Christmas Pillow Crazy & Shopping at T.J. Maxx Online!


My name is Susan, and I think I have a Christmas pillow problem. 😉 Just in case you suffer with this affliction, as well, I thought I’d share my collection and a few of the new ones I just picked up this year. This year is turning into a fabulous year for us Christmas pillow lovers because they are everywhere and they are delightful!



Starting with those I’ve collected over the years, I have this thing for reindeer pillows. Don’t think I’ve ever met a reindeer pillow I didn’t love.

Reindeer Pillow, Wreath Pillows


My favorite places to pillow shop any time of the year are Pottery Barn, Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJ Max. I usually place a Christmas pillow somewhere here in my family room.

Living Room, English Country Style
Found this one in Marshalls a few years ago. I just noticed this evening that Pottery Barn has a pillow that’s very similar available, HERE. A lot of the pillows you’ll find in these stores have down inserts which makes them super comfortable. Instead of tossing them on the floor when you sit down, you’ll actually enjoy leaning into them.

Christmas Tree Pillow


This was another cute find last year in Marshalls. I added it to the bed right after I redid all my winter bedding. (Plaid bedding is available again this year here: Red Tartan Bedding)

Christmas Pillow with Stockings


I think this pillow has its own fan club by now. It’s available HERE and you’ve probably seen it popping up all around blogland.

Tip: Pottery Barn sells just the pillow covers alone, if you already have an insert at home that fits and you’re not currently using. That can help to save a few $$$ and also helps with storage issues. I seem to mainly buy pillows with the inserts because I’m almost always using the insert at that moment in another pillow.



No Christmas pillow post would be complete without this guy.

Road Trip Santa Pillow and Tartan Bedding


This one stole my heart last year and it’s a fave that I have to bring out every year. You’ll find it, HERE.

Update: I’ve had several questions about my plaid bedding. It’s available here: Tartan Bedding. You’ll find more information about this bedding and the bedskirt here: Master Bedroom Bedding.

Road Trip Santa Christmas Pillow_wm


This “LOVE” pillow came from Pottery Barn and was meant to be a Christmas pillow, but I use it on the bed each year around Valentine’s Day.

Tartan Plaid Bedding For Winter


I guess it could work for either holiday. Not sure if Pottery Barn still has it. You’ll find all their Christmas pillows, HERE.

Pottery Barn Red LOVE pillow


No room in my home escapes the Christmas pillow stampede, including my upstairs bonus/family room. lol



This “Reindeer-Driving-a-Woody-Car” pillow came from Target last year. It works well on the window seat in this room.

Christmas Pillow, Woody Car with Reindeer


Besides reindeer pillows, I apparently have a thing for Advent-Christmas Countdown pillows. I think this one was another find in either Marshalls or HomeGoods a few years back.

Advent Calendar Pillow


You move the present along as the holiday season progresses.

Advent Calendar Pillow for Christmas


I still have my preserved boxwood wreath up in my bedroom. I love this wreath and keep it up year around. (Wreath is available here: Boxwood Wreath.)

This year while shopping with my friend, Marie, I came across this pillow in HomeGoods.



Reindeer and a countdown pillow combined–YES! Hard to see in this photo, but there’s a dark green Christmas tree in the first day’s pocket that you move along, marking the time until Christmas Day.

Big News!

Guess what! I’m super late in finding this out, but I just discovered this past weekend that you can now shop at TJ Maxx online! And they have this pillow on there. Am I the last person in the world to discover that you can shop TJ Maxx online now? How did I not know this?!

You’ll find this adorable pillow here: Christmas Reindeer Pillow




Love this one for fall: Harvest Pillowharvest-pillow-for-fall

Last year my friend Sarah who blogs at the beautiful blog, Hyacinths for the Soul, picked up a couple of these delightful plaid Ralph Lauren pillows. I think she found them in Marshall’s. I looked in several Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJ Max stores last year but there were none to be found in my area.

When I spotted these this year in HomeGoods, I couldn’t believe it. They so rarely have things two years in a row. These pillows also have down inserts and are super soft. They are trimmed in a black velvet or velveteen trim and it feels so nice to the touch. I was especially happy to see that Ralph didn’t put his gigantic initials across the front like he so often does on his pillows.

For now they are living in my “someday library.” I have a feeling they will stay out after Christmas. I love plaid and love to use it in my home year around, not just at Christmastime.



