Christmas Home Tour: Tour A Beautiful Folk Victorian

Last weekend a group of friends and I attended a local tour of historic homes all decked out for the Christmas season. I shared some pics from that tour recently and today I’m taking you back inside to show you all the delightful details I wasn’t able to capture before! Thank you to Tracey and Scott for letting me take you on a tour of their beautiful home decorated for Christmas.

A little background: This gabled ell cottage was built in 1905 in what’s known as the Folk Victorian style. It sits upon land that was once a pecan grove over 100 years ago. There’s still a big, wonderful pecan tree in back and I was totally coveting it. Can you imagine just walking into your backyard and collecting pecans to stock away for a year’s worth of baking?! How I would love that!

I know you remember this fabulous red door from my previous post! Let’s go inside for the full tour!

I didn’t have any photos of the family room to share last week, it was just too crowded with folks to get pics in all the rooms. Let’s step inside and take the tour…

All the windows were decorated with beautiful live wreaths…

Sideboards are such versatile pieces of furniture…love how Tracey is using this one in her family room. Gorgeous tree!

It’s movie night…everything is ready!

The mirrors were all decorated with live greenery…they were just beautiful! I was only able to share a side view of one last week…now you can see how gorgeous they really were!

On the hearth for Santa 🙂

The beautiful Master Bedroom…another room I wasn’t able to share in my earlier post.

The colors in this room are so warm and cozy. You can really see it in the beautiful draperies.

If you don’t want to deal with firewood, consider lighting some beautiful candles in your fireplace for a wonderful glow. Note the great built-in shelving. One of the things I most love about the older homes are features like these. Gorgeous tree!

I shared this pic in my earlier post, but due to the crowds I wasn’t able to back up to get a good shot of how pretty it looked on top.

Here’s a much better view… The candlelight was really beautiful…I’m remembering this idea for future parties in my home.

I shared this photo of bookshelves filled with wonderful vintage Christmas books. This photo was a good closeup, but didn’t tell you much about the room.

Here’s what we missed… Now we can see how the shelving fits into this darling bedroom belonging to Tracey and Scott’s daughter.

All the Christmas decorations in this room were created with toys! I love that idea! Notice the garland at the foot of the bed…

The wreaths at the windows were made with children’s blocks. Cute!

And the tinker toys formed Christmat trees with stars on top!

Care for a spot of tea?

Last week, I could only share a few glimpses of the kitchen…here’s where the beautiful pot rack was that so many of you loved. I just love the stockings hung from the chairs.

Look how Tracey has decorated above her cabinets…beautiful!

Beautiful table!

Tracey created this beautiful display with a wonderful frame with a background that will allow her to showcase her daughter’s art each week. She can replace it easily as she brings home new drawings. The little brass plate said: “Masterpiece by” and showed their daughter’s name. This would be a great idea for so many things…weekly events or appointments we need to keep up with…Christmas cards arriving each day. Love this idea!

A few more views of the kitchen…

The greenery around the windows was wonderful and the fresh scent throughout was heavenly!

We exited out onto this adorable back porch…you may remember this photo from last week. I love those red screened doors!

Great idea for a child’s wagon at Christmas time…

The picnic table out back was decorated for the season.

Tracey and Scott…thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home all dressed for the holidays! If I hadn’t visited any other homes on this tour, your home alone would have made it all worth while! Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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  1. That was a great tour, Susan. I really liked all the greenery around the windows. The pot rack with ornaments was a great touch too.

  2. http://EliFla says

    This house is beautyiful ….the ideas they used to decorate it are really fine…and I adore the pot rack!!! I would like to have one of this in my kitchen!!! HAppy weekend, Flavia

  3. http://Carol says

    Great ideas, thanks for sharing! That little girl's bedroom is so sweet!

  4. http://Katie%[email protected]%20On%20the%20Banks%20of%20Squaw%20Creek says

    This is so gorgeous! I wonder if it's even possible for my house to look that beautiful!

