Windows, Christmas Decor


If you came to see me, this would be the view as you walked down the walkway and approached the porch.

Christmas Porch at Night, Candlelight and Lanterns


This year I purchased two new pillows for the benches on the porch. I was out shopping and came across these cute Christmas pillows and they were so reasonably priced, I decided to try them here on the porch, leaving them out on the benches full time.

Traditional Christmas Decor


Normally I don’t do that with my holiday pillows. I may put them out on the benches for a day or two or when I’m expecting guests for a party, but normally I would bring them back in to save them from fading or being rained on.

Christmas Porch Decorating, Cedar Garland, Lantern


But these pillows were so inexpensive, I decided to leave them out to enjoy every day.

Christmas Pillow, Elegant Bench, Christmas Porch


Here’s the other pillow I purchased. The quality of both pillows is really nice. Amazed they are so nice for such a reasonable price.

Cedar Garland for Christmas Porch


I just checked and it looks like both pillows are still available. You’ll find them here: Farm Fresh Cut and Carry Pillow and here Merry and Bright Pillow. 

Christmas Porch, Cedar Garland, Frasier Fir Wreath


I love a fresh wreath for the door at Christmastime.

Heritage Red Door with Christmas Frasier Fir Wreath


Both HomeDepot and Lowes usually have beautiful wreaths available this time of year. I found this wreath in my nearby HomeDepot. They normally come in several sizes. I always go for the bigger size because I love when a wreath really fills out the door.

Frasier Fir Wreath on Red Door for Christmas


I love the mix of greenery in this wreath. It appears to be a mix of Frasier Fir, Cedar and Pine. I also love the little frosted pine cones.

I was tempted to add a few red berries from my Savannah Hollies which are covered in berries right now, but I love this wreath just as it so much, I decided to skip the berries this year.

Christmas Frasier Fir Wreath with Pine Cones


The cedar garland around the door is also from Home Depot. In case it’s helpful to know, I used three, 20-foot rolls around my door. It actually takes around 24 feet of garland to go fully around all three sides of my door, but I can normally make it look full with just three.

The way I hang my garland is I start one of the garlands at the floor on one side, bringing it up and over the door and down the other side where, as anticipated, it stops about 2-3 feet up from the floor of the porch.

Then I start the 2nd garland on the opposite side and again, it doesn’t quite reach the ground on the other side of the door, but that’s okay since the first garland already fully reaches the floor on that side.

Finally, I swagged the 3rd garland even across the top and down the sides which gives the garland a much fuller look. Just sharing this in case you have a similar size front door and are wondering how much garland you’ll need for a fairly full look. You could use 4 rolls, but I think 3 works great.

Also, I prefer cedar garland over pine garland because it always seems to be a bit fuller. It takes a lot of pine garland to get a full look.

Benjamin Moore Heritage Red Paint, Christmas Porch


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

Decorate Outside Windows with Wreaths for Christmas


Looking forward to all the wonderful Before and Afters linked for this week’s Met Monday!

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  1. Lauren SCHMIDT says

    Very pretty! I love the next to last photo where your columns look blue.

  2. Susan, you captured the blue hour beautifully! I love your porch with the fresh cedar garland and the oh so pretty wreath! What a warm and inviting welcome for the Christmas Season!

  3. Susan,
    I have always loved your porch and how you decorate the front of your home!!!
    Thanks so much for hosting each week…It is really appreciated….Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful and elegant! Love that you captured at the “blue hour”. Merry Christmas Susan!

  5. Stunning! The pillows are adorable and all your greens must have an intoxicating smell of Christmas. Enjoy!

  6. Franki Parde says

    Oh, good night, gal…THIS JUST IS…SENSATIONAL!! What a painting!! Your postal person, delivery person, etc. just HAVE to smile behind those masks…EVERY THING is “Merry & Bright.” *sigh* franki

  7. Merry Christmas Susan, everything beautiful as usual. Funny thing….I just noticed your headline yellow house….the little lights are twinkling so adorable. Have a beautiful day.

  8. Merry Christmas Susan!!! Your home and porch are lovely, warm and so very inviting. I just love seeing what you create each year. And I truly love how you captured the Blue Hour. Question – how do you affix your roping to your door frame. Having used both cedar and pine myself throughout the years, I always found this very difficult. Cedar is especially heavy. Do you have a handy trick up your sleeve for installation?

    • Well, a few years ago I hammered in three tall, skinny nails, one at either end and one in the middle of the pediment above the door. Since the nails are on the top of the pediment, they aren’t really noticeable, but I can use them for draping the garland each year. So far that’s worked really well.

  9. DawneMarie says

    Susan your house looks stunning! Picturesque and inviting. I can imagine sitting on the porch drinking hot chocolate while smelling the beautiful garland and hugging a pillow.

  10. That garland is so lush and full! It’s gorgeous, Susan. Yes, that blue hour is simply the best. I’m finding that in our new home, the dawn light is pretty outstanding too, especially with the Christmas tree lights on! Merry, merry!

