Imagine Dining Seaside by Candlelight

Welcome to the 616th Tablescape Thursday!

I was so in the mood for setting a table with a nautical, beachy feel. I was envisioning a table setting in soft, aqua colors. Not sure exactly sure how it happened but the next thing I knew, I was setting a red, white and blue nautical table.


It was a beautiful day to play on the porch. Later in the evening, we had the most ferocious storm, so in the candlelight photos toward the end of this post, you may see water on the porch floor in some places.


It’s been ages since I used these lanterns in a table setting. I think I found these in Old Time Pottery, but it’s been so many years, I’m not sure now.

Nautical Table in Red, White and Blue


A view from overhead…

Beachy Table, Red, White, Blue Lanterns Centerpiece


I couldn’t decide if I liked the little blue lanterns at each place setting or not, so you’ll see those in some photos but missing in others.

Red, White, Blue Lanterns


Inside each lantern, a pillar candle rests in a bed of white sand, surrounded by pretty shells.


I pulled out my DIY denim napkin rings for this casual setting. You’ll find the tutorial for making these here: DIY Denim Napkin Rings.

Plaid Napkins, Nautical Red, White & Blue Setting


I love the whimsy of David Carter Brown dishware. He creates the best nautical scenes.

Beachy Table, Crab Plates


This dishware pattern by him is called, Driftwood. I found two sets (4 plates per set) on eBay several years ago. The blue wine glasses are from Dollar Tree.

I alternated how I layered the napkins, sometimes placing the blue and white one on top…

Lighthouse Plate in Nautical Place Setting


…and sometimes placing the red and white napkin on top. Which way do you like best?

Beach-Theme Table in Red, White and Blue


Love this Lobster plate that’s part of the Driftwood collection.

Lobster Motif Salad Plate


Had to bring out the crab place card holders for this table setting.

Crab Place Card Holders and Crab Plates


They were a find in Pottery Barn a year or two back.

Cute Crab Place Card Holders


The flatware is by Gourmet Settings and the name of the pattern is called, Tear.


I love using it in nautical/beach themed table settings because the handle design reminds me of nautical ropes.

The blue and white napkins have a bit of a rope design, too. Forgotten where I found those now, have had them for a while.


I took a  few candlelight photos after the monstrous rainstorm had passed. I’m surprised the napkins didn’t totally wilt during the storm.



I love dining by candlelight. Looking forward to one day having friends over again for dinners on the porch.


It seemed so much darker out (than it looks) when I took these photos. Funny how it doesn’t look that dark out in the pictures.


If you love beach themed table settings, you’ll find many more here: Beach-Themed Table Settings.

Dining on a Screened Porch, Beachy Table


Looking forward to all the wonderful table settings linked below for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. franki parde says

    You just tickle me to no end…pastel to r/w/b!! Oh, my! That is so typical to my situations…I luv the way all turned into a…party! STORMS!! What havoc they do to plans…we’ve had some doozies, too! Please pass the butter, would you…xxx. franki

  2. Susan, it looks summer perfect! I like to do a nautical theme table now and then, even though we are land locked in the center of town. I like your cute plates with the various art work. Adding a special salad plate atop the white stack is dramatic. I also like the double napkins for fluff and variety. I need to do that more often. Thanks for hosting us. Happy July!

    • I know what you mean, Sarah. I think that makes us love the nautical themes even more…being landlocked. Happy Summer to you! I hope you are having a good one despite how this year has gone so far.

  3. I love those little denim napkin rings, too, Susan. I pinned one of your posts where you had all those neat denim crafts. I need to remember it when I’m purging clothes, which I’ve done so much of without thinking! We had a really fierce and short storm on Tuesday evening…..luckily no damage, but a lot of people in the area were without power for several hours.

    • Storms can be so scary! So glad you guys didn’t see any damage and kept your power on. It’s too hot outside to be without electricity! I hope it wasn’t too hot out that day for those who did lose it. Thankful for all those first responders who return our lives to normal when the storms come along.

  4. Love this table! The lanterns, the flatware, that marvelous fish pitcher!

  5. Susan, Such a nice surprise to find one of your porch table settings. I love a nautical theme. It was your blog, many years ago, that really changed my approach to setting my table. I know that you have expanded your topics, but I still love your tables and finding this one was a treat. And, in answer to your napkin question, I like both combinations and think alternating them adds charm to the table. Stay safe and well. MM

  6. The nautical 4th theme looked really good, but then came the candlelight version, and I would have to insist on a later dinner reservation to be sure to get that! And the crab card holders, well, I’m afraid one just might go missing–for a little while

    • I much prefer the later dinner reservation, too. Candlelit dinners are just so magical, especially listening to the backyard froggy serenade. 🙂

  7. Glad to see you’re still feeling patriotic. 😀 Love it all; the David Carter Brown plates are some of my favorites. Love the little crab place holders, the plaid napkins, even the little blue lanterns. The big lanterns look so pretty with the dimming light and candles lit, within. And the twisty rope cutlery is perfect.

