Spring Fluffing…Just Getting Started…

I haven’t done a lot of fluffing for spring just yet, but I did change the basket of flowers on my front door for a bit of fun!

Come on up on the porch for a little closer view…

Some spring time silliness!

Found this wreath at Pier 1 right around Easter, two years ago…

I’m getting sooo excited…you can really see spring popping out all over here in Georgia!

Happy Spring Fluffing!

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  1. ~CC Catherine says

    Hey Susan! Lovin your Spring Fluffin! πŸ˜‰ The egg Easter Wreath on your red door is very Fluffin & Pretty! πŸ˜‰ ~CC Catherine

  2. Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com says

    HI Susan, I love your wreath it is adorable. I have seen these before but the ones I saw were very sparse with eggs. Lovely front entrance. It is very welcoming.
    Have a blessed day!

  3. Love your wreath and can’t wait to see all you fluffing.

  4. cedwards55 says

    That wreath is eggceptionally cute! Sorry, couldn’t help myself!
    I uncovered some of God’s magic that has been happening under the blanket of winter leaves today. Spring is definitely here in the Midwest! Can’t wait to dig in the garden!

  5. Melissa Miller says

    I love it Susan!

    I need to do some Spring decor’ shopping.

  6. the wreath is cute as can be. I hope you are having a great week girl….you certainly are a busy bee aren’t you?

  7. Hi Susan…oh yeah, we know you by now…there’s going to be some fabulous things going on behind your entry door to welcome spring! LOL…The cute egg wreath is just a hint of things to come…
    πŸ˜‰ Bo

  8. Hello Susan! It was nice seeing your name on my blog comments again. Thank you for visiting!

    I love that wreath! I love simple ones the best… Your front door is so inviting, I love seeing that red door when I visit your blog. πŸ™‚

  9. oh my, i love your wreath!!! looks so pretty on your door

  10. I love the wreath, it really pops on your door

  11. Kathy's Red Door Welcome says

    You always make everything so pretty. I love your egg wreath. I have a red door too and I’m about to fluff mine up too. Happy Fluffing.

  12. Pat@Back Porch Musings says

    I love your front door area, Susan. Happy Spring!

  13. tales from an O.C. cottage says

    I just love your entire porch!!!

    m ^.. ^

  14. Paris Atelier says

    Hi Susan! I just found your site and I am loving it! I’m so inspired now…I’d better get to fluffing! I love the wreath but I’m head over heals for your front porch and door! I can’t wait to read more!
    PAris Atelier

  15. Hi Susan, LOVE your wreath! I had a basket with a few eggs on the door last year, but the eggs did not weather well. So this year I just stuck a few faux flowers in there… I’m looking forward to seeing your indoor “fluffing” as well. πŸ™‚

  16. The wreath is perfect! Especially against the red door —


  18. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    As always – simply lovely.

  19. Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me says

    I love your wreath! It makes me egg~cited for Spring! Have a wonderful day!

  20. Perfect!

  21. The Charm House says

    Susan, Love the wreath… Seems as if I need to make a run to Pier I. Everyone have all these wonderful Easter treasures that they are decorating with!

  22. Cute!!!

  23. prof en retraite says

    Hi Susan! I love your egg wreath! I need to do some fluffing, too. Hope you are having a good week…hugs…Debbie

  24. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Love your egg wreath. Pier One has some again this year, but they’re not nearly that big. Too small for my front door–would look too puny. (Nothing worse than a puny wreath! Ha.)

  25. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Susan, those egg wreaths are so pretty, I’ve seen a few variations on them this year. I love your entry way, so pretty. You do an outstanding job with everything. Thanks for playing today!

  26. What a cute wreath. I still have my Christmas one up. Guess I better get out there and take it down. Thanks for the reminder.

