Decorate Outdoors For Easter

Do you like to decorate outside for spring or Easter? My friend, Marie decorates for all the holidays and not only do her six grandchildren love it, the folks who pass by on the road in front of her home, look forward to it, too. When we are out and about in the community shopping or having lunch, folks will often stop her to tell her how much they love seeing the decorations each season.

When we got together recently, Marie’s home was decorated for Easter. The orbs in the trees weren’t lit since it was daytime.

Victorian Home Decorated for Spring and Easter


Here’s a picture of how they looked one Halloween.

Halloween Decorations for Porch and Trees 04


Two smaller trees that are just getting ready to leaf out were decorated with colorful Easter eggs.

Tree Decorated with Colorful Easter Eggs


Here’s the other tree in front of her home. Notice anything on the ground? 🙂

Decorate Tree With Easter Eggs For Spring


During the evening and into the night, colorful Easter eggs sparkle as they light up for the evening. I wasn’t there after dark so unfortunately missed seeing them lit.

Large Easter Eggs for the Lawn


Marie’s porch was decked out with pretty floral and egg garland and spring wreaths.

Decorate a Porch for Easter or Spring


Here’s a closer view of the garland along the porch rail.

Porch Rail Decorated with Spring Egg Garland


Sooo pretty and perfect for spring!

Spring Egg Wreath


This cart overflowing with colorful eggs was my favorite! The eggs are the same as the ones out on the lawn so they light up at night, too. Mr. Bunny is so dapper in his top hat festooned with spring garland.

Bunny Pushing a Cart of Easter Eggs


The doors and windows were surrounded in lighted, spring floral, egg garland.

Spring Garland


I also took several photos of Marie’s spring decorating inside, too! I’ll be sharing those in this week’s newsletter, Postcards From The Porch.

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Happy Spring, dear Friends! Have a wonderful weekend!

Decorate Around Doors and Windows With Spring Garland


Love decorating for the holidays? See Marie’s home decorated for the 4th of July here: 4th of July Outdoor Decorations

4th of July Bunting for Porch Railing

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  1. I would love to know where she finds some of her fabulous decorations! Her house looks beautiful for every season! Can’t wait for the rest!!! happy Easter!!!

    • Pinky, I remember she said some of them came from a catalog she gets called Touchstone. In the past she’s order lawn ornaments for Christmas from Frontgate dot com. Happy Easter to you! It’s so pretty here, in the 70’s…loving this weather! Hope you guys are seeing spring now!

  2. I love Marie’s enthusiasm. I want an overflowing cart – so cute.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Marlene Stephenson says

    Some decorating,aren’t they just great.I bet the kids love it.

  4. crumpety cottageq says

    That garland is so sweet! And I would love to see those eggs lit up. Are they solar? The whole area looks so fresh and lovely, perfect for Spring. But Marie still hasn’t shared her secret on where and how she stores all her pretty holiday decorations! I bet she’s super organized with it all. 🙂 Thanks, Susan. Those big eggs on the lawn put me in mind of dinosaur eggs. 😀

  5. Just makes me happy!! Wished we could…45 mph winds…AGAIN!!! franki

  6. Thanks Marie–you go all out each holiday/season. And like someone above said, would love to know how you organize and store so many decorations.

  7. Judy Hubbard says

    I love, love these decorations. Where did Marie get the larger eggs that light up and are in the wheelbarrow? I must have some! Her home, inside and out, is fabulous!

  8. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. So fun and welcoming.

  9. BEAUTIFUL!! Happy Easter Susan!

  10. It’s not often we see such a sweet display for Easter…I just love this and her energy! Everything is so pretty! I can just imagine what inside her house looks like! 🙂

    Thanks so much and have a blessed Easter!

    Jane xx

  11. Happy Easter, Susan and Marie
    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful tablescapes, garlands, wreaths, lights, eggs, etc. I thought the large eggs were paper maiche. Marie’s trees remind me of the Jim Marvin Showroom at the Dallas gift market. If you ever have a chance to visit one of his showrooms you will see what I am talking about. I ordered some speckled foam eggs from Hob Lob. They are available in natural and pastel colors. They were 40% off so I had to order both x4 -LOL!! My Mother brought out some of our Easter decorations that we have accumulated over the years. There were some felt bunnies that my good Auntie made a long time ago and some ceramic eggs that I painted and decorated in 1980 and a variety of figurines from a former family gift shop and even a baby chick I made out of a child’s yellow sock. I wish ceramic shops were still around. I made some beautiful items back-in-the-day and I love to paint so it was very therapeutic after long days in a busy office. I hesitate to correct any of the above posters, but you did, in a former post, explain how and where Marie stored all of her decorations. I think it was in a late December/early January post. Thanks again for BNOTP.
    You have brought great joy to my life. Ashley

  12. I continue to be amazed by Marie’s passion for beautiful holiday decorating and tablescaping. It takes a lot of talent and energy to do what she does! Also, I can’t even imagine how much organized storage is required for all of Marie’s beautiful things. If you ever covered that topic before, would you mind repeating it–I must have missed that post. Thank you for sharing, Susan, and have a wonderful Easter.

  13. Patricia says

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad you have just a great friend and even happier that you share with all of us. Wish y’all weren’t so far away, would love to go thru the “seasons” outside with the two of you. Thanks again for your wonderful post and be sure and tell “Fred” I said Happy Easter.

  14. I really enjoy seeing Marie’s seasonal decor. It is always just amazing! Thanks for sharing where she got those large eggs!

  15. Fantastic! It appears Marie again outdid herself. That said, I have warm weather envy as tomorrow (Easter Day) will be a high of 43 F and for the next five days they are forecasting snow so needless to say the only outside decoration that I have, is an Easter Wreath on my front door. -Brenda-

  16. Jennifer H says

    Thanks for sharing! I always enjoy seeing what your friend Marie has done, she is so creative. I too decorate for all the holidays, glad I’m not the only one! I was lucky enough to tour her home this past Christmas since you were kind enough to mention her house would be on the tour of homes. Thanks again!

  17. Thanks, for all your wonderful comments, Ienjoyed reading them all.
    I would like to address the questions of storage…I am not sure it is very organized but I store everything in my unfinished basement. Except the outdoor christmas decoration which I store in the barn next to our house. there are many shelves and I use a lot of plastic container, marked both on the top and sides with the holiday. Things hang on the walls and from the ceiling. I must admit that it is getting harder to find storage. I must go through and discard some of the things that are tattered and not used anymore.

    • pam ~ crumpety cottage says

      Marie, thanks for telling us about your decor storage. You have so many beautiful things, I can imagine what that basement looks like! It would be a fun place for all of us nappers to ‘shop,’ I’m sure. 😉

      Another thing that always amazes me is, the depth and detail you go in to. Do you do all this decorating on your own? Because I get a bit worn out just thinking of all it takes to make your exterior, your lawn, your interiors and your tables (not to mention trees, in and out!) all so beautiful. Seriously, I just feel exhausted thinking of trying to keep up with you, lol.

      I know that being a guest at your home would be a very special experience, and I’m sure all of your family and friends are very thankful for the warmth, whimsy and comfort you provide them. 🙂

  18. What a beautiful, beautiful home!!!!

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