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It’s the weekend!  Have you anything special planned this beautiful fall day?

I’m looking forward to a very special evening.  A friend of mine had a kidney transplant a year ago and he’s throwing a party to celebrate that he’s had no problems, no rejection and has been able to enjoy a full year off dialysis.  The guest of honor for the party will be his donor, a dear friend of his, who in an unbelievably generous act of kindness and love, gave one of her kidneys to help my friend.  What a wonderful celebration it will be!  I’m looking forward to meeting this beautiful person who has given my friend a most amazing gift.

Pillow Talk:  Tour the New York Apartments in This Classic Doris Day & Rock Hudson Movie

You may remember from a couple of previous posts, I had a Rock Hudson, Doris Day movie marathon about a year or two back and watched the three movies in this Romance Collection.  I shared the homes featured in two of the movies: Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers.  (Those tours can be viewed here:  Lover Come Back: Tour the New York Apartments in this Doris Day and Rock Hudson Classic And Send Me No Flowers: Tour This Classic Doris Day, Rock Hudson Movie House 

Today, we’re touring the New York apartments from the romantic comedy, Pillow Talk, filmed in 1959.  I was just two years old when this movie came out so it’s fun knowing these were probably the movies my parents were going to the theater to see.  Pillow Talk was the first of three movies where Doris Day and Rock Hudson starred together, the other two being those in this Romance Collection.

I read at Wikipedia (where I found the pic below) that Pillow Talk was named to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant and thus, is being preserved.  Pillow Talk was a huge box office success and grossed big bucks for that time.  Guess that’s why they went on to make Send Me No Flowers and Lover Come Back.

Who could resist going to a movie with this poster as the advertisement.  What a beautiful couple Doris Day and Rock Hudson made on the silver screen.

Brief snynopsis:

We’re here to check out the interior design of the time, but here’s a brief synopsis of the story line of the movie: In Pillow Talk, Jan Morrow, played by Doris Day, is a super successful Interior Decorator living in New York city. She lives alone and his quite the busy career woman. She has a housekeeper named Alma (played by Thelma Ritter) who has a bit of drinking problem.

In the movie, Doris is stuck sharing a party line with Brad Allen, played by Rock Hudson.  Brad is a Broadway composer and a major playboy, wooing women right and left in his swanky New York apartment.  Brad is a bit of a phone hog since he’s constantly on the phone sweet talking his next victim girlfriend.  Doris accidentally overhears a few of these conversations and develops a major dislike for her fellow party line bud.

Tony Randall is also in this movie and he plays Jonathan Forbes.  Jonathan is friends with Brad and also happens to have a big crush on Jan who he knows professionally.  He is completely unaware of their party line feud until well into the movie.

At one point during the movie, Brad bumps into Jan in a nightclub and is very attracted to her.  He knows who she is but she doesn’t know he is.  He knows he doesn’t stand a chance with her since she knows what a playboy he really is, so he pretends to be someone else, a wealthy Texas rancher named Rex Stetson who is naive when it comes to courting women.  Eventually they end up going away to a wonderful cabin in Connecticut for a few days.  I captured a few pics of the cabin but I’ll have to show them in another post some time.  This post would be way too long if I tried to include them here.

So that’s a brief synopsis of Pillow Talk.  It really is a delightful, funny movie.

Here’s the living room in Jan’s New York apartment.  There’s a lot of pink…kind of a rose pink…going on in the decor.  Was this about the time sectionals were becoming popular?  The sofa has a bit of a sectional look, doesn’t it?  Take a look at that secretary? hutch? over on the right.  Is that not the oddest looking thing.  It almost looks fake, like it was photoshopped into the scene.  I never even noticed it while I was watching the movie.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

This is a similar scene but I wanted to share it because this is such a clever solution for a small space like a New York apartment.  They have taken the red plaid/checked arm chairs that go with the small dining table we see in the pic above and they are being used as seating in the living area.  During a dinner party, they could be pulled over to the table for seating there.   You’ll see where the other arm-chair is being employed in just a sec.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

How do you like the color of the kitchen counters?  They must have matched the wall color to the counters.  Very bold!

