The Baking Center in the Movie, It’s Complicated

Hope your day is going great!  It’s been gorgeous here…in the 70’s, so I’ve been spending some time out of the porch enjoying the fall colors.


I know the cold is coming so I’m trying to fully enjoy these last warm days of fall.

Screened Porch in Fall


A while back I posted a tour of the house in the movie, It’s Complicated, starring Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin.  (That movie house tour is available here:  It’s Complicated Movie House Tour.)


When It’s Complicated first came out, the kitchen was one of the most talked-about rooms in the Mediterranean-style home featured in the movie.  Even though it isn’t overly grand, it had that special something that drew you in.  Nancy Meyers, the writer and director, knows how to create kitchens that truly feel like the heart of the home.


In It’s Complicated, Jane is working with architect, Adam (played by Steve Martin) to re-design a whole new kitchen for her home.  Jane is a serious cook–even owns her own bakery!  While watching the movie, something really caught my eye in this scene.  Do you know what it was?


I hinted in yesterday’s post about making a little change in my kitchen recently, a change inspired by a scene in the kitchen.  Foley, guessed what it was in her comment on yesterday’s giveaway post!   I loved the “baking” center Jane has over in the corner of her kitchen. We just get a glimpse of it behind her here in this scene.

I have no idea why, but I haven’t been able to get it out of my head.  I think it’s just all that potential goodness waiting to be explored.  The flour, the sugar–it’s all saying come play with me.  Make something delicious and wonderful.  Fill the house with amazing scents of homemade goodness.  Yep, I got all that out this one scene. lol  You know a serious baker lives here when you see all those big glass jars.

Baking Center in Movie It's Complicated

My kitchen is definitely nothing like the one in It’s Complicated.

Mine is rather small and counter space is definitely at a premium.  There’s really no place for a bountiful cart filled with big, beautiful containers of baking staples.


But after all these years, I am so ready to retire these tired old Tupperware canisters.  Is there anyone out there still using these or am I the only one?   The largest one of the set is in the laundry room and keeps Max’s dry kitty food nice and fresh.  Two contain flour and sugar and are always stored underneath the kitchen counter in the cabinets below.  And the smallest of the set contains tea and also lives in the cabinets below.  It’s always a pain to fish them out when I’m in a baking mood.


Sunday, I came across some tall jar canisters that transported me back to the baking center in It’s Complicated. So I bought two and created my own little mini-baking center over in one corner of the kitchen.


I really like how the “stainless” lids look next to the stainless bowl of my mixer.  They hold a lot: the large canister holds two 5 lb. bags of flour while the smaller one will hold two 5 lb. bags of sugar.  The lids also seem to seal well. These jars are available here: Anchor Hocking Montana Jar. They even have them with red lids which is so cute!


I like having them in one corner, not taking up too much counter space.  I also like that I no longer have to dig around in the cabinets for the flour and sugar.  I don’t plan to label them.  I loved how they were not labeled in It’s Complicated, yet you just knew what-was-what.

In case you’re interested, they come in various sizes.  I didn’t get the smaller one since I was going for the It’s Complicated look of the larger jars.  Due to limited space, I just purchased two.  I definitely would have bought more if I had the room to create a larger “baking center.”


Another reason I really liked this style with the stainless/metal lid is because a few weeks ago I was searching online for glass canisters and I read a review by someone who had bought some with glass lids.  She noticed one day she had chipped a lid when she found glass in the flour.  Yikes! You can buy them with glass lids at both Walmart and Target.  Just be careful that you don’t chip the lid when you’re replacing it.  Here’s how the inside of the lid looks on these.  So far, they seem to seal nice and tight.


These canisters make me almost feel like a real baker, even though I’m totally fakin’ it–á la It’s Complicated, style 😉

Update:   Made a “new and improved” change in my baking center a few days later.  You can see the change in this post: Update to my It’s Complicated baking center.


Do you have a “baking center” in your kitchen?  Where do you keep your flour, sugar, etc…  I may just have to go back and buy another jar or two.  I’m totally hooked on this baking center idea.

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  1. I still use my Tupperware cannisters from the 1970s. I have a yellow set that looks just like the ones in your photo, plus an avocado green set. Use them all! I don't think they will ever wear out! But I don't keep them on the counter; I have a big drawer that holds all of them, and more.

