Lover Come Back

Hi Friends!  How is your Friday going so far?  Mine is going great!  Last night I came across pictures I’ve had on my computer forever and I decided it was time to share them.  Several years ago, when I was lamenting to myself (yes, I was whining to myself) that it was hard to find something on TV that wasn’t depressing, gory or violent, I decided to take things into my own hands and I went in search of something that was just plain fun.

I came across this Rock Hudson/Doris Day movie set  “Romance Collection” and ordered it. It included three movies: Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers.  It took me a while to find the time to actually sit still long enough to watch them but one weekend I had myself a regular ole Rock Hudson-Doris Day movie marathon and watched all three.  Fun!   These movies came out when I was just 3-4 years old, so I had never seen them.  They are as much fun to watch today as they must have been back in the 60’s.

As soon as I started watching, I was enchanted.  I was enchanted with the hats Doris Day wore in all the movies, I was enchanted with the way she dressed, the fashion of the times, and I was enthralled with the “homes” featured in the movies.

You may remember, last year I shared all of Doris’s wonderful “outfits” from Pillow Talk & Lover Come Back.  A few days later I shared all her fabulous hats from those two movies.  If you missed those posts, you’ll find them here:

Doris Day Movie Fashion Style: Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back
Vintage Hats and Doris Day: Pillow Talk and Lover Come Back

Today I’m taking you inside the two homes featured in the movie, Lover Come Back.   Soon I’ll be sharing the homes in Pillow Talk and Send Me No Flowers.  I’ll probably share Send Me No Flowers next because frankly, I’m ready to move into that home!  It has such charm.

But for today, let’s check out man-about-town, Jerry Webster’s (played by Rock Hudson) swanky bachelor pad and Carol’s elegant apartment in the movie, Lover Come Back.

Brief Synopsis:  In this movie, Jerry (Rock) and Carol Templeton (Doris) are big time rivals because they work for competing New York advertising agencies.  Doris tries to play fair in winning over new ad campaigns (in the beginning) but Jerry will stoop to any level to woo a new client.  Doris eventually has to stoop with him since he isn’t playing fair at all. Let the games begin!   Their antics are pretty hilarious and as you might expect, they end up in a bit of hot water.  I’m not going to share the whole movie here…my focus is checking out their fancy digs, but buy it or watch it on Netflix.  It’s a lot of fun.

I’m sure when these movies came out, every young man and woman who saw them must have seriously coveted or dreamed of having an apartment in New York like Jerry’s or Carol’s.    Oh, I should mention, Tony Randall (who plays Peter Ramsey) is also a significant character in this movie.

Below Peter has just arrived at Jerry’s apartment and he is trying to get him up after a big night of serious partying.  Yes, our Jerry is quite the party-goer.  Notice all the black trim.  Funny to see this because painting interior doors black is very popular right now.  The apartment definitely has a masculine feel, practically oozes testosterone, doesn’t it?.  (Press Ctrl + to enlarge pics in this post, then Ctrl Zero when done.)

Lover Come Back: Jerry (Rock Hudson) Apartment


The amazing thing is you could almost place all these furnishings in an apartment today and they would look right at home!  Lamp shades in all the stores look just like this one these days and the chair is a traditional style that is always in fashion.  The only giveaway about the “age” of the movie might be all the orange.  You’ll see more of it in Carol’s apartment shortly.

Lover Come Back: Jerry (Rock Hudson's Apartment)


Rock, put some clothes on!  You have company, for gosh sakes!  Ladies, try to avert your eyes and check out the lamp and the draperies/curtains back behind our half-naked main character.   Okay, the base of the lamp would be considered “out of style” today since it’s mostly polished brass, but that shade is definitely in style again!

Lover Come Back: Jerry (Rock Hudson) Apartment


The advertising business is definitely treating our bachelor well.  Check out all that silver.  Of course every bachelor pad is going to have a fully stocked bar complete with comfortable leather-covered bar stools.  Don’t our characters look dapper in their coats and ties.  You eat breakfast like this every morning, right? πŸ™‚  Love that balcony view with the overhead striped canopy!  Sadly, they never take us out on the balconies in this movie, though both apartments appear to have great ones.

