Death at a Funeral

Several months ago I decided to give Netflix a spin.  One of the first movies Netflix recommended for me was Death at a Funeral.  The movie poster definitely grabs your attention, doesn’t it?  You can read a detailed synopsis of the plot for this movie at Wikipedia, but in general, the  Patriarch of a well-to-do British family dies and his son, Daniel (Matthew Macfadyen) has been given the task of planning and organizing the funeral.  Other cast members include: Keeley Hawes, Ewen Bremner, Kris Marshall, Daisy Donovan, Peter Egan, Peter Dinklage, Rupert Graves and Jane Asher.  The funeral is held in the family home and during the course of the movie, lots of family secrets are revealed, some quite shocking!

Death at a Funeral Movie

Much of the movie is set in this ivy-covered, English Country estate in Henley, Oxforshire. The house is located about an hour outside of London.  Doesn’t it look positively enchanting?  Straight out of a fairy tale!

Ivy Covered English Home in movie Death at a Funeral

The exterior scenes are filmed there but per Wikipedia and movielocationsdotcom, the interior scenes were filmed at Ealing Studios in London.  Some scenes were shot at Chenie Manor House in Chenie, Buckinghamshire, England.

English Country Home in Death at a Funeral Movie
I loved this rustic, old side porch covered with wisteria.  It really does look and feel like an English Country house.

Death at a Funeral House, Side Porch

The home feels really grand, standing here in the doorway looking out through the beautiful old doors, past the stately pillars on the front porch.

English Home in Death at a Funeral

It’s hard to believe the interior scenes were shot in a studio when you see the views outside the windows. One of my favorite things about this movie was how they created this beautiful, elegant, serene interior as the backdrop for all the shenanigans and craziness that occurs in the movie.  The contrast was perfect and really enhanced the movie for me.

I wonder if the room we see off in the distance is a conservatory. I adore a conservatory, almost as much as I love a screened-in porch. Remember the beautiful conservatory in Practical Magic…loved it!  You can see it here: Practical Magic: Tour This Beautiful Victorian Movie Home

Death at a Funeral Living Room

During the movie the house looks so elegant while total mayhem is occurring throughout the home, nicely hidden behind closed doors.  This movie is a British farce in the grandest way, completely wacky and very funny!  How do you like the powder blue walls with the fresh, white trim?  It really feels elegant and airy, doesn’t it?  Notice how the doorway on this side is rectangle/square while across the way, the doorway is arched.  I like that!

Death at a Funeral Living Room

Beautiful palladium windows.

Death at a Funeral Movie House

This home is rich in window seats, they appear in a number of rooms.  Windows seats add so much personality to any room or space.  Any time you can naturally work one into a room, go for it!  It adds instant character to a space.

Death at a Funeral Move House

Here’s a simple way to decorate a stairway that produces a big impact.  Simple black frames are not expensive and the neutral, two-toned, double matting really lets the print/picture shine through.

House in movie, Death at a Funeral, Staircase

Take a look at the mix of colors and patterns in this view: Damask yellow paper, soft, blue walls and black/white floral draperies.   It all works, doesn’t it? I really, really like the wallpaper.

House in Death at a Funeral Wallpaper and Paint

I’ve long considered putting a similar damask paper in my entry and up my stairway.  This movie made me want to do that even more.  I’d have to choose something I’d love for a very long time since it would be a pain to remove it one day.

Wallpaper in house in movie Death at a Funeral

This room is where a good bit of the action in the movie takes place.  It’s the home office/den for our deceased Patriach and one of his well-hidden secrets is standing in the room.  This movie has some interesting twists and turns, never a dull moment.  There’s even another death, hence the title of the movie, so we end up with two corpses by the end.  Note the window seat, what a great use of that space!

Death at a Funeral Movie House Tour, The Study

We get a few glimpses of this upstairs bedroom early on in the movie.  I love the old fashioned floral draperies.  Bedrooms need that softness around the windows.  Just cozies up the whole room!

Death at a Funeral Upstairs Bedroom 1

In this view you can see the wingback chair hidden by Daniel in the picture above.  A cozy space.

Death at a Funeral Upstairs Bedroom

Another view of the exterior with a “neked” man atop the roof.  If you can see past the naked, crazy guy (yep, it’s that kind of movie) isn’t that an awesome bay window?  Love those old chimneys, too.

House in movie Death at a Funeral

So what do you think,  Love it or List it?  Ha! I’ve been watching a little too much HGTV lately. πŸ˜‰

Hard to believe all these beautiful rooms were created on a set at Ealing Studio, isn’t it? Have you seen this movie? What was your favorite scene/part? Did you fall in love with the home, too?

