Decorating English Country Style

Welcome to the 36th Metamorphosis Monday!

To start this Met Monday off, I just want to say thank-you to everyone who left a comment yesterday. And, thanks so much for all the fabulous suggestions on how to fix my poor champagne bucket. I can’t wait to try some of your suggestions…keep your fingers crossed!

When I was looking for furniture for my family room many years ago, I just bought what I liked and what I thought would work for the room. Years later, after my decorating book obsession took hold, I begin to realize that my family room, according to those books, had a bit of an “English Country” feel to it. After thinking about it some, I realized I really do like the English Country look.

Family Room With Judges Paneling


Over the years, this room has gradually taken on a bit of a hunting lodge/woodland theme. I’ve tried to not go overboard, but this room has sort of decorated itself. It kept “making” me put English Country and hunt themed stuff in here. And it was definitely “going to the dogs” as you can see by the painting above the sofa…

Living Room Decorated in English Country Style Hunt Theme


and this lamp….

Living Room Decorated in English Country Style Hunt Theme


and the Staffordshire doggies on the mantel…

Living Room Decorated in English Country Style with Judges Paneling


and this…

Trash can with Hunt Theme


and the little lamp I had made for a small table by one of the chairs. Click HERE to see a lamp made from this same doggie and and HERE for directions for making your own lamp.

Dog Lamp made from Ceramic Dog


So, what in the world does this all have to do with Met Monday? Well, I thought I’d show you a little “Before and After” that involves a half bath located off a short hallway close to the family room. The hallway is also paneled with judges paneling and the paneled hallway, as well as the location of this half bath, greatly influenced how I decorated this room. I couldn’t see walking from the warm, cozy, paneled family room and out of the paneled hallway into an ultra modern bathroom.

If you’ve been reading BNOTP for a while, you’ve taken a few trips in my time machine before. We videotaped rooms as we walked through this house, prior to actually buying it, so I have some more old “footage” to share that will give you an idea of the “Before.”

As you can see in the pic below, the walls in the half bath were covered in sort of a salmon pink wall paper that had little, white polka-dots all over it. There was an oval, gold toned, plastic mirror above the sink. Gold tone I can live with…plastic, not so much.

Bath Renovation with Thibaut Paper


The sink had a dark green “cultured” marble top…popular for the time frame during which the home was built. Unfortunately, I haven’t replaced that, yet. Not sure what I’m going to use, maybe something that looks like (or is) furniture.

Bath Renovation with Thibaut Paper


I didn’t want to just paint the walls in this half bath, so I ultimately decided to re-wallpaper it. I’ve recently read that wallpaper is making a bit of a comeback. I redid this bath several years ago…long before I read that. I have a tendency to do my own thing and don’t really follow the trends. No one ever accused me of being on the cutting age in decorating.

I’m usually reluctant to use wallpaper in most rooms because it’s just so much trouble to remove when you are ready for a change. Yet, having said that, some of my favorite rooms are wallpapered. Check out some of these awesome rooms below…all covered in GORGEOUS Thibaut wallpaper. Thibaut has some really beautiful wallpapers and fabrics. Hint…the wallpaper I used in my half bath is a Thibaut paper and is one of the following…can you guess which one?

All wallpaper images below are from Thibaut.

Blue Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper

Toile Thibaut Wallpaper

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper

Topiary Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper

Blue Damask Thibaut Wallpaper

Blue Thibaut Wallpaper

Thibaut Wallpaper

Blue Floral Thibaut Wallpaper

Blue and White Nautical Wallpaper

Red Damask Thibaut Wallpaper

Well, did you see a paper in that grouping that just might work in my half bath, one that has a bit of hunt theme/English Country feel? Remember, the entrance to the half bath is surrounded by judges paneling and is in a hallway right off the family room.

How about this one? It’s from Thibaut’s Far Hills Collection and the pattern is Brandy Wine.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper

So here’s how it came out. It’s a bit hard to take pics in such a small space, plus, it’s a dreary, raining day outside, so it may appear a bit blah.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


I love wreaths and this one just seemed to fit the wallpaper with it’s natural, woodsy feel.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


Remember the old light fixture? It was a bit too frilly for this wall paper and it was stark white. Not good.

So, I replaced it with this fixture I installed all by myself.  Yea, for girl power!

