Some Fabulous Spring Sales & The Cutest Puzzle Ever!

I’m so ready for summer! We had an early spring here in Georgia, everything is blooming including the Bradford Pears and the Tulip Magnolias. The daffodils bloomed a few weeks back and are starting to wane now. If you’re living where it’s still cold and snowy, stay tuned because I have some goodies that will interest you in this post, too.

Last summer I blogged about some cute sneakers I had purchased in THIS post. I really enjoyed wearing these last summer.


If you wear smaller sizes, you’ll find the navy/white gingham sneakers for a great price here: Blue Gingham Sneaker. I also found them here for the same  awesome price in both navy/white and red/white gingham here: Sneakers.

Blue & White Gingham Superga Sneaker


Thanks to Vikki for sharing this awesome sale on the same sneakers in Gray and white gingham.  I’ve never seen them in this color combo before, but love it! These are available here: Superga Sneaker.

Superga Sneaker in Gray Gingham

Driving Moccasins: Do you own a pair?

For the past few years I’ve been intrigued by driving moccasins. I had never even heard of them until I began watching British Fashion Vloggers on YouTube. Do you own a pair of driving moccasins?

I’m totally smitten with these, they would be so comfortable for those long drives I make to Ohio several times a years. Notice how they are designed for touring–do you see the protective part that goes up the back of the moccasin to protect the back of the shoe on those longer driving trips?

Love the design of this shoe and the adorable sail boat motif! It’s available on sale here: Driving Moccasin.

Driving Moccasin


Love this design/color, too and they are also on sale here: Pink Driving Moccasins.

Pink Driving Moccasins


If you’re still in the midst of winter where you live, or just want a great deal on some adorable plaid flats for next winter, these are on sale half price here: Plaid Flats. Plaid Flats


One of my favorite things to wear during the springtime until it gets really hot here are cardigan sets. They look great with dressy slacks or with jeans. I always get so many compliments when I pair them with a crisp white shirt underneath…for some reason people love that look!

I love to wear them with my jeans. This cardigan caught my eye, I really love the scalloped front and scalloped sleeves. So cute! You’ll find it available on sale here: Scalloped Cardigan.  The matching shell is available here: Shell.

Cardigan with Scalloped Edge


This floral one is adorable for spring! It’s on sale here: Cardigan.

Floral Cardigan


This beachy sweater is a perfect transition piece for going from winter to spring. The crabs are embroidered and the anchors are beaded…love that! It’s on sale here: Anchor-Crab Sweater.

Anchors and Crabs Sweater


Puzzle Love

Yesterday I shared a picture on Instagram HERE of a puzzle I’ve been working on that I was truly sad to finish. You know that feeling that you get when you’re coming to the end of a really good book, how you wish it would never end? That’s how I felt about this puzzle!

Tilting Puzzle Board


I’ve upgraded my puzzle board to this one and love working a puzzle against the blue background—easier on the eyes. You’ll find this puzzle board available here: Puzzle Board.

Puzzle Board, No Bending Over Saves Back

Here’s the photo on the box showing how it looks once completed. I wish this adorable book shop actually existed in real life–I wonder if it does?

Book Shop, Cats Puzzle


Even if it was hours away, I would get in my car and drive there just to experience it. I love everything about it…


…including the sleeping kitty at the foot of the stairs. 🙂 There’s another kitty hidden away in the puzzle…he was a delightful surprise when I came across him. There’s also a very brave mouse who’s hiding among the books. You would have to be brave to share the book shoppe with two cats! lol This has to be one of my most favorite puzzles ever!


If you love doing puzzles, you’ll find this one available here:Book Shoppe Puzzle. Let me know if you spot the mouse if you do this one. 🙂

Update: If you would like this puzzle in wood, it’s available here: Wood Puzzle.

Book Shop, Cats Puzzle


So, I’ve found that the only cure for feeling sad when a great book ends, is starting another great book. Well, if it works for books, I decided it must work for puzzles, too. This is the one I have on my puzzle board now. I love the kitty, the bicycle, the view through the window and of course, all those wonderful flowers! It the perfect puzzle for spring. It’s available here: Flower Shoppe Puzzle

Flower Shoppe Puzzle


If you need a way to sort your puzzle pieces, these are the little trays I use. I love their whimsical puzzle shape. They are available here: Puzzle Trays.