  27. Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda says

    Hi Susan, Your egg wreath is just too cute! Your porch and front door is beautiful and I love those topiary trees! πŸ™‚ ~hugs, Rhonda

  28. What a very welcoming entry…love your topiaries!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  29. the wild raspberry says

    i’ve been looking for an easter egg wreath…it is so cute.

  30. Love your wreath and I can’t wait to see more of your fluffing!

  31. Anonymous says

    I love visiting your blog. Would like to visit more of your friends blogs but can’t figure out how to get them to open up. Am new to blogging, HELP!! Marlyn E.

  32. Raggedy Girl says

    Your porch looks so lovely and I really like the eggy wreath.

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday.
    from Roberta Anne

  33. That wreath is fabulous.And if I know you like I know you,you aren’t even stated yet.hmmmm…Ann

  34. Love the wreath! Can’t wait for spring.

  35. Kim Chalfant says

    An Easter egg wreath totally says Spring to me!!!! Love it!!!

  36. Jo - To a Pretty Life says

    I like your wreath! The pastels look sweet against your red door. I’m trying to convince my hubby to let me paint the front door red πŸ˜‰

  37. Florida Sue says

    Just beautiful as usual Susan. You have a real gift. I love that wreath, and I think it might even look great on my orange door!

  38. Susan, love that herringbone pattern on your porch, and the egg wreath too! πŸ™‚ How’s the excel for floorplans workin’ out for you? Take care!

  39. πŸ™‚

  40. Misti of Studio M Designs says

    Girl, I am so jealous of your gorgeous front porch! Your wreath is just precious, too. Somehow, I forgot that you are a Georgia girl too! It has been so pretty here lately.

  41. Terri and Bob says

    Totally adorable wreath! Thank you for sharing it with us. Pier One is on my list of things to do next week!

  42. salmagundi says

    Looking forward to ‘spring fluffing’ inside. The door is so welcoming! Sally

  43. auctiongirlvintage says

    Beautiful as always, Susan.

    Our weather warmed up this week, and I’m spending time pacing my backyard, imagining that your screened porch has been transported to my oh-so-flat backyard. Two months from now it will be too hot to spend much time outside, so I pulled an extra table and chairs off the patio and beneath some trees and it’s heavenly.

    For Chastity/Wild Raspberry … I saw very similar Easter egg wreaths at Joann’s Fabrics on Monday, marked 50% off. And I’ll bet Michael’s has something similar, too.

    Happy Spring, y’all!


  44. the pleasures of homemaking says

    Love the wreath because it’s got LOTS of eggs – it looks great on your door!


  45. Diane @ Four Paws and Co says

    Great score Susan! It’s a beautiful FULL wreath and looks so perfect on your front door! β™₯ Diane

  46. I love those egg wreaths. I’m seeing those everywhere. Now I want one.

  47. Now that is a wreath that I could hang on my door and not worry about the birds building a nest in it in one day! lol I do love the birds though but I really would like to be able to hang up a wreath on my front door without worrying about and having to keep watch for the tag team nest builders.

  48. I need to fluff! My door didn't even have a wreath on it until today & now I need to finish the wreath. Never enough time to do all that I want to do. So loved the post about your bedroom. I have to go back & absorb it all. I got a phone call & had to leave shortly after starting my visit. Everything works so well together. I wish I had a dressing room with all that space. Must be marvelous.

  49. Charli and me says

    Your wreath is just beautiful β™₯ Happy spring!

  50. Pixeltrash says

    Love your wreath! I want to make one like it one of these days. I could spend all day looking at your tablescapes. I can’t imagine where you store all of your stuff!

  51. Love your blog. These tablescapes are so inspirational! Love them….

  52. Miss Janice says

    We definitely have the same tastes in so many things! I have the same wreath! I call it my Martha Stewart wreath, ‘cuz Miss Martha would probably make her own and Miss Janice bought hers!

  53. Too cute! I love it! πŸ™‚ L~

  54. This wreath is adorable. Makes me want to bring out my eggs and bunnies.

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