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

A bigger view of the small kitchen. Jan has mixed her housekeeper, Alma, something to help with her hangover.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

The other side of the kitchen.  Have you noticed all the gray walls.  I thought it was interesting that gray was used for the walls in 1959 since it’s such a “in” color for walls today.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Even the cabinets are gray.  I’ve never seen cabinets with gold edging though.  I wonder if that’s metal around the doors.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

In this view, we get a glimpse into Jan’s home office across the room.  The apartment is basically one big space, divided up into a living room, kitchen, office, bedroom and bath.  Not sure if there’s a guest room since we never see one in the movie.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

A better view of Jan’s office:  don’t the hanging pendants look like something you would see in today’s interiors.  Hanging pendants are so popular in kitchens and baths now.  And there’s another of of the red checkered chairs, this time being used as her office chair.

Her office has quite a view doesn’t it.  Okay, all you New Yorker’s, is this a real apartment, or do you think that’s a set outside those windows?  Wonder what bridge that is or is supposed to be?  Any ideas?

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

This view shows where Jan’s bedroom is in relation to the office (on the right) and the rest of the apartment.  It’s basically located back behind the living room area.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

One thing I really liked about the design is how she has a great view from both her bedroom and office out across the patio/balcony overlooking the city.  I’m not one for city views, prefer views looking out into wooded areas, but I’m sure this is a coveted view for any New York apartment.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

We don’t get to see a lot of Jan’s bedroom.    Looks like we have yellow walls, a cheerful space with more great views.  There’s the bridge again.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Upholstered headboards are still in today.  I wonder, did they ever really go out?  I guess everything cycles right back around eventually.  Note the rotary phone.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

The art above the bed…

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Jan’s dressing area.  That looks like grasscloth on the walls.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Her bath: Note the monogrammed shower curtain…fancy!  Well, she is an Interior Designer, you know.   Pretty fancy bath for the day.  Brown and blue is another color combination that’s back in today’s interiors.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie


Brad’s Apartment:

Now let’s check out Brad’s abode.  Here’s the entrance to his manly bachelor pad.  Pretty modern with the spiral staircase, another great idea for small homes/spaces.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Our bachelor entertaining his next victim…

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Brad loves wooing the ladies with love songs.   Each time he sings the same song to another girl, he changes the name in the song to their name and tells them he wrote just for them.  Yup, he’s a cad.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Doesn’t it seem like the piano moves around in this movie.  This doesn’t really jive with the picture above.  We have a roaring fire to set the scene for a romantic evening.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

How do you like the floating bookshelf?  I like the gallery wall above it.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

There are many split scenes throughout the movie as Jan and Brad keeping running into each other on their shared party line.  This is one of the few scenes where we get a glimpse into Brad’s bedroom.  Doesn’t the bolster fabric remind you of Jan’s dining chair fabric in her apartment?  They aren’t the same but very similar.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

This split scene is a pretty famous one.  I think it was used a good bit in the promotion of the movie.  Their baths look very different don’t they?

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Jan Gets Back at Brad:

H*ll hath no fury like a woman scorned. After Brad fools Jan for much of the movie, making her think he the innocent, naive Texan, Rex, she gets back at him by “decorating” his apartment.  He insisted she complete the work since he had hired her to do it.  And boy, does she ever!   Brad has just arrived home with his friend, Jonathan and they are stunned by the transformation.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Looking at Brad’s face, I think “speechless” about covers it. 😉  The moose head adds just the right touch, doesn’t it?   I guess you could say it’s a bit on the eclectic side.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Brad’s new playboy bedroom…this was formerly his living room, I think.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

It’s pretty funny to see all this in the movie because Brad has had it big time coming!  The set designer must have had some serious fun with this part of the movie.

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie

Every bachelor pad needs a pot belly stove and a stained glass floor lamp.  I think I see Brad’s throne, too. 🙂

Pillow Talk: Tour the New York Apartments in This Doris Day & Rock Hudson Classic Movie


Okay, try to get the images of Brad’s apartment after Jan’s revenge makeover, out of your head.  🙂  What did you think about all the similarities in today’s interiors and the 1950’s…the drum lamp shades, the blue/brown color scheme in her bath, the gray walls and gray kitchen cabinets, the pendant lights.  I think it’s so fun to see what was considered cutting edge, stylish decor in the 50’s and compare it to what we see in so many decor magazines today.  There are some definite similarities, aren’t there?