    • Thanks so much, Rita! That sounds wonderful! I remember reading that the Blue Hour occurs twice per day, once in the early morning and once in the evening. Merry, merry Christmas to you!

  11. Your porch is just lovely Susan! I’m glad you can leave the pillows out – they add so much coziness to your elegant entry! You’ve inspired me to spruce our porch up a little for the season this year. 🙂 Thanks so much for hosting this great party!

  12. Oh, Susan, your labors have been well worth it! Your last picture is worthy of a Hallmark Christmas Card, as is the one of your front entrance. Just so festive, warm and welcoming. Bravo!

  13. I love your classic look on your home. Really a trick to lighting without ‘lights’, and I love your description of placing the garland. We use artificial, and I just rewired—miles of it this year, and I too wish they made decent cedar garland that isn’t a fortune, but I usually buy some branches or trim our bushes for a nice bunch to make the house smell festive. Thanks for hosting, hugs, Sandi

    • I know, it can be pricey. I prefer to buy it at Home Depot as opposed to a local nursery because it is so much more expensive at the nursery. A great place to find fresh garland that’s very reasonably priced is Trader Joes, although I think they normally only carry Pine garland. Still, you can buy a lot of pine garland for not that much.

  14. Oh, Susan…your home just screams Christmas! Welcome! And the “blue hour”….fantastic!

  15. Debra Oliver says

    Your porch is classic Christmas elegance! thanks so much for hosting each week!

  16. Beautiful!! Thanks Susan!

  17. love it’!

  18. Jackie Allen says

    I can smell the fresh cedar cuttings just looking at your porch! It looks beautiful! – I picked up the same red pillow- “Merry and Bright” from Walmart a few weeks ago also- I thought it was a great price and nice quality too.
    Merry Christmas!

  19. Selma Kessler says

    Susan- I so LOVE your entry! And the pillows are as charming as can possibly be! Do you ever add lights to your two boxwood topiaries?? They’re the perfect mini Christmas Tree shape!! Thanks for the cheer! -Selma

    • Thanks so much, Selma! I haven’t tried that but they may support lights. They are boxwoods and pretty soft/flexible, but if I use the kind of lights that are like a big net, that may work. Just not sure if they would lean over since they are so soft/flexible.

  20. I love your “Merry and Bright” pillow! Last year I found a black and white checked throw at an outlet store and draped it over one end of the bench on my (covered) porch. I bought two bright red pillows at WalMart, for $5 each to put on the bench. They looked so cheery I left them out through Valentine’s Day. I washed and dried them, stored them and used them again at July 4, and now they are back on the bench for Christmas! And they look good as new!

  21. Cyndi Raines says

    Susan, this year’s look is very soft and refreshing with just the cedar swag, wreath and the lanterns, oh and the cute bench pillows. I have always loved your ornamental garland that you have used on the columns ( wanting to create that some year for myself) and think it is as pretty as your inspirational photo, but I guess this year I too am going with a bit of “less is best” mindset this year. I typically have out my childhood sled beside the door, my iceskates and a vintage thermos, along with garland and lights, but this year only put up our very real looking fake pine garland that has pinecones in it and one row of colored lights along the inside of the porch ceiling. However, I still put my candle lights in the window and my “Susan wreaths with red bows and long streamers” at the windows. I am pleased. However you did tempt me with the idea of piling fake packages on my swing! Lol Loved the blue hour, just awesome. Happy holidays!

  22. Great job! So pretty and welcoming.

  23. Merry Christmas Susan. Everything looks very festive. All you need is snow. When you put the snack box out, don’t be surprised if they rest for a minute to enjoy !
    What are you using to hold the garlands and wreath up ? Command hooks ?

    • Thanks, Myrna! No, a few years ago I hammered in three tall, skinny nails, one at either end and one in the middle of the pediment above the door. Since they are on the top of the pediment, they aren’t really noticeable, but I can use them for draping the garland each year.
      Merry Christmas to you!

  24. Your home looks wonderful! Love the garland around your door. That’s good info to know about how much it takes to do the job and the pillows are cute!

  25. Edwina Simon says

    That is so perfect; catching the blue hour just in time. Beautiful…makes all your outdoor decoration “POP”.

  26. Absolutely gorgeous! You are the best!

  27. Bobbi Duncan says

    Truly magazine worthy, especially w/ the way you captured the blue hour–love it all! Wish I WERE walking up to your inviting, cozy porch! BTW, I love your header w/ the twinkling house lights. Hugs!

  28. Your home is so warm and inviting inside and out, I just love it all! Thanks so much for hosting each week, CoCo

  29. Susan, everything looks beautiful! And it looks like the guys did a wonderful job on refurbishing the columns. Just gorgeous!

  30. I LOVE your front door with all the garland! Thank you for the tips on how you get that look! It is really, really beautiful! Also, thank you for all the inspiration and for hosting this week!


    Tee @ Teedidldydee

  31. Beautiful!! Love how you got close and closer with the Pictures. Such Detail! Well done and Happy Holidays!!

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