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Tour the Home in the Movie, Home Alone

Have you ever thought about the psychology that goes into making a movie…the little things that influence us without us even knowing it? Of course, there’s the brief product placement that flashes by, but I’m thinking more about the movie sets and how they are designed and decorated to make us think or feel a particular way while watching the movie.

I grew up in a home environment that was furnished very modestly and very non-decorated. When I got married, I knew absolutely nothing about decorating and had no past experiences from which to pull. I vaguely remember being in awe of a high, 4-poster bed I once saw while playing at a friend’s home and I remember loving an antique dresser in an Aunt’s home. I remember loving my next-door neighbor’s home with the wide staircase that turned going down. I actually grew up living in two old (now historical homes) until we moved when I was around 13, but I never appreciated their high ceilings, deep moldings, and fireplaces until I was grown and thought back on those spaces.

In those early years of marriage, finding out what I really loved and wanted in my own home came from devouring the pictures in Colonial Homes Magazine (which later became Classic Homes) and pouring over issue after issue of Traditional Home…before it changed to what it is today.

Home Alone, the Movie:

The movie, Home Alone, came out just about the time I moved into my current home. I saw it, loved it, and never thought much about it again until many years later. Even though I had loved the house in Home Alone, if you had asked me to describe the interior, I don’t think I could have. I just knew it felt the way I thought a home should feel. It spoke to my heart and it spoke of family, comfort, security.–but most of all, love. How is it that a home can tell you all this and make you love it and want that same home for yourself?

Over the years, I began to wonder–what was so special about the Home Alone house? Why had it left me craving a home like that? I decided to watch it again a while back, and I was stunned. The home is beautiful but I was really surprised at how it was decorated.

I was amazed to find the upstairs was carpeted in red carpeting and the walls were painted a bold GREEN color. I was surprised to find one of my favorite rooms, the master bedroom, had a red duvet, red dust ruffle, red sheets, and red pillowcases. The whole bed was a sea of red. I don’t think I would ever dress a bed like that, so why had this home left such a huge impression on me?

Over the years, I have used a lot of red and green in my home, especiallin in the Dining Room, Family Room, and Master Bedroom. But I wondered if I had liked those colors together that much to begin with, or had this movie I so loved influenced me more than I had ever realized?

Today, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the rooms in the Home Alone house. Did Home Alone (the movie or the house) have a profound effect on you? What feelings did you walk away with after seeing the movie? Or, was there another movie, like Something’s Gotta Give, or Father of the Bride, or The Holiday that’s influenced the choices you’ve made in decorating your home?

A Little Background on the movie, Home Alone:

You can skip this brief synopsis of the movie in italics below if you saw the movie and still remember the plot.

The McCallisters have been planning a wonderful trip to Europe for the Christmas holidays. Other family members are going, too. They all arrive at the McCallister home to spend the night before both families leave to fly out the following morning. With so many people crammed into the home, things are pretty chaotic with last-minute packing, sleeping arrangements and planning for dinner. Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin, acts out and gets sent to his room…which for this night is a fun attic room. It’s the only place left for him to sleep since he doesn’t want to get stuck sleeping with a cousin who has…ummm, shall we say, a continence problem.

A big storm occurs during the night, knocking out the power. Everyone oversleeps and it’s mad chaos the next morning when the airport van arrives to pick everyone up for the flight to Europe. Kevin is forgotten and left peacefully sleeping in his attic room. The family is over the ocean, well on the way to Europe before this is discovered. All flights are booked so it takes days for Kevin’s mom, Kate, who is played by Catherine O’Hara, to get back home to check on Kevin. The father, Peter, played by John Heard, stays with the rest of the family on the trip.

Kevin, in the meantime, is busy learning what it’s like to be “home alone,” especially when he finds out two wily burglars (played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) have plans to rob his home. This movie is funny, heart-warming and loaded with lots of physical humor. It’s a great family holiday movie.

Now let’s check out the house!

The House in Home Alone: A Tour

The movie, Home Alone, was filmed in a real home, not on a movie set. It is located at 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois. Here are a few exterior shots of the house from the movie.

Home Alone House Exterior View

Tour the House in the Movie Home Alone

Evening view all decorated for Christmas…

Home Alone House All Lit up, Outside View

Later during the movie, there’s a big snow storm…

Home Alone Movie House in the Snow

The Entry:

In this scene in the foyer, Kevin is having a little fun while the parents are gone. He is about to take a sled ride right down the front staircase. If his parents only knew what he was up to! πŸ™‚ Note the red and green wallpaper, red carpet and the green matting around the prints on the wall. The pattern in the wallpaper is huge, but this big, beautiful foyer can take it. Even Kevin’s scarf coordinates with the decor. In this movie, no details are overlooked!

Kevin riding down the front staircase in the movie, Home Alone


A view looking from the front door to the end of the foyer. Note the green sofa and the red chairs…starting to see a definite color pattern here. Wonder if that door leads to a closet or the kitchen?

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

A view looking up the stairs Kevin slid down. We see a gorgeous landing and a beautiful Palladian window.

