New Lattice Planters for the Porch

You know those days when you run and work, work and run, but at the end of the day you’re not real sure what you’ve gotten accomplished. Lately some of my days are feeling that way. I’m kind of in never-never land or maybe a better term is landscaping limbo.

I have about forty-eleven projects running through my head and some require decision making, some require additional money and some require input from other sources. In the meantime, I’m working on the things I can do right now while the others simmer on the back burner.

One thing I’ve been actively pursuing was some new planters for the porch. In this photo of the porch two Christmases ago, you’ll see some concrete planters on either side of the steps. I’ve never been crazy about how they look, even when they have flowers growing in them.

Porch decorated with garland and wreaths for Christmas

You can see them a bit better in this evening photo taken 3 Christmases ago. They just don’t work here. They fill the gap on either side of the steps but they are too small and just not the look I’d like.

Porch Decorated for Christmas_wm

I pulled all the dirt out of them and wrestled them onto my garden cart. Did I mention they way 2 tons each? They are still sitting on the cart because I don’t want to remove them until I know where they are going. lol

The main reason I wanted to show you this picture (below) is because this little cart may be the most important garden tool I own, next to my shovel. I use it ALL. THE. TIME! I put that all in caps but maybe I should bold it, too. This cart is that important.

It came with sides which were removal; I have them stored in the garage.  This cart is how I managed to get 110 bags of mulch spread. I loaded this baby down with 5-6 huge bags of mulch and pulled the mulch to wherever it needed to go. When I buy bedding plants or new shrubs, I load them onto the cart and pull them to where they will be planted.

I’ve even used it to unload heavy furniture from my SUV. I’ll pull it up to the back bumper of the SUV and drag whatever thing I’ve brought home onto the cart, then I use the cart to pull the furniture to the kitchen door or the front door, depending on where the piece is going. Or, I can use it as a transition for pulling something large onto the garage floor like I did when I purchased a tool chest in this post: Getting Organized: It’s the Garage This Time

I’m not sure now where I bought it, I’ve had it so many years. I’m guessing it was a local hardware store. Every so often I pump up the tires again since it’s easiest to pull when they are full. Other than that, it’s a workhorse! Just wanted to share in case you find it helpful for your needs. Hopefully it is still being made.

Garden Cart

So what did I put back where the small concrete urns had been? Two large “Square, Lattice” planters. These are much lighter since they are made of a blend of natural stone and resin.  They perfectly fit in the square spot at the end of the porch. You would think they were designed for that area.

New Planters for the Porch

Okay, try to imagine big shrubs on either side of the porch, so lots of pretty green around the porch. Then imagine some type of evergreen, pyramidal-shaped, dwarf tree planted in the new planters with annual flowers (like wave petunias or pansies) planted around the dwarf trees.  Maybe something that looks like THIS ONE I pinned to a new board I just started on Pinterest.  I haven’t put any dirt in them yet because I’m still trying to decide if I like this idea.

Ignore the black urn on the porch. I had been hoping to put two tall urns on the porch with ferns in them–saw that somewhere online and liked how it looked. But I really don’t like this particular urn. It isn’t fluted all the way around and is just kind of ugly in person. So it and the other one I purchased are going back.  Sorry about the greenish steps. Now that the giant oak tree is gone that loomed over the porch, I need to clean all the mossy stuff off the steps. Update: Happy to say the steps have been cleaned. Got out there and scrubed them down this evening.

New Lattice Planters for the Porch

I’ve also been digging out liriope and transplanting it to other areas to make way for a small perennial bed.

Varigated Lirope

Remember the little area to the left of the walkway? I decided to make it a perennial bed…you can see all the perennials awaiting planting in the pic below. I got those all planted last night and will share how they look for Met Monday.

Small Flower Bed

I’ve also been digging up these guys. They are baby grape hyacinths. I used to have grape hyacinths growing along the walkway down one side (the left side in the pic above.) Over the years some have vanished, maybe eaten by critters. They have popped up in other areas; I guess they spread by seed because I found them on the other side of the walkway. I transplanted bunches of those this weekend, so hopefully next spring they will decorate the walkway once again.

Baby Grape Hyacinth Muscari

Here’s how they look…I love them!  They are so pretty lining the walkway each spring.

Grape Hyacinths

(Picture above and below are from Wikipedia.)