This one was another find in Tuesday Morning during our recent shopping trip. I’ve always wanted a pillow with this funny Ebenezer Scrooge sentiment, a tribute to the wonderful Charles Dickens tale, A Christmas Carol. It’s a rich, red, velveteen with a touch of gold trim running around the edge.



I think it will find a home here in the guest room this Christmas season.

Hardwood Flooring for the Guest Room


I knew when I added benches to the front porch this past summer, they were probably going to get pillows for the holidays.



I haven’t removed the tags from these, yet–just auditioning them for the front porch.



What do you think? I’m pretty sure they are keepers. The little bit of black running through them works really well with the benches.



Last night was so much fun, I love Halloween and love seeing all the kiddos in their costumes. I was really glad I had gotten up the majority of the acorns as I stood in the doorway watching costumed little ones running across the lawn as they made their way from home to home.

As usual, my doorbell rang all evening long. One of those times, I opened the door to find a wee Trick-or-Treater sitting on one of the benches, taking a break from all the excitement. He was so cute and it was so nice to see someone using the benches as they were intended! 🙂



I’ve started Christmas shopping, couldn’t wait to get going! I think this year I’m going to wrap things early, as well. I love getting those type things done in advance so I don’t feel so rushed.

I had a comment on Instagram asking that I do another “Gift Giving Ideas” post this year. I’ll start working on that in next few weeks and will try to post it before Thanksgiving so you can take advantage of any of the Thanksgiving/Black Fridays sales. I prefer to do most of my shopping online these days and avoid the Atlanta traffic!

Happy Holidays, dear Friends! Love sharing it with you!



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  1. Susan, It has been awhile but wanted to comment that we can add love of pillows to the things we have in common. I have the PB holiday pillow with the Christmas tree on the woodie station wagon. And, last month picked up the same plaid Ralph Lauren pillows for the holiday/ winter season. In early fall I also picked up some tan/brown/ persimmon plaid Ralph Lauren pillows that are gracing the family room couch right now, lending a great autumnal feel to the room. I definitely have a Home Goods addiction! I didn’t know about TJMax’s online store. A part of me feels the online store will take away some of the “thrill of the hunt”, but could certainly help if you are trying to find “more” of a given thing. I’ll have to check it out. MM

    • Oh, those sound so pretty, Marie! Where did you find the tan/brown ones? I love the quality of RL pillows, they always feel so nice.

      I know, I agree. I’ll still visit the store because it is so much fun to see what they have in. 🙂

  2. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love all your pillow collections and i am looking for some myself. Love the ones for your benches out front.

  3. Love your pillows. The ones on the porch look nice. Also really like the clock in your bonus room. I’m in a mood this season. I did so much last year that I was exhausted. After a lot going on this year I will be doing an off year… very simple year. Thinking of doing lots of cream and greens in the front room. White lights only on the tree. Not five trees. Maybe even no ornaments this year. Love simple swedish design, may go that way. So…looking or muted reindeer. for pillows in creams with bling. Let us know if you see some!

    • Beth Freeby says

      Check Land’s End! Think I saw a cream pillow with silver sparkly reindeer in there. They also have some adorable Christmas embroidery designs for their canvas totes! I could get in lots of trouble!! : )

  4. Susan, I love your pillow selections! Yes, I too am a pillow fanatic, and being as I have a small home, small on storage I decided to begin creating my own pillow covers.
    As life goes, I now have a pillow cover shop on Etsy. I do hope you and your readers also consider shopping Etsy for unique items…AND pillow covers or pillows!

  5. Susan, I found the RL fall plaid pillows at Home Goods. I am addicted to that store. There are 4 Home Goods that if need be, I can “hit” in one day. The other day they had a darker winter plaid RL set, but they weren’t very soft-may have been wool. I did buy 2 more RL red cable knit pillows with faux button detail down the middle. An unnamed family member tried to talk me out of mine last year and will now be getting the pair of their ownfor Christmas. MM

    • I know exactly which pillows you’re talking about. I bought two of the plaid/wool pillows to try on my living room sofa. I had a feeling they wouldn’t work and they didn’t, but I had to try them because I paid a small fortune last year on eBay for one that looked very similar to go on my bed.