House in Movie, Home Alone


Arriving at the top of the stairs, this would be your view. Kevin is being ushered to the attic room without supper since he has caused a disruption. You’re feeling a bit sorry for Kevin here because he’s been being picked on by all the other children in the home and a not-so-nice uncle. Note again the pictures are done with green or red matting.

Home Alone, Wallpaper in Red and Green

Here’s a view later in the movie showing the green walls and red carpeting of the upstairs hallway. BTW, in real life, this house did NOT look anything like this! This color scheme and decorating were done specifically for the movie.

House in Home Alone Movie, Green Walls

Another view of the upstairs hallway with a glimpse into the bathroom…

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

This is the only shot we really ever get into one of the bathrooms…even the tile in there is green.

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

A glimpse up the attic stairs where Kevin will be sleeping this night… We see red candles against green walls and more green matted prints/paintings.

Home Alone Attic Stairs where Kevin Sleeps

Looking back down the hall from the attic stairs as Kevin is told goodnight by his Mom, and he is telling her that he would be happy if his family just disappeared.

House in Home Alone Movie

Here’s the attic room where Kevin spends the night. It was dark out “supposedly” when this scene was shot, but I bet this would be a cool room during the daytime with light streaming in through the dormer windows.

House in Home Alone Movie


Kevin has an older brother named Buzz and this is his room in the movie.

Buzz's Bedroom in Home Alone Movie

Buzz’s room may be the least red and green room in the house. Although, now that I’m looking a little closer…that may be green and red pinstriped wallpaper.

Buzz's Bedroom in Home Alone Movie

A lot of the scenes in the movie take place in the Master Bedroom and Kitchen. Let’s check those rooms out next…

The night before the family is scheduled to leave, Kate McCallister is busy packing. Too bad she didn’t have a wireless phone with a Bluetooth headset, huh? πŸ˜‰ Wallpaper was big back when this movie was made in 1990. The red/green color scheme continues in the wallpaper, bed linens and picture matting.

Tour the House in the Movie, Home Alone

When Kevin wakes up the next morning, he heads for the Master bedroom in search of his parents.

House in the Movie, Home Alone


Once he realizes he is “home alone,” he starts having some fun. What kid doesn’t like jumping on the bed?

Parent's bedroom in Home Alone movie

All red bed linens?! Wow! Well, it is Christmas! They even double pillow-cased the pillows, so no white would be peaking out.

Parent's bedroom in Home Alone movie

Here’s when I realized just how planned and coordinated every. single. shot. in this movie is. In this scene, they made sure to have Kevin’s green robe lying just so across the bed to further emphasize the red/green color scheme throughout the movie.

Would you ever use those drapes in this room with this wallpaper? So interesting some of the choices they made for the set. I ADORE the 4-poster bed with the vines going up the posters. In this scene, Kevin is longingly looking at a photo of his family and wishing they had not disappeared.

A lot of scenes take place in the kitchen. Now keep in mind this movie was shot in 1990.

Green counter top, red pans…no details missed with the red/green color scheme. I do think these are the real counters…don’t think they were installed just for the movie. More wallpaper. Do you see the laundry chute and the built-in “Butler’s pantry?”

Tour the House in the Movie, Home Alone


Microwave on the counter, but in this huge kitchen, who would care with all this counter space. Note the red curtains, red plates…even green dishwashing liquid. If you ever doubted every single thing is planned for a movie set…green dishwashing liquid would have to change your mind. LOL

Kitchen in Home Alone movie house

Even a green rolling pin!

Adorable gingerbread house! Doesn’t this movie make you wish you could be adopted into this family?   I see a cute window seat with red pillows.

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

Love the built-in butler’s pantry/cabinetry…

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

Here’s another glimpse…complete with red and green china! If you were making or in this movie, do you think you’d be sick of red and green by the time it was over?  Nah… You can see the door to the laundry chute in this pic.

Another shot across the kitchen/breakfast area. I love that back stairway! It is as nice as some main stairways! This is in the early part of the movie when Kevin first realizes he is alone and can do whatever he wishes. So he’s running, running, running through the house because there’s no one home to tell he can’t.

Tour the House in the Movie, Home Alone


Some of the funniest scenes in the movie take place in the scary basement…the hanging handles look like a noose! Yikes!

Basement in Home Alone movie house


Kevin has to come down here to wash clothes a few times…

Tour the House in the Movie, Home Alone

And he is terrified of the evil furnace that lives down here. I can’t say as I blame him…this basement would creep me out, too.

Home in the movie, Home Alone


We never get any great shots of the dining room…only a few glimpses. Again, red walls, green rugs. I do love the wallpaper that we get a glimpse of here in the living room of the home.

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

A little bit more of the dining room. Wonder where those French doors go? Don’t these movie producers know we want to see everything!

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

This is a scene near the very end of the movie…just before Kevin’s Mom arrives back home. He has decorated the whole house for Christmas and he’s really missing his family. Note the green sofa, green drapes, red rug, red throw, and the green and red patterned chair.

House in Movie, Home Alone


Another section of the living room…very traditional decor.

Tour the House in Home Alone Movie

Here are a few shots of the neighborhood from the movie. Not sure if these are really in the neighborhood or not…but I think some probably are.