Muscari Grape Hyacinth
Changing gears (I do that a lot these days) you may remember I have outdoor speakers on the porch. Well, when I had the porch pressured washed on the outside a few months ago, the pressure washing company hit the speaker with one of their hose thingies. At least that’s what I think happened since I found it dripping in water when they finished and it hasn’t worked since that day.   They are outdoor speakers but they are meant to be hosed down with pressure washers. πŸ™

Screened-in Porch 2

I pretty much cropped it out, but you can just barely see the wire hanging down from where I un-installed the non-working speaker (note arrow) and sent it off for repair. (Beach themed tablescape can be viewed here: Lobster and Crab Fest)


The speaker company just e-mailed and said they are going to replace both speakers under warranty so they want the other one, too. They sent me a prepaid shipping label and it’s ready to go. I’ve had the speakers for 5 years but the warranty was for 10 or something like that. I’m surprised they are replacing them, but grateful.

Speaker Ready to Ship

So, that’s a bit of what I’ve been working on here. What will you be doing this weekend? Anything fun planned?

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  1. Susan, I love visiting your site. Everything you decorate is so beautiful. You have such great talent. Keep up these wonderful posts.

  2. SharonFromMichigan says

    It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend in SE Michigan, so work in the garden and yard are in order. When we had our shrubs and trees fertilized this past Spring, the arborist suggested removing the grass from around our Crimson Maples. So it looks like flower beds will be going in under 4 trees this weekend!
    I love reading your blog – you are so creative and I admire your can-do attitude!

  3. Yes, they still make yard carts like yours because we have a yellow one. But we still have the sides up on ours! We find it invaluable for working in the yard and garden. Love the lattice planters, and I think your idea of planting small evergreens in them is a good one.

    • The sides don’t get in your way? Seems like I remember you can let them down but I think I removed them because one side kept getting in the way of a wheel or something like that…when they were hanging down. It’s cuter with the sides on it. lol

  4. Your yard is looking fabulous, I really like the new planters, they look perfect. Can’t wait to see more of your plants as they grow. Hugs, Marty

  5. Hello Susan, I love the big planters that you have put in the front and I know they will look great once you have them filled. I was wondering if you had thought about painting them black so they would show up a little more and blend with the shutters? O by the way ”where in the world do you get all of your energy”? Your place is looking great!!!! Love it!

    • Linda, I was wondering how they would look in a different color, like black. I think the lattice design would get lost in the black color. I may see how they do…hopefully they’ll age a bit and get a little greenish, which I like on planters, but not on stairs. lol I may look around a little more before I commit and plant in them…just to make sure they are what I want there. Everything will look so much better once I have shrubs around the porch…hope to do that this fall.

  6. I have a cart like yours, but I also have one that is larger that I hook to my ATV and haul my prunings, weeds, etc. Much easier for a person with two new hips and a knee. My doctor told me he doesn’t want me to wear them out. At the rate you work, you will be a candidate for hip and knee replacement. I hope you have some help lifting. I did the heavy lifting for years and now I am paying for it.
    Your yard is lovely and I know it took a lot of work and is never done. Last year I put evergreens in my ton planters and had color all winter and this summer. I got them on close out at Home Depot for very little and just love how little work they are.
    I’m 79 and worked 10 hours in my garden one day this week, so you know I am in very good health.

  7. Edith Bice says

    I have those same round urns. I hurt my back the first time I moved them. I am using them now on my front porch with sunpatiens in them. This is the first time I have liked them. Looking at your porch, I do like the square planters better. Those would look good beside my steps as well so I may have to move the round heavy ones (UGH) to the back and replace with square ones. Will look for a garden cart like yours. I sure hope they still make it. Would have saved me a lot of trouble and pain this past spring.

  8. Everything looks wonderful. I do like the new planters, and can’t wait to see what you plant in them. I was at Michaels yesterday and they have their urns on sale for $14.99. They are bronze, but I’m thinking of buying two, spraying them black and putting one on each side of my front door. I’ve seen pumpkin topiaries on Pinterest (don’t you love that site?) and I’m thinking I’ll do that for the fall and for Halloween. I’ve been scouring your back posts for ideas for fall….so ready for the cool weather and the holidays!