Lover Come Back: Jerry (Rock Hudson) Apartment


Okay, let’s go check out Carol’s place!  Prepare yourself, it’s nothing like Jerry’s!


Carol’s New York Apartment in Lover Come Back:

In the movie, Carol hasn’t ever actually met her bitter rival, Jerry.  Jerry takes advantage of that and pretends to be a client they are both trying to win over,  a geeky, chemist by the name of Dr. Linus Tyler.   At one point, Doris has Linus (who is really Jerry) to her apartment for dinner and he ends up spending the night as a guest.

We get several views of the kitchen and I found it pretty fascinating.  I definitely don’t remember kitchens ever looking quite like this one.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Is the refrigerator what was known as “Harvest Gold” back in the day?  I thought harvest gold was a lot darker than that.  It really isn’t that bad.  Goes with the kitchen nicely.

Lover Come Back with Rock Hundson and Doris Day


How do you like the blue counters?  Take away the gold and orange and you’d have yourself a blue and white kitchen.  See what I meant about the orange…here it is again.  I knew orange was big in the 1970’s…didn’t realize it was also big in the early 60’s too.  This movie was filmed in 1961.   The stove top is actually set out in an island…pretty cutting edge for that time, I think.  I see it coordinates with the harvest gold frig.   The stove hood is blue…coordinates with the counter top beneath.  Notice the blue and white Pyrex baking dish.  I still love those.  So what do you think about Doris’s upscale New York apartment kitchen?

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


We get a few views of Carol’s guest room where Linus spends the night.  Pretty plain room…nothing frou-frou here.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


The evening before, Carol prepares a lovely dinner for them.  Wow, what a view!  The dining chairs look similar to some you see available today.  Again, the lampshades are totally back in style.  Look how low on the wall they hung the painting.  Love the apple/lemon topiary off to the left.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


This was one of the dresses I showed in the previous post, Doris Day Movie Fashions.  I just loved it!  You get a glimpse of the sofa and Doris’s blue glass collection in this shot.  There’s also a grandfather clock off to the left.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


A romantic candle-lit dinner with a view of New York off the balcony…{{sigh}}

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Interesting candle wall sconce off to the left.  Here’s a better view of the clock.  What style is that?  Danish, perhaps?  The apartment seems to have a yellow, white and blue color scheme with punches of orange to keep it from feeling too tame.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Another view of her blue glass and stemware collection…  It’s kind of fun seeing the wall art they chose for Carol’s apartment.  Isn’t her jacket top gorgeous?  That would sell like crazy if someone made it today.  You know, that could be a whole business…making the vintage clothes seen in the movies of years ago.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Another view across the apartment.  An apartment this large would be insanely expensive in New York, wouldn’t it?

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


This is about the time Carol figures out she’s been duped and Linus is actually, Jerry, her arch rival.  That look on her face says it all!  You get a better idea of the layout of the apartment in this shot.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


We get a few views of Carol’s bedroom.  Notice all the white furniture, so very different from Jerry’s apartment.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Great lamp!  How do you like the sofa in the sitting area?   I’ve never seen one made like that with the wood arm coming down and around to the front.

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


A little view of the bed.  Remember Princess phones?  I had one of those…thought it was so cool!

Lover Come Back: Carol's (Doris Day) Apartment


Had to share the convertible car Doris drives in the movie.  Pretty fancy!  Look at the other cars on the street!


So, what did ya think?  Bring back in memories from years past?  Make you wish men still wore a coat and tie to breakfast? πŸ™‚  I would love to see someone produce some of the fashions from back in the day, especially that wonderful top Carol wore in this last scene.

What’s your favorite Doris Day movie?  I’ll get to work on the other two home tours from these movies.  I think you’re going to love them!

