Cleaning Those Hard to Reach Windows

Back in May 2012, Nathan with Fish Window Cleaning sent me a can of Fish Foam, their fab window cleaner.  You may remember I tried it on my windows, and loved the results. I didn’t think they were that dirty but once I saw how they looked after cleaning, I was pretty impressed! Amazing how windows can look clean but the grime is there dulling the view and blocking the light. I loved how much more light came through into the rooms once I cleaned the windows.

For some of my home’s windows, I was able to clean both inside and out, but many of the windows were just too high to reach for cleaning the outside glass.

Window Cleaning

Nathan contacted me later to asked if I would be interested in reviewing their window cleaning service. The timing was bad for me and I had to decline, but I kept that offer in the back of my mind since I knew my windows really needed it. As you know, I rarely do product reviews, but having used their window cleaner I knew the quality of their products. When my schedule lightened up, I e-mailed Nathan back to say, “Yes, I’d love to try your window cleaning service.”

Before they arrived I took a little walk around my house and this is what I found.  Yikes! Spiders LOVE my home!

Window Cleaning

I think there must be a giant sign on my front door saying, “All spiders welcomed here!”  Yeah, it was definitely time to let the pros have at it. I had no desire to deal with all those yucky spider webs because where there’s a web, there’s usually an 8-legged occupant!

Window Cleaning 3

Fish Window Cleaning arrived promptly at their scheduled time and got to work.

Window Cleaning 8

And here’s how my windows looked when they were done. πŸ™‚ Good-bye spiders, Hello shiny, clean windows! So much better!

Clean Windows

And those upstairs windows that I could never reach? Sparkling clean!

Cleaned Window


Lower Shipping Costs

Fish Foam has revamped their shipping costs. If you would like to try their Fish Foam cleaner, they now ship anywhere in the continental U.S. for just $5!  That even includes their popular 3-Pack size.  I do love their window cleaner because it stays put and doesn’t run down the window onto the sill (something that always drove me crazy about other cleaners) and it works, no elbow grease needed.

When my irrigation guy came out to service my in-ground system recently, we somehow got on the topic of window cleaning. I gave him the can of Fish Foam I had received in my swag bag when I attended Haven since I already had two cans in my pantry. I knew he would love it!

Fish Foam


Fish Window Cleaning

If you have hard-to-reach windows in need of a good cleaning on the outside like mine, you’ll find your local Fish Window Cleaning service here: Fish Window Cleaning.  Just plug in your zip code and it will pull up the office nearest you.

Window Cleaning
Thanks so much to Nathan and to the crew from my local Fish Window Cleaning for doing such a great job! I’m looking forward to hanging wreaths on clean windows this Christmas!

The Legal Stuff: My windows were cleaned by Fish Foam Window Cleaning at no charge so I could evaluate and review their services. I was not paid to create this review or to publish positive comments and the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. Also, this post doesn’t contain any affiliate links.

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  1. Mary from Virginia says

    I saw their service truck in my neighborhood the other day. I thought of BNOTP right away!

    It looks like they did a wonderful job!

  2. I have been using my local Fish Window Cleaning service ever since I read your first post about them. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. They do a fabulous job!

  3. Linda Page says

    I went to the website and put in my zip code and, lo and behold, there is a Fish Window Cleaning that services my area! When you first mentioned them a year or so ago, I didn’t really think Fish would be in Texas. Now I know who to call. Thanks for the info and reminder!

  4. I love Fish foam window cleaner. I have tried all different brands and this is my favorite. It never fails to get my windows sparkling clean with no streaks. Yarlette

  5. Gayle Maestri says

    Hey Susan,
    Do you have solid wood windows? After Katrina I had the windows of my home all replaced with the vinyl clad insulated kind and although they are wonderful for the insulation value, I find it hard to deal with white vinyl
    windows on the inside, just fine on the out cause my trim is white. I have all wood stained interior finishes and wood flooring and I should have waited for the wood interior window but I didn’t, now I am going to install wood stained blinds or shutters on some of the main living areas……Gotta love real wood.

  6. Looks like they did a great job! You have such a beautiful home! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one plagued with spiders. They are such a nuisance!

  7. Susan,
    Bring “all” the sunshine in!!!
    Amazing how shiny and clean. . .and no spider webs!!!
    Luckily, “Mr. Ed” and I can reach all of our windows!
    Window washing time is usually Memorial Day weekend. . .
    just in time to get rid of the Winter bleakness. . .
    and bring “all” the sunshine indoors!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. I think spiders LOVE all homes! I have wonderful replacement windows that tilt in and I have about 20 windows so am so glad. I ‘m going to order some of this sounds like a great cleaner.