  9. Things are looking great! I sent you 2 pics from my cell phone of my maiden hair ferns on either side of my front door. They are so big you cannot see the planters they are in. . They love where they are as they get lots of light but they will also take full morning sun without getting burned. You just cannot let them get dry. They stay green year round. Don’t know if that would work for you or not-these were started from a 2″ pot as they are so expensive but they grow fairly fast. I have had mine for years-just keep them watered.

  10. Your yard is looking great. I can only imagine how many hours you are putting in right now. I have a funny (but at the time, not-so-funny-story) about a cart just like yours. My mother, also an avid gardener, has that exact cart. One day about five years ago, she was out working and she stumbled and fell. (One of her legs is paralyzed from a botched surgery by the way.) Well, when she fell, she broke the hip on her GOOD leg. YIKES!! It just so happened that my then 18 year old son was at her house at the time. He heard her cries of distress and ran to check on her. My mother kept insisting that she was fine, but needed some help up. My son, sensed there was more wrong than that, but did not want to leave her laying there in the Oklahoma heat. He ran and got the garden cart (the very one you have), lifted her up on it and proceeded to pull her back to the house (where he had called for help). At the time it was very scary, but she did recover from the broken hip, but we were so glad my son 1. was there and 2. had the idea to use the cart to get her to a better place!! To this day we still call the garden cart the “ambulance”!! Yes, they are very versatile and come in very handy!! Lori Lucas

    • Lori, that is an amazing story! I’m so glad she had that cart. Next time I use it, I will think about your Mom. What a smart son you have to think of using it to get her back to the house. I’m so glad she is okay now!

  11. Linda Page says

    I love the new planters. They are perfect for your front entrance. Just the right size. I also have a garden cart but keep the sides up most of the time. It was on of my best ideas and buys because I have used the heck out of it. One day we are going to see the front of your home on Architecural Digest if you keep up redoing your yard!!!

  12. Hi……love the new planters..they look right at home..fitting in perfectly…grape hyacinths..OH how I love thee…they are the dearest little spring flower ever…I have a little white one that comes up at the same time the combination is just wonderful..not sure what the white one is tho…that garden cart looks like a handy dandy friend…I have a dolly for my heavy things…looks like the yard is coming right along…I mowed today..calling for rain..which they’ve done a lot and we never get it..i’m so looking forward to’s the weather there..been like fall here for about a week an a half now…amazing it’s only Aug…wonder what Dec is going to bring.??

    happy gardening and see ya tomorrow.

  13. Peggy Thal says

    Love your new planters! You just know it when you move things around. How about some poodle trees. Just an idea. We need our front portico pressure washed again too . All this rain!! Your hard word is paying off. Everything looks beautiful.

  14. Susan,
    so glad to hear you have that great “workhorse”! πŸ™‚
    (Btw, are you still aka Ms. Happy Back, with your new desk chair? I hope, so!) πŸ™‚
    Love those square lattice planters! They really look if they were made for you! Are you going to paint them?
    Susan, you mentioned wave petunias and pansies… what color are you thinking of? Red?
    They would look beautiful in front of your red door…
    (Oh my! Everything would look beautiful in front of THAT door! I told you, I love it! πŸ™‚ )
    ~Hugs to you~
    P.S. Susan, since you asked… I’ll be cleaning my home this weekend, including the basement. So, no really fun planned, but next week hubby and I will be going on vacation to the beach for three weeks and I don’t know why, I always clean my home like “crazy” when I leave for several days! (Well, that really sounds crazy, right? lol)
    P.P.S. I will take my laptop with me, this time! πŸ˜‰

    • Oh, you lucky duck! Going to the beach for three weeks! Sounds divine! Yep, my back is still doing great…new chair seems to be a winner. πŸ™‚ I hadn’t thought about the color…that’s a great question! Whatever petunias I put in will only last until around the middle to end of October, then I’ll have to put in pansies. I think I’ll head over to the garden center to see what kind of dwarf trees they have. I’m eager to see some plants in those things! Cecilia…have fun on your trip…and yes, take the laptop! πŸ™‚

  15. I love everything you do, garden, decorating, tablescapes … I just love your style! The new planters do indeed look like they have always been there and were designed for your house! Can’ wait to see what you end up filling them with! Pretty cool for that company to replace your speakers for you… good job! πŸ˜€
    This weekend I will still be on my seemingly never ending search for a cuteness factor to add to my newly cleaned out and reorganized studio. Most things are in place/have a home but there isn’t a personality yet… just don’t know what to do… I’ll find some inspiration somewhere along my extensive Google and Pnterest searching… I hope!
    Enjoy your weekend my dear friend,