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Have a wonderful weekend, dear Friends!

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  1. Elinda Turner says

    Love this puzzle how it looks. I would love to know if this book shoppe exits, if so I would want to see too. What so you do with your puzzles once you have completed them ?

  2. Elinda Turner says

    Meant to say once you have completed your puzzle what do you do with it?

  3. Google Hatchard’s Bookshop in London and click on images. It was started in the 1700’s.

    • That doesn’t look like the one in the puzzle, the doors are different and it doesn’t look like it’s inside an old house, but it is a cute place. Would love to visit it!

  4. Susan, have you made a puzzle from a photo? My grandchildren LOVE a puzzle with their picture on it. I also give them to friends for gifts. They had rather look at their family than anything else!!! I make mine at
    Click on the photo Dept. They have an app, so you can make it using photos on your phone — probably tablet/computer, too. I just always use my phone. The puzzle is usually $25, but they have sales from time to time. There is a 50% off sale that ends today, but they do them frequently. Just sign up for their email and they will alert you. I wait for a sale and make all that I’ll need for upcoming occasions. They have all kinds of photo gifts included in most sales – photo mugs, beach towels, pillows, blankets. You can edit your photos on the app. Takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be a whiz. They will deliver it to any CVS store free.
    I don’t have to pack and ship. Just choose a store near the recipient and let them pick it up. My grandchildren get so excited when I tell them there is something waiting for them at their CVS. They send me a picture of them picking it up. The quality of everything that I have ordered is excellent. Made a blanket for a friend with a collage of her family. She just loves wrapping up in it!! She had her son email me some photos – he had no idea why!!
    It was a surprise for her birthday. Only $28 on sale!! This is about as creative as I ever get, but no one has been disappointed with their gift.

    • I haven’t done that, but I love the idea! My oldest grandson is seriously into puzzles, he loves them…I need to do that sometime for him. Thanks for that idea, Jeannie!

      • @Susan: A number of years ago I had one made up for one of my Grandsons who is now twelve and he loved it. Using a photo editing program I made it up like a Hockey Card (front only) and tweaked it considerably to my needs. (i.e.: Script, superimposing him as the star player while suited up in the gear of the very first hockey team he ever was on but as though he was playing with his favourite NHL team etc.) The Company I used for the puzzle; was called Portrait Puzzles and I was totally impressed with the service, selection of options in sizes/pieces, quality of the finished product and reasonable pricing. Also at that time they offered a platinum tin box for an additional small fee which I chose over the (free) cardboard one with the hope it would preserve it better. To conclude, as he was only six at the time I chose the 16″ x 20″ size of 99 pieces as wanted him to be able to do it himself but he did require a little help when it came to the crowd in the background however the pieces themselves interlocked beautifully so there was little if any frustration of putting it together. -Brenda-

  5. The promo code for the CVS 50% off of photo gifts is SALE50. It ends at midnight tonight.
    But they will have another one soon. Sign up for their email. // they had a 55% off sale one time. App is easy to work with.

  6. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that puzzle! It’s sooo cute. I could live there! I too wish it existed. If you ever learn it does, you must let us know. We could plan a BNOTP trip, lol.

    Those gingham sneakers are just too cute. I’m off to check them out. Susan, you are dangerous!

    • Laura T. says

      Pam, that was my first thought too…”I could live there”! At first glance I thought it was a library room in a cool old house. Then I saw that it was a cool old book store! That would be an amazing place!

      • I wonder if it’s an old house that was turned into a bookstore. You see that type thing a lot in the small little southern towns here in GA where older homes that are right off the town square are turned into businesses…which is better than tearing them down.

      • Laura, that’s exactly what I first thought as well; a library in a beautiful old home. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true!?

        Susan, I love it when people appropriate old homes for their businesses. If people aren’t interested in living in the older homes any longer, at least they can stay standing, and, in my opinion, it’s very pleasant conducting business in old homes. I’d much rather visit an attorney or accountant in that setting than in a cold, sterile office building. I even know of a couple of nurseries that are being run out of old homes and they are delightful!

