Going to Miss the Cozy Tartan Plaids of Winter

Welcome to the 492nd Tablescape Thursday!

A few week’s back I posted a winter woodland table for Tablescape Thursday.

Winter Tablescape in Plaid


Shortly after posting that table, Elinda shared photos of a recent woodland table she had put together. Though spring has arrived early here in Georgia (everything is blooming up a storm now!) I had to share this delightful cozy woodland table.

Recognize the deer in Elinda’s centerpiece?  I found the ones I have in Lowe’s several years back. I saw them in there again the next year. Fall/Christmastime is a great time to look for those in the stores.

Love the bark candles! I need to add some of these to my tablescaping arsenal…so pretty!

Deer Centerpiece with bark candles


Elinda brought out the tartans for this woodland themed table.

Antler Napkin Rings


So many pretty layers in this table setting! Elinda started with bark chargers available here: Bark Chargers. The tartan charger and dinner plate are from Williams-Sonoma. I noticed this morning, they still have the salad plates for this set available here: Tartan Salad Plates.

Tartan Plaid Salad Plates


Elinda added in a second tartan pattern for some of her place settings. Love this pattern!

Plaid Table Setting with Tartan Dishware


For her flatware she chose a wonderful woodland pattern available here: Woodland Flatware. Not sure where Elinda found the antler flatware but I have some vintage/antique antler flatware that’s very similar that I found it on eBay many years ago.

Antler and Woodland Deer Flatware for a Woodland Table Setting


A few more woodland touches for this cozy table setting…

Ducks, Antler and Greenery for a Woodland Table Centerpiece


Thanks so much to Elinda for sharing this wonderful woodland setting for this week’s Tablescape Thursday! It has me longing to hold onto the coziness of winter just a little bit longer.

Deer Centerpiece with bark candles


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  1. Hi Susan, We still need cozy up here in the north as snows are expected tomorrow and March can be either spring or winter weather, sometimes both in one day. You can see from this table how much you inspire us all! Thanks for hosting! Linda

  2. I love the tartans too, but I don’t miss those tartan friends so much when I start seeing that bright, kelly green in the landscape and on my table. Happy March, bonnies and lads! Thank you for inviting us in to share our love of table setting, Susan.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Thank you Susan! I love the plaids and woodland settings but I’m hoping winter is officially over now, too cold for me this year!!

  4. Vickie H. says

    WOW! Both tables are so gorgeous and inspiring! And yes, Spring is right around the corner per the official calendar! There will be many new things to entice and delight us!

  5. Much warmer in Tenn this year. Since it is only a month till Easter I had to get my bunnies out. Check out Pottery Barn kids for the cutest bunnies all dressed up for Spring. I got the tall dressed boy in suspenders and girl bunny in her Easter dress. I have the table in William Sonoma white bunnies with basket and blue checked dinner plates with the light blue bunny salad plates and the island bar is sporting my Fitz and Floyd Woodland Spring, discontinued now, with my tall dressed bunnies in the center. Everything outside is greening up and the buds are popping out along with daffodils. However, Mother’s Nature is snickering because it will drop below freezing this next week at night. My cherry tree will hopefully not lose its buds like it did last year with a late freeze. I got those deer in your post at Lowe’s.

    • That’s it…I think that’s where I found them. I’ll change that in the post. Thanks for the reminder, Nancy…could not remember, but you’re exactly right!
      Ohhh, love the bunnies! So happy spring is almost officially here. It’s definitely here for real in Georgia. lol

      • I have been looking for those exact deer and haven’t had any luck. Has anyone seen them in recent years. Sounds like you’ve had them for a while.

  6. You know, I have those same deer and birch bark candles!! Early spring-like here, too…crazy wind warnings..60+…March!!! franki

  7. Elinda has set such a pretty table! I love all the different tartan plaid patterns. There are so many pretty touches of a snowy winter in the big woods–wonderful. I live in Phoenix, and our “winters” here are more like most others’ springtimes. I’m not complaining, we have gorgeous weather 8 months out of the year. Susan, thanks so much for another great Tablescape Thursday, I look forward to every one of them!

  8. I love tartan plaids, I keep looking for a good green tartan to use for St. Patrick’s Day! I am sure we are going to get more snow here – but my newly planted daffodils are just peeking up – Spring is on its way!!

  9. Susan, we’ll turn you into a winter-fan yet! Lol. 😀

    I love the texture and natural element the fern-like placemats add to the table. And the birch tree candlesticks. I have three birches in one of my rain gardens and just love them; such pretty trees. Very pretty and cozy tablescapes; both.

    • lol Well, at least when it comes to the clothes/boots and cozy tables. I did just start a new puzzle a couple of nights ago and was feeling a bit guilty for doing a puzzle when the weather has been so nice, although it’s raining today, so I don’t have to feel guilty after all. 🙂

  10. Love the different tartan small plate on the first tartan pattern; I would never have thought to do that. And that part about holding onto winter coziness? You bite your tongue, lol!

  11. Jane Franks says

    Oh, Susan, I am so with you! I long for winter to stay just a bit longer, too! I am a Winter “baby” and have always loved snow and cold weather, and alas, I find myself in the midsouth! It’s all my husband’s fault! Just kidding! We do enjoy dry streets. But I love the tartans, too. They are so “Scotland” and the enchantment of the Highlands comes through in your delightful woodlands setting. Did you watch Victoria — the episode when they “escaped” from London to the Highlands, and got lost in the glens and mountains and stayed a night in a Crofter’s cottage? Utterly romantic! Thank you for sharing this last table setting of winter!

