Hootin’ It Up For Halloween

Welcome to the 316th Tablescape Thursday!

The owls hooting up a storm in my backyard recently must have been the inspiration behind this table setting. (Hear that recording here: Night Sounds From The Porch)

Children's Halloween Table Setting


I found Mr. Owl in Wal-mart around this time last year. He’s actually a cookie jar. I placedย him atop two cake pedestals to give him some height in the center of the table.



A few weeks ago I received a Pier 1 sales flyer in the mail. I loved the adorable owl cupcakes I could see in some of the Halloween displays.



I didn’t see a recipe in the flyer but they looked like they would be pretty easy to make, so I decided to give it a try.

Halloween Cupcakes


How To Make Owl Cupcakes

To make them, just bake cupcakes from scratch or use a box mix like I did. Frost them with chocolate frosting.

Owl Cupcakes For Halloween Table Setting


Next, twist apart some Oreo cookies. If one doesn’t twist apart quite right and leaves part of the icing on one side, you can either scrape it off and put it on the other side with the rest of the icing, which doesn’t always look quite right. Or, you can hide the evidence by eating it! I vote for the latter.

How To Make Owl Cupcakes_wm


Press a brown Skittle or M&M onto the icing of the Oreo. I personally liked how the brown Skittles looked better than brown M&MS because the Skittles were shiny and looked more like eyes. I noticed on the Pier 1 cupcakes, the eyes were positioned over toward the edge, so that’s how I placed mine, too.

Make Owl Cupcakes_wm


After you get the little eyes in place, press the whole Oreo eyeball into the icing of the cupcake. Add an orange or yellow Skittle or M&Mย for the nose and you’re done! So easy! These cupcakes would be fun to make with children. I sprinkled little Halloween colored sprinkles around Mr. Owl and the cupcakes.

Halloween Cupcakes


Here are a few tips I learned from my experience in making these:

  • Let the cupcakes completely cool before icing them. If they are even a little warm, the warmth makes the icing soften up and it doesn’t properly hold onto the Oreo eyes. We’re talking sliding eyeballs here!
  • Don’t try to cut a Skittle in half to make the nose, it will crack the outer candy shell. Just use a whole Skittle or M&M and squish it down into the icing on its edge so it sticks up out of the icing.
  • It’s best to make these within a hour or two of when you’ll be serving them. If made the evening before, the Oreo eyes get super soft overnight and the M&M eyeballs get pale and really strange-looking.
  • I used a dark chocolate brown icing to make these but next time I think I’ll go with a more of a milk-chocolate to create some contrast in color between the Oreo eyes and the cupcakes.

Halloween Table Setting With David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Plates


The salad plates are by David Carter Brown and the pattern is called “Pumpkin Hollow.”

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Halloween Plates 1


Look! More owls! ๐Ÿ™‚

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Halloween Plates


David Carter Brown makes the cutest plates!

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Halloween Plates 4


Love all his designs, they are always whimsical and fun!

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Halloween Plates 3


With different glasses, this would be a great Halloween tablescape for kids. The whimsical flatware is Gourmet Settings Treble Clefย .

David Carter Brown Pumpkin Hollow Halloween Plates 5


Just for fun, I stuck little Halloween cupcake pics into the top of the stripped straws. Glasses are “Breeze Amber” by Noritake.

Halloween Straws


Happy Halloween!

Halloween Tablescape


Looking forward to all the beautiful tablescapes posted for this week’s Tablescape Thursday!

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  1. I love everything about this table…and I agree that those plates are to die for…guess I shouldn’t say that about something Halloween! The cupcakes are wonderful and I will definitely be stealing that idea for our church Halloween carnival.

    • Bev, if I were to make these again, I would probably make the icing a little lighter brown in color to get some contrast between the icing and the Oreo cookies. Just mentioning that in case it’s helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Over the top adorable Susan, from your centerpiece with cupcakes to your Pumpkin Hollow plates!