    • Thanks so much, Beth! β™₯ Have fun with your studio this weekend. Just let it tell you what it wants. My rooms tend to talk to me…they tell me what they need. Shhh, don’t tell anyone…they’ll think I have a screw loose or something. πŸ˜‰

  16. LOVE the planters ! Had big round ones like that in my old ( bigger) home on either side of the front door. When we downsized they were too overwhelming for our little cottage. So, one is on the patio just off our little screen porch and holds all kinds of herbs. The other two are in a little space I carved out of the woods at the end of our property…I hauled home pavers from Lowes ( actually, twice….laid the first ones, did not like them, pulled them up and took them back for a different style) made a little space, put an OLD 1950’s style metal love seat glider on it, sprayed it cream, then put the planters on either side – just like you are planning….little trees and now petunias, impatiens, etc. in bloom around them. It is such a cute focal point for the yard and a great view from the porch. I ran cords under the mulch and have a spotlight on the area at night. It looks enchanted. Good luck with your speakers – don’t you love when a company stands behind a product. We had the speakers put right in the ceiling….have not pressure washed it yet…..but I will keep your issue in mind. Thanks – and thanks for all the great posts.

    • Ann, that sounds wonderful. You and I must be kindred spirits because I’m that way. No matter how much trouble, if I don’t like the way something looks, I will pull it back up, too! What trees did you put in the planters? I just went to a local nursery and to HD to see what they had. The nursery said they will be getting in lots of stuff in September, getting ready for the fall planting time. HD didn’t have much at all. I am trying to decide what to put in there. I want it be Christmas tree shaped, I think…and not to big. Definitely want an evergreen. And want something that doesn’t grow too fast. Thanks Ann…yep, cover up those speakers really well! Next time my porch is washed, I’m putting garbage bags over mine! They weren’t damaged the first time the company washed the porch and it was the same company that did it this spring when they were damaged.

      • I got those little slow growing pine trees…I think they are yews, not sure. But they sell them now and at the holiday time, too. And I buy them small because it gives more room to plant around..and even though they are slow growing, they do grow. And you don’t have to shape them…they kind of grow like a pyramid. Pyramidal Yews ??? Might be the name ! I have a little one on my front porch now near the flowers, and I put it on the screen porch with little white lights for the holidays. Have fun planting and plant shopping !

        • Thanks Ann…I’ll google for those. Where did you buy yours?

          • Lowes or Home Depot….they are the best price. They are much more costly at a nursery. But, I just scored on white PVC planters that go great with the new, smaller house. One for between the garage doors, and two longer ones….one to finish off the end of the front porch and one on the patio. Really good quality – 99 bucks for the big, 79 for the small – 50% off ! Love it ! Just stuck some potted ferns in there now but hope to plant in them soon. I wish I could send a photo…but I don’t have a website to link to….my goal was to start a blog this summer while off from school, but life and friend’s illnesses got in the way. SO…maybe someday….
            Enjoy your new landscaping, gardening, and LIFE !

  17. Your hard work is really paying off! Everything looks terrific. Just a thought….. Have you considered painting your new planters black? They would really pop and look so pretty with the shutters …

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend


    • Pam, someone else mentioned that and I’m not thrilled with the color they are now. I may try it on the back side of the planters just to see how it looks. Do you think it would cover up the lattice design too much? Also, do you think the paint would hold up and last through the weather okay? Thanks!

  18. Susan,
    Everything is looking beautiful! I also think your new planters would look better painted black. It would compliment the black shutters and balance it out. Just my opinion. πŸ™‚

    • Shelley, do you think it would hide the lattice pattern? What paint would you use that will hold up to the weather? I’m thinking about it…just have a few concerns. πŸ™‚

      • Susan,

        To see how it would look you might be able to use the color over
        technique that was used to make your front door peacock blue, however
        I am not sure it would really show how the lattice pattern would turn

        I do see your concern with loosing the pattern after it was painted
        black. I think close up you would still be able to see the pattern,
        but not from too much of a distance.