Tour the House in the Movie, Home Alone

So, this is the house I think seriously influenced some of the ways I’ve decorated my home, if in no other way than my love for using the colors red and green…but not quite in this volume.  More than anything, I think this house spoke to me about the importance of family and togetherness. Have there been any movie houses that really spoke to you and influenced the way you decorated your home?



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  1. It really is hysterical to see all the red & green in that house. It emits a sense of the season without even having to add things like poinsettias (although I did see one) and pine boughs and whatnot. I'd love to live in an updated version of it! My home is primarily red and green, but only one to a room. I guess you'd say its red or green. Lol.

  2. Fabulous summation. I, too LOVED that house although looking back on the still photos now, there is a lot of cringe-worthy decorating. Somehow it all works and just looks … comfy, cozy and right.

    I would love for a set decorator/props department to visit my house and give it some unique touches.

  3. Susan I have been known to re-watch movies just to look at the decor and the clothes. Loved walking thru the movie with you. Thanks for pointing out so many interesting details, Kathysue

  4. That was a great tour of a very attractive house, Susan. How did you do that? Thanks! Susan

  5. This post about made me cry! This movie has always touched me. I watch it ever year wishing I could mimic the entire thing. lol I'm already playing the soundtrack and the movie is next to the dvd player just waiting for it's traditional marathon playing. lol

  6. Jenny Harris says

    Thanks for putting this together. My guess is that the red/green theme is intended to convey "Christmas" without over the top Christmas decor. Also, those deep red and greens are very warm, inviting colors. Probably meant to make the viewer feel comfortable and at home.

    Another movie house that I love is the Griswold's home in Christmas Vacation. I love the traditional decorating style – it's much lighter than the Home Alone set, but it's a similar style home and also traditional.

    And OMG – YES! Something's Gotta Give – Loved that set!

  7. One of my favorite movie-homes. I will most likely watch it again this Christmas but thanks to this post I will really notice everything in the rooms. I loved this post. You put a lot of work into this and I really enjoyed it. BTW, your home is fabulous. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  8. Its one of my favorite movies that I must watch every Christmas, and I have always loved this house for its grandeur. I love to check out the sets in movies too and I can be heard saying sometimes "I want to live there!"

  9. Southern Princess says

    I actually drove past this house while on vacation in Chicago. It's in a beautiful little town called Winnetka. Some of the neighbourhood houses from the movie are real…but they are not where they seem like they would be in the movie. I think they used a different street all together when the filmed the outside. Great post, I think I will go watch Home Alone now and pull out the hundreds of pictures I took on our drive by! xoxo

  10. I have so many houses that I like from movies and I found this site: Hooked on Houses. They have a posting that lists many of the beautiful movie houses, Father of the Bride, Practical Magic, The American President, Bewtiched, Auntie Mame and many more. Glad I am not the only one who enjoys houses as much as the movie they are featured in!

  11. Melissa Miller says

    I have always been fascinated by the home Susan. I love it! I will watch the movie over and over just to view the wonderful and warm decor'. Love the music too. Thank you for adding it this magical post. I enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh, I love this house. I have watched the movie too many times to count just to look at the house. It is what I consider truly a "Christmas House". Elegence, warmth, hominess, just a house full of holiday spirit. I would think after the Christmas decorations were put away, this would have been just a lovely home all year round. Thanks so much for the tour. I have it on DVD. Guess it's time to watch again.

  13. I fell in love with this home when I first saw the movie!! Thanks for the tour!!

  14. I like the all red bedding!

  15. Such a neat post! I enjoyed reading it and seeing the pictures. I love that house too and all its traditional decor.

  16. Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl says

    This is one of my all time favorite movie houses. I would say the "Mr. Mom" house was an influence on my style or any Cape Cod houses from the old movies.

  17. Linda (More Fun Less Laundry) says

    Hi Susan, Can you believe that I have never seen this movie, even though I am a Christmas movie fan and have seen most a million times? Well, I am definitely renting it now! I think movies and tv show influence us in very subtle ways. Have you seen the recent Stepford Wives with Nicole Kidman? Those kitchens are amazing. And I have also enjoyed the rooms in The Proposal and Something's Gotta Give. I think it would be so much fun to be a set designer. All my different decorating urges could be satisfied, without changing my own house constantly. Have a great weekend. Linda

  18. Susan, thank you for taking us on a tour through this famous house. I never thought about all the red and green used in the decor. I just always thought it was a gorgeous home. You don't miss a thing! ~ Sarah

  19. This house was also one of the things I loved most about the movie. I also love the house that was used in What Lies Beneath, especially the master bed and bath.

  20. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Robin…I love Mr. Mom…haven't watched that movie in a long time. I love all the movies y'all are naming.

  21. I was thinking about the reasons this house feels so warm and lovely: a lot of the red and the green could be called hunter green and burgundy. Those two colors are a very traditional combination. The house itself looks very traditional as well, as if it could be an old ancestral home, and the furniture is suitable to the style. I think that is why I like it; everything about the house says "family, tradition, security, and comfort." The brighter reds and greens add energy and sparkle, so that the decor is not too somber. It's the home you would always like to come back to for the Holidays, knowing that everything would still be as wonderful as you remember.

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Beth…beautifully said! You are spot on!

