Garden Dining in Buckhead

With very full bellies..

Lemon Meringue Pie at Greenwood's on Green Street Restaurant

…after dining on the porch at Greenwood’s on Green Street…

Garden at Greenwood's Restaurant on Green Street 10

…we were still feeling adventuresome. My friend, Jan, spontaneously suggested heading into Buckhead to have drinks at another fun restaurant she had been to and was eager for me to see.  One thing I absolutely LOVE is doing things spur of the moment. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes planning ahead for something fun, takes the fun right out it. I know planning is necessary sometimes but when it’s a gorgeous, sunny day and you’ve not a care in the world, why not follow where your heart leads.

We left the porch at Greenwoods, hopped in my car and zipped down Georgia 400 to the heart of Buckhead to check out R. Thomas.

R. Thomas is located in the heart of the city so it’s surrounded in a sea of concrete. You forget that pretty quickly as you walk around the building.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 17

Loved the mural on the side of their building!

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 19

Parking is behind the restaurant. Once you park, if you walk up the left side of the building, this is the route you’ll take.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 01

They had bird seed out all over the ground in this little garden area and little birds were everywhere. Each time I stepped closer to take a picture, they would scatter, but I managed to catch a few in this shot below. I read online that the owner, Richard Thomas, is a bird lover.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 04

Just past the feeder we saw an iron/metal bed turned into a lovely support for this climbing plant. Is that bougainvilliea?

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 08

Lots of planters all down the side of the building, starting to play out now in this August heat.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 09

This was near the entrance…it appears to be made of propane type tanks. 🙂

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 10

The inside was just as fun and festive as the outside with lots of colorful lights bouncing off the ceiling. I leaned back and took a photo of the section of ceiling just over our heads. R. Thomas is known for healthy, organic foods. The menu is designed around that philosophy. I ordered their Muscogee Mint Iced Tea and it was yummy. I think Jan ordered their Mojo JoJo Smoothie, can’t remember for sure now.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 12

As the afternoon wore on, we headed out and crossed in front of the restaurant and back down the other side of the building.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 16

Lots more flowers…

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 14

…and more fun things to see.

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 15

So, tell me…do you love spur of the moment adventures, or do prefer to plan your weekends well in advance? Will you hop in the car and go see a movie on a Wednesday night, just because? Or, do you need time to prepare and plan for little adventures?

Dining in Atlanta at R Thomas 19


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  1. I’m very much a planner by nature, but that’s what makes it fun, sometimes, to do something unplanned. Then it’s like a surprise. That place is very eclectic!

  2. Linda Page says

    I love spur of the moment outings!! Such fun! I think the flowering vine on the iron bed frame is a Mandevilla. I love the mural on the side that has the huge sunflowers painted on the building. With the Cannas growing in front of the mural, it makes the painted sunflowers look real for just a second. Too cool! Glad that you had a fun day yesterday!

  3. I’m a spur of the moment person. I like to stay flexible because most times when things are planned something happens and plans have to be rescheduled. Always ready to do something fun.

  4. The pink vine looks like a Mandevilla “Alice du Pont”

    I love spur of the moment adventures.


  5. That wasn’t bougainvillea – it was mandevilla. So pretty, either way! I’ll have to check it out. Looks like a fun place.

  6. I love being spontaneous, and know exactly what you mean about planning taking the fun out of something. I think it’s because your expectations are so high when you plan. I’m thinking events like weddings, birthday celebrations, New Year’s Eve, etc.

    I like places that take you away emotionally from where you actually are. This place looks like a fun way to spend an afternoon!

  7. I love spur of the moment! Looks like a wonderful place, have not visited Buckhead in many years. I also have Roswell on my list. Have a great day!

  8. love all the cute fun things to see and still have some good food, it’s a feast for the senses….Phyllis

  9. Just emailed my sister about Greenwood’s and R. Thomas’. She lives in Cumming and I’m in New Orleans. We’re always looking for recommendations!

  10. What a fun place!
    The vine being supported by the pretty iron/metal bed frame is a Mandevilla.

  11. Susan,
    Oh my gosh! That R. Thomas property is beautiful and fun, whimsy. Right up my alley of what a fun day could be. Full of pleasant and in awe surprizes around each corner! I love being spontaneous but my husband and daughter like to have everything planned out; but not our son and I fly by the seat of our pants! Maybe that’s because we both have ADD. Now what’s the difference between bougainvillea and mandevilla? Somebody gave me one of these plants when we moved here, and I think it was a mandevilla. Whatever it was, it didn’t make it but I’ve always wanted to buy the plant that climbs like a vine like that on the iron bed. Are they annuals only?