I plugged a radio into the electrical outlet and went downstairs to the basement where all the switches are located. I flipped each one until I heard the radio go off. Then I came back up and tried the light switch and guess what? The light still came on! GASP! So, don’t ever think that just because you turned off the electricity to the outlet in a room, that you’ve also killed the power to the light fixture in the same room. It doesn’t always work that way, sometimes they are on different circuits.

So, I had to do it the hard way: Flip a switch, run upstairs, check to see if the light was off. Nope. Back downstairs, flip the next one, run back upstairs, check to see if the light is still on. Yes. Back downstairs….you get the picture. I got my exercise that day, but it beats being electrocuted!

Once I got the power shut off to the light, I just removed the old one and wired in the new one, following the way the old one was done, matching the colors of the wires. It was actually very easy. Light fixture came from Home Depot and was on sale for around $40.


When I have a party or friends over, I turn off the overhead light and just use the lamp along with candles. Yes, I have a lamp in the bathroom, by now, you know I’m lamp crazy. Found the mirror at Old Time Pottery for only $35.

Lamplight in Powder Room


Close-up of paper…I was told by the wallpaper store staff, this paper is very popular for dining rooms. I could also see it in a study or a library. The green in it works well with my counter/sink top that I’m stuck with for the time being.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


I love it when a bathroom is large enough to hold a piece of furniture. It makes it feel a little less like a bathroom and more like a real room.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


The pheasant plate is vintage, made in Germany.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper


I believe this piece was an old music/record cabinet in its day.

Antique Record Cabinet


Sheet music may have been stored on these shelves. I use them to hold monogrammed hand towels and paper hand towels. I often put both cloth and paper ones out when guests are here, that way they can use which ever they prefer. The red monogrammed towel is for Christmas time.

Storage in Antique Record Cabinet


And I think this is where the records would have been stored…great place to store more hand towels. Does anyone know if this was indeed an old music cabinet?

Storage in Antique Record Cabinet


Hope you enjoyed this mini-redo of my half bath.

Far Hills Thibaut Wallpaper

Let’s go see what everyone else has been working on…lots of wonderful “Before and Afters” await!

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  1. The little chest is an old record cabinet. I had one very similar and I wish I still had it today! Daring idea to use it as secretary though!!


  2. tales from an oc cottage says

    Those papers are all so stunning! WOW!
    That little cabinet is too adorable! Clever!!

    m ^..^

  3. Rainy Day Farm says

    Beautiful living room. I want to get a cup of tea and a good book and curl up in that room and get lost.
    Love the bathroom too! Love the lamp in the bathroom. I am going to have to do that.
    Thanks for sharing so much beauty!

  4. Cindy (Applestone Cottage) says

    Hi Susan,
    This is a super duper fabulous Met. Monday! I am so glad wallpaper is making a come-back because I've always loved it! Your is gorgeous and fits so perfectly!! Kudos to you for installing the fixture yourself, Go Girl! I am usually the one standing up stairs yelling down to hubby while he turns them off and on. I love that little music table it fits perfectly!!! Your bathroom is gorgeous, and love all the wallpaper shown. Hugs, Cindy

  5. Christi @ A Southern Life says

    When I was scrolling through, I knew exactly which one you used. It fits your theme perfectly! I love your living room as well. Of course, I think when you add a dog to any room, it makes it more cozy! Beautiful bathroom!


  6. Mid-Atlantic Martha says

    I almost passed out looking at the wallpaper — loved it all! Love your new look in the bath. Beautiful!

  7. You did an outstanding job on your half bath! That is beautiful paper. And matches your theme so well. Your house is perfect in every room. It must be a show piece. LOVELY!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. I've missed you guys since I have done Met M in awhile & Tablescaping has NOT been a happening thing. Been doing good just to get something fixed to eat. Hope to get back on track! But, I did play Met Monday today. HUGS!

  8. I never tire of telling you how talented and resourceful you are! Just Skyped with my son in Roswell and he is ready for the sun to shine again ~ though in looking at your forecast, it isn't too promising. I am coming to Atlanta in November. Maybe we can do lunch?