  23. Tales From My Empty Nest says

    Thanks for the house tour. I had never thought about the decor when I watched the movie. It is certainly a classic Christmas movie of all time. Love & blessings from NC!

  24. Graceful Moments says

    The 1990's were era of jewel tone colors…burgundy, hunter green, navy blue and golds. so the use of the burgundy and in some cases almost a rose with the green is not surprising…although some of the shades of green are a bit much here.
    I still use some reds/burgundy with sage green and some gold/tan in my color scheme and have a guest room that is done in a soft green and rose scheme. They are traditional and I like them because they work when decorating with traditional Christmas colors…it's kind of hard to work red and green into a blue and brown room.

  25. The house appeals to me, not because of the decorating touches but because it has good bones. It's exterior is beautifully symmetric and traditional Federal style.It looks formal and weighty. It's got pretty architectural details, the windows, the stair, French doors. It has handsome proportions: wide halls and staircase and tall ceilings. Lots of rooms mean lots of space. That's the first thing that attracts me to it. I have traditional tastes and crave lots of space.

  26. WOW. You absolutely stun me with these shots and these observations.

    I never really noticed all that – honestly I will never look at that movie the same again.

    Whew, I am impressed! Thanks – great blog!

  27. Wow!! What a GREAT post! I have watched that movie a bazillion times and never noticed the red & green decor!! How beautiful!!

    My favorite movie/TV houses are — Lynnette's home in "Desperate Housewives", Phil & Claire's house on "Modern Family", and The house in the movie "Practical Magic". I love craftsman style homes and victorians!

    Another favorite TV home when I was growing up was the home in "Bewitched". I LOVED IT! Now, I see the front of that house on many other TV shows and movies! πŸ™‚

  28. Patricia Torres says

    Oh what an impressive house tour!! really.. I've seen it before.. but this sure inspires me to start my christmas decor!! πŸ™‚

  29. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Do you know what, I never realized there was that much red and green in this movie house! Someone who decorated the house/set obviously took the red and green Christmas a little too far. ; )

  30. I am so glad one of your readers confirmed that the house was somewhere near Chicago. I just pictured it there. I always admired the decor of this house. But, you pointed out some very interesting decorator's touches. I once read a article about incorporating red utensils in the kitchen for holidays. Since then, I have collected a few. Now, I want a green rolling pin!

  31. Luncheons at the Junction says

    You and I seem to be of the same mind Susan. I love the opening scenes of this movie and have watched it over and over again just so I could take in the decor. The home just ooozes a sense of warmth through the display of traditional furnishings that evoke a feeling of stability. I also loved watching the beginning scenes of Mr. Mom for the same reason.

  32. I loved that house too and never thought about it that way so this was a fun post! Another house I love is the one from "Father of the Bride", very traditional too and beautiful. You'd make a great critiquer for movies…you don't miss a thing!!

  33. In the early 90's my husband and I were serving in Germany as missionaries. We took lots of American videos for our kids to enjoy while there. I think I watched Home Alone more than they did. I definitely remember thinking "I am in love with this house"! Not exactly all the colors and patterns but the classic and traditional bones of the house. I felt homesick some and I think the movie represented to me everything American. Later when we returned to the states and bought a home, we purchased a two-story traditional with a brick front. Yes, I am sure the house in the movie influenced me! Such a unique post Susan! Thanks for sharing! Libby

  34. Very thought provoking. It is interesting that I did not remember any of the details of the decorating of the Home Alone house. My only memory of the house was that it was very elegant and beautifully decorated. I was shocked to realize all the rooms in the house were red and green. It is neat that you observe things so closely and shared that with us. I will not look at the movie the same again. I love all the elements of design and what works and does not work.

  35. Sandy aka Doris the Great says

    One of my favorite Christmas movies as well. This year, I'll be looking for all the red and green. What an eye you have!

  36. Aunt Amelia's Attic says

    Oh thank you Sweet One, for giving us these delicious screen caps, of the decor in that film!!!

    You rock!!!

    My wee little decorating theme seems to be mostly red, white and green this year, so I'm really loving your entry. [I can also do a maroon and gold theme a tiny bit… But love the red, white and green.]

    Must rent the film! Forgot that one, in my list of Holiday Films to rent from my LIBRARY. :-))))

    Think I just *have to* link to this entry of yours! It's sooooo cooool.

    Gentle hugs…

  37. Thanks for that tour and pointing out all that red and greeen. Never even realized it before.

  38. Donna (Timeless Settings) says

    I love Home Alone! We watch it every year. It is such a feel good movie! My favorite house of all is the Something's Gotta Give home. I have watched that movie many times just to study the house. It is my dream house! Especially the master bedroom!

    I love your header picture and how it changes for the season!


  39. Colors act unconsciously in our brain. French movies are great experts in using colors to tell us about the mood of the character or the mood of the moment.

  40. Susan, My youngest daughter would tease me about watching a movie and commenting about the furniture, paint or wallpaper. She said no one does that. I guess there are a lot like me that do, too. I actually have the round table on the landing of the the stairway. When I saw it in the movie I said there's my table. My family laughed.It was from Bombay which I think is no longer in business.I still use it in my living room. Thanks for a fun walk through the house and pointing out so many details. It sure was red and green, but it gives such a cozy feeling when watching the movie. It's a wonderful home.

