Create a Little Snack Center, A Small Thank-you to Our Delivery Men & Women

My day had a not-so-great start. I awoke, turned on my computer and it began making an odd whirring sound. I think the fan in the CPU tower has gone out. Again. ~~~sigh~~~  It shut down by itself and made a terrible “siren” sound when I attempted to restart it.

So I’ll be packing a lunch (because it takes that long to get there and back!) and driving to the other side of Atlanta today to leave it for repairs at the store where I purchased it. Before I start my journey across Atlanta, I thought I’d share the little snack station I put together last night for all the delivery people who will be dropping off packages this holiday season.

I would like to have put this little snack center out well before Thanksgiving, but I left to go out of town several days ahead of Thanksgiving, so I just couldn’t make that happen for this year.

Before I share the changes I made for this year, here’s a photo of last year’s snack station below.

Snacks and drinks for Delivery Drivers and Package Handlers


The first change I made for this year was I printed the sign in color since I now have a color printer. I still use my Brother laser printer (love it!) but I like having the color printer for those odd color jobs.

Another change I made was instead of having everything in one large bin, I purchased two smaller bins for this year: one for drinks and one for snacks. The large bin I used last year (when filled) was a bit heavy to lift each morning to put out and each night to bring back inside. Two smaller bins are a lot easier to handle and less awkward.


I had a delivery early this morning and when I stepped outside to take these pictures, it made my heart sing to see one of the waters is gone. I hope they took a few snacks with them, too. I have so many in the snack bin, it’s hard to tell.

Last year I put out Starbucks Coffee, the kind in glass bottles that don’t require refrigeration. Those were not a popular choice, I think maybe one was taken. So this year I left those out of the drink bin.

This year I filled the drink bin with A & W Root Beer, Fiji Water, Cokes (regular and diet) and Sprite. You may want to add some juice boxes or V-8 to your bin for variety, although I don’t remember those being that popular last year when I had them in my bin. Mostly my delivery folks chose either a water or soda.

I may need to add some ice to the bin this year because it has turned pretty warm again. Normally it’s cold enough out, the drinks stay plenty cold.

Create a Snack Station for Your Delivery Folks During the Holidays


For the snacks, I put out a pretty big variety. I remembered the boxes of Animal Crackers were a big hit last year, so I bought more of those this year. The snack bin this year includes:

Skinny Popcorn
Animal Crackers
Ritz Cheese Crackers
Snickers Bars
Assorted Lance Crackers (Peanut Butter, Toasted Cheese, etc…)
Goldfish Crackers
Emerald Mixed nuts (Cashews, Almonds, Cranberries)
Planters Nutrition Mix (Peanuts, Almonds, Pistachios, Pecan, Walnuts)
Snickers Bars
Chips Ahoy Cookies
Gardetto’s Original Snack Mix
Nutter Butter Bites
Chex Mix (Traditional and Cheddar)

Some of the snack items above came in large variety packs, so if you put together a snack center, look for the variety packs. The only thing I don’t like about the variety packs is sometimes the snacks inside are in smaller bags than I would like.

I’m tempted to staple a couple of packs together so they’ll have a decent size snack when they choose those, although that may look weird. Maybe I can paper clip them together so they’ll know to take more than one pack.

Snacks for Delivery Folks During Holiday Season


Cute Story: Back during the summer I was outside retrieving my mail from my mailbox when a UPS driver was delivering packages across the street. He stopped to tell me how much his sidekick/helper who had been riding with him during the holiday season last year had appreciated the snacks. He said every morning he would ask him if they had any packages for the house with the snacks. 🙂 That was so nice of him to let me know, it made my day! I told him I would definitely be doing it again this year.

If you would like to print out the sign below to use in your snack center, you’ll find a link to where you can print it out in this previous post: Snack Center for Your Delivery Folks.Sign for Delivery Appreciation

Before I close out this post, have to share these amazing fleece-lined tights I’ve been wearing under dresses and jeans. They are so incredibly warm! I’ll be putting together a stocking stuffer/gift suggestion post soon and these will be on it, for sure. They are available here in several colors if you dislike being cold as much as I do: Tights.

