Decking the Halls…and the Beds…and the Sofas

I’ve always loved pillows, have them all throughout my house. The last few years I’ve started collecting Christmas pillow and oh. my. gosh…there are some really cute ones out there. The “Love” pillow I purchased one year after Christmas is actually a Christmas pillow, but I think it’s perfect to pull out again in February for Valentine’s Day.

Tartan Plaid Bedding For Winter


The Love pillow is currently on sale with free shipping here: Love Pillow

Love Pillow


Last Christmas I purchased another cute pillow for the holiday when it went on sale. I just noticed it’s on sale again here with free shipping: Woody Car Pillow  I just moved Mr. Woody to a different spot this year.

Preserved Boxwood Wreath Hanging Over Bed_wm


And this hilarious pillow took its place.

Road Trip Santa Pillow and Tartan Bedding


It’s called “Road Trip Santa.” I was already dying to get it but when I learned the name of it was Road Trip Santa…that did it!

Road Trip Santa Pillow for Christmas


It made me think of this whimsical painting by James Dean of Pete the Cat

Volkswagen Van, Pete the Cat by Deen


I LOVE how Rudolph’s antlers are sticking out through the sunroof and his scarf and Santa’s long hat are flying in the breeze right out the window.

Road Trip Santa Pillow


Then there are the presents on the roof…and the wreath on the front…and the ♥ XMAS tag. lol It was just too much, I had to add it to my Christmas pillow collection this year.  The “Road Trip Santa” pillow is currently on sale with free shipping here: Road Trip Santa

Road Trip Santa Christmas Pillow_wm


Last year when I purchased tartan bedding, I was excited to find this cute tartan stocking pillow for the bed.

Christmas Bedding in Red Tartan


Can’t remember now if I found it in Marshalls or HomeGoods…it was one or the other. So where did Mr. Woody end up?

Stocking Christmas Pillow


He’s here in the guest room for now.

Blue and White Guest Room


I placed him at the foot of the bed, although he may end up on the sofa downstairs eventually. I love moving pillows around and trying them out in different places.

Woody Car Pillow, Pottery Barn


Woody car pillow is on sale with free shipping here: Woody Car Pillow

Pottery Barn Woody Car Pillow for Christmas


I found this super cute deer pillow last year (I think in HomeGoods) and had no idea where I’d use it when I bought it. Surprisingly it works pretty well here on the guest bed. I love adding a bit of red to the guest room at Christmastime.

Reindeer Pillow_wm


I have family coming for Thanksgiving and wanted to spruce up the upstairs family room a bit.

Upstairs Family, Bonus Room


If you follow BNOTP on Instagram, you saw this pillow when I shared it a few weeks back. It’s a recent find in Marshalls and it found a home here on the denim sofa.

Advent Calendar Pillow


I love the concept of moving the little present along to count down the days to Christmas. The back of the pillow is all red.

Advent Calendar Pillow for Christmas


Remember the cute pillow I shared a while back? It ended up on the window seat here in the upstairs family room.

Christmas Pillow, Woody Car with Reindeer


I’m starting to see a theme in the pillows I love: Woody Cars, Deer and Christmas Trees. πŸ™‚ This pillow is on sale here: Woody Car with Reindeer

Woody Car Christmas Pillow from Target


Speaking of Christmas trees…the family room got a touch of Christmas, too.

Family Room With Judges Paneling


I found this pillow either last year or the year before, I think in HomeGoods. The insert that was inside of it when I purchased it was not big enough and the pillow looked way too slouchy.

Christmas Tree Pillow


I bought a Pottery Barn insert for it (love their down inserts) and now it’s just the right amount of slouchy. Nothing fills as good as down inside a pillow, so much better than stiff poly-filled inserts.

Christmas Pillow


This pillow reminds me of it and it’s currently on sale here: Christmas Tree Pillow

Christmas Tree Pillow


The last room to get a little pillow love was the screened porch.

Between Naps on the Porch Christmas Porch


I’m using the same pillows again here that I used last year. These are all from either Marshalls or HomeGoods, I think. I get those stores confused because I frequent both throughout the year.

Reindeer Pillow, Wreath Pillows


I’ve been doing some Christmas shopping and sometime soon I’m going to put together a “Gift Ideas” post. I absolutely love this time of year…the decorating, the gift giving, the parties, the food! I love it all!

Happy Holidays, Dear Friends!

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  1. I share your love of pillows. They can really spruce everything up quickly. Everything looks great. Did you know that you can easily make pillow inserts from the 2.50 bed pillow from Wal-Mart? A friend told me to carefully cut to the size you want and then pin so as not to lose the filling and either whip stitch closed or just take it to the machine. If you cut it down the middle you can get 2 more rectangular pillows. It’s really pretty easy. I always love your blog, in fact, your blog was the first one that I ever subscribed to long ago. Happy Holidays!