  41. Home Along was a little creepy to me because the thought of leaving your kid behind would be such a nightmare. However, the pictures and your descriptions are amazing! The decorating is so stunning after you pointed out all the details.

    Love, love, love your blog.

  42. This movie begins it's continuous run at our house on Thanksgiving night. As many times as I have watched it, I had not noticed ALL the red and green. I certainly noticed the wall paper, etc, but not the little stuff. Thanks for sharing! Happy Holidays!

  43. Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien says

    I was about twenty when this movie came out in theatres and I remember how much everyone, me included, loved it! I had just started becoming interested in Victorian style at that time of my life and I remember being so in love with the exterior of that house, especially all lit up with Christmas lights! I loved a lot of the architectural details and the furnishings too. I didn't love the red and green color scheme quite so much, but even then I knew it had been done purposely for the movie. I knew there was no way they had been able to find a house like that for the movie and it just so happened everything in the whole house was red and green! I was onto them from the first time I saw the movie! LOL

  44. Linda @ bushel and a pickle says

    Nancy Meyer's movie interiors inspire me! Warm, cozy, and livable in a sea of beauty. Hooked on Houses routinely gives us the photos of many beautiful interiors. Colonial Homes like you was the magazine we looked at as we newly weds dreamed of our dream house. Williamsburg was the ultimate inspiration. Still is. And I still decorate with Christmas in mind!

  45. Claudia@DipityRoad says

    Great post! Lots of details in those movie sets aren't there?

    Several years ago, I had the opportunity to work on 2 movies. While I worked in the EXTRA's casting department, I became very good friends with the set decorators (and being a designer by trade) I loved watching them pull the most insidental details together.

    Hope you have Joyfull Christmas!

  46. Love your new Christmas enhanced banner!

  47. DreamgirlLisa says

    I loved this movie when it came out, I feel like it had a similar impact on me because of the house and the feeling of family, with all the kids and the coziness of how the home was decorated. It is not my style of decorating either, yet I love it and just want to curl up and be part of their family! Anytime an old house is used in a movie, I'm hooked!

  48. i love this house! and the one in 'It's Complicated', and 'Because I Said So!' great sets.

  49. Entertaining Women says

    I think that you're right on when you mention the pschology involved in furnishing movie homes/room. Let's not forget "The Age of Innocence" and "Marie Antoinette." I think that we could probably trace any number of interior design trends to movies throughout past decades. Think about "Citizen Kane", "Rebecca," "The Sound of Music," "My Fair Lady," "Howard's End," and so many more. I always think of furniture styled as "Hollywood Regency," from all those old movies from the 30's and 40's. Thanks for the post on such a fascinating topic. Cherry Kay

  50. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    I love this so much. I did noticed all the red and green when I watched this movie a few years back. Thank you for taking the time to share such an amazing post

  51. Tamara Jansen says

    What a great post! I think I'm going to go all red and green this year. But first I've got to sell all our poinsettias. Only 100,000 more pots to go πŸ™‚

  52. This is a wonderful post! I have always loved this movie (and have wanted a similar home as well) but never really thought about the appeal of the home in detail until reading your article. I specifically love all the use of red and green! I wrote an article about the film in honor of it's 20th birthday, and I have added a link to this article!


  53. Mary Anne Komar says

    When shopping for a new home, isn't the first thing you look for is where to put the Christmas tree, if that works then the rest is easy!!!!!!Merry Christmas to everyone, you all make this world shine a lot brighter!

  54. Loved this movie! Of course, these colors were popular in the early 1990's, but I think they really reflect Christmas also. One of my favorite movie's for winter time is "Funny Farm" with Chevy Chase. Good movie and the home in the country is very charming. This was my inspiration movie as far as home decor goes. I live in a rural area also. Thanks for the post Susan! Enjoyed it!

  55. Lisa's Creative Home says

    Home Alone is a Christmas Classic. I always get a kick out of how people's clothes also match the decor of the rooms on TV. I think being a set decorator would be an awesome job! Also like Dee Dee, I LOVE Funny Farm. I will watch it over and probably because of how it makes me feel. I love the house and charm of the town. My all time favorite is A Christmas Story and I KNOW I love it because of the time it takes place (1930's) and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I even have a Leg Light! I just pulled it out of the closet yesterday and its in my front window:)

  56. Great post Susan!
    It's Saturday night, my 23 yr old son is watching Home Alone 2 as I write! Good eye on all of the red and green detail, I did not notice all of that!
    xx R

  57. Noemi from Bakersfield says

    One of my favorite movies. And I always loved the house. We have a large family as well and I loved that the house looked very lived in; decorated but not staged.

  58. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says

    how funny, I just watched this movie recently, and I didn't quite realize just how MUCH red and green there was in all the decor…I mean, I saw it, but I didn't really SEE it, you know?

  59. Wonderful post, Susan! I love most of the houses mentioned but a TV house that really caught my attention was on the set of "Alf." The family used a combination of three bright pastels of Fiestaware and those colors seemed to have inspired the decor throughout the entire house. I liked the decor but also found it interesting that the Fiesta colors were the inspiration for it all. If you have an opportunity, check out a rerun or two.