  12. Love Elinda’s table but I’m so anxious for Spring that the warm colors and tartans got put away a while back! We’re a ways behind you folks so far south of us but even we’ve been having some warmer weather so I am looking great forward to a great spring season!

  13. Are those greenery place mats? I like the candles as well and the deer. Everything so pretty and winter-like. I have daffodils blooming and blossoms on the trees as well but today there is a huge storm coming from the south pelting the windows. I have a few St. Pat’s decorations to get out before Easter arrives on the 1st of April.

    • Elinda Turner says

      Kathleen, Yes they are faux cedar place mats, I purchased these from Pier 1 this past fall. Thank you

  14. Beth Wilson says

    I love the stag/pine cone flatware but I think it is 18/0 instead of 18/10. The 18/0 flatware tend to have really sharp tine ends on the forks. The more expensive 18/10 have been rounded off. Be careful when buying forks, check how sharp the tines are and the edges as well because they can cut you when you are eating unless they have been rounded a bit.

  15. Margaret says

    The Tartan Plaids always began the festive seasons. They give the warm holiday feeling. I also hate to see them go. Now we look forward to the lighter fabric. Spring is almost here and Easter soon to follow. I know every one is looking forward to your many surprises through your blog.

  16. Sandy K Park says

    What a beautiful Winter tablescape, BUT I can’t wait to see what tablescapes you have planned for your porch this summer. Snowed here yesterday, but I’m going on a cruise next week, so I have some warm weather to hold me over until spring.

  17. Love your friend’s woodland table and yours too. I never think to do this, but I will take out my plaid topper and come up with one. Great inspiration ! Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for hosting Susan.

  18. I will miss the winter plaids also. Guess I’ll use gingham to take its place until the end of the year. Thanks for hosting!

  19. Margaret says

    We are in minus degrees weather here in England. Spring seems a long way off. Love the plaid table.

  20. Bernadette says
  21. Elinda Turner says

    Thank you all for your kind words. I put this woodland tablescape together in January. The place mats are faux cedar from Pier 1. When Susan posted her woodland tablescape, I had to share mine with her. Our tables were so much a like. Thanks, Elinda

  22. Love the Tartan dinnerware at Williams-Sonoma; however, reviews are not great as it apparently chips very easily even with hand washing!! Wondering if anyone else has had this problem! I have considered ordering in the past but hesitant to do so now. BTW…love the tables in today’s post.. Tartan is one of my all time favorites!!

    • Elinda Turner says

      Barbara, I have not had any problems with them chipping. If you are going to purchase some, I would go to a store so that you can look at them for imperfections. I am two hours away from a store and ordered mine and had to reorder several pieces a few times due to imperfections. That is just my opinion based on my experience.

  23. I just love a woodsy, cozy table with tartan and that antler handled flatware. Thanks for shring.

  24. I like the tartan look. I put mine away before February this year. Now my tablescape is the stack of income tax documents. But, I never understand people ending winter in February. I love the freshly fallen snow…and I have seen massive blizzards in March; my brother married on April 4 with fresh deep snow gracing the landscape. Having said that, one bunny made it off the storage shelves and is waiting for me to pick a window to hang her in.

    I wish you posted all your blogs here; I don’t do instagram…whatever that is.

    • I know what you mean, we’ve had some big snow storms in the past during the month of April, too.

      Linda, don’t worry, I post all my blog posts here. Instagram is just a place to share photos occasionally. You don’t have to join Instagram to see the photos I post there. Anytime you visit BNOTP, if you would like to see if I’ve posted any new photos on Instagram, you can do that by clicking on the little Instagram icon that’s in the sidebar. It looks like a camera and it’s in the sidebar under the words, “You’ll Find BNOTP In All These Places.” Also, here’s a direct link to my Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/betweennapsontheporch/

      If you like you can bookmark that and visit it whenever you want to see if I’ve posted anything new. I just a few minutes ago posted six pictures of a puzzle I’m on the verge of completing. It’s an especially cute one so I couldn’t resist posting a few photos of it. Click on the the pictures at Instagram to enlarge them. To see all of the puzzle pics I posted, you’ll need to click the small arrow that you’ll see on the photo when you hover over it.

  25. Cyndi Raines says

    We had 62 degree weather yesterday and since 2 pm today it’s been snowing like crazy. We are under a winter storm watch until 4 am. Such is the life of a Michigander. Love the tartan plaid any time, but it is fun to think of spring, new grass, and daffodills and tulips.

  26. Elizabeth Roderick says

    The Christmas plaids and colors are so warm and welcoming. It’s been a long winter for many. Spring has it’s delights and they are already arriving, but those of us who love fall will be looking forward to it, hopefully after a mild summer.

  27. Elinda – Where did you get the (faux?) antler flatware? When I went on line I wasn’t seeing anything like that. Thanks so much for sharing your delightful table scape! I look forward to your response.

    • Elinda Turner says

      Gail, Thank you, The antler flatware is real but vintage. I purchased it on ebay. The stag and moose flatware I purchased from Cabela’s.

  28. Elinda, I’ve looked for those reindeer since I first saw Susan’s tablescape some time ago. Have you seen them in recent holiday seasons and also, can you tell me how tall and how long they are?

    • Elinda Turner says

      Dele, My deer are about 17 1/2 inches tall and from the tip of nose to the end of tail about 12 inches in length. I received and email from Big Lots about Christmas items that they were going to have and the deer were one of the items.This was about two years ago. I do not know if you have a Big Lots store in your area but I checked their website and the photo of them was still there but the deer were not available at this time. They may have them again this year near the Christmas season. If I should see them at some point, I will be glad to let you know.

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