    • I was thinking the same thing! What a fun field trip that would be!

  7. Jane Briscoe says

    Coldwater Books in Tuscumbia, Alabama is the closest to your puzzle that I have ever seen. And they even have a coffee shop inside.

  8. Love doing puzzles too…..where did you get your puzzle board? Looks like perfect size for 1,000 pieces. Thanks for all your great ideas, I’ve used several over the years and yes it is a beautiful early Spring in GA.

  9. Yarlette says

    Love the puzzle. The mouse is above the wish upon a book sign over the door. How cute is that. I am a book shop lover. Can spend hours browsing.

  10. Love that scallop edging on the sweater–so feminine. Looks like book shops make the best puzzles.

  11. That is the most wonderful bookshop and a beautiful puzzle.

  12. I too would love to know if that is a real bookshop! My favorite old bookshop is Daunt Books in the Marylebone area of London. Also need a reminder of which puzzle board you bought. It’s time for me to finally buy one; I stocked up on puzzles when I discovered our local puzzle/game shop has a store-wide 50% off sale after Christmas!

  13. What puzzle board do you use!

  14. I’m going to get that puzzle for a friend who loves doing them- heck I should try it myself! It’s totally intriguing! The gingham shoes are the cutest!

    • They are addictive, Liz! lol But in a good way. I love to listen to a book on Audible or watch something on my computer while working on one…multi-tasking! 😉

  15. LOVE the puzzle! Thank you for sharing this.

  16. Glad to see that I am not the only one who loves doing puzzles. I am doing them everyday with my new iPad. Kinda spoils you but I enjoy doing them.

  17. Wayfair has a print of the bookstore puzzle…only with a lady in it. It’s called “Wish Upon a Bookshop”.

  18. ann salmon says

    I love doing jigsaws. I recently found this place on line : They are all wooden jigsaw puzzles, and therefore a bit expensive, but they are beautifully made. The one I referenced above is the same one you are saying is so dear. They will also do photo puzzles-which for grandchildren can then be framed. I have an old wooden puzzle that was given to my grandfather (and I’m 68), that was then framed. Everyone that sees it loves it; it’s my grandfather driving his four-in-hand in Brooklyn in the late 1800’s. As I said, not cheap but great fun.

    • I’ve visited that site before a year or two back and love that someone is still making wood puzzles. Yup, I had looked it up the book shoppe one a bit earlier and saw that it’s $173.00 for a 1000 pc puzzle. I wonder how thick the pieces are…would make a nice gift if someone didn’t mind spending a little.
      What a wonderful treasure you have!

  19. Susan – I love your Hermes tray! Where did you find it?

  20. I would love to find a whole town like that bookstore. That is a beautiful puzzle, the colors are so vibrant and is so evocative of a time and place many of us yearn for.

  21. Well, now you’ve done it, Susan! I love puzzles, but with “life” issues distracting me, I haven’t done any in a while. I have just looked through the selection of puzzles offered by White Mountain and my biggest problem is deciding which one to order first. Bakery Shop, Pet Shop, American Classic? I think the only sensible solution is to get one and go on from there. Hope your late winter is a little better than ours in NJ! Barbara

  22. Marlene Stephenson says

    I want one of each of everything,lol, okay well at least a puzzle those are just the cutest ones to work i have seen. Thanks so much.

  23. Darlene Gardner says

    I found the other kitty! But not the mouse! Anyway, there are a series of mystery books that are all set at Bodie Lighthouse on the NC outerbanks. In the books, the lighthouse is a library, cat included. A good read, especially for a beach trip. The author is Eva Gates and so far there are 3 in the series. Since I live in NC and love the Outer Banks, I especially enjoyed these books. Your puzzle reminds me of what the inside of that lighthouse library might have looked like.

  24. Linda Nixon says

    There is an old bookstore in Sarasota,Fl with wooden floors and the whole bit. I just loved being in there. It had a first edition of Gone with the Wind in a glass cubicle.