I’ll post the pics of the adorable cabin they go to sometime soon.  It would make a good winter post.  While there at the cabin, Jan finally finds out who “Rex” really is.

If you enjoyed this tour of the New York apartment in the movie Pillow Talk, check out these other classic Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie home tours:

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  1. Didn’t Doris’ apartment have an extra bedroom? Maybe I’m mixing up the movies…but it seems like for some reason Tex stayed with her in her apartment and he was in a small bedroom off the kitchen.

    I loved these movies. My mother loved these movies. I remember going with her when I was very young. No wonder I had such goofy romantic notions as a child. 🙂 And no wonder I have a love affair with interior design and beautiful clothes. I was marked early in life.

    Thanks for the memories!

    • Bev, I think that was in the movie, Lover Come Back and Rock was pretending to be Dr. Linus Tyler. Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back are so similar because they both have the “mistaken identity” plot line going on. I get them mixed up in my head sometimes. I guess they knew this formula worked for Pillow Talk so they repeated it for Lover Come Back. I love these movies, too! Exactly…these movies put it into our heads…the love for fashion, design and romance! 🙂

    • That was “Lover Come Back”.

  2. Oh, Susan,
    first of all, congratulations to your friend and kudos to his friend who gave him such a great gift! Priceless!
    I’ve never heard before of a person who gave a kidney to a friend, but I knew Angels are among us.. Thank goodness… Susan, I’m sure, you are going to spend an unforgettable evening… Enjoy, my friend…
    But speaking of all the similarities in today’s homes and 1950’s… my Grandma always said: Beauty (and quality) will never go out of fashion! Oh, how right she was… I know lots of people who would still be crazy about that fleur-de-lis wallpaper!
    ~Hugs to you~

  3. I love your movie home tour posts, Susan–thank you for another great one! I haven’t seen this movie, so now I want to watch it. I did see Lover Come Back, and it was really fun. I love the blue and brown combination in the bathroom–very modern and fresh looking, both today and back when the film was made. Glad to hear that your friend is doing well, and what a special party that will be. I had a friend growing up who had a kidney transplant–it’s certainly a life-changing event to have that surgery after being on dialysis several times a week. Hope you all have fun!

  4. Hi Susan. Oh, I just love this movie and I loved the duo of Rock and Doris! It’s fun to dissect their apartments, isn’t it, and you’ve done a great job. That is so wonderful about your friend and hope you have a wonderful time at his celebration.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 🙂

  5. Another great film, which I have on DVD. Alma the maid is so funny, i love when she tells the lift operator he is a “beatnick” when the lift stops suddenly lol. And the drink always waiting for her when she arrived at Doris Day’s apartment in the morning, then Doris and Rock’s foot on the split screen of them in their baths , then Doris flinches when he moves his foot. A real film no swearing, no sex scenes just plain good fun to watch. Great.

    • Ann, I love all those! I don’t know why I didn’t get a pic of their feet up like they were touching…that was a funny scene. 🙂 Exactly! Wish movies were more that way today!

  6. Oh sorry Susan I forgot to mention congratulations to your friend, and his wonderful friend’s gift to him. Many congrats.

  7. Susan, someone familiar with the New York City should be able to comment on the view. My guess is that the bridge is, or is supposed to be, the Brooklyn Bridge. I haven’t watched Pillow Talk in years, I’ll have to put that on the list for a winter’s day stay-in treat. MM

  8. My generation didn’t have Doris Day (b.1958) but we did have Mary Tyler Moore and her apartment and wardrobe. I spent many a Saturday night imagining the life of a busy career girl.
    I love these movie posts. My favorite floor plan is another career girl: Meg Ryan in Have You Got Mail. Love the books and cozy feel. And her desk top!

    • Diana, that would be a good one to post on. I love her sweet apartment and I loved where she had her desk. It was kind of in the middle of the room, I think. Remember that?