You’ll find the two previous posts mentioned above here:
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  1. I absolutely love Doris Day, Pillow talk is one of my favorite movies!

  2. Being a very old lady, I remember those days well. No, I wouldn’t call the fridge Harvest Gold, that was much darker, a very ugly color, in my opinion. But very popular. Then it was Coppertone, which looked nothing at all like copper, it was an ugly brown. Then avocado, which was better, but was still dark. Also popular in the 60’s was a rage for pink appliances and fixtures. My mom had pink stove, fridge, sinks, and all bathroom fixtures. With a pink-and-baby blue sprinkled tile. Lord, it was hideous!! But is was very stylish, lol.
    I still love Doris Day, she made some great movies. I agree with you, there is very little worth watching on TV these days. Thank the Lord and all the saints that we have computers!

    • Light blue fridges and stoves (almost aqua or turqoise) were also extremely popular in that time period of 1958 to 1964-ish. Harvest gold was, yes, darker and didn’t show up until about 8 years later in the early 1970’s.

  3. Can I hit the “LIKE” button 100 times for this post? I adore Rock and Doris! Happy Friday.

  4. What a fun post! I agree her top is gorgeous. I mentioned the other day that someone could make a killing if they designed beautiful dresses/tops that covered at least some of your arms. Not every woman over 50 wants to go sleeveless, and I think the dresses that have sleeves tend to be frumpy for the most part. This top would definitely fit the bill! As for the apartment, with the size as well as the view it would probably rent for about $15,009-$20,000 a month, or sell for around $3 mil or more.

    Love these old movies, so thanks for the trip down memory lane πŸ™‚

  5. Memories!!! Honestly – I had that dress and jacket sewn for me, after seeing that movie, when I was in High School!! (Just celebrated our 50th! πŸ™‚ I “think” Doris Day must have been the first “Barbie!” franki

  6. Hi Susan,

    With a little tweaking those rooms could belong to this century. I wonder if design today will hold up as long?

  7. Hi Susan! Oh, this was a wonderful post! I just love Doris day movies and the ones she made with Rock Hudson are my favorites. I almost cried the day I heard he was gay. He was such a handsome man! I love her apartment and you’re so right, it could work today! Now if I had a figure like Doris did, I’d just shine! πŸ™‚
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ™‚

  8. I still would like a pink princess phone!!

  9. Enjoyed the tour! Carol’s apartment is lovely! My favorite Doris Day movie is Please Don’t Eat the Daisies! I had in on VHS, and wore it out I watched it so many times! Loved the house that they moved to in the country, it was so pretty!! This was a fun post!

  10. I love this post, Susan–thank you for sharing it! Oh my, Doris is so beautiful in these photos–her costumes are lovely. (And Rock Hudson is not hard on the eyes, either!) I love the mix of blue and orange that they use, and it’s an eclectic mix of modern (for the time) kitchen with more traditional furnishings in the dining room–it’s a very interesting look that is quite pretty. ps–I have been reading the decorating books you mentioned in one of your archived posts, and have really been enjoying them! Just have been working my way through Adventures with Old House, and am loving it.

  11. Ooooooooh Doris Day films, lovely. I have been watching them again lately onDVD as there was a lot of football on tv last month!!!! So i went through to the bedroom to watch these, The films are so lovely and innocent, Rock Hudson is great in them and Doris Day………well she is just fab. And Tony Randell great. I love her clothes. Her flat (apartment) and her maid who likes her drink lol. Such fun to watch.

    • Ann, don’t you know every woman must have wanted to be just like her back in the day. Doris Day is doing a lot for animals these days. I read somewhere she has dedicated her last several years to that.

      • Yes Susan I knew she helped animals, there was a documentary on tv about her the other week. Lovely to see all these scenes again on your blog. Thank you.