  2. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Nice canisters, Susan! I just saw some at Hobby Lobby, too. I converted my flour, sugar, and a couple of other staples to glass containers a couple of years ago. I did wind up using my Brother label maker to print out names because the flour and the corn flour looked too similar. I think I got mine from Stacks and Stacks and they have the rubber seal up at the top for the lids to fit snugly sealed on. I don't keep them out on the counter though. Since we moved I made a cabinet near the stove "baking central" {not that I'm a baker} and keep most baking related items in this cabinet.

  3. I thought I was the only one who still used those old yellow Tupperware Canisters! LOL! I still have the whole set and keep them in the cabinet under my kitchen island for easy access!

  4. Maryellen Pienta says

    It looks great! So, are you baking something soon? 🙂

  5. LOL…I have the same canisters in apple green!

  6. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Maryellen…I'm kind of in the mood now that I have my new canisters. I'm sure that will wear off soon, though. 😉

  7. I changed to the glass canisters not long ago, but I still have the Tupperware canister set in orange. I keep it hidden though!

  8. I love your kitchen and your baking center idea. Have you seen the baking center Karen at Sew Many Ways put together? You can check it out here:(I hope I do this right!) I think it is very clever…and she used large glass jars, too. Thanks for all the work you do to present such a beautiful and interesting blog. Warmest wishes.

  9. p.s. My flour, sugar, etc. are in an even older generation of Tupperware! I keep them in the bottom drawer of my pantry; not too convenient..LOL
    But I sure like the looks of those glass jars on your counter!!

  10. I keep flour, white sugar and raw sugar in stainless canisters with glass lids on my countertop. I searched for a long time to find canisters without fancy decorative lids or bases because I didn't like the idea of all the dust that would collect in places that would be difficult to keep clean.

    I never thought of it as a *baking center*, but now I will =)

  11. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Nancy, I just visited the link and I love her baking center…looks awesome! Love the recipe storage, too!
    I had seen the glass canisters at Walmart 2-3 weeks ago and I almost bought them. I actually had them in my buggy, but I chickened out and put them back. I had Googled around looking for some a few days prior to that and had found some glass ones like the Walmart one. A person had written a review and she said she threw them all out becauuse she found glass in the flour. She had chipped the lid and hadn't realized it. So I chickened out and didn't get them that day. That's why I was excited to find the ones with the stainless lids.

  12. Carol Mattingly says

    Susan, I still have an orange canister like your yellow ones. I actually have used it for years to keep my crackers fresh in. Carol

  13. Crystal Rose Cottage says

    I guess I am good company. I still use my Tupperware canisters too…stored in the cabinets, of course. Loved the movie and love those big glass canisters!~Hugs, Patti

  14. ♥ Sonny ♥ says

    My Mom had those yellow tupperware cannisters but I havent seen any in a long time.
    I love the IDEA of baking but the thought of the mess quickly cures that..
    I love your new glass cannisters though and if I had some they'd be used for coffee and sweetner.

  15. Love your kitchen, mine has glass doors too…don't have room for a baking center although I have a red mixer on my counter too…now if I could just have a porch like yours… ;). Might just have to get the summer breeze plaque for now!

  16. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) says

    You're going to love having the glass canisters. Not only do they look good, it is so easy seeing when supplies are low and easy to access. I have had a row of glass jars for all-purpose, wheat, sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal (and dog cookies) for a couple of years now and can't imagine not having them there. We bake a fair bit and it is nice to have everything tidy and on hand.

  17. I never thought of it as a "baking center" but I learned long ago that you bake more if the flour and sugar is close at hand. I had big glass cannisters for flour and sugar but have since retired them and store my flour and sugar in my "sweetie" jars — candy jars form England (with labels intact). And I have more than two — one holds coffee, two hold tea (morning and iced), one holds vanilla sugar and one holds flour and the last one holds regular sugar.


  18. Great minds do think alike. It's Complicated is one of my favorite movies – just watched it again yesterday and even though I "missed" the baking station in the movie I was thinking about updating the jars I use to house my flour, sugar etc. Mine sit on a lazy susan type stand and has 4 glass jars with wooden covers. It's not the tupperware canisters but I've been thinking about a cleaner look – thanks Susan for the great ideas as ALWAYS!!

