A Halloween House…Spooky!

Here’s something for fun as you continue enjoying all the great posts linked for yesterday’s Met Monday. A friend and I went on an historic home tour in Atlanta on Sunday. We came across this house all decked out for Halloween…

Halloween Decorating

Let’s take a closer look…

Halloween Decorating

Hilarious! My favorite part is the boarded up windows! I saw some giant spiders when I was in Pier 1 the other day. Wonder if that’s where they got theirs? Wouldn’t it be funny if they removed their flowers from the window boxes and replaced them with a bunch of dead flowers, old branches and creepy moss…the moss would look pretty cool hanging down the front.  This will be a popular house for Trick or Treating on Halloween night.

Halloween Decorating
I love seeing how folks decorate for the holidays…so glad they share the fun with all of us! There are some great fall and Halloween Before and After projects linked for yesterday’s Met Monday. Just scroll on down to the next post for all the links.

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  1. I think that looks like fun! But, my kiddos would be running down the street so fast to get away from that house that I would never get to take a closer look! 🙂 It is always amazing to me the time and energy that must go into doing something like this! Thanks for sharing it,

  2. Gypsy Purple says

    Really enjoyed this!!!

  3. Ann Nichols says

    How extraordinary! Actually, in the first photo I thought it was a boarded-up abandoned home with a great lawn and in a lovely neighborhood!(I actually kind of felt bad for their neighbors – maybe I still do :))So thanks for the second and third glances!
    Please stop by my history blog – It's about St. Nicholas and Christmas!

  4. Courtney ~ French Country Cottage says

    Oh my gosh!!! I never knew there was a place called
    "Ansley park" !!! My daughters name is Ansley!!! LOVE it!!!! 🙂

  5. Donna@Conghaile Cottage says

    Yes, this is fantastic!!! I love the simplicity of it too. AND the boarded windows HIT me first, LOVE them. You are right on the window boxes ALTHOUGH MAYBE this decor is HUBBY's and the Mrs of the house is NOT giving up her pretty flowers, hehe…
    Thanks for sharing, this is fun…

  6. Momma Button says

    I am in LOVE! I would love to make my house look like this!! Maybe next year.

  7. Wsprsweetly Of Cottages says

    How I love it when people go to a lot of trouble for the few special days of the year when we can really have fun. Halloween..is one of those times…and this is so neat to see! I keep collecting but until now ..really didn't go to much trouble on the outside of the home..except at Christmas.
    You are so right…the dead flowers..and moss would have really set the whole thing off even more. Still..it is just so neat..
    Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  8. Great decorations! Last Sunday was perfect for a tour…I hope this weekend is just as nice!!!

  9. I think this is great! The detail is wonderful, what a fun display!


  10. So funny! The boarded up windows are my favorite part too.

  11. Days at Buttermilk Cottage says

    They've really gone the extra step, haven't they? Hope they're having a BIG Halloween party.

  12. ♥The Sweet Life♥ says

    I love this, very cool decorations. I love your blog, I am following. I invite you to follow me!!

  13. I would take that house even if those decorations were for real.
    Some people really go all out don't they.

  14. What a great house both decorated and not! It is so fun to see that people get into the holidays other than Christmas. This is one the best Halloween one that I have seen so far! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. They sure went all out, didn't they. Susan? I can only imagine the work involved in creating this look not to mention the work involved in taking it out…Christine

  16. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says

    Wow! They definitely went all out!

  17. Well this just made me chuckle. I'm sure all the kids will want to visit this home for Halloween. That is a lot of work, I hope everyone enjoys the time these folks put into their display.

  18. currentlychic.com says

    So great! I will have to show this to my husband. He had a haunted house in our garage for ten years when the children were little. (This thing was incredible: He put up black tarp walls and created a scary path for children to walk through! There were all kinds of things hanging from the ceiling to the floor!) Our children's friends would come by and go through the haunted house in order to "get the candy treat". The younger children were scared, so he would turn on the lights for them! As the children got older, the boys would hide inside and try to scare the girls, of course!) If I ever find a picture, I will post it! Fun Halloween memories! Thanks for sharing this very cool and "scary" house!
    And thanks ever so much for the lovely comment on my blog about my spooky wreath!

  19. This is so fun! When I was little, a neighbor a block over always used to go all out. He even set up a coffin next to the sidewalk and he'd lie there until you walked by and would jump up and scare you. Even though you knew it would happen every year it still got you! lol

  20. Oh my goodness, that is decorating for Halloween! Scary!

  21. Oh wow! I like it! It looks "creepy"! ha ha But not scary! Did that make sense? I need my coffee! 😀

  22. currentlychic.com says

    Jill, the coffin by the street idea is so funny! My husband would love that! Since our haunted house was retired, he answers the door for trick-or-treaters wearing some horrible mask. He says to the children, "It's okay, I'll take it off." Then he removes it and SHOCKS THEM by having an even MORE HORRIBLE mask underneath! Funny!

  23. mydesignchic says

    Wow…now that's taking Halloween decorating to the next level!! So fun –

  24. They certainly did go all out! It really took some effort to mount the boards over the second story windows and I love the humongous spiders. I think your idea about the dead branches and moss in the window planters is dead-on!

  25. I must show this to my husband. He loves Halloween decorations.♥

  26. WOW! Now that's being into Halloween. I'll bet their house gets the most trick-or-treaters in town. La

  27. I Love this and the boarded up windows are definitely the bEST! Love the spiders too! They did a great job, thanks for sharing it!XO, Pinky

  28. Donna Lynn says

    WOW! That makes me feel like a slouch with my decorating! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the fun pictures!

  29. Donna Lynn says

    WOW! That is over the top, thanks for sharing, this was fun to look at for sure!

  30. Smocking with Gwen says

    This is awesome!!! Love the boarded up look. Thanks for awesome photos….it looks like they attached spotlights to their gutters for downlight…great idea!!!

  31. What a fun house! I have to do a drive by myself and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Sue (Someone's Mom) says

    This is great! I can't imagine going this "far out" for Halloween, but I do love it!

  33. the cape on the corner says

    best thing ever! i love seeing people get all into halloween. happy now!

  34. Janet - Birdland Treasures says

    Been meaning all week to just say, "WOW, LOVE the boarded up windows!" Great find, thanks for sharing it!

  35. Christi Perine says

    I saw this house last Halloween. Went to Atlanta to see Oprah. Got turned around near our hotel. I had to stop and take pictures too. I fell in love with the whole thing. If it weren’t for trespassing laws, I would have been on the porch looking closer at everything. There was soooo much to see!!!!

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