  12. Sigh. I adore Doris Day and Rock, of course and the clothes and the knick knacks and doo dads and decor! GREAT post.

  13. Oh Susan, this is one I have not seen, but I love anything 50s-60s these days. We have the whole I Love Lucy series and that is usually what we watch. I love the fashions, the manners, and so much of the decor. What a fun post!!

  14. Okay Susan, you are now dating me as I have seen every Doris Day movie made. Can I get away with saying I saw all the reruns? πŸ™‚ Now you are going to ask me if I wore the hats?? πŸ™‚
    She was one of my all time favourite movie stars, especially in musicals.

  15. Yes, in the late ’50’s and early ’60’s pink, yellow and blue (tending a little toward turquoise) were the colors. I remember them in a house or two (I was about 10).

    My best friend and I never missed a Rock Hudson/Doris day movie. They were “clean” so there was no problem for us to go to a Saturday matinee and revel in the romance, the clothes, and the gorgeous homes. Such simple days! Thanks for the reminder–loved this and the other posts.

  16. Although they were made when I was a toddler, I have always loved the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies. The sets, the clothing and the great bantering dialog. I wish movies had that spark today. I still have my white princess phone and nope I’m not giving it up.

  17. Oh, Susan, thank you so much for this wonderful trip down Memory Lane! I remember so much of the decorating … not so much the fashions … and have chuckled every time these lovely styles have come back again … and again … and again. πŸ™‚ Doris Day and Rock Hudson were, and always will be, my movie idols and the movie “geniuses” of today could learn so much from that era of entertainment. And I miss my princess phone! lol!

  18. Oh, Susan!
    Thank you for reminding us of this wonderful woman and this handsome man!
    I have always loved them and their movies! Such a beautiful couple! I remember, when I was younger I wished they were a couple in real life, too and I couldn’t imagine Rock didn’t really love her! I was naive… but he was such a good-looking man… I remember I cried so much the day I heard he was deathly sick… and it hurt to see him in “Dynasty”… (I’m very sensitive and have no problem to show my feelings… some people love that, some people dislike that…who cares? That’s me and I’m sincere!)
    But back to Doris: In my humble opinion SHE is the most beautiful woman I know from Hollywood! Always elegant and never vulgar! I’ve never heard or read anything trashy and scandalous about her!
    It was so sad for me to read in a German magazine that she lives in seclusion without anyone having to visit her. Especially after her one and only child’s death she’s supposed to dedicate her life to animals, only!
    I will never forget her singing: “Que sera, sera…”
    This was the first English song I have learned in my life as I was a little girl and still living in Italy!
    I wish her many more years to come full of health and peace.
    Thank you, Susan!
    God bless you!

    • Cecilia, I knew she had dedicated her life to helping animals, but I didn’t know her son had passed. That’s so sad. I’ve always admired her…like you said, you never read scandalous things about her like you do so many stars. I hope she’s happy, however she spends her days.

  19. Oh, I just love Doris Day movies. You and I must be close to the same age…I recently watched Pillow Talk again… ! The Trill of It All with James Garner is cute as well as Move Over Darling , also with James Garner (It is a remake of My Favorite Wife with Cary Grant and Irene Dunn) I love the clothes of that time period!!! The picture you posted showing the floating book shelf and gallery, that was also in Rock Hudson’s apt. in Pillow Talk . Check out the decor in “With Six you Get Eggroll” Doris Day and Brian Keith…wow 60’s decor…. another favorite movie.

    • Molly, I’m glad you mentioned that. Since I watched all three movies in one weekend, I think I got that pic in the wrong place. I just removed it and I’ll include it when I post the tour of their apartments in Pillow Talk.
      Now I want to see all these movies you’ve mentioned!