      I know, I’m hooked on HomeGoods, too! Hey, that should be an ad slogan for them, “Hooked on HomeGoods!” I can’t believe they aren’t using that! lol
      Awww, that was so nice of you to buy those as a gift, they are going to be so happy when they see them!

  6. Hi Susan. Check out Bass Pro Shops Park Designs Christmas Vacation dessert plates. I stumbled across them online and immediately thought of your pillows. You might like them.

  7. Amazing collection but I can relate! Pillow covers are the best idea since sliced bread!!

    OMG! TJMaxx online! Love it but might also miss the thrill of the hunt in the stores. Thanks for the info, Susan!


  8. OMG…your pillows ARE WONDERFUL!! Gees, I too, have a pillow problem…I just love pillows…ordered two faux fur today….have two outdoor plaid ordered…free shipping tips the conscience…TJMAXX!! Yessss!! 🙂 franki

  9. KathleenfromCA says

    Love your “pillow stampede” and the front porch pillows look perfect.

  10. Oh boy, now you’ve done it….twist my arm….I’m all in for TJ’s online! Long live friends who don’t let friends shop alone!

  11. Susan, you have a great collection of Christmas pillows! I have lots of pillows that I have collected over the years and even forget what I have until I open boxes and see them! TJ Maxx has a great group this year! Happy Wednesday! Pam @ Everyday Lifing

  12. Carolyn Price says

    Love the Christmas pillows, Susan!! Always fun to see what you’ve found.
    Yes, thank to the gal who asked about repeating the Christmas gift list. I earned serious points for Scentbird!! My daughter has loved it … every month, all year!! : )

  13. I like most of your cushions ( they are not called pillows in Scotland ) but I just adore your black oriental style benches. And the cushions you have chosen for them look great indeed

    • Thanks, Anna! I will have to remember that when I visit Scotland one day, because that beautiful place is definitely on my bucket list!
      Here a cushion is often a very flat “pillow” that’s designed to sit on, like the cushions you use on the chair seats of outdoor furniture or that you would take to a football game to sit on in the bleachers.
      Do you call those cushions, too…or do they have a different name?
      I love language and love learning how we use words differently, depending on where we live. So fascinating!

  14. I’m just beginning my pillow obsession and it is so much fun! Storage space is at a minimum so I buy lots of covers. Hobby Lobby always has a nice selection and lots on clearance.

  15. Susan, Your “pillow talk” I found so delightful! You are getting me excited for Christmas. Keep the pillows on your outdoor benches…they are perfect! I so enjoy reading your “sharing events” with all of us. What you accomplish in a day’s time is incredible! You go girl! You are the greatest!

  16. Last summer when I got the credit card for TJMaxx, Marshall’s, and HomeGoods they asked if I wanted to be on the email list and I said yes. I was amazed at the price range, I enjoy pillows too.

  17. What a treat to see your Christmas pillow collection! I have a major storage deficit, but I do like the idea of pillow covers. I know that on-line shopping is wonderful (especially used it last year while recuperating from surgery!), but I worry that if the idea becomes too popular, we’ll eventually see the end of brick and mortar stores. How I would miss the hunt and stroll through my favorite stores! Already, I feel like inventory is down is many stores and websites indicate “only available online”. This is especially frustrating with dresses and shoes. I really have to try things on!! Oh, well…….Thanks for the pillow fashion show. Hope you had a great Halloween!! Rosie

  18. You may have a Christmas pillow addiction, but you shouldn’t call it a problem, at least not yet 😉 Love the story of the trick-or-treater sitting on the bench–so cute.

  19. I see that I’m not the only one who is cushion-pillow obsessed. I think we should start a support/research group, ha ha. For me that is quite a recent thing ( last 1-2years ) so I haven’t purchased any Xmas cushions yet,but I WILL this year,and I’ve got a source that is so darn cheap ( starting with £2.50 per cushion ) with free worldwide shipping that it is impossible to resist. But they have so many designs that so far I’m just trying to figure out which ones would work best for my rooms.

  20. I have to say that TJ Maxx has some wonderful Christmas pillows this year. I think you might be adding quite a few to your collection!

  21. Susan, we just added the Williams-Sonoma Red Tartan bedding (duvet cover & euro shams only so far). WS’s putting this on their catalog cover finally broke down my resolve. When you first added this to your bed, do I remember your having to get the bed skirt made? Where did you find matching material? LOVE ALL OF YOUR CHRISTMAS PILLOWS!