        The type of paint I think I would use is your typical outdoor house
        paint. I would check with the paint department to get their expert
        opinion, since the planters are probably made with treated wood. Maybe
        a very slight gloss to it?

        I also love them as they are. You have excellent taste, so I am sure
        they will be lovely with what you decide. πŸ™‚

  19. You truly have been busy, my friend!!

    Hey you know how perfect those new square lattice planters look there- custom made……have you thought about painting them black? I bet that’d look awesome and tie in with the shutters. etc.

    AWESOME about speaker replacement – that’s good of them.

    Have a fabulous weekend.

    • lol Everyone is saying paint them black. πŸ™‚ I may have to paint the back side of one just to see how I like it. If I hate it, I can always turn it around to the back, right? πŸ™‚ Thanks, Michele!

  20. I thought I liked your old planters, but your new ones are wonderful. Isn’t there a buttermilk/moss way to age your pots? I think I saw Martha age her pots that way.
    I just puttered on my patio today and now I feel guilty after reading all the thing you and other commenters said they did today. I am going to have to pick up the pace.

    • I remember reading something about that, too. Wonder if it works on this resin/stone pots. In person, these are a bit darker than they looked in the post and they have a bit of faux aging in the lines and grooves. I may live with them as they are and them consider painting them later after I see how they age. The only worry I have with painting them black is it may hide the design. Hopefully they are going to be overflowing with flowers and maybe not so noticeable, color wise. And Madonna, you are just fine…your pace doesn’t need any adjusting. πŸ™‚

      • Rattlebridge Farm says

        Susan, I “aged” my resin pots with faux (mixed) paint (to resemble moss). I’m still working on them…for me, it wasn’t an afternoon project but ongoing. πŸ™‚ I thought your new pots were concrete. They’re so pretty. My urns were slick resin, and I first sprayed them with faux concrete finish. They blend in with the other concrete planters–it really does work. I also used DIRT (aka Annie Sloan’s suggestion) to further age the pots. πŸ™‚ It worked!

        • You mean real dirt or is it a product called DIRT? lol I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a product called that. Maybe that’s what these need, a little mossing and dirting up.

  21. Hi, Susan! All of your work is paying off! The grass and garden looks lovely. Enjoy it. BTW I like the new planters but I am partial to your old. I love them equally. I hope you can find a new home in your back yard for them!

    • Maureen, I’ve placed them on either side of a bench for now but the bench and the planters may end up in the back yard eventually. The bench is over to the left, almost behind the magnolia tree. I’m going to get the magnolia pruned a bit so the bench may stay there, just not sure yet. Thanks, Maureen…glad you said that because I’ve had them so long, I wasn’t sure how I still felt about them. Nice to know they are still appreciated. πŸ™‚

  22. You chose well! The size and shape work perfect! If you did paint them black you could apply a whisper of white along the edges of the lattice to highlight the design. Too bad about the speakers, but that’s great the company is replacing them. I like your walkway – I love to see a curve vs. a straight path.

  23. Rattlebridge Farm says

    Your Christmastime porch is sooooo gorgeous, Susan! I could stare at those photos forever. Love your new urns and the cottage garden. xx

  24. Hi Susan. Girl you make me dizzy. I can’t keep up with you. Even when I was in my “heyday” I don’t think I would have done all you do. Whenever I need a burst of energy I read your blogs. Everything looks beautiful as usual. I do like the new planters, and maybe black would work.

  25. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I love those lattice planters. But I HEARTILY DISAPPROVE of you lugging heavy stuff around! Oh my goodness, that little cart is very cute and I’m sure it’s helpful, but what the heck?!!! You can’t be lugging stuff from your SUV onto the carts and visa versa and all the other stuff you’re up to like trying to haul it out of the suv onto the cart and then into the house. Are you crazy, woman? Lol. Oh my goodness. I don’t know what to think. My goodness.

    I’m very glad you’re going with perennials. I love perennials! And I am thrilled for you that your speaker manufacturer is going to replace the set! Btw, who IS the manufacturer? Do you mind saying? I might be interested in getting a pair of outdoor speakers soon, myself and I like that they stand behind their product.