  8. Bobbi Duncan says

    Love your nautical table setting with so many cute touches, such as the crab card holders, fish pitcher…well, all of it! The alternate setting is nice as well…can never have too much candle light. I have been searching for a matching set of red, white and blue lanterns. Do you remember where you found yours? Hugs!

    • I’ve had these so long, hard to remember. I used to find lanterns a lot in Old Time Pottery, so it may have been there. The other place I would sometimes find lanterns is Marshall’s and HomeGoods. I haven’t been lantern shopping in a while, so not sure what’s out there. Oh, three more places to look would be Hobby Lobby, the store named “and That” which is owned by Christmas Tree Shops and At Home, which used to be called, Garden Ridge. Those are a few places I think you could find lanterns at reasonable prices.

    • Bobbi, just wanted to let you know I got your email, but I’m still having that same issue I had before where when I reply to the email, it bounces back with the message, “Your message wasn’t delivered to (your email) because it may contain a virus.” You’re the only person that I email, that this happens with, so I know I don’t have a virus. Maybe the filter on your Lycos email system is turned up really high or super sensitive, because it doesn’t like my emails. lol Anyway, I’m sorry I can’t reply to your email, but at least we can communcate here and these emails get through. Just know that when you do reply to my comments, I do see them, I just can’t reply back via my email: [email protected] I wonder if you added the email, [email protected] to your “Contacts” if it would let my emails come through. I’m surprised it lets the “comment replies” when I reply here on the blog, get through, but glad those come through.

  9. I love, love, love this table. It reminds me of one I would see in a Maine restaurant. Everything is perfect. (I like the blue napkin on the outside, if we are voting!). Your plates would be great conversation starters at a dinner, too, besides being perfect for your theme. I tried to post my table today, but Google Blogger is going through changes and I was not able to post anything. I wonder if other bloggers who use this server are having trouble as well. Grrrrr…….totally got my post completed, went to InLinkz, filled in the info and no sign ever came up to “Post”. Oh, well, I’ll keep it handy in case Blogger comes round! Have a great weekend. We’re so hot and dry out here in CA, a good rainstorm would be wonderful to listen to!

    • Thanks, Rosie!
      Rosie, email me the url for your post and I can go into InLinkz and added it for you. Or, just leave it in a comment…and I’ll add it. That sounds so frustrating…sorry that’s happening.

    • Rosie, I think I got it added for you, hopefully I added the correct table setting. Let me know if it’s not the one you wanted to be linked up.

  10. Well red, white, and blue is ALMOST like pastel … ! 😉 It turned out beautifully Susan! And for the record, I’m liking the blue napkins on the outside, and the twigs are more than fine. Thanks for the laugh and the inspiration!

    • lol Yes, they are very close in color! 😉
      Thanks, Barbara! I think I prefer the blue and white napkin on the outside best, too.

  11. Brenda s. Lawrence says

    The table is so pretty, loving the nautical theme with the red/white and blue. Love those lanterns, they are just perfect. The dishes…again perfect! I love everything about this table setting. Those cute little crabs, the napkins and flatware, the napkin ring made from denim. I could sit down at a table like this everyday. lol Hugs, Brenda

  12. Tina W Reynolds says

    Red,white and blue is so much more useful than people imagine. I use my stuff in many schemes and for a number of holidays. I have the blue and white napkins pictured with the rope-like design, too! I got mine at Pier 1, sadly, another store I will miss. I got some real bargains there!

    • Oh, I bet that’s where I found these. I used to buy napkins there a lot. They always had really cute ones. I can’t believe they’ve closed. I loved their sales!

  13. Thank you so much for hosting! This week I am sharing how to make a DIY outdoor shower curtain! Hope you had a great fourth and wishing you a great rest of your week!

  14. Your seaside tablescape is gorgeous ! I love the lobster plates and all the perfect accessories to make it perfect !
    Thank you for hosting Susan.
    Have a nice weekend ahead.

  15. Cyndi Raines says

    Great table Susan! Brother in hospital, have been super busy, now I’m playing catch-up. Love this nautical table and always LOVE red, white and blue!

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