It’s Complicated: Lauren & Harley’s Cottage

Lauren and Harley’s Cottage Home in the movie, It’s Complicated

A few weeks ago, I took you on a tour of the house/set featured in the Nancy Meyer’s movie, It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep, Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin.  (If you missed that tour, you’ll find it here:  Tour the House in the Movie, It’s Complicated.

We all pretty much fell in love with Jane’s home in the movie, but there was a second home that also caught my eye when I watched this funny movie.  During the course of the movie, Jane (Meryl Streep) takes her new friend, Adam (Steve Martin) to a graduation party being held for her son, Luke.  The party takes place at Lauren and Harley’s home.  Lauren is Jane’s daughter (Luke’s sister) and Harley is Jane’s soon-to-be, son-in-law.

When we first see the home, it’s the evening of the party and it looks like this…all lit up.

Lauren and Harley's Cottage in movie, It's Complicated

These scenes do appear to have been shot in a real home.  What do you think?  You can tell it’s an older home by all the heavy moldings, and the wainscoting/wood paneled walls all throughout the home.  Though the home feels really traditional for the most part, you’ll catch glimpses of lamps and decorative pieces with a more modern style.

Here’s another view showing the wonderful wall treatment that runs throughout much of the downstairs area of the home.  I guess you would call it a boards and batten look.

Love all the candlelight for the party in the movie.  Candlelight is one of my favorite parts of having a party.  Just soothes and creates such an inviting atmosphere.

The patio outside was also decorated in the movie…lots of pretty lanterns.

We see a painted brick fireplace and lots of wonderful built-in cabinetry/book shelves.  I love homes with personality and features like built in cabinetry!

The day after the party, Jane returns to talk with all three of her children who have sought refuge here after an upsetting evening of events at Jane’s home.  We get a little better view of the siding on the home in this view.  It appears to be a combination of painted or stained cedar shake siding and maybe board and batten…hard to tell.

Harley is relieved to see Jane and shows her to the bedroom where all three of her children have spent the night consoling each other.  We get a glimpse of the hall leading to the bedrooms and the paneling we saw in the living room, continues here, as well.

I love bookshelves in hallways.  This hall is a bit tight, but I still like the idea of making use of what is normally wasted space in a home. Love the old doors!

I was a little surprised by the decor in this bedroom.  The wallpaper feels a bit old fashioned, which is sort of surprising for a young, modern couple like Lauren and Harley.  The Roman shades give it a bit more of an updated feel, which is kind of funny to say since Roman shades were in style many years ago.  I remember when I moved into my home in 1990, there were Roman shades in my family room.

Joanie (Cote de Texas) created a wonderful post about this movie and she identified the paper as “a taupe Farrow and Ball paper called Melrose.”  I liked the paper more once I found out it was Farrow and Ball. 😉 It does cozy up a room, doesn’t it?  Feels homey and kind of comforting, which was perfect for this scene.

A view looking back into the hall.  Love the cute striped chest we see in the background.


Hope you enjoyed this little tour of Lauren and Harley’s cottage in the movie, It’s Complicated.  For additional Movie House Tours, click on the category heading. Home Tours/Movie House Tours at the top of this blog or click,  Movie House Tours.

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  1. carmen0777 says

    Really enjoyed your post – the chests were all GORGEOUS! The green stripped one really jumped out at me, but I loved them all. And, what a pleasant surprise to find your friend who is teaching via an E-book on how to blog. I read sooo many, but have no idea how to, well, how to start, or even if I have anything worth reading. 🙂 Off to look at your folded napkins.

  2. laxsupermom says

    Beautiful inspiration photos! I love a painted chest, and those are some gorgeous examples! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh, my…those ingenious chests!!! How marvelous to have such an imagination and then…do it! LUV, LUV, LUV!! franki

  4. That house they showed does look like a real one. The plant life growing in the scene where she's walking up the steps looks like it's been there a while. I lucked out at a store going out of business and got a high end piece at about 75% off by Theodore Alexander,From the Atelier de la Madeleine line (that I couldn't have afforded otherwise) that is done in a striped finish. I love it and it's become my storage for table linens. I love your examples you've shown and it would be totally cute if you accented your piece in the office like that! I know it's safer to leave it alone- but it would be cute and cheerful!

  5. FABBY'S LIVING says

    Great chests, although I appreciate all of them, I, like you, love the second one, it'll come right after me if I saw it! Thank you Susan. Have a great weekend.

  6. Michele/Ohio says

    Love this – loved whole movie and both houses.

    You are going to love the new movie The Help – the Olde Stately Manor homes they show (glimpses only of course) are awesome. I just know it will eventually be a BNOTP blog down the road!)

    Thank you – love the batten/board walls getting back to popularity again and do love the use of hallway space – my fav was the 1920s style built in bookcases by fireplace, love love love them.

    Have a fab weekend!

  7. black eyed susans kitchen says

    Thank goodness that I am not the only person looking at the decor while watching a movie! I liked the chest you chose for your office so much that I will be using two of them for night tables in a bedroom we are working on.

  8. Sending some love 🙂 – Jump in from Beverly

  9. Loved this post, Susan! All the painted chests were wonderful – I especially liked the little green striped one… yes, it would be perfect for your craft room! I have that shell lamp in my sea inspired guest room – $24 is a steal!

  10. Pattie @ Olla-Podrida says

    These are fabulous! I'm really torn between the wonderfully designed green striped one (that would go perfectly in our bedroom) and the one with the fishes (that would also go perfectly). Lots of great eye candy here, not to mention the usual fun commentary. Enjoyed this post.

  11. The Miracle Party is up and running. Just came by to leave a comment. :))
    'xo bj

  12. Marcia (One Heart) says

    Hi Susan, thank you for stopping by. Just couldn't resist replying by clicking on your page. 😉 As soon as I see you covering a movie house, I'm in.

    LOVE the bookshelves in the hallway and I THINK wallpaper might be making a comeback. With all the scrubbing and shaving I did on my walls, not sure I'd be so quick to put it back up, but I must admit some are beautiful.

    I think I'll pop some corn and watch "It's Complicated" this weekend. Enjoy yours.

  13. What a wonderful idea for a worthy cause (Miracle Makeover). I thank God for my blessings every day. Hope you get a "bajillion" comments!

  14. Betty (picture circa 1951) says

    I came by to leave a comment for the Miracle Makeover. I hope this counts!

  15. Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) says

    Wanted to stop by and leave a comment about the Miracle Makeover…
    I went back and looked at all of your "organized" tablescapes. Girl you put a lot of work into that. I've just barely scratched the surface trying to put a few here and there. I still can't figure out why mine won't move over and let me put them side to side and make a thumbnail out of them.. struggling with that, at least I'm making progress. lol..
    hugs ~lynne~

  16. The Quintessential Magpie says

    Hey, I popped over from Kelee's thing. Is your post going up on Monday? I looked and didn't see one, so I am assuming it will be up then. I'm coming back because I want to be sure I get my five dollar donation in there. LOL!


    Sheila 🙂

  17. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Hi Sheila, Yep, mine is going up for Met Monday. Yes…Please do come back. Needs lots of comments on that post for sure! Love you!

  18. ❁Velma❁ says

    I did a quick glance at your reorganizing of the tablescapes. Wow, I'm impressed!! I only did a quick glance because I knew I'd sit and park a while when I didn't really have the time to park a while!!! ;D But, I'll make time for it…soon!

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