Celebrating Doris Day: 3 Movie House Tours and 2 Fashion Posts

Ever since I heard about Doris Day’s passing on May 13th, I’ve been wanting to share a post linking back to some of the movies of her’s that I’ve shared here on the blog. I’ve always enjoyed her movies, especially the light-hearted, romantic comedies. From what I’ve read in various articles online, Doris was in very good health for someone her age (she was 97) but apparently, she came down with pneumonia and was unable to recover. I was sad to hear of her passing as I’m sure many of you were, too.

One of the things I really admired about Doris Day was how hard she worked to bring awareness to animal abuse. She worked closely with The Humane Society and formed her own organization, The Doris Day Animal League. The league worked hard to create changes that”led to dozens of bills, final rules and policies on the federal level which helped end abusive videos, protect chimpanzees from invasive research and regulate the online sale of puppies” per the league’s Executive Director, Sara Amundson.

If you were a Doris Day fan, I hope you’ll enjoy these previous posts. The first three are “movie house tours” of the wonderful homes in the movies, Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers.

The last two posts I’ve linked below are posts featuring the wonderful fashions and hats worn by Doris in the movies, Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.

NOTE: Click on the title for each movie to access that house tour or fashion post.

Pillow Talk   (Click title to view post.)

Take a tour of the New York apartments belonging to Jan (Doris Day) and Brad (Rock Hudson) in the romantic comedy, Pillow Talk.

Pillow Talk Movie, Doris Day, Rock Hudson



Lover Come Back  (Click title to view post.)

Take a tour of Jerry’s (Rock Hudson) and Carol’s (Doris Day) New York apartments in the romantic comedy, Lover Come Back.

Lover Come Back Movie, Rock Hudson, Doris Day

Lover Come Back with Rock Hundson and Doris Day


Send Me No Flowers (Click title to view post.)

In the hilarious movie, Send Me No Flowers, we are treated to another great movie house.

Send Me No Flowers Movie, Doris Day


Send Me No Flowers Starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day, Tour this Movie House


The Fashions Doris Wore in Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back  (Click title to view post.)

Doris wore so many wonderful outfits in both of the movies, Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back.


Doris Day Fashions in Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back



Hat’s in the movie Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back (Click title to view post.)

I couldn’t get over all the fun hats in Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back. I bet Doris started a big hat craze back when these movies came out!

Hats worn by Doris Day in Movies, Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back


Hope you enjoy these posts featuring a wonderfully talented woman with a very big heart.♥ You will be missed, Doris Day! ♥

Doris Day's Hats in Lover Come Back and Pillow Talk

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  1. Cyndi Raines says

    Oh my gosh Susan! My sister just watched 3 of her movies from our local library and convinced me to go and get them. “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies” and “Lullabye on Broadway”- she was an excellent dancer as well as a singer! Tomorrow I’m watching “The Pajama Game”, haven’t seen that one before. My favorite is the one with James Garner where she plays his wife but was lost on a island with Chuck Conners for 7 years, but they are rescued. The fun begins when she returns just as James was becoming interested in someone else because he thought she was dead. I agree her outfits are awesome. Yes, she was a great animal lover and will be missed. Thank you for doing a post in her honor. ♥️

    • Oh, I want to see all those! Those sound so good, Cyndi! Thanks for telling me about them. I’m going to start a list of all her movies that I want to watch, she was in so many good ones!

  2. Edith (Penny) Weldon says

    I was such a BIG fan of Doris Day, growing up! She was the Good Girl who was also the Girl Next Door, you wanted to be friends with. She was always such a joy to hear, her gorgeous voice was as beautiful as she was. Doris was a CLASS ACT always and did not act out like some modern day actresses with their demands. She did not like strife or drama at work either! Also she was super generous with her time and money for what she believed in, animals who needed her help. We will not see a LADY of this caliber again and that saddens me.
    Do enjoy viewing all of her films, especially her dramatic ones. She was a rare talent indeed and and adored her viewers!

  3. cleo headley says

    Thank you for this post!! She was always one of my favorites, and loved her growing up, she was a positive example for me. And her outfits…what can I say??

  4. Thank you for sharing this post about Doris Day. She was such a talented, beautiful lady. I loved all her movies and her clothes were always amazing. Too bad no one makes movies like her’s anymore. She was one of a kind and a treasure on film.

  5. Doris owned the Cypress Inn, a lovely place in Carmel, CA. The Cypress Inn welcomes well behaved dogs to stay with their owners. Within the Inn, Terry’s Lounge, named after her son Terry Melcher, is know for their martinis and burgers. In the past years Doris would frequent the Inn, I was a frequent visitor also and was lucky enough to see her on several occasions. A lovely tall beauty, even in her later years. Thanks Susan!

  6. My favorite–all my life. I wanted to be her–kind, talented, a great singer, loved by all the men she co-starred with–what a woman. Alas, I did not turn into Doris, but all my life she was one of my role models. She was a working woman, as someone said “the good girl” and managed to do it all perfectly. I loved her dramatic performance in Love Me or Leave Me with James Cagney. This was a tough man to impress, and he loved her as well. She will be missed, but her movies will play in this home forever.

  7. Thank you so much, for this post!!!!!!

    Who didn’t love Doris Day? -smile-

    I am going to link to this wonderful post of yours, in my blog.

    Again, thank you!

  8. All I can say is I love love loved her and all her movies!! So sad to hearing of her passing!!!

  9. Pillow Talk is one my top favorite movies. Even as a little girl, I loved the fashion and decor! I was always so embarrassed by my freckles as a child and Mama would say “ Doris Day has freckles and she is a glamorous movie star”! I have so much respect for her animal work and that she stuck by her dear friend Rock Hudson when he was first diagnosed with AIDS until he died. Those were the days when just mentioning the disease would make you an outcast. Doris Day was a class act.

  10. I loved Doris Day and her movies! Her voice, her platinum blonde hair, her smile and style- it was a different time. Her movies didn’t have the vulgarity that you can’t seem to avoid today. She was a lovely person!

  11. Bobbi Duncan says

    I love Doris Day and all her movies, and was sad when I learned she had passed; a lovely person who was a big part of my growing up years. I have such fond memories of my mom and I watching many of her movies together. I always felt that my mother was like Ms. Day, with her behavior and elegant style. Wish life was like some of those old movies, when things seemed simpler–I think things were much simpler then–at least my life felt that way back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. I also loved Alma and the way she and Ms. Day interacted. Thanks for the memories. Hugs!

  12. I’ve seen all the movies you mentioned and some others. She certainly was a great actress. Her light hearted movies are wonderful.

  13. Don’t forget Midnight Lace with Rex Harrison!

  14. I loved watching these growing up. She was always so charming. I hadn’t heard of her passing! What an amazing legacy she left behind.

  15. What a great post! She was one of my favorites when I was growing up. It was fun to take a closer look at the fashions and decorating from the movies. Thanks!

  16. One of my favorite houses in a Doris Day movie was the house from The Thrill of it All. She played the wife of a doctor and mother to two adorable children, living in the suburbs of New York, who ended up becoming the Happy Girl in Happy soap commercials. The house was great … lots of windows and lots of blue!

  17. Hi Susan- AMC television channel is featuring several Doris Day movies today!

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