  9. Oh I don’t think I have ever seen a Doris Day movie I didn’t like. I have this same collection and love them. My husband and our children make fun of me for always watching her movies. I decided a few years ago just to rib them a bit to see if I could find out where to write to her. It took me a while but I found an address in Carmel and I was so excited to have received a response from her. Needless to say they were so surprised and I kept her letter on the fridge for several months just to rub it in a bit. They sure don’t make movies like these much anymore.

  10. From this article, it goes to show the tremendous work and effort the props department people in the movie industry put in to make the sets beautiful and authentic.

    And you have clearly had fun as well as made tremendous effort to compile and write this piece. And a very unique piece it is. I enjoyed the flow and your astute observations.

    Have an AweSome Day!

    • Aww, thanks Philo! It’s fun to create these type posts. It would be fun to be a set designer. I’m sure it’s a lot of work but must be so much fun to find just the right pieces for each home/scene.

  11. She was always my favorite, and I saw this at the movies…..I was 14 !!! And I agree, that set the stage for fashion and interior design for me. The other major influences for me were Loretta Young and Audrey Hepburn. You have a gift for presenting this type of post!!!!

  12. Hi Susan, Love your blog, been following it silently for a long time. But just had to jump in on this one. The bridge visible out the window is the Queens borough bridge, it connects Manhattan to Queens. The sighting of the Queens bridge from her apartment window suggests that she lived in the very ritzy, hi-class Sutton Place neighborhood just north of the United Nations. More proof is also that the wall behind DD where she is standing outside her bedroom is brown brick and that means its an exterior wall. the flow of the rooms and the strange coverings in front of the iron railings suggests to me that a complete movie set was built way up at a penthouse at River House, 447 East on 52nd street, a very exclusive NYC address. Google street view links all into place (with a little craning of your neck) . The bridge and the white apartment house across the way all fit and solve the puzzle very nicely. River House, very private, very exclusive back then and it remains so even today.

    • Rosanna, thanks for all that great info! I’m going to google some of these places you named and read a little about them. That’s a pretty impressive looking bridge. I was hoping someone might recognize the bridge/buildings, etc…

  13. Susan, I hope you had a great evening. Congratulations to your friend and his friend the donor.
    Re the movie, as usual the love duo pulled off another hysterical movie. I love to watch Doris Day when something dawns on her, she goes from wide eyed to furious.
    I noticed the drum lamp shades too. Fashion always comes around in a circle, the sleek couches now, are very much fifties/sixties and my daughter picked up in auction, a 1950’s turquoise leather couch, perfect condition.
    The secretary in the room, looks as though it is made out of cardboard, just a prop.
    Thanks for another great movie Susan, keep them coming!!

    • Thanks, Megan. It was wonderful…great food and good friends. My friend made a beautiful speech about what her gift has meant to his life. It was wonderful getting to meet the donor in person. That sounds so pretty…turquoise leather…and in perfect condition…what a find! Maybe the secretary is out of cardboard…it just doesn’t look right.

  14. Hi Susan! It’s just wonderful that your friend is celebrating a year of good health, after what I’m sure was a very long and debilitating illness. And to be able to share it with the generous and loving friend who gave him such an amazing gift, must have been so touching. Not everyone gets the chance to do that. I love this post! You’re so right about design trends coming back around again. I can pick out at least 4 that I’m using or have used in my own home decor. I must confess though, that my favorite Doris Day film is “That Touch of Mink”. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that her co-star was the incredible Cary Grant. (swoon) The set designs are wonderful, but the clothes really do steal the show. I’m not sure if you’ve seen it, but it definitely has the charm and humor of all of her romantic comedies. Just like the three DD classics you’ve written about, it’s one of those perfect movies to curl up on the couch and watch on a chilly Fall or Winter afternoon. Have a truly lovely Sunday! ~Mary

  15. Wonderful news about your friend! I have a friend who just learned that she has a tumor on her kidney and the kidney will have to be removed. I am praying that the tumor is benign. On a lighter note, I love those old Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. They were light hearted, fun and the sets were great! I especially love Tony Randall’s Connecticut weekend home in Pillow Talk. The white washed post and beam construction and big fireplace remind me a bit of the country house in Christmas in Connecticut.