  25. Darling puzzles! My mom loved to work on puzzles, and when teaching, I always had a puzzle going for the students to work on when they finished their seat work. Fun entertainment!

  26. I feel like I am part of the collective consciousness. Just the other day I pulled out an old (to me) Mary Engelbreit round puzzle, that I had never put together. It has the quote on it–“Life is just a chair of bowlies.” I found some on ebay here, just so you can see:
    There must be some “puzzle cloud” hanging over Georgia. I honestly have not thought about or done a puzzle for about 6 years or so, but just got a bee in my bonnet. The Force is strong with you, Susan.

  27. The Sort and Go is great for Legos as well. My grandson and I use it when we build. And if we aren’t finished building when he leaves , we can just store the pieces right where they are. Totally brilliant!

  28. Susan, you are a woman after my husband’s heart as he loves doing puzzles and therefore it is guaranteed there is always one under the tree from Santa … lol! As for myself, I think I may have been ‘puzzled out’ as a child (large family so not so many toys) reason why in all honesty I’d rather spend my hours at my sewing machine than doing one even though indirectly sewing is kind like of a puzzle as you are also putting pieces together … smiles. Now off I go to see if I can find the other cat and the mouse as you got me curious. -Brenda-

  29. We did the photo puzzle, too. Susan, it “almost” sounds like you have spring fever…franki

  30. Hi Susan, I suggest the Battery Park Book Exchange and Champagne Bar in Asheville, NC. For enjoying books, antiques, dogs, and wine in one cozy place it is delightful. Jane

    • Just googled it and what a neat idea! Looks like a great place to hang out. Wish we had one of those here. I just may have to make a trip some day.

  31. Cyndi Raines says

    Love old houses that become businesses, we have several in our town. I so enjoy looking at all the detailed woodwork, cove ceilings and built in bookcases, etc. I am not a puzzler yet, but enjoy helping when one is being put together by friends or family. I still have too many projects to complete, but I am pleased to announce I did reorganize my closet and boy that feels good. Now to finish in the basement with all of the holiday bins and wreaths. I have a goal to be done by the end of March so I’ll press on. lol

  32. When I was growing up, I read every Nancy Drew book I could get and later managed to buy every one in the series. I was very excited to hear about a puzzle of all the front covers of the series and ordered it. It took me quite awhile to put it all together and was very pleased when it was finished. My husband made me a frame and I bought glass to fit the frame at a glass shop and it now hangs in my office along with my Nancy Drew books on my bookshelf that my husband also made for me.

    • Love that, Ruth! Did you see the Nancy Drew puzzle I “saved” in this previous post:
      I still need to frame mine, you’ve inspired me to do that soon!

      I was a major Nancy Drew fan, too. I remember on Saturday’s when I would get my $2.00 allowance that my dad gave me every two weeks for cleaning the house, I would walk several blocks to a toy store called Joy Land with my best friend, Nan. We would each buy a new Nancy Drew book. They were $1.50 each back then, so my allowance would just cover the purchase. We would always agonize and agonize over which one to choose from the large collection at Joy Land. After we had each read our book, we would swap books and read each others. I was my happiest as a child when I had a new Nancy Drew book to read. I still have them all and cherish them for the sweet memories they hold.

  33. I love puzzling and also have a hard time disassembling my favorites. I take a photo of each puzzle when I complete them and save the photo to a digital album. This helps me feel better about taking them apart. Silly, I know, but strangely satisfying. I also have a Pinterest board of puzzles I’ve completed. Thanks for sharing!

    • Lately, I’ve started taking a picture, too. I love the idea of creating a Pinterest board to save them. Evelyn, is your board public? If so, what’s the link or name and I’ll check it out.

      • Sure … here’s my board: The puzzle pins I post on my board are links to where you can buy the puzzle rather than my own actual photos of the completed puzzle just because it makes for a better pin.

        • Thanks for the link! I love them all! I can’t believe I haven’t bought one of Wysocki puzzles yet. I need the one with the Cat on the shelf…soooooo cute! That is my all time favorite Wysocki painting.
          I have/done the Christmas version of the one you have called Summer House, but haven’t purchased the Summer one yet. Adding that one to my wish list. I just finished the Best Sellers” “puzzle, it was a fun one a week or two ago! Enjoyed it a lot!