  3. Lynn@Happier Than A Pig In Mud says

    Very cute Susan! I love your owl theme and the plate with the dog brought extra big smiles:@)

  4. Now I love all the sweet touches on your table scape! Those plates are great and what a great idea for the cupcakes! Have a great week. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Omigosh, Susan!
    Those owl-cupcakes are too cute to be eaten and that Mr. Owl aka cookie jar is TDF! I love all of his colors! So perfect for your tablescape! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Of course, I also love all of those DCB plates! They are beautiful!
    I wish I could find them here and have an opportunity to use them, too!
    (Too bad they don’t real celebrate Halloween in Germany…) ๐Ÿ™
    Susan, you certainly know that owls symbolize mistery, secrets, mysticism, messages, etc., and that they especially represent wisdom and intelligence, right? So, I guess it’s no wonder we (girls) do love them so very much: they are just like us! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (I didn’t even get red faced while typing that… so… it must be true! LOL)
    ~Hugs to you~

  6. Susan…your friend certainly knows how to share the spirit of the seasons with her outside decorations for all to enjoy. Thank you for photos

  7. Hi, Susan,
    This table it TOO cute! I love your owl cookie jar and Halloween plates. Every Thanksgiving I have a “food craft” for the grandkids to do before dinner, and these owl cupcakes will be perfect this year! I really appreciate your added tips to insure success with the project: thank you for doing the “pre-work” for us. It’s one less thing to have to worry about doing as this busy season approaches. You are always such a big help and inspiration.

  8. So hootin’ cute Susan! Great tips on the cupcake making, no one wants soggy eyeballs! I love all your plates, Halloween is more fun than Christmas to me!!

  9. Fun table, Susan. Those cupcakes are so cute, and your cookie jar is the perfect centerpiece for the theme. Thank you for hosting the linky. laurie

  10. The owl is adorable and the cupcakes too! I like that it’s not too hard to create the look of those cupcakes. Those would have been an instant hit with the kids when they were little. Love the David Carter Brown plates- super cute designs. That little addition to the straws is adorable!

  11. My granddaughter was just saying how much she loves owls! This would be the cutest thing to have her come over and make these super simple cupcakes. I love your plates too. What a fun table, such a hoot!!

  12. Susan,
    Those Owl cupcakes are certainly a “hoot”, dear friend!!!
    I love all the Autumnal accessories of your tablescape.
    The napkins are “perfect” for the Season!!!
    Thank you for hosting Tablescape Thursday each week!

  13. These owl eye cupcakes are super cute! I saw a similar owl cookie jar at Wal-Mart the other day – the same day I found the BH&G owl plates. So, if any readers want one, they should head to Wal-Mart and take a look. Your fun plates are the best! Thanks again for hosting such a fun and inspiring link-up. Happy nice, cool, crisp Fall weekend ahead, Susan! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Love your table, Susan, especially the David Carter Brown plates. Thanks for sharing. :0)

  15. pam ~ crumepty cottage says

    I agree about David Carter Brown’s designs. They are all so cute and whimsical.

    Mr. Owl and his disembodied compatriots are all so cute! What a simple yet clever way to make those owl cupcakes. That would be fun for kids. So glad there are people out there coming up with these fun ideas! Love the leaf napkin rings, too.

    Thanks for sharing another fun table scape.

  16. Renee Cook says

    Ha ha! Your cupcake decorating tips made me laugh! I really like the David Carter Brown plates. I was not familiar with him, so I will enjoy looking him up and seeing his other items. Thanks for the chuckle!

  17. Lassiegirl says

    Absolutely love the plates with the doggie looking at the owls! So adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I have those same David Sakura plates! I am so excited to try a copy cat of this table. Thanks for the cupcake tutorial. You always inspire me. I love your night sounds recording. The owls are beautiful!

  19. Oh Susan, how cute they are. A child would love to be helping in the kitchen making these terrific cupcakes. What a great tablescape. Thanks so much for sharing.
    Stop by my latest post and see the Design Center that I went to last Saturday.
    I tried to link up on Monday, but my computer is on it’s last leg and wouldn’t link.
    Have a great Georgia weekend.

  20. YEP! The plates are to die for, if you like Halloween and I do, lol!
    Great table and not scary at all, but fun. I have some spooky ones from last last 3 Halloweens since blogging.
    Thanks for hosting such a fun party dear Susan!
    Take care my friend.

