A Garden Seat for the Porch

When I last left you I had purchased this cute little garden seat for the screened-in porch.  That was the plan.

Garden Seat for Porch


Well, you know what they say about “best laid plans.”   Once I brought it upstairs…

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool in the Guest Room


And tried it out as a little side table for this reading corner in the guest room, I didn’t want to take it away.

Ceramic Garden Seat, Garden Stool

I really, really liked how it looked here.

White Garden Seat, Garden Stool with a reticulated quatrefoil design


So there was just one thing to do.  I followed your wonderful “Ross” suggestion in the comments on the two garden seat posts HERE and HERE.  See, this is really all your fault!

Barrel-Shaped, Green Garden Seat, Garden Stool


I headed over to a Ross where I found a jolly, green giant.  During my “extensive” shopping for garden seats I learned that not all garden stools are created equal.  This one weighs a TON!  It’s a bit more crudely made and the paint job isn’t the very best in the world, but it was only $30!   Yay!   Now there’s just one thing left to decide.

Garden Seat for the Porch

Would you like lemon with your tea?

Barrel-Shaped, Green Garden Seat, Garden Stool
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  1. If you are worried about using glass on top try plexi-glass it won’t break. I think Lowes will cut it to size? Maybe not if you need round.

  2. Never saw a stool like this before, but I really love it! Liz

  3. Grace InAZ says

    what a deal! I liked the white in both spaces but the green is definitely for the porch.

  4. Grace InAZ says

    I liked the white one in both spaces but the green is perfect for the porch.

  5. Congratulations! We take full blame for this wonderful garden seat purchase! It really does look great. The green is a much better choice for the porch and the white one belongs upstairs in the guest room 😉

  6. Lizabeth @ Infuse with Liz says

    Looks great! I like the pop of green! Love the white one in your guest room too! I saw one at TJ Maxx the other day so there’s another resource- in fact it was really nice with a classic white/blue oriental design!

  7. Lemon with honey, please. Good for you. Again you have chosen the perfect solution.

  8. Hi Susan, The white garden seat looks fabulous in your guest room as a side table. I love your blue and white guest room. I think the green seat/side table is perfect on the porch. I take my tea with milk, Thank You. God Bless Barb from Australia

  9. Mulberries and Lace says

    I thought I had seen it, so quick went back and checked. This cute little seat is from Ballard’s and high dollar, now on sale for $99. Good find Susan and it fits so nicely on your beautiful “porch”. ~m

  10. Dee @ A Lapin Life says

    Hi Susan, I adore both. I remember seeing them back in the 80’s. I’m glad it’s popular again 🙂 Dee

  11. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    Both of them look perfect in their new homes!

  12. SheilaG @ Plum Doodles says

    I love it! I make those multiple trips as well, looking for the perfect thing that just won’t leave my head. The green is perfect in the sun room and I just love the white one in the bedroom. They both look like they were made for those very spots. Good job!

  13. Cottage Rose says

    I love them both; the one in the guest room is just perfect for that spot… and I do like the green one as well,,,,, and yes Lemon please….. guess I will have to go and hunt one down for me…… have a great weekend Hugs; Alaura

  14. So glad you found the second one.. the color is perfect on the porch.. xo marlis

  15. Fabby's Living says

    They’re fun. I’m glad you could find the second one. There’s a store here where they have them, but I don’t have a place for one, but I love them too! They’re great! Hugs, FABBY

  16. I love the garden seats…they both look like they were made for the rooms they are in. I wish I could find the deals that you get…..enjoy!

  17. sharonavinger says

    I LOVE the green one on the porch. And you’re right – the white one is perfect for that bedroom. I bought a teal square one for our sun room from Southeastern Salvage here in Columbia, SC. It is big and only cost $88. Deal.

  18. Well. I think you killed one bird with 2 stones! They both look like they’re just where they should be in your home and on your porch.

  19. Princess Kate says

    Looks like everything found the right home (for now). Looks great.

  20. I’ll take some lemon 🙂 love your blog…

  21. martinealison says

    Ces grandes céramiques sont vraiment magnifiques… Je n’en avais jamais vu auparavant. Merci pour ces magnifiques photos. Gros bisous

  22. The white one is very nice and classic, but I really love that green one. I like that it’s bigger, more room on top, and I love that sort of acid green. Looks great!

  23. Pamela Moore says

    Like you, I love garden seats! I have an aqua one in my bathroom, and a sky blue/bronze one on the porch. And those may not be my last. They are so flexible, I just love them.

  24. Perfection duo! Gotta get to Ross….

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