    • Carla, I can’t believe how quickly they rebuild on my porch lanterns. I need to clean those about once a week. Tilt windows do make it a lot easier, for sure! πŸ™‚

  9. They look fantastic! I haven’t seen any advertising here but I am going to look. I know you, you’re getting ready for all the fall and Christmas decor. Smart lady. xo Ginger

  10. Susan-absolutely the best–foam window cleaner! I buy mine at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 a can.
    98% of pros use foam cleaner. I only have one 10′ window facing the woods so I have to hire
    a window cleaner twice a year.

  11. I love ‘Invisible Glass’. It started as a vintage car window cleaner, then in the car section of stores, but now you can buy it anywhere and it does a better job then the old stuff with half the effort. Yea for anyone than can make window cleaning easier!

  12. Your windows look fabulous-guess I’ll be hitting the Dollar Tree for some of that foam. I can reach the outside of most all my downstairs windows but not the ones upstairs. Wish Mr. Fish was in my area but sadly he is not!

  13. I was so happy to read your review of Fish Window Cleaning since I needed to find someone to not only clean my windows, but also to clean an interior high hanging light fixture and two fans that are also pretty high. I went on their website today and requested an estimate. They called right away and have already been here to do the estimate! They will be coming on Monday. So far very impressed!

  14. I love sparkling clean windows! I checked out their website and unfortunately there are locations in Nevada, but, I will try out their cleaning cans since they have revamped their shipping charges! Thanks for the info on their company!

    Pat F.
    Las Vegas

  15. Teresa Martin says

    Hi Susan, I ordered some Fish foam after your earlier post about how you loved it. I haven’t used it correctly or something because it clouds and smears on my windows. I am using it with a clean terry cloth. Any thoughts about what I may be doing wrong? Thank you.

    • Teresa, I’m not sure, it didn’t do that on my windows. I’ll let Nathan know and maybe he’ll have a suggestion.

    • Teresa,
      Good afternoon. I have seen Fish Foam sometime struggle in homes with soap residue on shower doors and smoke/nicotine. Glass cleaner with ammonia is a more powerful window cleaner that will be more effective in these two areas (if your windows are exposed to this). We did choose to make Fish Foam ammonia free for safety and environmental reasons, but there is a trade off. Some windows and mirrors in businesses like hair salons, because of all the hair products and sprays in the air, are best kept clean with soap, water, and scrubbing…that is most effective. If you email me your address at [email protected] I will send you replacement cans along with a few microber towels which may make a difference.

    • Susan I have really enjoyed your blog. Now to the fish window cleaning, after reading your raving about the product, I decided to order. Exited when they arrived I started right in cleaning our windows…oh my had the same problem as Teresa my windows…terrible foggy mess on the out side that i could not get off. I live in In. so decided to call a local franchise and shared my concern… “Kenny Vint “was at or house within the hour, how impressive was that. Now, they use Dawn ultra along with warm water, brought all the tools to clean my window ” at no cost to me ” and fog was gone. That was his recommendation. I do have to say, this is a great product for mirrors, and inside windows if glass is not hot from sun, glad for your recommendation, but a little tricky for outdoor use on windows.Fish window cleaning gave me excellent advice along with customer service. Have a great day,

  16. Thanks for the reminder, Susan! I remember reading about you trying Fish Foam in the spring, and completely forgot to order some. I just did and can hardly wait to use it on my windows this fall. Want them nice and clean before the dark, cold days of winter set in. πŸ™‚ AND I had no idea that Fish had an office 1/2 hour away from me!

    xoxo laurie

  17. Your windows look wonderful!! Will look for that product at the dollar store next time. Maybe the spiders won’t be such a problem anymore since you got rid of so much foliage close to the house, they love heavily wooded areas. Also, dust settles on leaves more than you think, so when it rains it washes off the leaves and onto your house and windows. Mine are cleaner since trimming the tree branches away from the house.

  18. I like to think our spider webs are in the making all year so we will be ready for Halloween .. that works right? πŸ™‚ Sparkling clean windows so you can see all the beauty outside!

  19. Why do those windows get dirty so fast.. after not even a day, they’re all messed up 😐

  20. Those windows do look great, you really don’t notice how dirty your windows were until you get them cleaned. What I want to know is do you clean the shutters as well. Those are really annoying to try and get clean.


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