Ivy Covered English Home in movie Death at a Funeral


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  1. One of my favoritist movies ever, and I have LOVED that home from the moment I saw it. That blue room with the blue couches had me at hello. Great post!

    • It does make a huge impression…all that pretty blue! I loved it, too!

    • Paula Powell says

      I truly love this movie and actually have two copies of it on DVD. I admire the garden and wonder what it would be like to wander through the pastel rooms of this home. But, American that I am, I always wonder about the family “money problems.” If they sold that gorgeous place, I’m sure they’d have plenty to divide amongst themselves. Then again, it would be hard to say goodbye to such a slice of heaven! Thanks for posting!!!!

  2. I will have to check out this movie. When I win the lottery I am going to have palladium windows in every room. I love the look and the extra light it lets in.

  3. We rented that movie a few years ago from Netflix & laughed so hard tears poured down our faces. We love a good British farce, & this is one of the best. I LOVE that house & would definitely be keeping it, especially the blue paint treatment & love seats. So British, so elegant, so me!! I do love visiting these gorgeous houses, Susan! Thank you.

  4. LOL, Susan,
    I’ve seen this movie and I have to say it is too funny with its very British grim sense of (gallows) humor! πŸ™‚
    My favorite scenes were the expressions on their faces when they found out that “short”, unknown man was the lover of their deceased dad and that they locked him up in that chest! lol
    Susan, I love that house but I did not know the interior scenes were shot in a studio! Love all its windows seats, its typically English country, floral style and that cute lamp in their bedroom! Thank you for reminding me of that funny movie and that beautiful house, Susan.
    ~Hugs to you~

  5. Hi, Susan…..loved your commentary and photos of the house for that movie….don’t remember ever seeing it so will order it on a “bad” TV night and see what it’s all about – looks good! LOVE that home – I think living in the UK would be “loverly” as Julie Andrews said!

    • Especially if we could live in a cute English cottage with a cottage garden out back. And out front. And on the sides. πŸ™‚

      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Do you ever catch Chic and Antique’s photos on FB? SO many of those photos are of English gardens – I am left drooling and drooling over all of them. We are SO limited here in FL as to growing flowers – our “lilies” last 1-3 days, depending on whether they are the white/purple ones or the yellow ones (they are the One-dayers!!). I supposed we all just need to “bloom where we are planted” and quit wishing for something else! Sure is fun dreaming about it, isn’t it?!

  6. Loved that movie! Thanks for the reminder I should watch it again. What a beautiful, typical English ivy covered cottage and I loved your synopsis.

  7. Linda Page says

    You are so funny! Love It or List It! I watch that show, too! I definately LOVE IT! and I love that movie. I saw it here at a local theater’s film festival a few years ago. I need to watch it again on Netflicks. I love most anything British and love these interior scenes. I love the pale blue walls and white trim. I just like it all. I was disappointed you did not show a scene with the outside window ledge!!!!! tee hee!!

  8. Love the exterior and the window seats! Matter of fact, I was just researching contractors in my area with hopes of hiring one to make a window seat for the bay window in our living room. πŸ™‚
    I am not too big on mixing bold patterns though… That’s a minimalist in me speaking, I suppose.

    • Jelena, I LOVE window seats, too. My mind is always trying to work one into a room somewhere. It’s pretty cool how you can include storage space under them, too.

  9. I get Netflix films on my iPad . Put this movie in search. I’m only in first three minutes and laughed already. First it’s directed by frank oz! And Jane Asher is in it! Then to watch the coffin figure going on the map! They just brought th coffin into the house and ll I cn look t are the arches and walls! Thanks!! πŸ™‚

    • That was fast, Sarita! You’re going to love it…lots of funny surprises!

      • Finished the movie! Funnnny! I had to stop it and google who played wash in TV show Firefly…I was right! It was “Simon “! It’s so green! Tomorrow going to you tube to watch out takes! Now going to make French toast for my dog and I! Thanks for the fun afternoon!

  10. That film was hysterically funny! I love Matthew MacFayden as well! Such beautiful cottages… dream a little dream πŸ˜€
    Beth P

  11. Margo Kuhn says

    Susan, I simply love homes like this. It says me over and over. It’s the style of home I’ve always dreamed of, but will never have. It also reminded me of some of the homes I saw when I went to Ireland and England a few years ago. I took a tour of the Muckrose House in Ireland. Queen Victoria visited that house about the time of Albert’s death and left early because of it. But the French silk draperies in the living room are still there from that period.

  12. Mary Anne Komar says

    How about a beautiful stenciled wall, less expensive, permanent or temporary? Love the pictures, thanks, Mary Anne

    • Unfortunately, It’s two stories high in the area directly over the stairs, so couldn’t reach it. If I ever do wallpaper, would have to hire a professional with ladders that work on stairs. Stencils patterns are really pretty, though!