  21. Terene Julius says

    Love this table setting. So cute. Want to create something for my granddaughter. She would love it. Adore the David Carter Brown plates but am having trouble finding them. Any clues???

  22. Super fun tablescape. I remember being t0o excited to eat dinner before going out to trick or treat. This would have made that easier. Love those plates–and cupcakes. So, who got to eat them?

  23. Oh, how I love this tablescape!!! The plates are adorable, where did you find them??? And…..I want one of those cupcakes!! Thanks for the directions…..how cute!!

  24. So cute! What a nice idea, thanks for sharing….Christine

  25. Those are thee most adorable cupcakes…and, I think, in my decorating range!! franki

  26. This is the cutest tablescape! So many charming elements. Completely delightful. Thanks for sharing and thanks for another inspiring party.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  27. Susan Jones says

    Susan, I just noticed you don’t have the listing at the end of your post like you used to telling where you bought everything. Do you not post that anymore? I’d love to know where you got those Halloween plates!

  28. Adorable!!!, The cupcakes came out beautifully and I love those dishes!!! I JUST did a table today but it is very cloudy and I am not getting good pics so will have to wait til next week, probably:( Thanks for hosting each week!

  29. Linda Page says

    Well, Susan, you did it again! This is just adorable. I just love it. I had a smile on my face throughout the entire post. I have got to make those cupcakes! I love the owl cookie jar. I did not see them at WM last year. My WMs around here have nothing cute for Fall. I usually get some really cute stuff shaped like leaves and such but nothing in the way of dishes or serving pieces yet this year. Great post!

    • Thanks, Linda! Someone said they saw it in Walmart again this year. They had the cutest owl plates last year too…all I could do to resist! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Such an adorable table. Love the owls. Now would love to see a snow owl one for winter. Yay ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Susan and hey have you brought home a new fur baby (pet) for yourself yet? (just wondering I am sure you need one and one would love to have you for a mom)!!!!

  31. Oh Susan, I want your owl! About a month ago, I found salad plates at Walmart that match him, but they didn’t have the owl cookie jar! Those cupcake are just toooooooo cute! I recently used the salad plates in a table setting on our owl themed fall porch.

  32. Joanne Boulter says

    Hoot, hoot! Everything is so darling. XX Jo

  33. When my daughter saw those cupcakes her eyes got just as big as the owls. Whooo…can say no to her, when she wants to make some this weekend! They look very fun to make! Out of all the plates the one with the black cat and pumpkin is my favorite.

  34. Who knew that such adorable owl cupcakes could be so easy to make! Everything about your table today appeals to my sense of fun.

  35. I have absolutely no one to make these cupcakes for, but I think I’m going to do it anyway! They’re just too easy to resist. Easy is the go-to buzz word for me! I’m a little ticked that I haven’t yet received my PB circular. I’ll have to look into that!

    This is a super cute table for both kids and adults. Elevating the cookie jar on pedestals was a really good idea. He has much greater presence and it gave you a chance to do some really fun stuff below him. The plates are too, too, TOO cute!!! Just spooky enough without scarin’ the pants off children! (Or wimpy adults like me!)

    I know I need to quickly get into the Halloween spirit (no pun intended!) and get our house ready for the trick-or-treaters. My husband LOVES Halloween, and I would like to do it up right for his sake this year. I’ve been a slacker most years since we don’t have kids here at home.

    Fun post, Susan! Have a fabulous weekend, and thank you for hosting again!!

  36. pam ~ crumpety cottage says

    Susan, I forgot to mention how much I appreciate your attention to detail. I think that’s why you have such great success in everything you do. When you said you chose the skittles over the m & m’s because they were shinier, and therefore looked more like eyes, I laughed. That’s Susan! Dang it I wish you move here and be my best friend, lol. Hey, you’d be closer to you-know-who. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. belladonna says

    Susan in Australia we have a children’s television program with Hoot the owl so these very cupcakes in Hoot colours blue and orange featured at Mr 3’s birthday . I love the owl plates but then I love anything with owls really ever since I was a Brown Owl to a lovely pack of Brownies (girl guides)
    if you have time google Hoot and his sidekick Jimmy Giggle soooo much energy and we love the Bird Bath Boogie here.

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