Garden Seat, So Versatile for the Home or Garden

As the years pass things wear out, my ideas for a room in my home may change, or I find something better for a space than what’s currently there.  Does that happen in your home, too?  It gives us an opportunity to “freshen up” and revive our rooms, giving them new life.

A while back, just for fun, I created a “wish list” board at Pinterest.   It’s a virtual pin board where I can store a picture or idea for a product or item I may wish to purchase or make some day for my home/garden.  It may even be a product I’d love to find for an upcoming party or table setting I have planned.  I created the board fairly recently, so it’s pretty empty right now.  Over time, items will be added and I’m sure some things will be removed.

Do you have a virtual pin board or a physical file for storing away pics of products you are thinking of purchasing one day for your home?  I guess you could call my Pinterest “Wish List” board my virtual Sears Roebuck Catalog.  It’s filled with dogeared pages, red crayon marks and little notes scribbled into the margins.

Garden Seats or Stools:
Many years ago, long before decorating blogs existed, I devoured each issue of Traditional Home magazine when it arrived in my mailbox.  Often, I’d see beautiful rooms with pretty garden seats/garden stools.  I thought about adding one to my home, but they weren’t very easy to find back then and when you did, they were pretty pricey.

Not so, now.  Garden seats are back in a big way, even appearing front and center on the cover of some magazines and many are very affordable.  Of course, if you buy an antique garden seat, you’ll have to spend the big bucks, but you can find new ones for very reasonable prices.


You may remember seeing this ceramic garden stool in our tour of the Southern Living Idea House in Senoia, Georgia.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool

A little history about garden seats:  Originally garden stools came from China and were indeed used in gardens.  The barrel-shaped design, similar to the one you see above in the SL Idea House, dates back to over 1,000 years.  It’s thought this barrel or rounded shape may even date back to Buddhist garden tradition where you would have seen tree stumps acting as seating for the garden.  It’s so amazing that a design dating so far back is still being used in home decorating today!  Love that!

If you follow BNOTP on Facebook, you know I recently located an item I had posted on my Pinterest “Wish List” pin board.   I finally found a garden seat that met my two biggest criteria: 1. Affordable and  2. A style/design I really liked.   These days, I have to really, really like an item before I buy it or bring it home.

It all started when I saw this cute seat over on One Kings Lane.  Unfortunately, it was available back in February and had long since sold out.  So I added it to my “Wish List” pinboard, and that was that.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool

I shared a pic of it on the BNOTP Facebook HERE and lamented missing the sale since I really liked the cut out (reticulated) quatrefoil design.  Cindy who blogs at Beaux R’eves commented she had found a very similar one at HomeGoods back in January.  I visited her blog and she was so right.  It was very much like the one I’d seen at One Kings Lane, only I liked her garden seat even better!  I was pretty sure the price would be better as well because you can rarely beat HG pricing.

I visited a HomeGoods that’s about 5 minutes from my home and alas, no garden stools. A couple of days later, on a day I hadn’t planned to go anywhere, intuition hit.  I don’t know why but I just suddenly had this feeling I should go check another HomeGoods that’s about 15 minutes away.  Do you think there are decorating angels who guide us? lol  I have no idea why that urgency hit, but I decided to go with it.

I could not believe my eyes!  They had the very one I wanted.  I bought it to go on the porch, but I thought I’d share some of the different places/ways it could be used.

In the guest room….

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool in the Guest Room


…it could be a little side table for this reading corner.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool


Umm, I may have to buy a second one some day.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool


I’m loving the way this looks here.

Garden Seat Used as Side Table in Guest Room


 Wonder how it would look here in the upstairs family room?

Create Upstairs Family Room from Bonus Room 2

Where might I use it in here?

Upstairs Family Room


Maybe a little side table for the window seat?

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool


Or, how about beside the sofa to hold a bowl of seashells?