  13. AMAZING! This house is totally fabulous, I love it outside, my goodness! I love the inside decor of this home too, everything is awesome! Thank you for sharing Susan. Big hugs,

  14. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve seen this movie! Anyway, the inside is a studio, but still I can make believe it’s inside. Getting the movie very soon!

  15. Thanks Susan for posting this ‘movie’ house. You certainly have changed how I watch movies these days. I find myself on the look out all the time for great interiors. Have you seen Monarch of the Glen (on Netflix) another British production based in Scotland. You’re gonna love the manor house and its location. It’s also a treat when you get a peek inside the house of their neighbor, Lord Kilwillie (played by Julian Fellowes). Try Googling Ardverikie House, you’re gonna love it .

  16. I lived in a 200 year old house (in Massachusetts) for more than 25 years, and wallpapered all the rooms several times. My front hall and staircase had a soft gold paper very similar to this one! Oh, how i loved it! Here’s a secret. Before you hang the paper, simply prime the walls with a liquid wallpaper remover and let it dry. When you are ready for a change, the paper just peels off in long strips, no matter how long it’s been there. It works! I promise!

  17. I immediately went to Netflix and put it on my instant queue. I can’t wait to watch it (and all the other Brit flicks I also put on the queue…)

  18. Love it! This is the kind of stuff that influences my choice in TV programming. Mainly public TV with Brit and other European drams and sit-coms. I lean toward that in old movies as well when they contain a little British humor and decor. Wonderful stuff!

  19. AWESOME post about design – really enjoyed this post, Susan – I concur with everything you said!

    I soooooooooooooo want to take a very long detailed tour of England and Bed and Breakfasts and Tea Houses and country manors all over that country! My daughter has done it twice already – she married a Brit – and I have never been there. (Bucket List for sure.)

  20. Love this movie (I watch LOTS of british tv/movies with my english husband). I adore Matthew Macfayden. He and Keeley Hawes are a lovely married couple. Who wouldn’t love this gorgeous house! I subscribe to THE ENGLISH HOME and there are some GORGEOUS houses in there, so if you want to see more…check out that magazine.

  21. Fun post, Susan. Will have to check out this movie. ‘-)
    I always enjoy your tours of movie homes. Thanks for this feature. ~ Sarah

  22. mercedes says

    Great house and hilarious movie, I love all the rooms in the house. I saw it a lot of times only for the house, my preferred is the studio, it’s amazing. We can only watch a little glimpse of the kitchen , it ‘s incredibly with old tiles and appliances. I would like to see the set where they shot.
    One of the most beautiful movie houses I have ever see, just like that one of Something gotta give.
    Thanks for share!!

  23. Katherine G says

    I have just added this movie to my Netflix queue. You may want to see the new Gatsby movie if you haven’t yet – the homes/cars/clothes are stunning, …the movie also comes in NON-3D if you are like me and get headaches from 3-D.

    • Katherine, it’s funny you should mention that. A friend and I were going to go see it but when we arrived, it was sold out. We ended up seeing The Big Wedding which was pretty disappointing. With such a star-studded cast, we thought it would be a lot better. It was at least entertaining but totally not believable. I was looking forward to seeing the homes, antique cars and the clothes. My friend and I talked about that very thing. The movie did look a bit intense though and I don’t like things that are too intense or too violent/drama filled. Was it as intense as the trailer made it look? I saw the male lead with a gun in the trailer and I saw someone get hit by a car. Anyway, it just looked kind of intense and like it might not have a very happy ending.

  24. Pam ~ Crumpety Cottage says

    Susan, I saw this movie years ago but I don’t remember it very well. Even though I’m such an anglophile I didn’t find it very funny. I DID however love the house, lol. (Btw, there’s an American version of this movie as well.) At any rate, I wanted to point out to you that Keely Hawes – I can’t remember her at all in this movie – πŸ™ is in one of my favorite episodes of Would I Lie to You. In fact, her episode and Martin Clune’s episode are back to back and are my two all time favorites. Keely has some pretty funny stories to share, one of which fascinates the guys on the other team, lol. And her reaction to Kevin Bridges horse story is priceless. That particular tale is 7 minutes of the funniest tv I’ve ever seen! The adorable Stephen Mangun whom you’ll recognize from Green Wing and other shows and the equally adorable Professor / Dr. Brian Cox (rock star and physicist) round out the guests. And of course as always there is Lee Mack and David Mitchell as team captains. I hope you get to see it some time.

    As for this house and set … gorgeous. I love all the mouldings, the large windows, soft colors. Absolutely beautiful. You are so great at finding and sharing these beautiful houses. πŸ™‚

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