Plaid Everything! Yes, Please!

Welcome to the 531st Tablescape Thursday!

Just before I left to fly north for Thanksgiving, I stopped into Pottery Barn to scope out all their Christmas dinnerware. They always have such fun holiday dinnerware. I love seeing it all and it really gets me excited for the holidays.

Since Thanksgiving was just a few days away, they no longer had Thanksgiving dinnerware on display. I just noticed today, all of the Thanksgiving dinnerware is on sale right now, so this is a great time to buy for next year. You can see it all here: Thanksgiving Dinnerware.

As soon as I walked through the door, the rich reds of this table pulled me over.

Christmas China Dinnerware


The neat thing about this dishware is that it’s not just for Christmas. The colors would work any time throughout the year, especially for fall and winter. This rich patterned dinnerware can be found here: Holiday Dinnerware.

Christmas China Dinnerware 2


Pottery Barn had this pattern last year and I almost bought it then.

Christmas China Dinnerware 5


I love the reindeer circling the plate and each one has its own personality. Sooo cute!

Christmas China Dinnerware 8


Here’s a close up of how it looked on the table. All of this adorable reindeer dishware can be found here: Christmas Reindeer Dinnerware.

The sherpa placemats add a warm, cozy feeling…love that for winter! Normally I’d be nervous about these placemats, thinking they would get dirty quickly, but I purchased a PB throw for my daughter-in-law and for myself 2-3 years ago that was all sherpa on one side. I’ve never needed to wash mine but with two little ones, my dil has washed her throw several times and it still looks great. So I would think these would wash well, too.

I’m going to keep an eye on them, and if they go on sale I think I’ll get some. You can read more about them here: Sherpa Placemat. I would love to see them in a setting with the bark-edged chargers I love to use this time of year!

Christmas China Dinnerware 6


I came extremely close to buying some of their plaid dinnerware this year. I can not resist THE PLAID! lol I’m thrilled to say it’s all currently still on sale. Is that the universe saying, do it!? It is very different from the other tartan/plaid patterns I have. Ummm, I can see a whole table done in plaids. It would be challenging but could make for a beautiful table!

You’ll find the plaid dinner plates shown below on sale here: Plaid Dinner Plate. The whimsical Santa salad plates below are available here: Santa Salad Plates. The matching dinner plates can be found here: Santa Dinner Plates and the whole set(16 Piece Set) can be purchased here: Santa on Christmas Eve.

I’d also love a set of the “antique” silver chargers. Love how those look any time of year! They are available here: Chargers.

Christmas Place Setting with Tartan Plates


Love the platter that goes with this whimsical Santa dinnerware.

Christmas China Dinnerware 7


These are the matching salad plates in the plaid pattern. They are also on sale here: Plaid Salad Plate. See all of this pattern including serving pieces here: Plaid Dinnerware.

Update: I just ordered these! Can’t wait to see how they pair with my other Christmas patterns. Will definitely have to put together a table with these this year!

Plaid, Tartan Salad Plates, Denver


Every year when I see these glasses, I want them! I picked one up and I love how they feel in your hand. You can actually feel the reindeer…love that! They are available here: Reindeer Glasses.

Reindeer Glasses


I did a quick pass through the bedding before I left. If I didn’t already have tartan bedding, I would have to get this! You’ll find the duvet which is currently on sale, here: Duvet.


It pairs so well with all their Ski Lodge bedding…such an adorable pattern! My son would have loved this growing up since he loved skiing! The Ski Lodge bedding is available here: Ski Lodge. You can really see how beautiful and rich the plaid duvet/pillow shams are in this picture below. Sooo pretty!

Whimsical Christmas Pillowcases


I’m going to work on putting the tree up today. But first I want to put out my mini-snack center for all my delivery folks. I would have put it out a lot earlier if I had not been out of town for Thanksgiving. I think I’m going to use a smaller box this year. This one was kinda heavy once I had it filled with goodies. I can’t wait to go shopping for the treats! I had so much fun putting this together last year!

You’ll find the post I wrote about this and a link to print out the sign in this post: A Treat for Your Delivery Person. I reprinted my sign for this year since I have a color printer now. I’ll share a photo of my little snack center once I get it put together. I need to get cracking on decorating the front porch, too!

Happy Holiday season to you! Looking forward to sharing Christmas preparations with you soon!

Snacks and drinks for Delivery Drivers and Package Handlers


Looking forward to the beautiful tables linked for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. Hi Susan. I also love love the red dinner ware! I’ll have to seriously consider these – not that I need any more Christmas dinner ware! I put out my mini snack center a few days ago for my delivery folks. Thanks for posting that last year. It is such a nice thing and makes me feel good doing this for them. Thanks for all your inspiration and for hosting.

    • I know your delivery folks will really appreciate it. I know what you mean, I feel the same way, love doing this small little thing for them in case it makes their day just a little brighter.