  12. Depends, if it is a vacation I would like planning, if it is just an outing I just go with it. Looks like this deserves a second trip, maybe in the Spring, my favorite time of year when everything is fresh and just coming into bloom. I just can’t believe Fall is upon us.

  13. Susan,
    I’ve just been invited to a 40th b-day party next Saturday, by a Dutch couple I met last week, just because we are “neighbors” at the beach, but their other guests will all be “old” friends of them and their relatives! Nice, huh? (Hmmm… I guess they have realized that I’m nice, too! 😉 )
    I was positively surprised, but of course, I accepted their invitation and look forward to meet them all, so I’d say… I have a “plan” for next Saturday but I said “spontaneously” YES to it… lol
    Susan, I ♥ that R. Thomas, especially that mural! You know why! 🙂
    I have one question: Who is “BOB”? (As reason #1 why you shouldn’t wait for a table at Greenwood’s?) lol
    ~Hugs to you~

    • lol I think Bob is the owner…the guy who makes those amazing pies! I don’t know if it’s still that way but used to, on Friday and Saturday nights, there would be a 2 hour wait to get a table unless you got there really early or really late. I never go on those nights for that reason, but it may not be that crazy crowded anymore. I have a feeling it still is, though. Yep, I think I know why you like the mural. Mr. Thomas has a lot of patriotic things all around the restaurant. 🙂 What fun you are going to have! You’ll make lots of new friends, too! This is a dumb question, but what language do the Dutch couple speak? Do they speak Dutch? I really need to travel to your side of the world Cecilia and learn all these wonderful things! Do you speak Dutch, as well?

  14. What a fun place. I’m glad you had a great time.

  15. LOL, Susan, I don’t speak Dutch, but fortunately most Dutch do speak German or English, so we don’t have any problem to comunicate. Susan, why don’t you plan a trip to Europe? When you have your yard done, start $aving your buck$ and hop on a plane to Germany or Italy! Maybe we could meet somewhere?

  16. Love Greenwood’s and am looking forward to checking out R. Thomas’. I love to Go no matter planned or spur of the moment. Don’t like to miss any fun!!! Loved all your pics-you do such a great job.

  17. Was that a piece of lemon meringue pie?! Looks YUMMY! Looks like a great place, I definitely love spur of the moment.

  18. How I love Buckhead – loved to go there when I traveled to Atlanta. There are some GREAT restaurants there.
    It’s been about 10 years since I was there last.
    One of my favorites is Blue Willow in Social Circle. There used to be a little cafe in Covington called Sugar Babs. It was just a little home town cafe, but could Joyce cook.
    just given me 10 minutes to put on a little makeup and I’m good to go, spur of the moment here I come.
    That pie is yummy.

  19. Planning has its place, but the fun is in NO PLANS!
    My husband and I have taken off many times with a bag packed, one person picks a direction and off we go. The only plan is the return date. On one of our trips; we saw a man jogging with two Lama’s, two grown men in their underwear running through commercial sprinklers in a farm field and when we stopped to offer a cold drink to some men broken down at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere (100+ degrees) they asked if we had beer, when we said no, they declined our offer.
    Life is a trip, take it!

  20. Looks like a really fun place! I’m more “planner” than spontaneous, but I’d pack my bags this instant if someone offered me a trip to Europe right now. Or Atlanta 🙂

  21. ~Su san~
    Looks like you girls had a fun day!! I am a planner, but I would go if someone calls !!
    Paula – In.

    p.s I would go to Europe with you, now that”s a plan !! hehee 🙂

  22. Planning depends on what we have to get done. Chores require a list so we can get them done with the least amount of time/gas/effort. Road trips and day trips need a little planning since we have four dogs. We need to know when we will be home so we can make arrangements for them. Once the general time frame is set though, the actual trip is more fun and relaxing to leave to chance.

  23. My personality says plan ahead…no surprises, however, if it doesn’t involve where I sleep or bath then I don’t need a plan. Love that restaurant and wish I lived close enough to try that pie! The vine is Mandeville and is the one I suggested you put in a pot and set at the base of your gas lantern on your walkway to your front door. I see, in the 1st picture, it is also planted growing on what might be a Loropetalum or Barberry bush. Speaking of 1st picture, what was the American flag made out of…love that! Vikki in VA.

  24. What a fun cool place! Thanks for taking me with you!

  25. How fun! I love spur of the moment things too!…Christine

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