  9. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! I can vouch for a fact that the wallpaper is gorgeous…having seen it with my own two eyes! πŸ™‚ I am sooooo impressed that you wired the lights yourself!! You go, girl!! Happy week!…Debbie

  10. Blondie's Journal says

    Not yet a year into blogging, I love to see the changes you have made in your home (thinking you already posted about them).

    I think weallpaper is making a comeback. Maybe it is the economy, people want to feel like they are adding a bit of permanance to their homes. Lucky for me, I never changed my wallpaper and it still looks pretty much in vogue!!

    Love what you did with the bathroom…the paper is awesome. Not Field & Stream, more like Kensington Palace!! πŸ˜‰


  11. ~Country Lady~ says

    Love this redo!! The paper is fantastic!! It was made to order for this bathroom and the theme you have going. The cabinet is to die for!! You have exquisite taste. Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post and metamorphosis. BTW, thanks for hosting this event. It's appreciated.

  12. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    I removed a wallpaper from our half bath but I painted it a beige color so that I can change out the towels and accessories. I love the wallpaper you chose though; it suits your family room decor. I think it looks very pretty. And look at you playing with changing out light fixtures ~ you are a brave one!

  13. I am VERY impressed with your electrical skills and perserverance! Love that wallpaper.

  14. That wallpaper seems perfect from what I've seen of your home. I love to see wallpaper in the baths.

    My entire downstairs is paneled and I just love using the hunting scenes. It feels like a cabin at the lake and that's good because we live at the lake!

    Just love what you have done. I love to decorate too.

  15. Oh, Susan your little bathroom is beautiful in it's gorgeous wallpaper! I love wallpaper too, especially when it makes such a statement as yours! The little cabinet is lovely and I do belive it's a music cabinet!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚ Oh – I love that gorgeous wreath on the wall!

  16. marty (A Stroll Thru Life) says

    Susan, it is just gorgeous. I love wallpaper, and I am so afraid to use it anymore, however I use to have every room in my house wallpapered. Your bathroom is just lovely. The paper is perfect, and the little chest is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  17. well dear,i know you well.i selected the exact paper you just had to be.
    what a lovely room.i adore every inch of ausual…anniepoo

  18. Fabulous redo on that bathroom.

    You know how I feel about Old Time Pottery too! Great Mirror you found there.

    Don't all those beautiful wallpapers make you wish you had more rooms to do?

  19. Shady Creek Lane says

    Such a fabulous transformtion. I love it that you aren't intimated by wall paper. It almost tells a story. And love the idea of a lamp in the bathroom. Sometimes the lights can be so blaring and bright.

  20. Hi Susan,
    I like the wallpaper, it's funny how things come and go in and out of fashion – in all things: food, clothing, hair, home decor. Your home is so gorgeous! It looks so cozy, yet elegant at the same time. My place is definitely more along the "laid-back" theme! Ah well, one can dream….
    Hope you have a very nice week, good luck also with that silver bucket. Bet some sort of soldering would work.
    Hope you'll stop by for a visit some time,
    Heidi – Heart and Home

  21. Let it Shine says

    Your house is so warm and beautiful. Thanks for hosting such a fun event every week!!

  22. Ashley @ AshleysBusy says

    Gorgeous wallpaper photos. I always think I don't like wallpaper, and then I see pics like those and I change my mind. πŸ™‚

  23. Susan I knew that was the one you would have picked. Some of those rooms were just too much for me. The one you chose is classy.
    I like your hunt theme. It is substantial and seems historical too. A room that has been through the years, the times, good and bad. A room where family comes together before dinner for a cocktail.

  24. Charming Susan…your LVR is just so warm and inviting! And the wallpapers are stunning!

  25. Hi Susan,

    What a warm half~bath! I love the colors. The wallpaper is just perfect as it leads to your living room with its theme. I love the pheasant plate too and of course the antique piece. It's great for holding your towels and such. Not sure if it held music or not but it's definitely a possibility.

    I just love your home. Everything you've done is so inspirational. I've learned so much from you and your talents, thank you, thank you for always sharing.

    Thanks too for hosting this party. It's always so much fun to see what everyone has transformed.

  26. Blue Creek Home says

    I love your bath update. It is so pretty, and I guessed correctly the wallpaper!!
    Thanks for hosting this fun event every week.
    And just in case it matters…I accidentally linked to TableScapes first…duh!