  22. Beverly Anderson says

    Check out all of the Christmas Deer pillows this year at Pier One!

  23. Susan,
    Pillows are my grown up teddy bear. A cuddle or comfy spot to land is fantastic.
    I loved your pillow tour.
    Happy Shopping,
    Karen Marie

  24. Beautiful pillows Susan! They are all so cute but the plaid ones are my favorite. No, I didn’t know you could shop TJ Maxx online either! Like you, I prefer to shop on line and avoid the holiday traffic and crowded stores. Hugs, Brenda

  25. bobbi duncan says

    Loving your pillows, and nothing as quick and easy changes out a room as much. Your count down to Xmas plaid reindeer pillow is perfect with your R. L. bedding! I just purchased two cool reindeer bust pillows–they are dressed in elegant finery, and so cute. A few years ago I got a pair of nutcracker wool needlepoint pillows that I love to use when I decorate a room with our Nutcracker Suite figurines. I’m hoping to one day to find Dicken’s themed pillows to go with our Dept. 56 Dicken’s village. I am easy prey for anything “holidays”–almost half of our basement holds seasonal décor! Michael said I should sell one item for every new one now that we have so much–uh, I don’t think so, Michael. LOL!

  26. Linda Louise S. says

    Such a beautiful post, Susan. Love all the holiday pillows. Inspired me so I am going out to get some more of my own. I only own two! I saw some that I liked at Home Goods. They looked like Victorian picture postcards. The only problem was that the price was 40.00. I can’t justify spending that much on a holiday pillow. Onward and upward. I’ll continue my search. Have a beautiful day.

  27. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Dangit, woman! You are feeding another one of my addictions (in addition to salad plates)! Thanks a lot! *L*

  28. Oh Susan you have jumpstarted me into the holiday season. Love each and every pillow. Just a heads up that Walmart has the Better Homes & Gardens Christmas plates we’ve been collecting for the last few years. Just wait until you see the woodie station wagon hauling the Christmas tree.

  29. Looooove the cushions, especially the new ones in the porch. Definitely keepers 🙂

  30. LOVE all of them Susan. I sincerely think you could shop for me and I would be pleased with your selections since our taste appears to be similar. -Brenda-

  31. Thank you for sharing all of your darling Christmas pillows. I have never thought of so many fun places to put pillows for the holidays, but it seems my creativity is flowing after seeing all of your ideas! I definitely have a new hobby this month. Do you mind sharing where you purchased the holiday pillows you have on your 2 black porch benches? They are absolutely adorable 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Christina! Sorry I forgot to include that in the post. I found those two in Marshalls and they were $24.99 each. I’ve noticed all the pillows in Marshalls, HomeGoods and TJ Max appear to be around $5 more than they were a year or two ago, but I think they are still a pretty good deal compared to what pillows go for in a lot of stores.

      • Thank you so much Susan!! I just love all of your ideas and my family thanks you(hahaha…well one day), after they realize there are just too many beautiful things in live some of us ladies love to have to decorate and make out home as warm and inviting as possible. I love my new hobby of tablescaping and seeing everything you inspire me to do. Thank you and have a blessed Thanksgiving 🙂

  32. Joye A Womack says

    Dear Susan,
    I love,love your pillows…so,so pretty. They just make Christmas!
    Could you please tell me where to purchase woodie and tree in the station?

    • Thanks, Joyce! The large woody car pillow on my bed came from Pottery Barn last year. They brought it back again this year and you can see it here: .
      The pillow on the window seat in my upstairs family room, the one with the deer driving a woody car, came from Target last year. I don’t believe it’s available this year, or at least I haven’t seen it on their website. Are those the pillows you were wondering about?

  33. Dianne Kropp says

    Susan, I wouldn’t miss one of your posts and this one really hit home because I too, am pillow obsessed! Your collection is divine, but I am really very curious about that living room that you wanted to turn into a library. Have I missed that? Did you ever do it? I love what is in those photos and believe it could be fantastic. Please share your plans or progress. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

    • Thanks so much, Dianne! I have never done anything with it. I finally gave away the shell niches that were in that room since I didn’t think they were going to work properly. It would be such a great office/living room. I really need to renovate three bathrooms before I do anything with that room.

    • Merry Christmas to you, too! XXX

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