    Sherry in Little Rock

  60. Terry @ La Bella Vie says

    Wow Susan, what a great post! I enjoyed the movie and loved the house but never thought about it these terms. It makes perfect sense now because it evoked a feeling of "cozy Christmas comfort".
    However my all time favorite movie is "Somethings Gotta Give" (and I say this every time I watch it:)
    I MUST LIVE IN THAT HOUSE SOMEDAY AND UNTIL I DO…I'LL PRETEND I LIVE IN IT IN MY DREAMS:) It is by far the most wonderful home in a movie I have ever seen. Just love it!
    Thanks for sharing this my friend and for the work that went into it, you are just such a doll!

  61. Great attention to detail. Next time I watch the movie, I'm sure that's all I'll be paying attention to!
    Love your blog! You have a new follower!

  62. Thanks for the background on a family movie tradition. We LOVE it. Watched it last night. It, along with Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation, (another stunning home) are staples in our holiday traditions. Wonder if Christmas Vacation was a set or a home? I've always admired it's decorating too.

  63. Always loved this movie. We just ordered the movie to add to our Christmas Collection after reading your post. Now I am going to be drawn more into the details of the homes. Just love it and excited to start watching our Christmas movies :o) Have a blessed holiday

  64. this is one of my favorite movies, as it is for Deeds, my youngest grand. We watch it at least once a year…at Christmas..:))

    I never could get your photos to load but I do remember how beautiful the house is.
    xo bj

  65. Hi Susan,
    It makes me wonder how this house looks inside now – 20 years later. I don't live too far from Winnetka – maybe a 45 min. drive. But I don't think I'm brave enough to go to the house, ring the doorbell, and ask the owners if I can have a tour, lol.

  66. That music makes me want to burst into song!! We just watched this movie with our five year old grandkiddo (same personality as Kevin!)…he was the first one in the car when mom and dad said, "time to go, Andrew." πŸ˜€ franki

  67. Thanks for sharing this house and movie scenes with us. I watch it too just to see that awesome house. I love the color combination throughout. Ever detail was considered in this house including the kids/parents clothes in the scenes. That deep green robe that Kevin wears in the final scene is just perfect. It does make you feel warm and cozy – its a movie that will be a classic for years to come.


  68. I love looking at houses in movies! A great house makes the movie so much fun for me. I notice everything!
    Rita @MAY DAYS

  69. Judy @ In His Grip says

    I love it that you notice home interiors in movies too. I am always coming out of a movie and saying did you see those great window treatments, or something similar and my family justs laughs at me. I guess when your job revolves around home interiors what can you expent?

  70. I have been in this house, it is not to far from where I grew up. The house is the same layout, as in the movie but NOT-A-STITCH of wallpaper!

  71. Designs By Pinky says

    Great, great post!!1 I now want to watch this again and notice everything you have piointed out! The home jusy say, "Family, comfort, welcome, comfy, love" to me!

  72. I came over here via Aunt Amelia and I'm so glad I did. What a fun, fun post! I saw the movie in the theater all those years ago and instantly fell in love with that house. A million dvd viewings later, I still love it and well, you must be a kindred spirit because I've always noticed the very things you pointed out. In fact, a few times I've watched the movie only to pick up a few more decorating ideas! πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing all the pics with us in such a great way… Debra

  73. inner_child says

    I loved this house in the movie. But, you know, I never noticed the heavy red and green. Come to think of it, I might not have noticed as my kitchen wallpaper was "Hunter Green" back then, with a red and green on white historic paper, I think it was from the "Historic Natchez" line in the breakfast nook, with red striped balloon shades with red, white, pink and green silk passementerie. It never took too much to push that house into Christmas Land!
    Paula ~ Mise en scène

  74. movie theater decor says

    Excellent description. There is something special about films made in Hollywood that fascinates and intrigues us as viewers.

  75. I'm touring your blog again….you know I am always in "awe" and a tad bit envious of your creativity when I'm on here. And I do love this home from the first time I saw this movie….the green and red, i think I still watch the movie just for the interiors!

  76. Classy Clutter says

    My husband LOVES Home Alone and ALWAYS tells me he wants a "home alone house" someday. Someday… haha! Maybe once he finishes dental school and we aren't struggling students! Love this post!!

  77. Michele/Ohio says


    I couldn't find your email anywhere to let you know that this house just went on the market!!

    Here is the link I found that info:


    Anyway, would have written you but like I said I didn't know how and don't have Twitter or Facebook or anything, so hope you get this!

    A real fan of your blog,

    Michele from Ohio

  78. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Michele, thanks so much for letting me know! I can't believe it! Wish someone would buy it and do an update version of the Home Alone house. πŸ™‚

  79. Kate in Dallas says

    Your post about Home Alone really got me thinking. There are several movies/scenes that I relate to….the garden room of the aunt's house in Practical Magic (I mean, what IS in those jars?! I don't know but I want some just like it!), the entire house but particularly the kitchen in Father of the Bride, and Diane Keaton's kitchen in It's Complicated. Also the entire house in Evening, and the plot of land on the coast in Life as a House.