  19. I love the look of your baking center corner, especially the pop of red from the mixer unit!

    I confess to still using the yellow canisters from Tupperware – going 30 years strong.

    We have the same taste in counter stools! Linens N things for me, how about you?

  20. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Jackie, I think I did buy those at Linens and Things. It was so many years ago, I had forgotten until you mentioned it. Sadly, they went out of business here in GA. Wonder if they are still around in other states.

  21. I keep my flour and sugar in their bags in the cabinet, but I'm liking the idea of a baking station. I just might have to plan a trip to Target. Thanks for the inspiration.

  22. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Martha…I sure wish I had room for more. I love the idea of having a real baking center. Definitely would encourage me to bake more. I was eyeing the desk in my kitchen…but I really like using it for the lap top.

  23. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Amazing how many folks still have the old Tupperware canisters…they definitely do not wear out. I just thought of a pic I have that I should add to this post…let me go find it. lol

  24. ❁Velma ~Down Our Country Road❁ says

    I used to have yellow canisters like yours!! I've got some glass ones with metal screw on lids that work fairly well but I have to keep a piece of plastic or something over the jar for the brown sugar.
    I have a wonderful pantry where I keep all my baking supplies and then use my island for the baking center. I'm lovin' it!

  25. I have the same yellow tupperware and I always think…I need to replace them! I got them in 1982! I still have a few of the measuring cups as well. They do keep things fresh but dust seems to collect in the groves of the lid. I have been thinking about having a "baking center" lately as well…since I saw Edie @ Life in Grace new kitchen.
    I have a couple of the really large glass lidded canisters for coffee and Cheerios (a.k.a. breakfast center). Sounds like I may have a new project and post for later this week.

  26. I have the Walmart glass jars like a lot of folks and Ina Garten (where I first saw them) Since my parents both died from cancer I have been more concerned about plastics for food storage. I have and continue to make efforts to use glass when ever possible. Although Tupperware DOES NOT use Bisphenol A (BPA) a key industrial chemical used to make polycarbonate, a raw material found in hundreds of plastic household goods and other products; I have to wonder do their older containers have BPA? In Tupperware's FAQ on their website it stated that they are "transitioning away from polycarbonate." It makes me a little nervous! All that to say I am glad you have retired your beloved tupperware containers for the new glass containers. They look great!

    From Virginia

  27. Oh yes, I DO have those same yellow Tupperware containers… embarrassing…., I guess I need to get on the move over to Target myself and update my kitchen!! Thanks, Susan!!

  28. Blondie's Journal says

    I just ordered an island from Williams Sonoma and it's on back order. It has a marble top for rolling out dough and I was thinking that glass canisters would be perfect sitting on it, bringing out my inner baker, so to speak. Thanks for letting us know where you got yours and the tip on the glass lids!!

    I LOVE this movie!!


  29. Karin Şen Cankan says

    Its so funny my mom still uses the same Tupperware cannisters but she has them in organge at least it was organge when I was a kid.

    I have couple of my own Tupperware cannisters which I borrowed from my mom they are still in good shape but its great to have glasses one which I use a lot but I put them under my counters as I have toooooo much stuff on top.

    Your looks great enjoy them.

    Lots of Love,

    Karin Şen Cankan

  30. I have the glass canisters like your new ones and love them! It is so easy to know at a glance if I am running low on flour or sugar. Pretty sure mine came from Bed Bath and Beyond. They stay on a "baking shelf" in the pantry. Hadn't thought of creating a baking center in the kitchen, but I like the idea… especially during the holidays. Thanks for more inspiration Susan!

  31. Your kitchen is so pretty, so warm and welcoming, even Tupperware containers can't ruin the effect.

    But I love your new baking center. It not only looks pretty, it looks useful.

    Funny how those little changes make such a big difference in how our homes look and how we feel about them.

  32. Tombstone Livestock says

    About 2 years ago Hobby Farms Home magazine had several artisan bread recipes, I bought the Red Mill Flour, and about 5 different bags of Red Mill products. Then since I wanted to keep the flour in something other than their plastic bags I bought glass jars with the glass lids the kind with rubber rings and snap locks. Well then I went and read the recipe …. said to bake on a pizza stone. Well low and behold I was at a grocery store that I don't usually shop at had time to browse around and guess what …… on the top shelf was a pizza stone. Well I had relative and her husband come to visit and he always wants to go out to eat,in decluttering the kitchen I put the jars of flour up on the top shelf of the pantry and never made the bread. Hard to get motivated to cook, bake and clean up a big meal when there is just me here. Wonder if the flour is still good, looks good.