  20. Oh Susan, I haven’t stopped by your blog in such a long time, and I’m so glad I did tonight! I’ve always loved Doris Day. I loved (and still do) just about all of her movies. There are only a couple that I didn’t think were her best. Many years ago, I read her authorized biography “Doris Day: Her Own Story” by A.E. Hotchner. That book changed my life. (Too long of a story for a comment, but it’s included in my memoir!) Thanks so much for showing us these wonderful photos. I’m going to click on your links to the other Day/Hudson posts, too. I have many “favorites” of hers, and in no particular order: On Moonlight Bay, With Six You Get Eggroll, Pillow Talk, The Man Who Knew Too Much, The Thrill of it All, Love Me or Leave Me, Calamity Jane…..uh, I might as well say ALL of them! πŸ˜€

    • Becky, I just ordered the book you mentioned…sounds good! Thanks for sharing the title! I remember some of those movies but I’ll have to buy or rent the others. πŸ™‚

  21. I saw all those movies at the theater, does that date me??? Doris was my favorite along with Audrey Hepburn. The color of the fridge is yellow, not the harvest gold that came later……my parents remodeled their kitchen in 1959……Coppertone appliances, aqua counter tops, birch cabinets, and flooring with aqua, brown and coral specks….my mom was sooooo proud!!! Doris’ apt. is very feminine in contrast to the bachelor pad…..loved all her clothes and style, she remains my favorite……I also loved Loretta Young…..

    • I thought it looked a bit light for harvest gold. I love the description of your Mom kitchen! Wouldn’t it be fun to do a kitchen that way today…make it retro! Even if it wasn’t the main kitchen in a home…would be fun to do that in a basement/rec room area where someone might have a kitchen. I love the kitchens that are done that way!

  22. Doris Day will be forever young in those old movies. She is 88 years old now. So if my math is correct, she was in her mid to late 30’s when those films were made. If she is able to endure, Hollywood needs to throw her a party like they did for Betty White when she turned 90.

  23. Hi Susan, I love your blog. I am normally a silent lurker but you said something about recreating movie costumes/clothing and I thought I would drop you a line. My mother in law was born in London and when she was a teenager she did a lot of window shopping. When the latest film came out, stores would copy (very well) the shoes of Ginger Rogers or the dress that Rita Hayworth wore. Naturally they were beyond the pocket of a poor working girl, but you could at least see them up close in shop windows. Sadly, I don’t think there’s much that movie stars wear today that appeals to me, even if I could fit into it:)

  24. Susan, I can’t believe you’d never seen those movies. Aren’t they wonderful?? I love all of them, but Pillow Talk is my favorite. That scene in Pillow Talk when both Doris Day and Rock Hudson are singing “Roly-Poly” is hilarious. And then when the singer looks straight at Rock Hudson and sings “You Lie”–oh, it’s great. And Tony Randall is one of my favorite actors of that era, too.

    Now, have you seen That Touch of Mink? It’s very similar to these films, but it stars Doris Day and Cary Grant. It’s wonderful, too!

    Thanks for the close look into the apartments. Such fun!

    • I can’t believe I’ve never seen all these wonderful old movies either! I’ve been missing out! I love those scenes you mentioned. So funny! Wow, Doris Day really got to work with all the most handsome leading men, didn’t she? I just ordered a 4 set DVD this weekend that includes Calamity Jane, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Love Me or Leave Me and Romance on the High Seas. Now I need to find That Touch of Mink! πŸ™‚ I wonder if DD ever watches in of her old movies and reminisces about those days.

    • Patti O'Donnell says

      Funny but I too love Roly-Poly but even more the scene at the diner when she keeps crying and Tony Randall gets punched and right before that when she is playing the piano and realize the song she is playing. Oh never mind, the whole show is great. Will have to dig it out to enjoy this week. PattiO

  25. I actually own, and still use, that exact shape piece of Pyrex!
    Wasn’t Doris Day just so elegant? Thanks so much for movie tour.

  26. Maria Young says

    Thanks for sharing all the images on your blog!