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool


For now it’s living life large out here on the porch.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool on the Porch


I have a feeling it will get moved around out here, depending on if it’s needed as extra seating, or to hold a plant or glass of sweet iced tea.  Update:  This garden seat is back upstairs now in the guest room, I just loved how it looked there.  I found a green garden seat for the porch and you can see it, HERE.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool on the Porch


Do you have a ceramic garden seat?  If so, where in your home or garden does it live?  Is it acting as a small table or as extra seating?  Please share.  I’d love to know how you use yours or if you are planning on adding one to your home or garden this summer.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool on the Porch


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  1. I love it! I’ve been hoping to find a red one for our porch. Hope I’ll get some of your decorator’s intuition and find one at my Home Goods!

  2. Beautiful!!!

  3. Nancy @ The Headmistress says

    The little garden seat looks fabulous in all of those spaces! How will you choose???? 🙂 You are so lucky to have TWO HG stores near you. We have NONE here and I can’t imagine why. Hoping to find one to visit soon! Love, LOVE your blog! Nancy

  4. Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest says

    Love it- but truly looks best in the guest bedroom. It gets lost in the porch – so much white on white there – I like how it “grounds” the busy blue and white patterns in the bedroom – not to mention NEEDED there for taking tea – nice place to put it. Humble opinion only. Very nice purchase – and yes, I think those angels speak to us when we quiet our minds and hearts to hear them daily. Well done, Susan!

  5. Mine is in the corner of my large shower holding towels.

  6. bluebird1959 says

    How fun to have a piece that looks so right in so many places! Jane

  7. sharonavinger says

    I just purchased one at Southeastern Salvage in Columbia, SC. Mine is square and a beautiful teal color. Only $88. I got the square one because it has more surface area for “stuff”. Mine serves as a side table in our new sun room. Love it! I know you’ll love yours, too, Susan!

  8. I love it and it is so versatile. Home Goods is the best!! Cynthia

  9. Sass-aka-Kathy says

    It’s so lovely, and I’ve seen others spray paint theirs to get the exact shade they want. I’d love yours in aqua or red.

  10. This garden seat was made for your home. It looks great everywhere. I think you need a couple.

  11. Love love love it as a guest room side table. It looks like it was made for that room!!! I don’t have one . . . yet. I should be heading to HG soon 🙂

  12. Off I went today to HG in hope that I too might snag a garden stool. Yes, there was one, but it was a gold color that would have no place in my home. Disappointed, I drove 40 miles to the next nearest HG store. Disappointment was in the cards for me today…I still do not have a garden stool.

  13. Alison @ The Polohouse says

    Susan! I love yours soooo much! I too am crazy for quatrefoil designs and this is probably the prettiest garden seat I have ever seen. It works in every spot that you have put it too! May I ask, where did you get your bamboo printed rug? The one with the…. is it German lettering? I’ve seen it one other time on another blog and I loved it then too. So pretty and such a nice piece to layer on. Your home is so cozy and stunning! xox Alison

  14. It’s funny you should post on this. I just brought my blue Chinese porcelain one back from the beach to use in my living room. It would look nice in your guest bedroom or bonus room/f.r.o.g. I had 3 already that I’ve bought over the last 5 years ( a green one, a gold one), but my last purchase last year was an owl from Home Goods that I couldn’t resist. He’s cute for fall. I may end up using him out on the deck. I was eyeing some Pier 1 had in last week. I guess I’m collecting them now, LOL! I even saw the white ones like Ballard’s has in Big Lots last summer for around $30. Haven’t seen any there this year, but the BL near me is very small. Enjoy it. Looks perfect anywhere. Would even be nice in a powder room or bathroom.

  15. Susan, I think I must have led a sheltered life, because I had never heard of a ceramic garden stool!! 🙂 It is so pretty and I like it best in the guest room. I also wondered why Mr. Max had not claimed it. Where is that lovely cat lately?

  16. Hi Susan, We have had two for years, in a blue and cream dragon design. They have been used as side tables in the past but now both are used to support a large oval glass top for a coffee table.