  5. http://Lisa's%20Creative%20Home says

    Gorgeous House! So warm and cozy!
    I am having a Holiday Home Tour Linky Party. I would love for you to stop by!

  6. http://jpolinskyswife says

    What a beautiful tour, I just love this home and the ideas. Thanks so much Susan to you and your good friend.

  7. http://Peggy says

    What a cute little house…I love those red doors.

  8. http://English%20Cottage%20in%20Georgia says

    I adore this home! I cannot imagine how long it took for a person (or 2) to put up all the REAL greenery.
    The master bedroom and kitchen are fabulous:-)

  9. http://♥%20Sonny%20♥ says

    I loved this photo tour.. thank you so much, Susan.. Now I can put my bed in front of the window and feel ok about it…

  10. http://Old%20Centennial%20Farmhouse says

    So many good ideas in this post, and that home is just a dollhouse, isn't it? It looks like it came straight out of a magazine! LOVE IT and thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

  11. http://Shelia says

    Hi Susan! I loved the tour and that kitchen is the cutest thing. I do love the pot rack! Thanks for taking us along.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉

  12. http://Prior says

    Susan this is such a lovely home. The book shelves are great and love the simply yet beautiful out door table.


  13. http://Tracy says

    I missed our Christmas home tour this year, no one wanted to go with me 🙁
    Love that home, WOW

  14. http://Miss%20Char says

    Susan, thanks so much for taking me along on your home tour. What a great home, its obvious that the family loves the holidays.

  15. http://Sharon says

    totally enjoyed this tour, thank you so much. Can't wait for the next one!

  16. http://Donna%20(Timeless%20Settings) says

    I love your home tour photos, I was able to go on a tour last weekend and had a great time! I love the daughter's room with the books on the wall.

  17. http://Hillary%20and%20Jonathan says

    I love that (one of) their trees is in a bucket! Was it a live tree, or was that just the coolest tree stand ever?

  18. http://Susan says

    Awesome tour, Susan. Loved all your great photos. Thanks for taking me along! Susan

  19. Love it, thanks for the 2nd tour…much better to see the rooms as a whole! The little girls room is precious.

  20. http://Mary says

    I love this house! So many cute and clever ideas!! She has done a wonderful job decorating.

    Would Tracey be willing to share the paint color of the master bedroom? On my screen the walls look like maybe there is a hint of peach/orange? Whatever it is, it is very nice!

    Thank you for providing these pictures from your tour!

    From Virginia

  21. http://Anonymous says

    Simply charming! I could feel the warmth and the
    welcome in every detail of the Holiday decor.

    Thanks Susan, for this lovely moderated tour!

  22. http://CHERI says

    I adore this house…so warm and cozy and comfortable. The red front door just lets you know you are about to walk into a fabulous place. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

  23. http://Susan says

    This house is so inviting!! Such pretty decorations that welcome you to come sit awhile!! The trees are gorgeous!! The front door is beautifully decorated!! I wanna live there!

  24. http://Handy%20Man,%20Crafty%20Woman says

    WOW, what a cute house! Great decorations!! I don't have the energy to put up 2 trees, but sometimes I wish I had 2.

  25. http://Love%20Being%20a%20Nonny says

    There is no way I could tell you how much I love everything in that house. Especially the red doors and the way the books are displayed in that bedroom. WOW! Thanks for sharing!

    LOVE your new header. Merry Christmas!

  26. http://Rettabug says

    Thank you, Susan, for sharing even more photos of Tracy & Scott's lovely home! So many great ideas to see…I'm inspired!

    In fact, I just gathered both of my crystal barrel biscuit jars that had cotton & Q-tips in them in the guest room & are now filled with pretty peppermints for a Christmas accent on the dresser. So easy & so fun!

    Thanks for telling me/us about the Nester's party, too. I was unaware of it until today.