    I’m going to bed. You wore me out. Now I’m going to be worrying about your lugging stuff around on your own. Stop that. πŸ™

    • Ha, you are too funny! Well, I can’t haul around as much as I used to but with all this gardening I’ve been doing, I’m getting stronger again. πŸ™‚ The manufacturer is Proficient Audio. The speakers are okay but they are total lacking enough bass. I’d love to get the outdoor Bose speakers because then I could control them via radio waves from the porch instead of having to go inside to adjust the volume, but the Bose were way more expensive. So, just wanted to mention the bass isn’t very good. Proficient Audio may make some that are higher end and with better base.

  26. Susan, it’s so fun to read about your projects! I’ve gotten so many great ideas from your site. The lattice planters are fab, too! I look forward to seeing how you deck them out for the upcoming holiday season. :).

  27. OK, we all want to know, if you can tell, what brand of outdoor speakers….actually, let them know you want to mention them and maybe they might adv. on your blog, what a deal πŸ™‚
    Very impressed they are standing behind their product.
    Your posts are always full of energy and inspiration. Thank you!

  28. Pembrokeshire Lass says

    Wow. What a lot to do. I agree that shape planter suits the spot much better. I also agree about the black one… looks rather harsh there. What a big garden you have to take care of! I love your porch so lovely ! Joan

  29. Hi Susan,As always you amaze me with all the beauty that you bring to your home and yards.Love it all!!! Just an FYI for you and it is well worth the drive,google and look up the gardening center in Loganville called:Growers Outlet,they will reopen for the fall season on August 22nd.I believe.They have the most amazing trees,plants,baskets,herbs and more at great prices.Also look up Randy’s Nursery in Lawrenceville if you ever want unusal plants,I have gotten some gorgeous ones from them throughout the years,especially roses and herbs.Have fun playing in the dirt,LOL,Vicki

    • Thanks, Vicki! I will check them out this fall. Another place that’s great for plants you see in magazines but aren’t always readily available in the usual nurseries is Lost Mountain Nursery. I’ve found some hard-to-find plants there in the past.

  30. ~Susan~
    Love the new square planters , they are really going to look so “Fab” when you get your plant(s) in them !!
    What us gals go through hauling this and that , getting hard on the back !!


  31. Pier 1 now has Fall & Halloween products. Found placemates that are circular and covered with fall
    leaves. Bought really nice paper placemats for Thanksgiving. Giving you an excuse to go to Pier 1

  32. I have a cart just like yours and I love it, too! You’re right, it is a wonderful and very useful item to have. Right now, I’m using mine to hold the neverendingweeds weeds and creeping grass that crop up in my flower beds. It’s also a great toy for the grandkids to pull (or push) each other around. Lol I’m really liking the progress around the front of your house. Really, really nice.

  33. I will say at the start that I have not had a yard in decades, so my thoughts may have little value!
    Between painting them black and not seeing detail, and aging/mossing them up and seeing that lovely lattice–well no contest. Aging effect all the way. Nice to match shutters (possibly too cutsie?) but not at cost of losing texture.

    • Thanks, Mia! I think I may live with them for a little while and then decide. I’m afraid if I paint them, it won’t hold up and I’ll have a big maintenance issue. They are a bit darker in person than they appear online/in pictures. They have a little bit of an aged look in the grooves. Thank again for your input…appreciate so much!

  34. I love your new lattice planters, they will look so pretty full! And they will change over time. They fit in their spot perfectly and look like they belong there. I still think some big black urn planters would look really nice on either side of your door too. They would compliment the shutters and add more color and take the eye up. You could use your old greek key and grape planters on your new back porch under the deck! See, that porch really does need to move up the todo list! You are a very resourceful and very clever girl! I love that you manage all your heavy stuff with your handy cart. On one of the posts I looked at tonight, I followed all the links and looked at lots of fun posts! I saw your new big shiny tool box and I am impressed that you put it together all by your self! Don’t you love it when the folks ask if they can help take heavy things to the car! I always ask if they are coming home with me too! If it’s too heavy for me to get in the car, shouldn’t they be there to help me get it out at home!?! You have it covered! I am catching up πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Nancy. I love doing stuff like that…putting things together, if I have some pretty decent instructions. Those urns may end up down there, they would look great down there. Right now I have them on either side of a bench that’s half hidden behind the magnolia. I’ve been checking out pavers and various options for that area…keeping it in mind. Might be a good springtime project next year.

  35. Manuela ruiz says

    Where can i purchase the concrete square lattice planters? They are beautiful!

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