  33. Your baking center looks great! My daughter and I have watched that movie over and over. I still have tupperware containers (doesn't everyone who was married in 1982?). I don't bake very much but I did make the Vanilla Carmel Cake from this month's Southern Lady for my husband's Birthday this past weekend. Yummy!

    Robin Flies South

  34. Very nice baking center you created. My "dream" kitchen would contain something similar: I have always wanted a real hoosier cabinet.

  35. Mary Deckert says

    I was all ready to buy the glass jars from the Container Store when I read a review similar to the one you mentioned about a glass chip from the rim falling into the flour. Yikes! Also, people were unhappy with them because there is no seal around the top and some felt the contents got dried out or stale quickly. I like the looks of your new jars, and especially that they have that inner seal. Target, here I come!

  36. LOL – Now I may just have to find a space for a 'baking corner'…I've looked at the glass jars with different type lids from glass to nickel to copper, will have to narrow it down!
    Love the way yours look – perfect!

  37. I really like the look, too… shhhh.. No one needs to know you're fakin' it -I won't give your secret away. :} I also love, love, love the view from your porch in fall – absolutely spectacular!

  38. Just posted and lost it, anyway..Susan I love those jars especially with the stainless steel lids.
    I have to tell you that I have the same red mixer as you. It sits on my island which is quite large and this is where I do my baking.
    The island contains large drawers in which I keep all my baking ingredients and tools etc. It is so easier to just scoop out the flour and sugar.
    I saw It's Complicated on a plane and this past week, I P.V.R.'d
    The Holiday, you can bet I checked out everything in that cottage once again!! 🙂

  39. Hi Susan, I remember the tupperware containers you have but I have moved a couple of times since and no longer have them, if I did I would probably use them for bird food etc…

    I have glass storage containers from IKEA and they are great and keep whatever is in them, pasta, rice etc very fresh. I keep them in the cupboard, I too only have a small kitchen in the bungalow.

    Love Jackie in UK.

  40. Susan, those jars are great to use and another nice thing about them, you always know when you're running low on staples. By the way, I have to comment on the house plate on the little stand I've seen in your kitchen many times. Would you share with me where you found it? It would be perfect in my kitchen! Liz

    [email protected]

  41. Niesz Vintage Home says

    "Do I have a baking center…?"
    No, but I will now! I LOVE that idea!
    And thanks so much for sharing where you found your canisters. I've been looking for new ones.
    Right now I have the clear plastic ones with the locking lids. They've worked well, but the rubber seal is getting worn.

    And BTW, your kitchen is GORGEOUS!

    Kimberly 🙂

  42. I have a baking corner in my kitchen. My cobalt blue Kitchen Aid mixer is there with two big glass canisters for flour & sugar. Inside each glass canisters, I have a blue and white teacup for scooping. Looks beautiful!

  43. Kristy Hansen says

    I remember my mom having these canisters. Our local "JUNK BARN" has a whole section of older tupperware… seems funny to see it there for sale….love the new look. I have been looking at those same jars for a while, but my counter space is even smaller than yours.

  44. I do have room for a baking center as I just moved out a large unit! I also love your home tours, whether its your home or from a movie, they are all great.
    I use vintage containers to store my sugar. My sugar container is glass with a green metal lid. My brown sugar is in another old glass container. I have a very large vintage glass container that I need to somehow repair a small hole where someone drilled it to fit an electric light inside. It would hold at least 4-5 bags of flour. Not that I need that much. Thanks for all the home tours!

  45. I do have room for a baking center as I just moved out a large unit! I also love your home tours, whether its your home or from a movie, they are all great.
    I use vintage containers to store my sugar. My sugar container is glass with a green metal lid. My brown sugar is in another old glass container. I have a very large vintage glass container that I need to somehow repair a small hole where someone drilled it to fit an electric light inside. It would hold at least 4-5 bags of flour. Not that I need that much. Thanks for all the home tours!