Fleece Lined Tights


I’m off to take my computer to the doctor. I’ll be working on my Christmas decorating this weekend, looking forward to sharing that with you soon!

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  1. Suzy Wheeler says

    Drinks for Drivers !!!
    Snacks for Santa’s Delivery Staff !!!!

    You are so thoughtful and have the true Christmas Spirit.
    Thank you for inspiring ideas.

  2. Alva Harrison says

    What a great idea! You are a very thoughtful, generous person.

  3. I am rather surprised that the Animal Crackers were the big hit. Good luck with your computer. It is beyond annoying when they quit functioning.

    • I was really surprised, too! Maybe it’s the nostalgic idea of it, but they were the first thing to be chosen last year.

    • Sandra D in Joliet says

      I love animal crackers myself-they’re not all sugary sweet. I drink hot tea and don’t like anything real sweet with it but animal crackers are just the thing for a light snack and they’re not salty like chips and some other snacks.

  4. You are very kind to think of the delivery people with your snack station. With their hectic schedules this time of year I’m sure they appreciate your surprises. My husband has medicine delivered that is packed with cold pouches and we have to watch for those deliveries. This summer I downloaded an app from UPS that helps me with tracking. Now I get text or email updates. I’ve also added the app from the post office USPS and I get notified about mail deliveries. If you have tried these maybe you could post about them. You are so good about posting useful as well as entertaining information. Love everything you’ve shared about your trips too.

    • Thanks, Mary! I get the UPS notices but not the USPS. I’ll have to sign up for those. I always like knowing when an item has been delivered, even if I’m not home.
      Oh, thanks! I love sharing the trips, too. If I ever get through my Egypt pics, I’ll share another post with more photos from there. It was an exciting trip!

  5. I loved this idea last year. I also created the Snack Center for delivery people. Some of my delivery guys are so fast they never even looked at the set up. But I am planning on doing it again this year. As the month wore on, more items were noticed and left the container. Last year, because it was so warm her in Central Florida, I put the drinks in a small cooler with ice. By the end of the day, the ice was melted, but the drinks stayed cold. Thanks again for this kind gesture. We often do not thank the people who travel all day, delivering mail and packages. They work long hours, sometimes into the night. I’m sure they appreciate a little snack along the way.

  6. This is a super idea. I always think of the men and women who deliver to the door. I’ll set mine up today. Thanks Susan.

  7. Donna zoltanski says

    You are a very thoughtful person! I have already had many deliveries but would enjoy doing this too. I will print out your nice sign too. Thanks for sharing it and showing your thankful to delivery service is heartwarming!

    • I know, me too. I wish I’d had it out earlier. But I still have quite a few more deliveries coming, although the majority of my Christmas shopping is done. I’m sure I’ll spy a few more things before Christmas gets here, though. 🙂 Thanks, Donna! XX

  8. What? No beer??? . Nice thought though but I hope no porch piirates take any snacks.

    • Ha! That made me laugh, Ginger! 🙂 So far I’ve never had anything taken off the porch, hope that doesn’t start happening in our neighborhood.

  9. Love the kind thoughtfulness of your idea. Just a caution though. Those who live in cold climates should be aware that drinks can freeze outside. The pressure from freezing can cause the can or bottle to explode, spewing remaining liquid everywhere. This is especially with carbonated drinks.

  10. What a great idea! So thoughtful, I know they really appreciate your kindness. Speaking of computer issues, I am having trouble with your links. I can not open them anymore. I love all of your suggestions but now I can’t open them up to see where they are from. Any suggestions on how to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ummm, I don’t know what would cause that. I haven’t had anyone else mention it, so I wonder if it’s a setting on your computer. I just typed “can’t open links on my computer” into Google and several articles popped up. What browser do you use, Wendy?

      • Susan, I use safari. I am not very computer savvy and have to get my kids to solve most of my computer problems. I’ve tried looking this problem up but everything refers to bloggers and their problems with links.

        • Umm, not that familiar with Safari. I use Chrome and really like it. Wendy, you may want to download Chrome and see if they open then. If they do, then you’ll know it’s an issue with Safari. You can have several browsers on your computer, so you don’t have to remove Safari to try Chrome. I really Chrome a lot.