  27. http://Terry says

    I love house tours and I appreciate how you took us on a private behind the scenes tour. Thanks Terry

  28. http://Lori says

    I can't believe they let you take pictures in the house, but I'm sure glad they did.

  29. http://Designs%20By%20Pinky says

    What a wonderful house! And they have it decorated SOOO beautifully! So m,any great, different ideas! Their daughter's bedroom is so cute! Thanks so much to them for allowing us inside and to you for taking us along!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas!

  30. http://FABBY'S%20LIVING says

    Just a totally beautiful home…I love the cozieness and warmeth of it, all the decorations are perfect for this house, the pot rack, the wreaths, the childrens rooms, and the trees, it completes the Christmas decor of this lovely house.
    Thank you Susan for sharing, I just love your spirit too.
    Merry Christmas

  31. http://Anita says

    What a beautiful, warm house! So many great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  32. http://Dana%20and%20Daisy says

    oh the tinker toy trees are the cat's meow!

  33. http://Merlin says

    Where, oh, where does one find those "outstanding!" red doors??


  34. http://Suzy says

    I could be wrong, but the wreath in the "Masterpiece" frame appears to be a circle of green handprints…I'm guessing their daughter's…..cute !

  35. http://Melody says

    What a great tour Susan! After log/wood cabins/cottage/cape cod, victorian/cottage is my fav! The house is wonderful. I love the child's room. Those red wooden screen doors are too cool. She really makes her home so welcoming.

  36. http://Oregon%20Gifts%20of%20Comfort%20and%20Joy says

    What a beautiful home with so much lovely creativity! I love their child's bedroom the very most of all.

    Thank you.

  37. http://Linda%20(More%20Fun%20Less%20Laundry) says

    Hi Susan! Thank you for the house tour–I can never get enough "real" house tours. They are so interesting. I love the little red wagon with the cedar and violets, and I'm stealing the greens and candles on the outdoor table idea! Bought the wreaths today! Linda

  38. http://Lindy says

    What a wonderful tour. I love all the real greenery. Thanks for sharing!

  39. http://Mid-Atlantic%20Martha says

    Love this pretty home — so sweet. Thanks for going back and giving us the "uncrowded" view. Thanks for your sweet visit to my table this week too. Wishing you a Jolly Christmas season and a most wonderful new year.

  40. What a beautiful and inviting home. Thanks so much for sharing. I have so many wonderful ideas for next year. *smile* ~Liz

  41. http://SavannahGranny says

    Came back for a second look. Such a beautiful home at any time. We know it as a beautiful southern home but this lovely home could be anywhere in the USA. I already see some ideas I can use. Thank you for sharing the Christmas postcard. Merry Christmas, Ginger

  42. http://Sassy%20Southern%20Lady says

    Thanks for posting the home tour. It was like being able to be there.

  43. http://Anita%[email protected]%20Cedar%20Hill%20Ranch says

    So many great ideas there, I don't know where to start, but I love the ornaments on the pot rack, the greenery in the wagon and the greenery and mason jars on the tables.

  44. http://Grandmom says

    Please, Please, Please tell me the paint color/manufacturer on the screen doors. So many “reds” out there.
    Thank you!

    • I do not know, unfortunately. It looks very similar to the red on my front door which is Benjamin Moore, Heritage Red. Heritage Red is great traditional red and one of their signature colors that’s very popular so they never discontinue it. Check it out.

  45. http://Suzy%20Reed says

    Just beautiful ! Thanks for sharing !

  46. I just love the tour of this house. It’s just so homey. I love the red doors and all the greenery.

  47. http://Kaden says

    I just bought a 1900 house very similar to yours. It is nice to see one left with it’s charm. Thanks for sharing

  48. http://Amber says

    Love the decorating! I live in Southern California so real green garland is not really an option. Any good suggestions on how to find a fake garland that looks like the real deal? A lot of craft stores sells them but I tend to think they look fake and cheesy.

  49. http://Amber says

    Susan, thank you for the preserved boxwood suggestion! I’ll have to look into it!

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