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Hi Susan,
    Well my photographer husband dashed my hopes that the movie was made in a real apartment. The views out of the window are backdrops, but they are an image of the real view as they would be seen from an apartment in River House. But alas the room sets are just that. He pointed out that ceiling are seldom seen, the walls are extraordinarily tall and the flowing rooms are all giveaways. At the top right corner of one of the images you posted above actually show a glimpse of no ceiling (the view to her office desk). For a movie in the 1960’s era what could be better than to imagine a single girl, successful enough to afford living in such a hi-brow location. Hey who knows, maybe the movie scout copied an exact replica of an apartment, we all know it wouldn’t be the first time nor the last. Well I’m an ex-NYC gal and I just love to see movies made (or pretending to be) in NYC.

  17. A neat trip down a sweet memory lane. I still enjoy these movies each time they play on television. Thanks! Cherry Kay

  18. Susan…this is such a fun post! You do a wonderful job analyzing these set designs, spotting things I wouldn’t have. I may have seen this movie in reruns, not too sure. Was Doris Day in Glass Bottom boat? That movie (the boat actually) was so good!! Anyway, I agree, there are so many design elements that are part of our decor today, I think you hit on so many of them. Now I’m off to look at the other post you did on set and fashion design. You are really good at this ,Susan!

  19. Very fun post. I would have never noticed all those details. Lately I find myself looking at the sets more than at the movies. 🙂

  20. Congratulations to your friend. What a wonderful gift to receive.

    Thanks for another movie posting. I love Doris Day. These movies were before my time. But I remember as a teen, they would be on TV on Sunday afternoons. My mom who almost never watched TV would always sit down and watch them with me. I remember them fondly not just for the movies which I adore but for the special times with my mom. Doris Day’s house in Send Me No Flowers is definitely my favorite but I adored this apartment for the office space and how it was open yet set off. I agree with Mary above that That Touch of Mink with Cary Grant is my favorite Doris Day movie. Her wardrobe is incredible in it.

    Two other DD movies with really great houses: Please Don’t Eat the Daisies and Do Not Disturb. I don’t love the movies as much (though like them very much) but they both have amazing houses and wardrobes.

    • Diane, that’s such a sweet story about your Mom…love that. I just put That Touch of Mink on my lineup from Netflix. Several folks have recommended and I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. Thanks for the other suggestions. Love Doris Day movies…no violence…just great clothes, great houses and lots of laughs.

  21. Fun post! And continued good health to your friend! I’d like to mention “Pillow Talk” MUST be viewed in letterbox, or the viewer misses a lot in the phone scenes (of course, every movie showed be viewed widescreen, but I’ll spare you a sermon!). And just thought I would mention my folks’ first kitchen in 1962 was pink and gray!

    • Really…I didn’t realize that. Thanks for that tip! This movie was made in 1959 so that’s just a few years after the movie was made. Guess it was a popular color scheme for kitchens at that time.

      • Susan, the pink and gray was also a popular color combo for cars. Pink anything was popular. My boyfriend (later my 1st husband) had a pink and gray Dodge in the late 50s. We married in Feb. 1961. I also wore my hair like Doris’s in the Pillow Talk movie when I was 18-19 years old. We called the style French twist.

        • So interesting, Daphne! I love the color pink so I’m sure I would have loved that! Beautiful hairstyle, too! Wish I looked good with my hair up. Doesn’t suit my face shape very well.

  22. Jackie in Surrey UK says

    Congratulations to your friend and his very special friend who was a match to give her kidney. About 25 years ago a very good friend received his mum’s kidney and it lasted for a few years and during that time my gorgeous god-daughter was born. Sadly after a few years the kidney failed but his mum is still fine and survived a heart attack last year. My friend is back on dialysis again but doing well. My wishes on my death are for all organs to be used , but I know from when my first husband died it is not always possible. We could only donate his corneas when he died as all the other organs were affected by the heart attack that killed him. It helped my children and I to know that we were able to help others to see and hopefully to improve their life.
    Jackie in Surrey UK.