  27. Hi Susan,
    The bathroom looks beautiful! My son would go crazy for your home, he has the same taste in decorating as you. Have a wonderful week.

  28. I love your new wallpaper. How you manage to get so many projects completed is a wonder! Great idea to use your music cabinet as a towel holder. My mom uses hers for placemats and wine.

  29. What a beautiful job you did in coordinating your bathroom with the family room. They feel very nice together. I am so impressed with you hanging the light fixture!

  30. Peg @ Bloomfield Farm says

    I love the bathroom wallpaper and I actually guessed it without peeping. I have that "cultured" marble in my upstairs baths too and I am also perplexed as to how to update those rooms. I did put a piece of furniture in my downstairs bath; it's in my post today.

  31. Marsha's Mpressions says

    Susan, love your half bath!! Love the wallpaper and the antique that holds your bathroom goodies! Thanks for hosting today.

  32. I love the wallpaper you chose, and I was pretty sure that was the one. I used to LOVE wallpaper, so I'm glad it's making a come-back. Love your little record cabinet too.

  33. nannykim at spindle cottage says

    bEAUTIFUL bathroom–I think the wallpaper gives it a warm richness. Love the wreath too. Your living area is definetly English Country and so inviting!! Wonderful!!

  34. Great transformation — love the wallpaper and the rest ofthe things in your room.

  35. Robin Hill Quilts says

    Okay Susan, I have just discovered your blog along with my daughter and sister-in-law and we are blown away~I need to take it all in and as soon as i can i will actually be able to comment appropriately~for now all i can say is WOW~ and thank-you for such inspiration!

  36. Susan, you never cease to amaze me. Now you are an electrician! Love your choices. Your home is sheer delight. I always look forward to my visit at your place. Thanks for sharing again and again. ~ Sarah

  37. Susan, thanks so much for hosting every week! Your family room is so warm and inviting, just like you!

  38. Your bath fits in perfectly! That paper is beautiful and the wreath just adds the perfect touch. Wanna come to my house??

  39. I love your family room!! Love the hunt theme. (Even though I really hate hunting) but I do have an English Pointer, so there you go. The wall paper in the bath goes perfectly. That little record cabinet works great in there.

  40. The papers are just beautiful.
    I love your bath and I know it is just right for the room beside it.
    Your entire house is just magnificent..has it been featured in magazines?
    Many thanks for hosting this fun day..
    I just checked and realized that, somehow, I had not signed up to follow you. I am a follower now..So sorry…I DO check your blog every single day, tho.
    xo bj

  41. Sue @ Not the Good Scissors! says

    The bathroom is very elegant. I also like a furniture piece in the bathroom. It really does make the perfect place to put your seasonal items for that room.

  42. Hi Susan,
    Another brilliant post! It's always fun to see another room in your lovely home, and it's inspiring to see how you've used your energy, taste, and creativity to achieve something very special.

    First we learn you're a carpenter (with your china closet re-do), and now you tell us you're an electrician as well!

    Wow! Is there anything this amazing woman can NOT do? πŸ˜‰

    Hope you have a great week! See you on Tablescape Thursday!

    Bye for now,

  43. Someone's Mom says

    The paper is perfect to compliment your family room (which is wonderful)and carry the theme throughout. It is certainly the one I would have picked for you. There were some great papers in the collection you shared. After a huge old total house redo back in the 90's, where even the ceilings were layered with wallpaper…I've avoided all wallpaper in the next 2houses. Yours looks very elegant.


  44. Claudia@DipityRoad says

    Soooooo very spectacular!! It's been a while since I had a met to share on Monday…

    Thanks so much for having this for us weekly — very much appreciated!

    Simply beautiful.

    TTFN~~ Claudia &heart; β™₯

  45. Fifi Flowers says

    I'm not a big wallpaper fan in my home… but I like it in our people's homes!

  46. abnsigoslady says

    Wow…all the pictures are beautiful. The wallpaper is very inspiring. Makes me want to got buy some bolts right now…Thanks so much for hosting and sharing. laura@the mansion

  47. Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst says

    Great bathroom redo! I love the little cabinet in there, and yay for girl power! You go girl!

