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I love books so much, I even buy books written about books. If I were decorating a room and could only add one thing to it other than the furniture and lighting, it would be books. Take away the tchotchkes and vases if you must, remove the figurines and the decorative plates, just don’t take away the books.

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In the BNOTP Library: Decorating with Books (House Beautiful)
Author: Marie Proeller Hueston
Hardcover: 144 pages

Decorating With Books by Marie Proeller Hueston

3 Things I Like About This Book:

  • Filled with lots of great bookshelf designs and interesting ways to display books. I especially like some of the pictures showing art displayed alongside books. Lots of ideas for storing, decorating and creatively displaying books.
  • We get a peek inside some really beautiful and/or interesting rooms, all furnished in a variety of design styles including traditional, modern, country, eclectic…etc…
  • My favorite rooms are those where the books are everywhere…stacked on benches, under coffee tables, beside chairs. In each case they are the star of the room, giving it life…giving it a soul. Books on a shelf are nice, off the shelf…way better!

You can read more about this book, Decorating with Books (House Beautiful) at Amazon where I buy my books, via the picture link below.


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  1. This book is going on my to-read list. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicating to decorating with books. Thank you!

  2. Oh gosh I love books also and have to limit myself when going to the book store or amazon .
    I have books in every room most of them dust covered
    I usually get all stirred up and want to rearrange a room or paint a piece of furniture after looking at them LOL

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