  46. I do love her movie sets she creates! I went goo goo over the kitchen in Something's Gotta Give! I loved the coziness of this kitchen in this movie and how unique it is. The baking center is a cool idea, but I have no room for that either. I like what you came up with! I have to laugh at how you and I parallel each other at times! I had those same canisters, in brown, until the lids cracked and I gave up on them. They were great ad worked so well. I recently got ceramic ones with lids that have the seal and I love them. My chief complaint with most canisters is they won't even hold a bag of flour or sugar! At least my new ones do and it looks like yours will too!

  47. Janette@the2seasons says

    I put a bake station in our new pantry when we remodeled our new place. Here it is

  48. Just Spiff It says

    Your "vintage" tupperware is awesome!! I updated all my tupperware several years ago to all their stackable that fit all nice and neat in my baking area. RIght after I was all organized all the attention to plastics started coming out! I have now started buying more glass items to store in! You think they'll save glass is bad one day! Can't keep up with it all!
    Love your blog by the way!

  49. You have a beautiful kitchen Susan. Several years ago I cut out a picture of a kitchen counter backsplash that I loved. I got such a smile on my face when I saw yours. Susan….that is the very one. It looks so beautiful in your kitchen that it makes me want to have it done. Also several years ago I bought the large glass jars like both Ina Garten and Sandra Lee have in their television kitchen and just love them. Like you I use to have to get the flour etc. from underneath the cupboard and it became a real pain as I bake alot. So now they are on the cabinets and they are used constantly. Sometimes I even decorate them for different holidays with ribbon etc. to dress them up. I can almost hear them saying 'now don't I look pretty.' (smile) I guess I had better make a trip to Home Depot today to look at their tiles. You've inspired me once again Susan. Thankyou!

  50. Jane@Cottage at the Crossroads says

    I have the same set of Tupperware containers, and I still use them. They stay hidden in my pantry. But I also have some glass containers similar to yours, although mine have black lids. They sit next to my black mixer. And I did label them with my Brother labeler. Your baking center looks really nice on your counter.


    I LOVE those huge glass canisters! What a dramatic effect for not much $$$. I too am inspired by movie houses. I adore Meg Ryans cottage chic house, and shoppe, in "You've Got mail". In fact…I need to go watch that now just thinking about it!


  52. sweet violets says

    Yes, I have a baking center, and the tupperware canisters…..keep those and baking supplies in a lower lazy susan cabinet. But I love how the large glass canisters look…I think I am gonna look at those, and two would be just enough to have on the counter!!! hugs…cleo

  53. I also use one of these big glass cannisters in my newly remodeled laundry room. I use it to hold laundry detergent instead of the ugly box. I love the look!

  54. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Kathe, I love that idea!

  55. I don't bake much but I did enjoy seeing Jean Claud (Your kitchen pig)
    I remember him from the header you used a few years ago. He is still a favorite of mine.

  56. After reading some of these comments, I think I need to throw away all my really old Tupperware. Target, here I come!

  57. Susan,

    As always, thanks for sharing. Great movie/great kitchen. In my even smaller kitchen – my baking center is like yours. I have my kitchen aide and glass canisters for flour and sugar. I might have to change up for the metal lids. Yours look so pretty! And your chef pig is on my wish list!


  58. Michele/Ohiio says

    Awesome movie and awesome inspiration for anyone! So what you going to bake now that you have this nifty baking center?


  59. I keep all my baking stuff in a pullout pantry. We're gluten-free so I keep about a dozen different flours in stackable Lock & Lock storage containers. I love the look of the large canisters, and may have to grab a couple for my most often used flours. Your baking center looks terrific! Thanks for sharing.

  60. The French Hutch says

    I totally love that movie, I fell hard for the house too. You caught one I didn't, the baking center. I love it. I use to have a counter like you've just made, small area with canisters and mixer but after our son left home to go to school I stopped baking so much. Now I just bake for special occasions and holidays. I like the look too, after seeing your post I may pull everything out for the holidays, our son, DIL and grandson will be coming for Christmas. Love your kitchen, great countertops and backsplash and I love the open cabinets. About the movie, did you notice the ding in the stainless frig? Drives me crazy!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    The French Hutch

  61. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Emily, You've got good eyes! I don't think I noticed the ding the first time I saw the movie. The gals at The Skirted Roundtable interviewed the set designer for the movie and she said when the refrigerator arrived with the ding, they kept it because they thought it made the kitchen feel more authentic…like a real kitchen. 🙂 Oh, yes, definitely bring out your baking center for the holidays! I'm thinking of tying red ribbons to the lid handles. lol

  62. So, did I have to run right out and get two of those glass containers from Target? Of course! I love them … but now I want a KitchenAid stand mixer!