    • Jackie, that was really wonderful of your husband…being a donor. Here in GA you can state you wish to be a donor when you renew your driver’s license, so it makes it easy to do that. Sorry your friend’s kidney didn’t last longer…you never really know how it will go sometimes. I hope another one comes along for her. Wish more folks were donors…folks stay on the list for a kidney on an average of 3 years here.

      • Jackie in Surrey UK says

        Hi again Susan, here too you can register to become a donor when getting your driving licence or going on the National Donors list, which is available on the computer network for hospitals. My friend is a male, Steve, who had his mums kidney, he was only 25 when he got his mums kidney, he is 50 now. and married for 26 years. Jackie

  23. Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor says

    What a wonderful celebration of a luciously beautiful movie! I am a bit younger than you (10 yrs) but grew up watching Doris Day replay’s on cableless TV…a blessing for sure. Pillow Talk has always been one of my fav’s…yes A Touch of Mink is beautiful as well but perhaps my all time fav is High Society with Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, etc., etc., etc. so many stars in this one. It’s the musical version of The Philadelphia Story. Your movie deco share is so much fun!

  24. Love the movie pictures. I love Doris Day movies especially with Rock Hudson. Doris was in Glass Bottom Boat and is worth fans of her movies watching. She calls her dog on the phone to get the dog to run around and excercise. The scenes are historical. Doris is suspected of being a spy. A funny movie for sure.

  25. I have that same set of dvds. I love Doris Day. Thelma Ritter is the best! She was so good in any movie she did.
    I also love your movie house posts. I see things I never see when I watch the movie.
    I also love That Touch of Mink, The Thrill of It All.
    I was also 2 years old when this movie came out.

  26. Wow, Susan! It’s amazing how many color combinations and design elements you revealed in these photos that are “in” today! I guess everything old can be new again, as they say. I love these old films. Did you ever see “It Happened to Jane”? That was one of my favorites when I was a little girl, partly because it was set in New England. 🙂 Take care.

  27. Pillow Talk is my favorite of all Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies. And isn’t it fun that her character is an interior designer? Thanks for the peek into those beautiful rooms again!

    Have you seen That Touch of Mink with Doris Day and Cary Grant? It’s a similar movie, and oh so good!

  28. Great posting. One of my favorite movies. My mom dressed in the fashion style of Pillow Talk in the late fifties, early sixties. She even wore a white bunny fur pillbox hat/muff set from Saks 5th Ave. She still has it! In addition, my mom’s closet is a trove of vintage 50’s clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, gloves, and jewelry from Bonwit Teller, de Pinna, Oppenheim Collins…all now sadly closed. The bridge is indeed the Queensborough Bridge, also know as the 59th St. Bridge….immortalized in a pop song. Thanks for the memories!

  29. Oh,my gosh ,now I know finally…I’m not the only one!
    I Am normal.
    Thank you a million for this wonderful website and the movie house tours.
    Thanks so much.

  30. Does anyone know how I might find Doris Day’s
    address? ( postal address.)

  31. I liked this blog before but I rlaely like it now when you talk about Doris Day! Love her movies and loved Pillow Talk. I sing Roly Poly quite often although just realized that is from A Touch of Mink. Either one, I will take it!

  32. There is an apartment for sale on 447 East 52nd street for a mere $130,000,000.
    If you google the address you will come across the real estate ad for it.

  33. Hi Susan,
    These movies are some of my Mom’ s favorites. We watch them frequently when visiting. What a gift the technology of today is! It was so long ago when the movies were first released and my Mom and sisters watched them in our special spot in Grammie and Grampa‘s theatre. Great memories! My favorites were the musicals.
    Now we can watch anytime and it’s one of her great pleasures at 97.
    I have noticed the beautiful outfits that Doris wears in her movies but didn’t really notice the apartment details until you pointed them out.
    I remember that pink and gray was a favorite combination in the early fifties. We had dishes in those colors!
    I’ll be very attentive at our next viewing!

  34. Sue Browne says

    Love all this info and nice to know I am not the only one who loved and still love her movies. Even to this day I love watching them and especially loved it when she threw a temper tantrum and would squel. Such feel good movies. ❤️

  35. I’d love a discussion of all the paintings in Brad’s (original) living room.

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