  48. HI Susan,The paper perfectly compliments your family room …and looks wonderful. Love your choices. Your home is so pretty. I always look forward to my visits at your place. Thanks for sharing…

  49. Susan,
    Thanks for the tour and your bathroom is just beautiful.

  50. Alisa Lucas-Brown says

    Hi Susan,
    I love the wallpaper! It turned out beautifully. I like to use paper and borders in small spaces like powder rooms, bathrooms or studies. The inspiration picutres you shared are gorgeous!

  51. Linda (Nina's Nest) says

    Susan, Such pretty wallpaper! Really love the choice you picked for your bath. Also, darling little cabinet – love its charm! Thanks for hosting Met Monday so faithfully! Linda

  52. Tammy@InStitches says

    Yay, I picked the right one ! What a cozy room.

  53. ~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ says

    Hi Susan~ ~
    I love the way your new paper follows the theme of the den. I really do love wallpaper weather it's in or out it's my choice of wall covering. Interesting how our recently purchased house is full of it. My choices would not be the same as those made by the previous owners but it definately gives the house character and a different look than the rest of the neighborhood.
    Your bathroom is charming. Love the pheasants!
    I'll be doing some wallpapering of my own this week. Looking forward to having it done for next weeks Met Monday.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  54. The wallpaper looks wonderful and it compliments your green sink.
    Tis all very nice and looks inviting!
    Have a blessed life,
    d from Homehaven

  55. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Susan, I loved all those wallpapered rooms. I could be convinced to use wallpaper again in a small area. Those pics are very enticing.

    I have the same light fixture you have here in my master bath (mine is the 3 light). Yep, from HD!

  56. black eyed susans kitchen says

    You know, its funny, but when I was looking at the different wallpaper options, I thought that I liked the pheasant print best and that was the one that you chose. So…great choice! They say, that if you choose items in decorating that you like, you will end up with a room that works together. It seems to me that is exactly what you did. Love the room and the theme. A little note about the previous post, try a different jeweler. They should be able to solder it back on. Perhaps there is an online source for that.
    β™₯, Susan

  57. I chose the correct wallpaper, yay me! LOL! Not really, being a long time blog reader it was pretty easy for me to pick it out. I love your home and especially love when you give us "tours" like this one into the rooms and your thoughts about decorating them. I had been waiting for a bath post and you came through. Thanks, Susan!

  58. What a transformation!

  59. Hello Dearheart…

    What a fabulous Met Monday post, Susan! I have always loved the look and feel of your fabulous family room…ohhh, I would love to copy it and have a room just like this at my house!!! I really enjoyed what you said about this room decorating itself! I think it may be that "house whisperer" thing again! When it looks fabulous and feels fantastic…it's done right! This room certainly fits that billing! I love the bath just as much…it's lovely!!! That wallpaper is gorgeous…love the warm colors and ohhh, those pheasants just make my heart go "pitter-patter"!!! Love the beautiful antique record cabinet…it's so perfect in there! And Girlfriend, I am definitely impressed with your electrician and carpentry skills!!! You're such a talented lady!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing more of your fabulous home with us today! I loved that bath metamorphosis! Also, thank you for hosting Met Monday, I was able to get in on the party today!!!

    Have a marvelous Monday, Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  60. Hi Susan
    Everything you decorate looks beautiful. I love the wallpaper in the bathroom. No one uses wallpaper much these days and it is a shame because it makes a room looks so rich. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  61. Miss Mustard Seed says

    Your home looks so rich and warm. You have a great eye! Thank you for much for sharing the pictures of your lovely home with all of us. I look forward to seeing more!

  62. Cass @ That Old House says

    Oh Susan, I could live with any one of those wallpapers — they are just gorgeous. I would love wallpaper in our dining room, but then I'd have to live alone as my husband would have left me for making him wallpaper.

    But it is so beautiful. Your family room is stunning too! the powder room is a perfect "accessory."

  63. I drool over and lust after your rooms.:-) I find it fascinating that your room looks like it is in the middle of the English countryside, and Miss Marple could be found knitting and solving a mystery there…..but when I go to the English blogs…there I find bright primary colours, or vintige kitchy mid-century decor, so unlike what one thinks of. I'll take your room any day. Gorgeous, Susan, just gorgeous.

  64. Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow says

    I love your bathroom – mine is so tiny I don't even have room in there for a laundry basket!!