  17. I’m mad, I passed up on one at Ross on clearance, because it was a funky color. Then saw how Marty painted hers, (sorry blank on her blog name) she just did a post too. Drat, I’m on the hunt again.

  18. Found the post…. Marty at a Stroll through Life. She repainted her stool.

  19. Susan, Thanks for re-visiting the SL house. Ceramic garden seats are something I’ve seen for years, but never had one in my home, and I haven’t a clue why since they are so practical and pretty. Maybe it’s time I looked for one to go on my deck or as a side table in my living room. ~Babs

  20. I think it looked best on the porch with the white wicker. I would love the wicker on my patio, where would the decor angels lead me to find it? 😉

  21. Good score at HG! I have also been looking for one and saw the mentioned one in Ballards that is on sale for $99. I was thinking about that one but I have a few HG in my area and I’ll hold out for the bargain one! I want mine for the summer porch and for the winter I’ll move to my winter den! Thanks for sharing the photos…it reinforces that I want (and need) one even if my DH thinks not!

  22. I LUV THEM!! Currently, there is one in my guest bathroom (perfect for sitting, holding towels, goodies, etc.) I have two by my sofas and “they” get moved around ALL the time. I LUV THEM!! franki

  23. Shirley@Housepitality Designs says

    I love garden seats as they are so versatile, as you have so beautifully shown….HomeGoods…what did we ever do without it…?? I bought some mini garden seats at HomeGoods a couple of years ago…they are of the pierced ceramic design also…they are the smaller version and I love them on top of my bookcases… Great find!

  24. The garden seat is lovely, Susan. I think I do like it on the porch best. I keep my “wish list” photos and ideas in an “open top” accordion file folder like this one ( with categories for Interior Design, Garden Design, Gardening Tips, and Craft Ideas. Have a beautiful day!

  25. DaCraftyLady Debb says

    How cute it that? I love it on the porch it fits on it so beautifully … 🙂 Great find, HomeGood sis such a great store for finding goodies cheap!

  26. I do not have one, but I have been thinking about getting one for our Florida condo to use as a side table for an occasional chair. I need a specific blue color, so the search goes on… Love yours!!

  27. Lenda Davis says

    Loved your garden bench.I have a blue and white one. I have moved this bench from room to room throughout the years. Bought mine at The Pottery about 25 years ago for $20.00. Keep up the good work. Lenda

    • Hi Susan…been hanging out at Homegoods, TJMaxx and now ill take a look at Ross….I have wanted a couple of the garden seats for a while also. Saw them at Ballards, and on Ebay, but I dont want to pay 140.00 for them! So Ill keep looking! Want to tell you that last fall my oldest daughter and her children moved out, and I claimed the guest room again and decorated it just like yours! I sew a lot, so I was able to do the curtains and pillows just like you!!! Found the secratary in a second hand store that had been chewed up by a dog, so got it very reasonable. and painted it white. Put in glass shelves, and a light on the top….If I could talk my daughter into showing me how to download the pics I would show you… I love the room and of course your style…… have a blessed week sue m

  28. vslusher54 says

    Just found your site and love, love, love it! I especially am drooling over your blue/white guest room. Can you tell me where you found the material for your bedskirt and your bedding? I’ve looked high and low and can’t find anything close to this look. Can’t wait to jump into more of your site.

  29. Cathryne says

    I decided I finally wanted some color in my living room which is all ivory. I Have 2 Miro’s and they were the only color. So I purchased a garden seat to miror the bloodorange color in the Miro’s “Sun” . Worked very well. I use it as a table to hold a few books.

  30. Hello,

    I have 2 going up for auction 8/14/13. One I am told is NOT a reproduction, both are in perfect condition and can be seen @ auctionzipdotcom.

  31. Hi-
    Your home is just beautiful. I love love love the guest room. So inviting, I would love to sleep in there.
    I always wanted a garden seat, not sure where I would put it right now. I live in a condo and not much room here.
    But I do love them.
    Have a wonderful Christmas

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