    • I use Safari without a problem – perhaps it needs to update? I find it can get glitchy if I wait.

  11. Susan, I am SO glad you mentioned the snack boxes again! I think it’s a great thing to do & my pea brain forgot . Getting it put together now!

    • Thanks, Sabrina! I know your delivery folks will really appreciate it. I’ve had three deliveries today and they all went for the water, so restocked it for tomorrow. 🙂

  12. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I think it’s a wonderful idea but in my neighborhood people steal packages way too much. One house had security cameras and by the time they were alerted via text their package was delivered and walked through the house, a thief stole it. Imagine not being able to beat a thief to your package because you had to walk through the house after being notified-that is FAST work. They posted the photo of the thief in our local online paper but so far I haven’t heard of anyone being arrested. If I see a delivery person I’ll ask if they would like a snack and something to drink but I’m not feeding thieves-they get more than enough free stuff. I hope I can move in a couple years and if things are better there I would be happy to do this.

    • I liked the story about the people who stole the box off the porch not knowing it was a box of worms for a bearded dragon! I heard they follow the trucks around now & that’s how they get there so quickly. In problem areas they should deliver dummy packages & have the police waiting.

    • That is such a shame, Sandra. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that. I wonder if a Ring doorbell would help deter some of that. I just ordered one, it will be delivered tomorrow. I haven’t ever had anything stolen off my porch but am adding the Ring doorbell more for convenience. It’s supposed to be helpful for security, too.

      • Sandra D in Joliet says

        It is a shame and yes, I’ve heard of people setting up dummy boxes for them such as doggie doo doo. I know it was just mealworms for a reptile but it’s still shameful-I hope they had plenty on hand until another order came in. It hasn’t happened in my area yet but last December the criminals were following the UPS and Fed Ex drivers in Chicago and beating them or pulling a gun on them, then they drove off with the entire truck-what’s next in these areas-armed guards in the back? We have a gas station around the corner from us and people put ads in Craigslist to buy items for sale, tell them to meet them at a public place which is the gas station and when the people show up with the item their selling, they pull a gun on them & steal it. Our area used to be so nice when we moved here-a lot of elderly people and it was quiet, however the elderly go to nursing homes, move in with their kids or pass away and people bought the homes to rent out. Not all renters are bad but a lot of them are, a lot have kids & young adults living with them that are in gangs. Last year the officers were looking for an 18 month old girl for days only to find out she was already dead and hidden under a couch with no legs-someone put the poor little thing there. It sounds like we’ll never know what really happened. A few weeks ago they launched search parties for a young lady in her 20’s from the other side of town just to find out she was murdered and they arrested someone a couple blocks from me. He was already on the sex offender list as being violent & then we read he was convicted years ago for attempted murder. 2 or 3 years ago two brothers beat their neighbor to death with a bat-they lived 1 block away. I’ve had a bit of a financial set back with my dog getting cancer years ago and she just passed away this summer but I’m getting those bills paid off and then saving like crazy so I can get out of here. They put so much thought and effort into stealing, if only they put that much effort into a real job. I’m not sure where I’m looking but it will be out of Illinois because we have some of the highest taxes around too. I love reading your blog and day dreaming of the day I can do some things like you do. I put no decorations out front because someone stole my gazing ball one year. Take care and keep showing us awesome stuff.

  13. Thanks for the tip on the fleece lined tights, Susan. They sound like just the ticket. I remember last winter I just could not get warm, no matter what I did. I was cold for 5 months. I had to just get used to feeling cold, but it would be so nice to feel warm and comfy. Can’t wait to try them. I don’t know how you find so many fun and useful things, but I’m glad you do!

    • Hope you like them, Pam! I found those last year when I was searching for warm tights for my dil. She wears a lot of dresses to work. I love how soft they feel when wearing them.

  14. I just put my snack box out yesterday! I did it last year & they seemed to appreciate it. One mailman in particular commented on how good the blueberry fig bars were & so I made sure to get those again! I don’t know why but I get so excited to go out & see if anyone took anything. I guess it’s nice to know that they like the snacks.