  27. Hi Susan, I always watch my little collection of Doris Day movies when it’s a dull, gloomy day or when I need cheering up. I saw pictures of her on the internet and she’s still really pretty.
    The appliances in this movie weren’t harvest gold. They’re yellow. Harvest gold was a definite gold with darker gold shading around the edges of each appliance. I lived in 2 houses with avocado appliances, my mom had coppertone and my sister had harvest gold. It wasn’t hideous at the was new, modern and cutting edge. I loved my mother’s coppertone with her beautiful solid cherrywood cabinets. We had the prettiest kitchen on our block. They bought everything from Sears and I think it cost $5000.00 to have it remodeled in 1966.
    When I was much younger we had bright yellow cabinets in our brand new home. I thought it was beautiful and so cheerful. My mom was a very gifted decorator and we had a beautiful home. Fond memories.

  28. I loved Doris Day and Rock Hudson…I so loved seeing all the very pretty outfits she wore..and even as a little girl, I loved watching movies and just get so focused on the beautiful rooms….When I was little, I spent my allowance on little nik-naks for my room…while my brother and sister bought candy….Que Sera Sera….

    • Shirley, you were the wise one! Girl after my own heart. Love that you were buying nik-naks instead of silly ole candy that was gone in minutes. You still had your nik-naks long after the candy was gone. πŸ™‚

  29. Doris Day also made quite a few movies with dancer Gene Nelson…Tea for Two, Lullaby of Broadway etc. As a teenager at my first job in an insurance office, I had seen Calamity Jane the night before and was dancing on the counter for my office personnel giving my version of The Windy City, when in walked the manager. Hmmm….enough to say I received a right dressing down, but the girls loved it. πŸ™‚

    • Megan, what a great story! That is toooooo funny! I just ordered that movie the other night. When I’m watching it and that scene comes up, I’ll think of you. πŸ™‚

  30. What a great movie! They were fabulous together! Thanks for reminding us of her lovely apartment! It’s fun to look back and see so many items we love again!

  31. Patti O'Donnell says

    I love these movies and watch them from time to time. There is another you should take a look at, Midnight Lace. The apartment of Doris and her husband Rex Harrison in London is absolutely breath taking. PattiO

  32. This was fun! And I so agree about how difficult it is to find fun, entertaining movies to watch today.
    Two things reminded me fondly of my mom in these pictures: 1) the Revere Ware pots on the stove, and 2) the heels in Doris Day’s hose. My mom “dressed” to work every day – heels, hose, suit dresses. This made me remember all those hose hanging up to dry over the shower curtain in our bathroom each and every day. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.
    I think that creamy yellow apartment was to soften Doris Day’s features. I read once where they used a certain kind of soft filter on all the camera lenses that were used to film her.

  33. Hi Susan –

    These movies are my absolute FAVORITES! I grew up watching them and have them all on DVD.My grown daughters watched them while they were growing up because I watched them so much and they love them, too My oldest came back from Africa after being there for 2 years and it made me smile when she wanted to watch Doris and Rock when she came back. They are classics. I wish they still made movies this enjoyable. The dress by Irene is the most beautiful dress ever. My sister and I call it “The Dress”. Thanks for this post Susan – now I am in the mood to watch. I love her with Cary Grant too!
    My best- Diane

  34. Love the tour! Huge Doris Day fan, Pillow Talk is one of my favorite movies, I mean she plays an Interior Designer and Rock Hudson is her love interest what’s not to love! I’m not sure I’ve watched Lover Come Back so I’ll definitely be watching that soon. Love your posts!!

  35. What fun! This really brings back memories. I remember seeing some of those films on television. (The five o’clock movie!) I bought my grown daughter a Princess telephone a few years ago for her birthday — PINK of course! Thanks so much for sharing these photos.