  2. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    I love little touches of Christmas throughout the house. πŸ™‚ And I love that you always watch out for us and let us know when something you bought is on sale. Thanks, Susan. I hope you’re having a great time bobbing around out there on the ocean. πŸ˜€

  3. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Btw, from the of Road Trip Santa’s eyes, he may have had one too many energy drinks. πŸ˜›

  4. I am a pillow freak also! My husband just rolls his eyes. You would love the newest Christmas pillow I just bought, it looks like the back of an old postcard and has a reindeer on it. I love it! It will go on my bed as well. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Susan, I’m with you on the pillows! I have the Woody pillow and the Santa Road Trip pillow. I love the ones with cars! Maybe because ( I’m so dating myself here!)I remember those cars! I ordered a pillow much like yours with the red truck and Christmas tree on top online this year. It is on the way as we speak. I love, love pillows with the down inserts and have a small blanket chest almost full of pillow covers. Pillows and dishes are my real weakness.

  6. PILLOW PERFECT!!! (and, all the rest, too!!) franki

  7. Susan,
    Got to looking on Pinterest and found how to make pillows with old shirts. Went to Goodwill and found 2 flannel plaid shirts, one red and the other green, which is what I wanted. Came home with supplies and it wasn’t too difficult to do. Was really proud of the outcome. Will put them on my porch for Christmas decorating and maybe Winter decorating as well next week after Thanksgiving is over. Was inspired by your plaid bedroom!

  8. Marlene Stephenson says

    Your pillows are wonderful, i have been working on a collection myself and i do love Christmas.

  9. Well look at your pillow collection. Ie makes me feel festive with out skipping Thanksgiving. I love that.
    Happy Creating,
    Karen Marie

  10. Love your pillow collection for Christmas. I have a few of the same ones and can’t wait to get them out again. Of course, I’ll have to add another one this year too. πŸ™‚

  11. The woody with tree is my favorite!

  12. Regality (aka The Quing) says

    Hello. My name is Regality and I am a salad plate and throw pillow addict.

  13. It’s a funny thing about throw pillows men don’t get them.we can pile them on our beds and couches and they just look at us like we are off our rockers .hoping you are having the third time of your life on your cruise.Susie

  14. I love your Christmas pillows! I don’t know if I can narrow which one I liked the best. So fun and whimsical.

  15. Pillows, pillows and more pillows! So many pretty ones to choose from. These would be like the shoes and purses I buy and stick in the closet then proclaim I’ve had them forever!

  16. Between the large tree that fell from my yard 2 weeks ago (no one and no property damaged–fell across the street), and my sunroof on my Honda Pilot leaking and flooding the inside of the car, and my car battery dying, I was turning into the Christmas Grinch! But you have inspired me, I plan to go out this weekend and see what kind of Christmas fervor I can stir up. Thanks, Susan!

    • Wow, that’s a lot to have to deal with Shelia. Hope you have some good insurance. They say it comes in threes so you’re done! Only good luck from here out.

  17. Love your rooms and have followed you for years! Thanks for your lovely posts. Will you please share with me where you found the tartan red bedding in the first posts?
    Thank you!

  18. Hi Susan, I am head-over-heels crazy about the Pottery Barn Woodie pillow, but it just wasn’t in my budget. I did some searching and found similar pillows at Boscov’s for $9.99 and Kohl’s for $14.00. (Additional discounts may apply for Kohl’s or Boscov’s.) Pottery Barn’s pillows look nicer, but these may be a good choice for anyone on a budget.

  19. I love your home more than I cherish my pillows. This was so delightful, I likewise have my accumulations and I additionally purchase when Christmas because of the fact that it’s discounted.

  20. I loved your article…funny story about woody car pillow. I walked into the pottery barn 2 weeks ago, saw it and immediately fell in love with it. They had a 20% off sale so I grabbed it and went straight to the counter. Elated. Until the question did you want the pillow as well as the case? Huh? I misread the price tag…there were two prices and I read the lower needless to say the sticker shock still hasn’t worn off. I left it…so beautiful, so expensive. Bah humbug.

    • Trudy, I know that can be very discouraging when you think it’s one price only to find out it’s not. I thought the same thing when I first started shopping for pillows there. They definitely aren’t the cheapest around, but I do like their quality.
      One good thing you, a lot of their pillows are the same size, so if you buy a pillow (with insert), you can often use that same insert in future pillows, like if you are swapping out pillows for the various holidays or seasons. That also saves a ton of storage, using the same insert(s) for each season. You may be able to find inserts for less online, like on Amazon. I’ve also known some folks to buy an inexpensive pillow at Marshalls or HomeGoods, remove the down insert and use it in a PB pillow.

  21. I am in love with your tartan bedding. Ente did you get it?

  22. Hello! I absolutely love the tartan bedding, and plan to decorate a guest room with it! My question…love, love, love the black plaid euro shams!!!! Where can I get them? Or fabric to make them? Thank you!

    • Thanks! I know those probably look black because they are so dark, but they are actually a really dark green. I purchased those on eBay, I think. They are by Ralph Lauren and were part of his Duke Devonshire Tartan line. I’m not sure where you could find them now, you may want to try eBay. Google for Ralph Lauren Duke Devonshire bedding and you’ll find some good images to better see the true color.

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