  15. I read your thank-you snack center post last year, created one immediately, and have had ours out again this year. Our dry-cleaning delivery person texted to say how much he enjoyed the drink and snack! And yesterday I met a seasonal helper at the door; he was delighted when I told him to help himself to as much as he wanted. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful idea!

  16. Cyndi Raines says

    Thanks for sharing the sign also Susan. I am sure the treats and drinks are greatly appreciated as they almost run to get all the deliveries in, probably don’t take time for lunch. I may add some of those great protein bars they have out now also. They are so tasty, you think your eating a candy bar, haha. Like the tights too. Wore my cuddle duds under my sweat pants today when I was doing the last of a few outdoor chores and it was 30 degrees. They kept me warm. Bought hubby some lightweight fleece long underware from SAMS (great price $13.99) 9as he is always cold now too. He loves them. Do you have an electric blanket? I just purchased a twin size for his side of the bed as I don’t need any extra heat, ha, but he is loving it and we haven’t even hit our really cold weather yet. They have electric throws too. Just a thought. Eager to hear about your other holiday picks. Don’t forget to post about your latest “items I can’t live without”, really enjoy reading those.

  17. Debby Lowry says

    Fyi: the sherpa placemats at Pottery Barn are on sale.

  18. Snack bar looks great. I like the two separate bins. You might add “take two if your hungry” or “don’t be shy; take two”. Sometimes people hesitate. It’s a shame about the porch pirates ruining a nice deed in some areas. I would tie my dog up by the porch! But then I wouldn’t get any deliveries! Thanks for the reminder about tights. I will have to get mine out because they really do help keep you warm. Hope your computer isn’t a big deal. Mine was freezing right and left so my husband reloaded windows (I also lost my DVD driver) and things seem back to normal. I only had to reload a few apps that I lost.

  19. margaret brelsford says

    ok, how do I go about purchasing your Racoon slippers. Referred to LL Bean according to your site but they have no record of these.

    • Margaret, I’m currently away from my house but as soon as I get home I’ll find those on their website and send them to you. Hopefully they are still available. If they don’t have the raccoons I know they have some other cute animals because I remember seeing them on the site.

    • Margaret, these are the styles they currently have:

      It looks like they have a kitty, a dog, snowflakes and two other styles. They had more animals styles earlier in the fall. Bookmark that link because I bet they will restock and get more designs back in since they’ve sold so quickly this year.

  20. Susan,
    Your idea is so thoughtful. I live in Michigan and the drinks might not be hard to keep cold — ha ha — but I’m wondering how to keep the snacks from getting wet from rain and snow. Anyone have any ideas? I want it to be easy for them to grab the snacks — and unfortunately I don’t have a covered porch. I guess I could just live the cover on the bin. Living in a rural area, we buy so much online through out the year. In fact, I went to the post office one time to pick up a package and the clerk said “Oh, you are THAT family!” 5 people buying online adds up quickly, I guess! Thanks for your lovely blog!

  21. What a great idea…and how nice for the delivery people to know how much they are appreciated! We used to leave treats for our garbage men in our last home…I would wrap up goodies in gift bags and then leave them on top of the garbage cans ( first I would put down some foil ) with little notes for each holiday. They were great workers and deserved a treat. Now we are in an apartment and don’t see the workers…but I still treat the mailman. Such a little kindness, but don’t you feel great sending that kindness out into the world. Good luck with your computer…ours died last year, was fixed, is working great…but last week we got that same siren sound and it was all crazy! Love computers but when they go…WOW! Enjoy the run to the holidays and thanks for all your great posts !

  22. Last year I thought the snack idea would be great to do but I have the same problem as Dana. I live in the northeast Ohio Snowbelt and deliveries are left at our garage instead of at our covered front porch and with the freezing and snow hiding everything at a moments notice I don’t know how I could pull it off. Any ideas? Sometimes I am lucky enough to catch delivery people and give them home baked stuff.

  23. I can’t find a place to print that sign and I love that it covers everyone including the post man. Can you help me out please?

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