  80. I love your movie house posts! Please do one for "Its Complicated!"


  81. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    That was a great movie. I'll definitely do that soon…thanks for the suggestion!

  82. Loved this post and the photos. I have a tiny house but I am gradually getting everything done in shades of green with berry pinks.Always loved those colors but seeing this movie again recently confirmed that these are happy colors. I have only a little of red except for some kitchen things. I think the Home Alone house is so cozy and warm and everyone would love to live there. I read online that the blueprints are avail for people wanting to duplicate the house. Thanks for a great post! By the way – fabric I just got for drapes looks very like the wallpaper in this house.

  83. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    JuLee, that is so interesting. I didn't know that about the blueprints! Wonder if they include that neat ole attic room where Kevin spends the night?

  84. Mary Ann Steinman says

    I love your blog! Found you when I ‘Googled’ the Something’s Gotta Give house. It is my favorite movie house, outside and inside, even though the latter rooms are actually movie sets! I like the outside of your favorite, the traditional Home Alone. However, on the interior, it’s wallpaper, wallpaper, and more wallpaper in every room; and, the kitchen countertops are tile. I have tile counters in my kitchen and I can hardly wait to get rid of it. LOL Thanks so much, and I look forward to reading your future posts!

    • Thanks, Mary…so glad you enjoyed it! I think the reason I’m so in love with that house is because it was the first house I can remember really noticing and falling in love with in a movie. I also just love the “feel” of the home…really feels like a real home inside. I know what you mean about the tile…not a big fan of that on kitchen counters either. Thanks for your comment and sharing how you found BNOTP…so glad you did! πŸ™‚

  85. When I am thinking about how I want to do my house for Christmas, I like to come back to this post and look around. There are things that I would not do, but there is plenty of inspiration here! It looks like a real home, very inviting! Love the bedding in the master bedroom! So I bought red sheets, will not do the entire bed in red, but a set of red sheets gives the bed a “Christmas” feeling that I am looking for. I never get tired of this post and come back to it again and again!!

  86. snowy trees says

    Hi Susan,

    Another reason I love this site is that I have found at least one other person who notices the things I do, lol. I thought I was crazy because I’m the only person I know who pays attention to these things. I had actually noticed many of these right away (just because it’s my nature to do so,) but then subsequent viewings helped to point out even the most subtle details of red and green they had ‘planted’ to evoke the Christmas feeling. And I loved every one of them! The house was so warm and inviting and had that traditional elegance that is really timeless.

    A lot of times when I watch a movie, what I really take from it are the beautiful backgrounds. That often means actual outdoor vistas and sometimes it’s the interior shots built on a movie set. Some movies just aren’t very good, but if I can see beautiful scenery or pretty rooms, I feel like it wasn’t a total loss. I haven’t seen The Holiday, but the other movies you mentioned like Father of the Bride (another all time favorite) as well as Something’s Gotta Give have also influenced me. One you didn’t mention was Funny Farm, a fun ‘fish out of water’ story of City Slickers Chevy Chase and his wife moving to the country and all the mishaps that ensue. That house had some of my favorite elements from the type of homes that Colonial Homes was so loved for back in the day. And I loved the exterior, too. It had a great “L” shape to it that made it interesting.

    Thanks for this fun article. It’s great to meet others who are interested in the same beautiful things. ~~~ Pam

    • Pam, you and I are kindred spirits for sure! πŸ™‚ I so agree about a movie not being a total loss if the scenery or house/rooms are beautiful. I would also add to that, the music. Have you ever seen Waking Ned Divine? I don’t know many folks who have seen that movie but it is one of my all time faves…not really for the houses, although some of cute/quaint…but for the scenery, the music and the delighting characters. I think you would enjoy it if you haven’t seen it. Another one that I never hear folks talk about very much that I’ve watch many times is The Red Violin. I love that movie! Again, it not for homes but for the gorgeous scenery, costumes and music.
      Home Alone and the magazines Colonial Homes (which later became Classic Homes) and Traditional Home (before it became a bit more modern) both greatly influenced how I decorate. I just love traditional, cozy style, with a little “Country Living” casual thrown in. πŸ™‚ I’ve loved reading your comments. Can you imagine us watching a movie together. We would have to watch it the first time for the interiors/scenery, then watch it again for the storyline. lol

  87. Snowy Trees says

    Waking Ned Devine! Yes, I haven’t seen it in years and now that you’ve reminded me of it I’d like to see it again. I loved the quirky little village and people and having Irish ancestry I love seeing what my surroundings might have been like .. And I totally agree about the Music. My husband and son are musicians and music is important and can evoke or change my mood so swiftly. Whenever I see a movie like this I am always enthralled by the celtic music and the idea of people gathering in cozy pubs to play and sing. *Sigh*

    Now, The Red Violin I haven’t heard of. I’ll have to look for that, so thanks for the tip. :o)

    How you described your style, traditional, cozy, with a little country is exactly what I love as well. It just seems so comfortable, like a favorite old sweater you wear over and over like a second skin. I do like the sleek, clean lines of modern styling as well, but it just doesn’t elicit the same hominess or contentment for me. There’s something to be said about the timelessness of the traditional – for me it goes beyond simple furnishings; it’s like it’s an extension of who I am and what I care about.