  65. The Crazy Suburban Mom says

    Honestly, those rooms are just stunning! I've never seen your blog before… and it's breathtaking. Wow. I love the topiary wall paper and wish I had a room that would suit that. I would love that paper. oh wow would I

  66. Design Junkie says

    As pretty as the currently trendy Swedish and Belgian styles are, I've always preferred the warmth and coziness of English Country. Those are two beautiful rooms you've designed.

  67. Very, very nice Susan!! Good job on the DIY projects…you go girl! You have a lovely home, bathrooms and all. Hey, hang onto that green sink becuase don't you know,sure as heck a comeback is going to be right around the corner. πŸ˜‰ Hugs, Jan

  68. Mary Ellen (megardengal) says

    Susan THank you again for hosting Met Monday!! Love looking at all the transformations! I am so glad you talked about wallpaper- I have a bedroom which is wallpapered and want to change it someday but it is pretty and goes with the old house.


  69. Thanks for the help on the photo issues I am having. I tried what you suggested but it still does not work. It is so strange to see some blogs and not see all the photos that they are talking about. Very strange and I have a new computer so I don't know what the issue is. If I ever figure this all out I will let you know. Sue and I wished you were with us at the quilt show as it was amazing.

  70. Jane (Frugal Fine Living) says

    Your half-bath redo is gorgeous!


  71. cindy@cottage instincts says

    Your wallpaper is AMazINg! I'm soooo tempted to use some in our dining area, but I haven't found any I can't live without yet. :o) Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

  72. Oooo some pretty wallpapers and that bathroom turned out great, good choice! I love seeing your home! Missing joining in on Met Mondays and Tablescape Thursdays but will be back soon, when wedding etc. is over. Only 4 days now.
    Linda Q

  73. P.S. Susan, I have an antique record cabinet that is more like an end table, and it is for music, whether long play albums or sheet music. Yours is in excellent shape! I will email you a picture of mine…is your's restored?

  74. Mama Thompson says

    Love all the ideas and inspiration…

  75. Wow! You find such beautiful pictures to share! Thanks – and I think your little bathroom turned out perfect for your room.

  76. I just wanted to pop in to say that I think your home is gorgeous! I really like your decorating style. WOW!

  77. Wow, your house just takes my breath away. I like all the paper but I really liked the cream colored one featured with a white
    clawfoot tub.

  78. Oh my goodness! What an absolutely GORGEOUS family room. That is soooo my style. I love it. The bathroom looks very, very nice. You have exquisite taste. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas, makeovers and pictures!

  79. Beautiful, Susan….as always! πŸ™‚

  80. Hi Susan…ofcourse adore the family room…it's so Ralph Laurenee…and the guest bathroom it terrific. Love the wallpaper and Bravo to you for installing the light fixture…Is there anything you can't do??

  81. This is the first time I have seen this room, Susan, and just like the rest of your house, I love it! I have kept 2 wallpapers in our house, the master bath and formal dining room. I like wallpaper and I like what you picked! Soooo pretty!….Christine

  82. Wow! I just adore this powder room β™₯ As always, your wallpaper choice was wonderful! I love every detail of your home, it's so warm and inviting and, well… perfect! The best part is that you're true to yourself and choose what pleases you rather than following trends. Love that!

  83. Susan,
    Your post of today is wonderful, adorable,….

    I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE your family room!
    I have looked at the images again and again! So cosy!
    And wonderful wood paneling! And yes it looks so english country and it is fantastic.
    That painting of the dogs, I would have it in my home!

    And thank you for al these inspiring images of wallpapers and fabrics!

    Again a wonderful post Susan!!


  84. I am hoping to do some wallpaers in a few spaces next year. I love the look. And I love what you have done with your wonderful room! Your house is so beautiful. I love the English look so much and your home is both elegant and warm and cozy. Bot everyone can pull that off!

  85. Anonymous says

    I found your blog by accident while on line searching for Toile wallpaper to purchase. Needless to say, I've bookmarked your page! Your home is absolutely BREATHTAKING! You've got fabulous taste. And your pets are just darling! I'll be back! –Holly

  86. Asheville Wallpaper says

    Great idea to use your music cabinet as a towel holder.