  2. Thank you for the reminder about the snack center! I love that idea and had forgotten about it. Thanks for the fun trip through Pottery Barn; we don’t have one anywhere near Commerce so it’s always a treat to see!

  3. Loving it all and yes on the plaid! I have really took a liking to the plaids this Christmas. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. My boyfriend would love the plaids because he is Scottish heritage!

  5. Love these shopping trips. Glad to see you mention the treat bin again for the delivery folks. I’d be curious to know which snack and beverage was most and least popular.
    P.S. And is that Vernor’s Ginger Ale I spy? How classy!

  6. Terri Santiago says

    Thank you Susan again for the water/snack bar for deliveries. I was reminded of that yesterday when deliveries were made.
    I will do that. I have a cute antique rack to put the munchies in and beverages.

  7. What I loved: the reindeer plate, the Santa plate, the napkin rings, the reindeer glasses, the pillow slips with lettering! Thanks for sharing your sharp eye shopping! I wish I had enough family to create a table using all the items.

  8. Phew, Hi, Susan. I have wanted to participate but always am so busy with my guests—I never get photos. Love all your ideas—and the shopping makes me want to go out–but, no more room. I would so love an entire set of plaid anything. Thanks for hosting and your fun blog.

  9. Argh! It’s already going too fast for me. Slow it down, please. πŸ˜€ So many beautiful things, Susan. Too many to mention. I do love those ‘antique’ silver chargers. In the picture, they look pewter to me and I’ve always had an affinity for pewter. I too am curious, like Mia, to know what you found the most popular snacks and beverages. Merry Christmas!

  10. Yes to plaid everything! The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned, mixed and matched. Christmas is my favorite time to break it all out and mix it up. Looking back at my prior tables is what I’ve done in order to plan for this year’s fun. Thanks for hosting us, Susan.

  11. Martha Lander says

    Susan, you featured a table of mine last Christmas with different plaids. I had bought these Denver plaid salad plates and they looked fabulous on the Williams-Sonoma plaid dinner plates. You will love them!

  12. I love all things plaid as the dinner plates, paired with the reindeer ones.
    The china in the first photo is sweet and pretty and good for all seasons too !
    Love the plaid duvet.
    Thank you for the wonderful party.
    Merry Xmas and happy advent season.

  13. The plaid is lovely. All the dishes are gorgeous. I love anything plaid.

  14. Cyndi Raines says

    Those reindeer glasses are awesome! Have you purchased them yet? Lol It’s hard to pass them up. Love plaid!

  15. Thanks for taking us shopping with you Susan. Love the plaid and all those Christmas plates. I see you have my Starbuck’s frappuccino in the snack box. Soon as you put my favorite red boots on the porch, I will be by your house ! LOL I don’t get packages at home, but when I am out shopping, I hand out treats that are only available at Christmas to the places I frequently shop like the post office, grocery and craft stores. The police department dispatchers always get treats. Then I take my odd silk flowers like poinsettias and make little flower pots for their desk. My shopping circle is only about six miles, so I leave a trail behind me. Everybody likes being remembered and thanked for a job well done; especially the delivery people at your home.

  16. Lovely you are remembering the hard working delivery folks. One comment though. In the cold climates those bottled drinks will freeze and burst from the pressure, spewing drink everywhere.

  17. With the closest Pottery Barn location being 300 or 500 miles away, I always appreciate your excursions there. That said; do love the plaid dinnerware. Hoping that you are enjoying your visit with your family. -Brenda-
    P.S.: With you being such a fan of plaids and tartans, you probably would have liked the Pendleton Pleated Turnabout Reversible (wool) skirts that were popular in the 1950’s.

  18. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    So, do you have plaid jammies? πŸ˜‰

  19. Susan you could totally make those sherpa placemats with sherpa fabric-just cut it into placemat-sized rectangles! It would be very inexpensive. Love your all your posts!

    • Oh, that’s a brilliant idea! I wonder if JoAnns would have it. Unfortunately, the Hancocks Fabric in my area closed. Thanks, Mindy! I will see if I can find some this year…love that idea!

  20. Susan, you know I’m yout tartan loving friend! If I didn’t already have tartan plates, I’d be ordering too. I actually added some orange plaid plates for fall.

  21. Love plaid everything! If I could just have my home decorated for Christmas all year long, I’d be happy!

  22. Based upon your recommendations, I bought the tartan bedding this fall for the month of December and we absolutely LOVE it. (My yellow cat I think loves it most of all based upon the amount of fur that’s been shed on the corner.) We ended up getting white Ralph Lauren sheets to go with it as I don’t like any sort of flannel sheets and the bed is now beyond luxurious. THANK YOU!

    • That sounds so wonderful, Ali! Thanks for letting me know! So funny about your kitty! Cats have great taste, they know the good stuff and go right for it. πŸ™‚

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