    By the way, now that I have seen your ‘dream house’ blog, I’m keeping my eyes open. Heehee – I’m a realtor and who knows, maybe I’ll find it for you here in the greater Nashville area. Williamson County in particular is awwwesome and right up your alley. And when you get here we can watch movies for all the ‘wrong’ reasons like pretty scenery, gorgeous gardens and architectural houses with beautiful furniture. :o) I’ll make the popcorn. You bring the wine.

  88. Snowy Trees says

    Haha, something went wrong with my smiley faces, lol. I look a bit stunned.

  89. Linda Sitton says

    I loved the room color by color analysis! I’ve watched it over and over and never got that detailed. However, my favorite movie home is from Funny Farm. I watch that one then watch it again stopping at every scene to get a better look at the house. Im a little addicted to home decor!

  90. Love it! Thank you for the post. This is a link to the last time Home Alone house was up for sale, with some interior photos as it looks when not in the movie πŸ˜‰ We trick-or-treated at this house this year and the folks living there went all out with their Halloween decorations too πŸ˜‰


  91. Susan — I’m a grown woman with grandchildren of my own, but I watch this movie every year, whether there’s children here or not. I think I watch it as much for the house and the way it’s decorated as I do for the story. I feel like I could walk into that house (kind of a reverse Purple Rose of Cairo!) and feel right at home. Thanks so much for the tour! — Susan

    • Susan, I’m right there with you! I love that movie still and it took me many years to finally realize it, but I do think it greatly influenced me in the way I decorated my own home, especially all the use of red and green. It just really felt the way a home should feel. πŸ™‚

  92. Susan, I (like most) love this movie and this beautiful home. Along with the movies stated in above comments, I would also like to add another, more recent Christmas movie with a beautiful house – – Christmas With The Kranks. Its certainly not as extravagant as the McAllister home, but still has substantial beauty πŸ™‚

    • Lindsey, you are so right…I love their house and neighborhood in the movie. Such a fun movie, too! I read the book, Skipping Christmas when it first came out and loved it. I actually bought that DVD hoping to share some pics of the house in a post here on the blog, but I wasn’t able to really grab any great interior shots. I may try it again sometime. Here are few of the outside views though. πŸ™‚
      Christmas With The Kranks
      Their street all lit up:
      Christmas With The Kranks Neighborhood
      Another view of their street:
      Christmas With The Kranks Neighborhood

  93. Leeann Jacket says

    The door doesn’t lead to the kitchen & it isn’t a cupboard, it leads to the laundry room and the French doors in the dining room leads to the family room – which you never see in the movie, you see the living room, study, dining room and kitchen. See floor plans.

  94. Trying to find the comforter used on the bed in the attic? Any ideas how I can find one?

  95. This house was one of my favorites from the time I first saw the film. I was in love with the wallpaper in the entry and stairway – and you’re right, that scale of wallpaper needed a large space like that, and was perfect. I didn’t have a four poster, but found a grapevine half circle with flowers similar to the one above the bed in the master bedroom and it lived over my own modest bed for quite a few years. No recall of where I purchased it. I still love the warmth and homey-ness of that house and the way it was decorated had much to do with it. I looked at the listing with different decorating in pale colors, and did not come away with the same feeling. The Home Alone dvd will be in rotation soon with all the other Christmas classics at my house!

  96. I love this house. It screams family to me. Just to update the post, the house just sold and the interior has been β€œupdated” to blues and grays. I love those colors and think like it better than the former actual decor. But the movie decor was so warm, the house looks like it lost its heart.

  97. I saw your post from pinterest. Omg guess what, u are right! Home alone changes me a lot! I am not a fan of red, but now yes. Now in my house have red candles, gold frame @ dinning area, red rug, console table, red pan, influenced from this movie.. Even this movie in 1990 which on that time i was just born in 1990 or maybe not yet, but the decorations so wonderful and fresh.

  98. LOVE this!! My mom took me and my cousin to see Home Alone at the movies when it premiered, in 1990, I was 10!!! This house-to this day-is my dream home. Maybe because I grew up in an apartment in Manhattan, this home seemed so incredible. Now, reading your analysis of the decor, there’s no way I’d select any of it for my current home!! LOL!
    HOWEVER, if someone said, “take this house as it is and live in it forever without changing anything,” I’d jump for joy πŸ™‚

    • Heidi, I had the exact same experience! I saw this movie with my son when he was around 7-8 years old, so I would have been 33 at the time. I remember walking out of the theater feeling like I had found my dream home. I was shocked by the interior “decor” years later when I watched the movie again. I loved the traditional layout of the house and the exterior (still do!) and loved the cozy, comforting “home” feel the house gave in the movie, but I was so surprised when I started really analyzing the decor inside. I guess I was so caught up in the movie, I didn’t notice those finer details. It’s truly brilliant (and a little spooky) how they made the entire interior green and red and somehow I never picked up on that until I watched it again many years later with an eye for really looking at the interior. I had just remembered the “feeling” I got that first time watching it. Of course, we are all much older now and more knowledgeable and experienced with decorating our homes, so I’m sure that makes a difference, too.
      I agree! Give me that home and I’m sure I could live there forever, changing very little. πŸ™‚

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