  87. I would love to send you photo’s of my powder room that also has Thibaut wallpaper. Mine has monkeys!

  88. snowy trees (pam) says

    I knew you were a kindred spirit, Susan! Even though I only recently discovered this cozy corner of the internet, I already “knew” that was the wallpaper you’d chosen. Maybe that’s because it’s exactly what I would have chosen. I’m into the English country house / hunting look, too. And since I am planning to wallpaper my home office soon, I’m so glad I came across your recommendation of Thibaut wall papers. I actually stumbled up on to The Porch because I was searching for buffalo checked curtains and found your article on your office curtains, lol. I just need to carve out more time to hang out — I feel so at home here and I love that it inspires me to tie up loose ends at my own house. If only we were neighbors ….

    • Hi Pam! So glad you found BNOTP! I do love the English Country look…it just feels so warm and inviting. It works well in this house, too since it has a traditional interior. There are definitely lots of loose ends around here, too…so I’m always tweaking something. πŸ™‚

  89. snowy trees says

    I’m so glad I found it too! And I owe it all to my search for buffalo check curtains, lol. I feel a renewed energy for getting projects done! I’ve only been in my current home for a little over a year and I’ve got the bones in place, but need the final touches like accessories, rugs and wall art.

    Two things I’d like to mention; my mom named me Susan after her favorite actress, Susan Heyward. At the last minute, while leaving the hospital, she changed my name to Pamela. So I was almost a Susan, too, lol.

    Also, while you call that magical time of day The Blue Hour, I mentioned that I had always called it The Children’s Hour. And you call your paneling, Judges Paneling, while I call it Linenfold Paneling (though Judges does seem more fitting.) I was curious about the difference, if any, and did a google image search of both Linenfold Paneling and Judges Paneling and I was so happy to find your Family Room under the pictures for the Judges Paneling. I’m sure you probably knew it was there, but how fun to have something of yourself out there in a Google Image search as a model of something beautiful. And that cozy room is a perfect demonstration for not only the paneling, but the English Country / Hunting theme which somehow merges perfectly with the whole “Southern Living,” vibe.

    Now I can’t wait to get my office done. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Google is all-knowing and all-wise. Well, some of the time. πŸ™‚ I haven’t heard of Linenfold Paneling…we just call it judges paneling around these parts. You’re starting on the fun part now…the accessories and such.

  90. such a great site…glad I found it.
    I have had the pheasant paper in DR for 7-8 years. If a person can love paper then I have had an on going
    affair with that design for a long time. is one step behind my husband. It is so warm, friendly and pheasant (pleasant ):)

    • Thanks, Bille! I love that paper, too. Great to meet another pheasant fan. πŸ™‚ I love anything that feels English Country. I need to renovate my guest bath and when I do, I’m going to try and keep the paper. I have some left over so when I do another vanity in there, I’m hoping that paper can be used if needed.
      I just noticed the pictures in this post were kind of weird looking, don’t know if you noticed. This post was first written when my blog was on the Blogger platform and the pictures were sized for that platform which was bigger. I just went through and fixed all the pictures so if you look at the post again, the pictures should look normal now and not kind of skewed like they were before.

  91. lenda davis says

    I ALWAYS LOVE LOOKING AT YOUR HOUSE, ENGLISH COUNTRY AND TRAD. Are MY style, too..EVERY THING LOOKS SO CLASSY AND INVITING. I. M looking for an iron bed for guest room, do you know the name of the CO. That made YOURS. Thanks

    • Thanks so much, Lenda, really appreciate that! I just took a look at the bed in guest room to see if it had any marking or stickers anywhere. I don’t see anything on the siderails or anywhere to indicate who made it. It’s not an antique but not new either. I found it while antiquing so unfortunately, I don’t know much about it. I hope you can find one. I just looked on eBay and searched for brass and white iron bed and a bunch popped up…you may want to check on there typing in lots of different search terms to see what pops up.

  92. I tried clicking on where you suggest on how to make that adorable staffirdshire lamp but nothing happens:(

  93. Love that mirror – thanks for including us in your lovely room design!

  94. Love your style, thanks for keeping it real, the all white rooms are nice but I don’t think I could go there. KATE

  95. As always, your style is perfect, elagant, warm and cozy. This home say come on in and stay a while.

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