  63. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Barb, I'm a bad influence. 😉 I think Santa needs to bring you a KitchenAid this year!

  64. Hi Susan. After I read your post I had to do one too on my own new canisters. I too upgraded my canisters (at least in terms of cuteness) and the contents are now visible. Another idea; I used small blue willow tea cups and the silver cup my kids received as babies for the "measuring cups" to add a little color and intrigue. I get lots of compliments and am glad I changed them. You can view them here

  65. Vicki V @ says

    I use the Tupperware canisters (or Rubbermaid, I guess) because they aren't too heavy to move in and out of my pantry. But I sure do love the look of those big glass jars if I wanted to keep them on display!

  66. First off, Susan, your kitchen is beautiful. I think we may have the same granite & it's such a wonderful backdrop for almost anything you want to do. I do love the glass jars, but The Man bought me a 3-pc. stainless canister set just after we remodeled the kitchen in our last home. It really does look very nice with the granite, so I won't change it. I do have a baking center with my mixer & canisters on the countertop & everything else in the cabinets above and below. I've done this for years in our different homes, but there is definitely more space in this current kitchen.
    🙂 CAS

  67. Eileen @ Cottage Beach House says

    I love those clear containers too Susan, and they look so good on your counter, I am trying to hold back from a target run, Thank goodness it's too late at night. So funny I noticed the ding in the fridge in that movie too!! It reminds me of years ago, I had just gotten a new fridge and we had guests over. One litle boy's dad bought his boy's little car in the house (those big battery operated ones that hold a kid) and the boy drove right into my new fridge! That ding drove me nuts for the longest time!

  68. While living as expats most of the year in Central East Europe, our home is a 2 room apt. Our "kitchen" is bank of cabinets and appliances along one wall of a great room. I am delighted to have a deep drawer next to the stove which is my baking center. Only plain plastic containers but oh so easy to roll out the drawer and pull what I need up to the counter.The grapevine spoons would make the room.

  69. Constance Crawford says

    I've created a baking station in my kitchen too! I'd love to share the photos. Is there a way to do that?

  70. Constance Crawford says

    I've created a baking station in my kitchen too! No tupperware for me. I'd love to share the photos. Is there a way to do that?

  71. I have three of those same containers from Target, Susan! I have sugar in one, flour in the largest & homemade granola in the medium one. I really love how they seal & show the contents!!!!

  72. Just a reminder that white flour has a shelf life of 6 to 12 months; wheat flour 1 to 3 months. Flour should be stored in an airtight container to maintain the proper moisture level. Please remember to use up the previous bag and wash out your containers before adding new bags of flour.

    [As someone who loves to bake, I never keep flour for longer than 3 months. I feel fresh flour results in a better tasting product and I'm concerned about bugs/mites. I store my flour in the freezer in a dated zip lock bag. Flour stored in the freezer must be brought to room temperature prior to use.]

  73. Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) says

    Constance, you could share them on the BNOTP Facebook page. I think it will let you post pics there. You can send them to me and if I can, I'll try to post them. Can't promise since I have a lot of posts coming up but if I can, I will.

  74. at the cottage says

    lol I have mine in the dark blue 🙂 I have them at the cottage and use them for the flour and sugar. I keep them in the cupbaords underneath!

    I like the idea to keep my Kitty food fresh, I may have to use them for that.

    Tupperware – got to love it.

    Ilove your kitchen Susan, it's sp bright and cheery. Using the glass canisters is a great idea – yup you look like the Master Baker 🙂

  75. U inspired me ,even my kitchen is small,so I keep all the bakery ingredient in pantry shelf,,.:)

  76. Yes I’m still using 2 of the yellow Tupperware containers, 1 for Dizzy’s ( my dog) biscuits the other for her treats, seems they will last forever.

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