  36. LOL…. I loved all of the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies. I grew up with all this since my Mom was at that prime age when women love to decorate we had plenty of these kinds of looks. We had the tall lamps with the long drum shades too! I love how that large sconce sets all by itself on that wall. They let it be the statement! We even had a lemon statue not unlike that one- perhaps a tad smaller! I got to dust all this stuff so I remember it well! I think the harvest gold looks light in the picture because of the white cupboards surrounding it. It looks much darker next to stained wood cupboards which would have been typical back them. Considering when the movie was made I have to believe those were colors were definitely before it became popular. I think movies had a lot of power back then on affecting the trends. Hollywood has a habit of being on top of the artistic trends! My mom always went out looking stylish back then too. We used to transfer her goods from one purse to the other so they would match her outfits…just to go shopping!! LOL…those were the days πŸ™‚

  37. Fun post. Thanks Susan. Harvest gold wasn’t in until the 70’s. It was in as well as olive green or burnt sienna which was an orangey color. This refrigerator is too light to be the Harvest Gold and not the correct era. Believe me when I say that Harvest Gold was nasty. You dessect movie interiors extremely well. I always enjoy your posts when you do them about a movie setting.

  38. Jan Molberg says

    Doris Day was one of my favorite actresses..the light hearted movies we saw when I was growing up were not that much like REAL life but more of an ideal …and it was fantasy that took us out of the everyday and presented you with something to think about and aspire to….especially the clothes and the lovely homes…all the movies of today are aimed at the teenagers or the very young..there are a few that are worthwhile…a few made in England..I recommend one …Enchanted April…really GOOD…all my best…Jan

  39. I’m a big Doris Day fan! I always loved the clothes she wore in her later movies. Did Edith Head design them?
    Did anyone notice how low the kitchen island is? It looks like it hits her at her hips. lol

    • I did read that Edith Head designed many of the outfits she wore in her movies. Talented lady! I hadn’t noticed the island…will have to go back and look at that. I think she was wearing heels, too so that would have added to her height. πŸ™‚

  40. bev bechtel says

    I watched one of the Doris and Rock movies last night… the one where he pretends to be a Texan and she shares a party line with his actual personna Brad Allen who is a wonamizer. not sure if that is pillow talk or lover come back. and of course the maid who drinks all the time. LOVE those movies!!! Thank you so much for the tour of their apartments. those were the days!!! πŸ™‚

  41. Absolutely fabulous trip down Memory Lane! Thanks for sharing.. Doris Day movies are always worth watching again, and again!

  42. I absolutely adore the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies!…Like you I spend more time admiring the lovely decor and fashions than keeping up with the move line!..I also loved the home in “Bring me No Flowers” …thought the patio was so inviting at the home..along with the entire home!

  43. Mark Garner says

    Hi Susan, love all of the comments here about Doris and her films. I was lucky enough to meet Doris several years ago in Carmel. She is truly a beautiful soul! I wanted to pass on some info about the kitchen set in the film Lover Come Back (I’m an art director for film, BTW) The color of the appliances was Lemon Yellow. Harvest Gold wasn’t introduced until 1967. Thanks again for sharing your passion about Doris and the great fashion of the late 50’s early 60’s!! It was and still is classic!

    • Hi Mark, From reading about Doris, she really sounds like a terrific lady. How So wonderful you had the chance to actually meet her! Thanks so much for the info about the frig color…Lemon Yellow. I thought it was too light to be Harvest Gold. Wonder if/when stainless will fade away and what will be next? What a fun career you have! Would love to hear more! I know you could give us a lot of wonderful details and info about how all the magic happens. πŸ™‚

  44. Heather Snyder says

    Hi, As you are an art director, do you happen to know the artist and name of the painting
    shown in Doris Day’s apartment, to the right of the blue glass collection. It’s a painting of
    a child’s face with a palette of greens and yellows.
    Many thanks, Heather

  45. Maria Cat says

    Watching Lover Come Back for the gazillionth time! Loved all of Doris Day’s movies with Rock Hudson & we watch them over & over again. Never tire of them. Her wardrobe, hair, & apartments were just amazing! That beaded top in Lover Come Back set a style in the 60s that was popular along with the empire style dress. Also loved her other movies with James Garner. She was definitely one of a kind. Wish I could find that white grandmother clock in her living room!

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