          The one that’s on my puzzle board right now is this one: .
          I’ve been in a puzzle mood lately, maybe it’s the cold weather we’ve been having. This is another one that I finished about a week ago:

          Evelyn, do you find you have to really love a puzzle to enjoy doing it? I’ve noticed that the ones I really enjoy doing the most are the puzzles with a scene or theme I absolutely love. I kinda have to psyche myself up to do one that “just okay.” lol

          I love the Jack O Lanterns and the Haunted House one that you have, I need to get that one! The Winter Village one looks like a challenging one!

          • The spooky house shaped puzzle was great fun, highly recommended!

            The White Mountain puzzle, Perennials, is one of my all time favorites … a gorgeous image with lots of color!

            I also love the great paintings collages:
            WM is my favorite brand.

            Hummingbirds and orchids were two of the most challenging I’ve ever done.

            I also enjoy puzzles that are informative and travel themed. We’re getting ready for a spring trip to Utah so that’s why I chose it as my latest one. I have some family members that I trade puzzles with, so that’s fun!

            Like you though I get most excited about images I love. But even with a “meh” image, I just turn on some great music and lose myself until that final piece is in place. Joy!

            • Wow, that hummingbirds and orchids look like a tough ones! I love the Great Paintings, need to add that to my collection. Thanks for those links! I love WM designs, they tend to be my favorite, but I’m finding the quality of puzzles from WM to be drastically inconsistent. Some of the ones I’ve done recently were sturdy pieces and interlocked well, but a couple were not. The one I’m working on now, though I love the design, is driving me nuts. If you breathe on a piece, it rips out. I’ve had to reconnect so many pieces because they just don’t interlock and hold tight, so any slight movement tears them apart. Also, twice in this box, there have been two pieces that are fused together/inseparable because the pieces never got cut all the way through. I’ve never run into that before with any puzzle I’ve done. So the quality isn’t consistent, which is disappointing.
              Thanks for sharing some of your faves, will check in on your Pinterest board periodically to see what you’ve added. I think I may start a puzzle board…love that idea! 🙂

              • You should totally do a Pinterest board of your puzzles! I would love to check it out.

                I’m so sorry to hear that about the quality of WM. I’ve not experienced that until this latest Utah one that had some pieces fused together. Hopefully this was a short lived production malfunction. We should write to them. I usually buy from their website when they have a sale and have found their customer service to be good.

                A great puzzling blog I enjoy is She does informative puzzle reviews and detailed photos.

                She also does a puzzle brand comparison on her blog you might want to check out:

                She is associated with, and they have a cool puzzle of the month club you might be interested in:

                Ok I’ve linked your comments up good and proper now and will give it a rest! I’m happy to have discovered your blog. Nice to meet you!

                • Thanks for all those great links! What a great website, I could spend hours on there! I liked the evaluation chart on all the puzzles! Nothing worse than puzzles where the pieces can fit in a million places…incorrectly! I had a puzzle like that and quit very early on, it was just miserable to do!
                  I just ordered three Wysocki cat puzzles on Amazon. lol Couldn’t help myself.
                  I’ll check out Puzzle Warehouse…I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered from them in the past. Thanks for sharing her website! I’ll create a Pinterest board and will get that link to you…this will be so much fun!
                  I was musing the other night about why I love puzzles so much…trying to figure out what that says about me. Ha! I remember when I was in college I was having trouble choosing a major (ended up majoring in English and Psychology) so I took a “test” the college offered that was supposed to help you decide what you liked doing best. The test results showed I loved “organizing.” I guess my brain likes order…it’s just so satisfying, fitting everything into place.

          • I forgot to say that I love Wysocki, too! I’m working on collecting all of his cat puzzles. I received that Toy Store one for Christmas so I’m saving it for next December. Thanks for sharing!

  34. That puzzle reminds me of the bookstore that used to be on Jekyll Island. Sadly, it is closed now. It was my favorite place to shop on the island.

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